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    Smashed wing mirror

    Just looked back at my invoice history. To replace complete offside wing mirror on my MX (including spraying new “skull cap” ie housing to match the car) at Tesla SC a couple of years back cost me the best part of £600!!
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    [UK] 2023.2.x

    Great - just what I’ve been waiting for! Quickest update ever - 25minutes!
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    [UK] 2023.2.x

    2032.2.10 incoming for me as well on my legacy MX. Release notes in app simply state bug fixes (as did 2023.2.0.5 three days back)!
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Got just over 7kw up here in NE Scotland today out of a 3.8kw array - not too shabby for this part of the world at this time of year.
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    [UK] Would you buy another tesla

    Check out Munro EV’s if you like electric landies. Built in Scotland as well!
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Ah, but if the PW is commissioned and you have a time of use tariff you can still enjoy yourself by charging at the off peak rate and using in peak times. This time of year there’s not a lot of solar floating about anyway (although admittedly up here in NE Scotland it’s a fantastic sunny day!)
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I’ve had solar for many years and am still a very lucky FIT recipient. i decided to add a Powerwall and placed my order last year on January 17th. The guys are here and fitting it today, one year and 3 days after it was ordered.
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Even got it for my old legacy MX, installing now.
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    Battery degradation warranty question.

    My lifetime average over 25000 miles is just on 350w/mile. I did a cold weather run from Aberdeen to Preston the other day and with a bit of careful driving and battery preconditioning before leaving home I managed to get to Tebay (circa 250 miles). I don’t like doing this in winter but both...
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    Battery degradation warranty question.

    I’m not intelligent enough to do battery degradation calculations, even basic ones, so I’d be interested to hear how you do it. All I can say is that my 2019 Raven MX LR still shows around the same range as it did when new and the simple battery state indicator on my Tesla Stats app shows...
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    Tesla - great CS turning around perceptions

    My car went into Aberdeen SC yesterday for a few bits and pieces of work. The whole process was exemplary. No problems getting an appointment, loan car available even though I didn’t need one, everything and more done to my satisfaction, really good communication via the app throughout the...
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    Tesla Roadside Assistance - appalling

    You’re right as I got completely bored when it went so far off topic!
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    Tesla Roadside Assistance - appalling

    If I understand you right you are complaining about Tesla and will never get another one again because to get a next day appointment you would have to go 30 miles up the road? When I bought my Tesla in 2019 the nearest service centre (Edinburgh) was over 100 miles away and I accepted this. Even...
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    Tesla Roadside Assistance - appalling

    I booked a service request through the app on Thursday 29th December at around 1000hrs I was offered appointments at 3 locations nearest to me (Aberdeen, Perth mobile service and Edinburgh). I selected Aberdeen and was offered appointments for every 15 minute slot starting at 1130 the same...
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    Nightmare! (Supercharger queues)

    We frequently use the A701 heading from or to the south from Edinburgh as it is one of my favourite roads and generally pretty quiet. There are chargers at Moffat and Penicuik on that road, admittedly not rapid but good for a top up if you were worried about getting to Edinburgh with only 7% as...
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    Standard range journeys

    Son lives on Guernsey, we live near Aberdeen so we often visit them and like to take the Tesla. Normal trip is Aberdeen to Poole to take the fast ferry, returning on the conventional ferry to Portsmouth and back up to Aberdeen. Car handles the trip easily, typically with 3 or 4 charging stops...
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    [UK] 2022.40

    Only thing in my 4.2 release notes is radio logos, but as this appeared several updates ago I don’t know what the new update has really brought! Mind you mine is a legacy MX so I suspect you newer car folk may get something!
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    Interior Upgrade / Re-Trim

    My September 2019 Model X Long Range came with free supercharging for the first owner (no referral code required). I cannot transfer it to another car, neither can I transfer it to another owner. When I sell the car the free supercharging disappears.
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    [UK] 2022.40

    Luckily the car lives in a nice warm garage at home so no preheating required! I actually prefer not to precondition en route and sometimes don’t set the supercharger as a navigation destination to avoid this, although yesterday I did have them as destinations.
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    [UK] 2022.40

    Only thing I’ve noticed but not sure of this is due to 40.4.1 which I’ve had for a week or so is no battery preconditioning before arriving at both Newbridge (Edinburgh) and Tebay today (normally starts preconditioning quite a while in advance of arrival). On both occasions at the start of...
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    Powerwall - Availability and Pricing

    Lucky you. I ordered mine in January 2022 and I’m still waiting!!!! Early next year is their latest estimate. I reckon you must have just caught a cancelled order.
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    [UK] 2022.40

    Well what an exciting update - what did I get? Just the new radio logo’s (including Radio 4) and nothing else. Even took it for a drive to see if any behavioural changes appeared!
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    [UK] 2022.40

    Same here
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    'Avoid Mororways' option in Nav

    Heading south down the M90 to Edinburgh for the rugby yesterday the sat nav wanted to reroute me off the motorway well north of Dunfermline. I ignored the first reroute only to run almost immediately into a queue of slow moving motorway traffic heading for the Queensferry Crossing which is some...
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    [UK] 2022.36

    I’ve had it for 2 days now and as far as I can see there are no new joys whatsoever! Mind you I am one of those poor sods with the “legacy“ vertical screen (Raven MX) so nothing much for me in any of the updates - we don’t even get the upgraded energy app.
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    [UK] 2022.36

    First time driving my car since installing 36.6 a couple of days back. Unsurprisingly nothing new on the release notes and no noticeable change in any behaviours!
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Just installing 36.6 (currently on 36.5) - anybody got any info about it or is it simply more bug fixes?
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    What's your Tesla (origin) story?

    5th May 2017 and a ukulel!! i have never been a car buff and am not sure if I had even heard of Tesla in 2017. We were sitting in our motorhome at Gills Bay waiting for the Pentalina ferry to St Margaret’s Hope (Orkney). It was a hot day and my wife was sitting in the van gently strumming...
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    anyone got navigate to next calendar appointment working?

    Mine works fine. Sometimes much too well as I’m a bit lazy with my calendar and sometimes forget to cancel things, then I wonder why the car wants me to go somewhere that I had forgotten all about!
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    How to extend Mobile connector for family visit

    Exactly as Fred2 says including buying from Tough Leads. Use it when we visit our daughter. No issues to date.
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    Tesla MoT North East Scotland

    Now that more and more Tesla’s are getting on for 3 years old and wii be needing an MoT I can recommend Dinnet Garage between Aboyne and Braemar for those folk living in NE Scotland. Arrived this morning with my jack pucks and guidance notes but they already had their own pucks and knew all...
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Nothing (if you have a legacy S or X)!!!
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    Uk Blackouts & Octopus Go

    Love that “buy yourself another Powerwall and join EDF”. Luckily I’m with EDF so get a brilliant 4.5p overnight but I’ve had a Powerwall on order since last January and still no sign of it arriving. Good luck with getting hold of a Powerwall.
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    Portable charging cable

    Just have an unlidded polythene storage box under the boot false floor (on an MX, not sure if M3 or Y has this) and drop the cable into it after use. Works well.
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Funnily enough for me the 36.5 install (already downloaded overnight) was far quicker than the normal 45minutes to an hour. Not surprising really as there is no obvious change over 36.2.
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Just installed 36.5 on my Raven MX but not bothered to go out to garage yet to look at the notes as I’m convinced there’ll be nothing of any great interest for us Tesla “legacy” owners!
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    MOT - "Don't come here again"!

    Just back from my local and much loved Dee Garage in Banchory having taken the MX there for its MoT. The guy was really looking forward to doing it and had printed out all the bumph and bought jack pucks. Unfortunately it was too wide for his ramp - the car fitted on (just) but the jack was...
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    Let's go Caravanning - anyone else???

    We used to tow a Smart car on a trailer but it was too much of a faff. Now we have a couple of folding electric bikes in the van garage. We go away to Europe every year for 2 to 3 months, plus the odd week or so away in the UK and the bikes do us just fine (and we’re no spring chickens having...
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    Let's go Caravanning - anyone else???

    On the contrary - onboard water tanks (none of that aqua roll business, onboard waste water tanks (none of that waste master business), just put the kettle away and away you go. When you arrive somewhere put the automatic levellers down, switch on the inverter, get the kettle out and fill it...
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    Let's go Caravanning - anyone else???

    I’m afraid I prefer my van!! Not that there’s anything wrong with caravans but we never stay in the same place for more than a couple of nights and the van is easier. Mind you I can’t tow it with the Tesla!
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    9.8 miles to go with 2% battery….

    When I drive home from the south I take the infamous Cairn o’Mount road from Fettercairn to Strachan. Typically I arrive home with just on 1% MORE SoC than I have at the top of the Cairn some 8 miles away! Mind you although it’s been close I’ve never risked getting to the top with less than...
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    Superchargers - Cheaper Electricity out of hours

    Free supercharging on my Raven MX while I have it so no intention to change it for a fair while! Couple that with 4.5p/kWh for 5 hours each night at home for the next 2 years (EDF fix) and you’ll understand why I get great delight from looking at my charge stats in the Tesla app!!
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    Data shenanigans in the UK this morning?

    Left York at 1030 this morning and only very sporadic data connection as far as Purdy Lodge. Stopped to supercharge and eat there and when we left at around 1330 all was well again and stayed well all the way home to Aberdeenshire.
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    [UK] 2022.36

    As requested - also missing cabin overheat protection changes but as I’ve never used that in the 3 years I have had the car I’m not particularly concerned!
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Installed 36.2 overnight on my Raven MX and just been out to look at the notes. I have all the changes detailed above apart from energy app improvements (admittedly I haven’t opened the app itself to check but it’s not listed in the release notes). Is this not available for us “legacy” guys?
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    [UK] 2022.36

    Having posted this at lunchtime 2022.36.2 is now installing!
  47. T

    [UK] 2022.36

    Yes. Still on 24.8 on my Raven MX. I don’t mind missing out on 2022.28 because there was nothing for us legacy guys anyway but I quite fancy some of the 2022.36 stuff.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Have to confess that I made my wife get out of our MX and watch as I drove slowly into Inverness SC last week! - totally unnecessary as there was oodles of room but it did look a bit low.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I’ve just found a list of Ofgem Default Tariff capped rates by region AFTER application of the discounts under the government energy price guarantee have been applied. Although I cannot find specific EV tariff rate caps there is a list for tariffs which have a peak and an off peak rate. These...
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    osprey now £1/kWh

    Makes it even harder to think about changing my car which has free supercharging!!

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