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  1. azmodls

    Tesla Update 2022.36.1 Finally Lets You Track Your Energy Consumption

    Thanks for the info, great Improvements! The car doors open feature has been there for long time.
  2. azmodls

    Pre-refresh S / X now officially known as “Legacy” in terms of software

    My 2020 S now has vision based perpendicular autopark. Just got it with update 44.6. It can now use the space line markings and curb to park without cars around it.
  3. azmodls

    Off Peak Charging

    As mentioned, their is no way to do it in the Tesla charging menus. But there are apps that can do this, like optiwatt.
  4. azmodls

    Gen1 vs Gen2 and NEMA adapters

    Yes, it will.
  5. azmodls

    FM module added for MCU2 upgrade

    I saw somewhere else that the retrofit radio has FM and XM tuners. As mentioned though, you would need to somehow add an XM antenna.
  6. azmodls

    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    Do you know where the speaker is located?
  7. azmodls

    Something interesting happened with my Service Loaner and Autopilot

    I had a 2016 S 75D w/ AP2 until Oct 2019 (original owner), and it never had the AP problems you described. I suggest scheduling a service appointment to have your cameras checked. I had EAP which included auto lane change (manual signal and NOA).
  8. azmodls

    Software updates for longer range?

    Yeah, I saw your other post talking about it after I posted, I should read all the comments first :).
  9. azmodls

    Software updates for longer range?

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to get the update to 393 a couple months ago, was not expecting it. Is yours a performance version (345 seems to be old performance range)? Current performance cars are at 387. Only LR plus cars can get 402.
  10. azmodls

    Should I buy a tesla model s 2016 75d

    Just FYI, Model S 75D built starting Oct 2016 are AP2 with MCU1. Can be upgraded tp AP3 and MCU2.
  11. azmodls

    Software updates for longer range?

    I have a 2020 Raven LR Oct 2019 build and received a range update to 393 fully charged. I have the E battery pack.
  12. azmodls

    PPF I can live with .. what about a chrome delete?

    I think you will be happy if you have a good installer. My delete was done almost a year ago, still looks great.
  13. azmodls

    An experience with Sirius XM radio

    I was also surprised to find I had XM in my Oct 2019 build Model S. Apparently XM radio has been in all S/X since mid-2018. https://teslatap.com/articles/xm-radio-in-teslas/
  14. azmodls

    Would You Buy a New Model S Today?

    Regarding seating position, I'm not tall either (5'8"), but see fine out of my 2020 Model S. You can adjust the seat height up with the side seat controls to help with visibility.
  15. azmodls

    2020.20.12 Unlocked additional range up to a "long range plus"

    My LR was manufactured Oct 2019 and has not been upgraded from 373 to either 393 or 404. My understanding is that you need at least an F type battery for the LR+ upgrade. Mine is an E type.
  16. azmodls

    Calculate Route using Tesla Mobile App

    abetterrouteplanner has much more capability than the Tesla planner. Looks like Tesla assumes you always start with 100% and can't set any other travel conditions. ABRP has been reasonably accurate for my trip planning.
  17. azmodls

    2020 Model S Long Range Plus

    I activated XM in my MS Long Range (not plus), and service has been very spotty. It often does not get reception. Maybe the antenna in the hatch glass is not very effective? The UI is primitive compared to the Sirius phone app, just very basic functionality. I doubt I will renew once my intro...
  18. azmodls

    Dashcam USB recording no longer continuous?

    Thanks all for the responses to my post. I was not aware that the Recent folder only kept the last hour, I had thought it continuously recorded overwriting as needed. Guess it's a way to insure that there's room for Sentry video. Glad I moved my BlackVue from my previous car into this one.
  19. azmodls

    Dashcam USB recording no longer continuous?

    Also, my USB drive only has Sentry clips saved from Feb 23rd up to March 8th, then no more. Should be a lot more since then. Looks to me like an update changed the saving behavior.
  20. azmodls

    Dashcam USB recording no longer continuous?

    Yeah, I checked the Recents folder and it only had the last few minutes of when I was sitting in the car playing with the new viewer. No video from my earlier drive that day, plenty of space on the drive. How long does it save the videos in that folder? I thought it kept until overwritten when...
  21. azmodls

    Dashcam USB recording no longer continuous?

    I just noticed by playing with the new 2020.12.5 Dascam viewer that the Dashcam no longer seems to continuously record to the USB drive with recent software updates, not sure when it happened. I now only get recordings when I explicitly save by pressing the dashcam icon. Anyone else notice this?
  22. azmodls

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    I also have a mid-Oct/19 build date with an E battery. It is disappointing, but I still love the car :). Significant upgrade from my previous 2016 S 75D.
  23. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    Also interested in which battery he has. Mine is an October build with E battery. I'm on 2020.12, but so far no change to my range. I was thinking it may require the F battery, but not if his is an E.
  24. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    Thanks. Hopefully I get whatever secret switch is changed to get the 390 rating.
  25. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    Tesla started delivering model year 2020 cars Oct 2019. Mine is officially registered as a 2020.
  26. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    I have an Oct build 2020 MS LR, showing 359 at 100% with software 2020.12. Which software release are you on?
  27. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Thanks, I have a Rev E battery.
  28. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    I installed 2020.12 on my 2020 S LR (Oct build) and it did not change my 100% range estimate. I'm getting 359 at 100%, rated for 373.
  29. azmodls

    MCU1 S Owners: Logic FOR/AGAINST Tesla's $2,500 "Infotainment Upgrade"? (Not required for FSD)

    Correct. The MCU2 upgrade does nothing to improve AP1 capabilities, nor does it provide any FSD functions in AP1 cars. EDIT: Just want to add that MCU2 upgrades in AP2/AP2.5 cars also does not provide any FSD functions, that's done with a different AP3 computer upgrade that is included in the...
  30. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    All S/X built after about April 2019 are Raven models (use new front motor from Model 3, improved air suspension, etc). However, it's not clear that all Raven cars will be updated to higher range. Musk said that S/X built in recent months will be updated. You do not have an LR+, but you may...
  31. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Mine is 351
  32. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    390 probably won't make a material difference to me, but would be nice to have anyway - I'll take any range improvement. I came from a 2016 S 75D EPA rated at 259, so going to 373 with the Raven LR was a huge improvement. I can now skip some chargers that I couldn't before, and charge faster.
  33. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    I'm going with all 2020 models that started last October :). 1/1/2020 does not seem to fit Musk's tweet that it was for all S/X made in recent months given that January 1st was only just over 1 month ago.
  34. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    My October delivery new build came with an older software version and then was updated in a couple of weeks. I think all factory new builds get a standard version which is not the latest. Currently on 2020.4.1.
  35. azmodls

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    Not likely. Only Ravens will be updated to more range, and even then, not clear if all or only more recent builds. Musk said all S/X built in the "last few months" would get the update.
  36. azmodls

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Good question. Musk tweeted that all S/X made in the "last few months" would get a software update to enable the additional range, but unclear how far back is a "few months". Mine was made in in October as a 2020 model, so I hope it's included.
  37. azmodls


    Just got 2020.4.1 on my 2020 MS Long Range, looks like it added an Additional Vehicle Information screen.
  38. azmodls

    2020 Tesla MS with <200 wh/mi Performance

    2020 Model S LR, averaged 322 Wh/Mile in December, over 600 miles, 60F avg temp. It is better than my previous 2016 Model S 75D which was typically > 400 Wh/Mile, but I would never expect sub 200 with my driving habits.
  39. azmodls

    Does new software voice commands include suspension height changes?

    Thanks. I found the SXM setting under the Radio menu, didn't see it before. I assumed it was no longer offered when they stopped doing the sunroof in earlier cars.
  40. azmodls

    Does new software voice commands include suspension height changes?

    I ordered and received my Raven S in October and did not see an option to order XM (and not on current order options). Was this available earlier? Or is this an off-menu option that has to be requested?
  41. azmodls

    50 hp software upgrade coming for Model S

    I got the 3% increase for my Raven LR S, the extra 50hp is probably only for Performance models (looks like someone earlier in this thread got that).
  42. azmodls

    Update 40.50.1

    Do you also have the FSD software enabled? Need both HW3 and the FSD software option enabled. Or perhaps not supported yet outside USA?
  43. azmodls

    Update 40.50.1

    There are other features like text messaging, updated driver profile settings, and camp mode that should apply.
  44. azmodls

    New 40.50 Software

    Included in 40.50.1 appears to be an update only for Raven S/X cars with the new adaptive suspension. Adds a "Comfort" button and changes "Standard" to "Auto".
  45. azmodls

    Opinions of the 75D

    I had a 2016 Model S 75D. Lost about 5% range over 3 years. Great car, but now happier with my new Raven LR S.
  46. azmodls

    Backup Cam doesnt adjust exp. for night?

    It also appears to be a problem with Model S. I noticed my new Raven backup camera is basically useless at night in poorly lit locations. My old 2016 Model S did not have that problem.
  47. azmodls

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Picked up my new "2020" MS Long Range on Oct 24, took it straight to detail shop for front clear bra wrap, ceramic coating, chrome delete (satin grey), and window tinting. Replaces my 2016 MS 75D. Love all the updates made since 2016, especially having the Model 3 front motor. Just got a...
  48. azmodls

    2020 model S being sold at Tesla now

    I picked up my 2020 Model S on Oct 21st.
  49. azmodls

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Thanks, but this is my 2nd. 1st was in Dec 2016, 75D (see my member photo). I did receive my new 2020 MS LR on 10/24 with 8 miles on it :).
  50. azmodls

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ordered 10/10/19, MS LR Red, white/black interior, 19 carbon wheels Originally told expect delivery in December, but got an update a week later that it was in transit from the factory, delivery appointment scheduled 10/24/19. Suspect they found one already in production that matched my specs.

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