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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. NaiWiste

    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I found the headrest to be the most uncomfortable since they are not adjustable. Picked these headrest pillows up from Amazon for $40 and it made the seating much more bearable...
  2. NaiWiste

    Model X or Model Y

    If I had to do it all over again, I would have saved my money and gotten the Model X instead. I am still on that path if Tesla ever decides to refresh the Model X by giving it a bigger battery or tri-motor option, I will trade-in my MYP for an X in a heartbeat. The Model Y is minimal and...
  3. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    FWIW: I just sent an email to [email protected] asking for a status on order #1721XX and finally got a shipping confirmation. It is slated to be delivered by Dec 13 (Sunday) via UPS. Lauren H. was the support person that contacted me. Good luck.
  4. NaiWiste

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Thanks for the clarification. Any difference that you have seen or heard between the Pilot Sport 4S Max Performance vs the All Season? Also, do the All Season tires have a bigger profile compared to the to the Summer Max Performance? Sorry for the questions but I am ready to dump the P Zero...
  5. NaiWiste

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    I only see the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S "Max Performance Summer" and not "All Season" on TireRack. Also, the Premium Touch is added by default so I'm guessing it is not a selection. Another thing that comes to mind is that the Michelin tires are higher rated, higher quality, and cheaper...
  6. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    171980-180600 - the cargo for these will be arriving in approximately one week, and will take our team 4-5 days to inventory, quality check, and package for you. ETA: shipments begin earliest December 2nd, latest December 7th. I ordered in late June with order number 172XXX and still have not...
  7. NaiWiste

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    Good job and congrats on your Tesla Offer frunk install. If someone local offered to pay you for the install, how much would you charge?
  8. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    For the folks that have gotten their Jeda Hubs, can you please post some pictures? TIA
  9. NaiWiste

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    To be honest, I did not like the way that opened the frunk. It was like a loud clunk sound and then it gradually opened. Is this normal for all automatic frunks? Was hoping for it to open more smoothly and quiet.
  10. NaiWiste

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    I would love to purchase the Tesla Offer Frunk V4. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or dexterity to install this on my own. Any recommended installers in the Bay Area?
  11. NaiWiste

    "TSportline" Buyer beware! Update: Tire service confirms irregular tire sound. Escalated to Michelin

    Thanks for posting this. After having a very bad experience with RPM Tesla, I was planning to give TSportline a try and perhaps buy a few of their aftermarket parts. I am now narrowing down of who I want to do business with. Evannex, Unplugged Performance, Abstraction Ocean, or eBay/Amazon...
  12. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Thanks. I just reported a claim as well.
  13. NaiWiste

    Loud sound when opening frunk

    I never open the frunk (especially at night) because it startles the neighbors dog and makes him bark. It is indeed loud and in your face. Wish Tesla would just include an automatic liftgate for it.
  14. NaiWiste

    Vinyl accents for wheel center caps on 21" Uberturbine Wheels

    That's my thought process as well. It matches the red calibers nicely.
  15. NaiWiste

    Vinyl accents for wheel center caps on 21" Uberturbine Wheels

    Taking a poll for vinyl accents wheel center caps. Are these cheesy or should I simply leave it stock? Tesla 'T' Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps
  16. NaiWiste

    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    Another side question. Do they remove the tire when doing the repair work and powder coat?
  17. NaiWiste

    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    Brandon# - Good catch. When I took delivery, there was a chip on the wheel and the service advisor ended up swapping it with another wheel while using the existing tire. Should I raise a service appointment to get this fixed? How dangerous is this?
  18. NaiWiste

    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    My wife went on a Costco run and took the MYP. It came back with a deep curb rash on the right rear wheel. This one looks pretty deep and not sure if it can be fixable. Looking for recommendations. Does Tesla sell 21" Uberturbine wheels separately? Is anyone in the Bay Area looking to sell...
  19. NaiWiste

    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Someone mentioned that the next CAV sticker color will be blue. Has anyone confirmed this? I will also be sending in my application on Jan 1, 2021. Sending it in November seems way too sketchy.
  20. NaiWiste

    Always carry the key card

    Would it be safe to keep the key card inside the glovebox?
  21. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I'm just one phone call away from raising this as a Class Action Lawsuit. I know a few lawyers that would love to eat this case up. Class Action Lawyers — Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe
  22. NaiWiste

    Just another disappointing aftermarket experience

    Where was this thread when I was dealing with RPM Tesla? They are the absolute worst aftermarket company to deal with. My order took over two months to arrive and I had to return multiple parts because of defects and imperfections. Their customer service is 2-3 people that alternate between...
  23. NaiWiste

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    @jf64k Did you notice any bugs after upgrading to 2020.40.8?
  24. NaiWiste

    Window Tinting ruined my Door....

    Window Tint place also ruined my upper bright trim. This trim piece is something you can't just polish away so the entire piece needs to be replaced. I ended up making a mobile service appointment to get it replaced. Such a pain in the butt. P.S. This part is rare and usually takes about 1-2...
  25. NaiWiste

    Y with 21 inch 7k miles and rear tires almost worn out?

    @schristo43 Did you just rotate them from left to right? The Pilot Sport 4S are a bit cheaper and seem to be better overall.
  26. NaiWiste

    Y with 21 inch 7k miles and rear tires almost worn out?

    Would there be any difference in road comfort if I switched from the Pirelli P Zero 21" to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S? Tirerack gave the Pilot Sport 4S a score of 9.0 in Comfort Performance and the P Zero a 7.9. Wondering if anyone had any experience with the PS4's. Riding in these P Zero...
  27. NaiWiste

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    Any recommended Bay Area installers? I need this in my life. I have not touched the frunk since purchasing the Y. Opening and closing it feels very flimsy and fragile. Also, does the software break after an update is pushed? Tesla Raj has something similar and has to go through some fixes to...
  28. NaiWiste

    Model Y or Used X?

    I am hoping for a Plaid-like version for the Model X or at least a Tri-motor option. If that is ever available, I will most likely sell or trade-in my Y. If you want close to the "Air suspension feel" for the Model Y, you have to purchase the Luxory Coilover Suspension kit from Unplugged...
  29. NaiWiste

    AutoPilot Almost Killed Me!

    It happened to me once and I am now completely afraid of using it. Does not matter what the driving condition is (traffic or no traffic), this technology is Beta for a reason and we are the guinea pigs. Unfortunately, some guinea pigs have already lost their lives. Glad you are safe and well.
  30. NaiWiste

    Model Y or Used X?

    If the Y had air suspension, then 100% Model Y. But since you have 4 kids, get the X and save them from getting CTE. The Y is a very harsh ride. If I knew this when ordering the Y, I would have cancelled and settle for a used X. Test driving the Y around inside streets and freeway does not tell...
  31. NaiWiste

    iPhone Charging using Rear USB-C

    For the record, USB-A female to USB-C Male cable will not charge an Apple Watch. Just tried this and no luck.
  32. NaiWiste

    How Did Evannex Know?

    We're all connected.
  33. NaiWiste

    Returned within 7 days

    Return it and wait 1 year to order an updated version. By then, Model Y vehicles will be built and manufactured at the Austin Gigafactory which will have newer machines, updated robots, and higher quality paint formula. I don't know what team of people Elon hired at the Fremont Gigafactory but...
  34. NaiWiste


    Likewise, I just got .11 last night and mine is a MYP with no FSD. I guess it doesn't matter what configuration you have.
  35. NaiWiste

    App connection issues anyone?

    Now getting this on the app.
  36. NaiWiste

    App connection issues anyone?

    Tesla Systems Reportedly Suffer 'Complete Network Outage'
  37. NaiWiste

    App connection issues anyone?

    I just contacted my Tesla advisor and he said SSO Authentication is currently down at Tesla. Even remote Tesla employees are unable to VPN in.
  38. NaiWiste

    App connection issues anyone?

    Confirmed. I am getting a Network Timeout on the app. My Model Y is currently at a detail shop getting some paint protection and XPEL full front clear bra. Anyone else having this problem?
  39. NaiWiste

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    Do you have one in Matte finish for the Y? My center console is wrapped in matte carbon fiber. If you do, I will cancel my Jeda Hub order and get this right away.
  40. NaiWiste

    Found this little gem on my $55K Model Y

    Wait a minute. I have it too! Looks like I got the white trim option. Thanks, Home Depot!
  41. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    They had my money since June 28th. Lucky me!
  42. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Is it too soon to consider this company as a scammer? I am about to submit a credit card fraud claim.
  43. NaiWiste

    Homelink installed

    I was a victim of this when I had the Homelink module installed. The mobile ranger appointment was on a Thursday and I did not drive the vehicle until Saturday afternoon. After driving about 15 miles (Freeway and city), a bunch of alerts popped up on the screen. Electrical system power...
  44. NaiWiste

    My journey to a "within spec" Tesla Model Y

    I am currently at #4 and have a 5th appointment on 9/2. Feels like I don't even own a Model Y and just drive random Model S and X every other week. Is there such a law where if Tesla has to make repairs to your vehicle a certain number of times, can you return it for a refund or get another vehicle?
  45. NaiWiste

    Heat pump acoustic cover

    Same here. I had mobile service install Homelink last Thursday and noticed my heatpump was already covered. I noticed the coolant levels was below the "Nom" (Nominal) mark and asked him to top it off and he did.
  46. NaiWiste

    Heat pump acoustic cover

    @mackgriggs Thank you for the update. I have a mobile service appointment for this Thursday to install the Homelink and acoustic cover for the AC compressor. Right now when the AC is running, it is super loud. Probably 5x louder than my Samsung refrigerator. Hopefully this will dampen the noise.
  47. NaiWiste

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I agree with your theory. RPM Tesla is also the same way. You purchase parts which get charged to your credit card automatically and you wait for your parts to ship months on end. Ordered $1000+ of parts and still waiting for them to ship. I was annoyed with Jeda not providing any update after...
  48. NaiWiste

    Delivery this weekend (Aug 2th) with low VIN

    I was just at the Fremont Delivery Hub and saw multiple Model Y's with the VIN numbers in the 30xxx range.
  49. NaiWiste

    Rodent - probably squirrel - damage

    I catch these little suckers from time to time. Lay a few traps near your vehicle the next time you venture out to a national park. There are a lot of squirrel/rodent traps you can find on Amazon.
  50. NaiWiste

    Another rejected model Y

    Thanks for sharing this video. It woke me up.

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