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    Blog Tesla Discounts Basic Autopilot - $2,000 Until July 1

    By the time FSD becomes reliable, I'll probably be in the market for another car. Definitely a nice novelty feature to have but I'll pass. I'd seriously consider it if I had AP but since I have EAP (and most of the usable FSD features along with it that I care about), I'm going to wait. Wouldn't...
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    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    The Kool It solution worked for me. A bit of a pain to do but I've gone about a year now without any issues. It's starting to smell a bit again so I'll have to do another treatment. It's the same thing the SC does so it should work for sure.
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    Indicators go silent

    I have a 2018 and back in the first year of ownership I had a similar problem where all my audible sounds (including safety features such as advanced collision warning) would randomly go dead. I actually had a strong case to lemon my car back then since multiple trips to the SC to address this...
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    Chrome delete on white model 3 - white or black door handles?

    Initially I went for white but changed to satin black last minute. Part of the problem is finding vinyl that is the same as the pearl white color readily available by local installers. You can order vinyl matching our paint code online if you really want to go with white. I'm very happy with black.
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    Model 3 Phone holder

    I don't have a link but I got a suction cup magnetic mount that adheres to the back of the screen. The attachment bends 180 degrees so the magnetic mount faces forward, so my phone floats right above the screen. It falls off once in a blue moon but otherwise has been a solid solution and I'm...
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    $2500 CA Rebate Experience?

    From submission to receipt of check, took me just under three months.
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    Your thoughts on Screen Protectors

    I also got the Abstract Ocean protector (non-matte version). I was also worried about display quality and would rather put up with some glare than distort image resolution, hence my choice. Probably not necessarily but I always wondered if something flew into the screen (i.e. passenger phone...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    I'm at 236 Wh/mi and 2005 miles. Majority highway. I use a lot of Autopilot but I find that I can get better efficiency when I drive manually, so I can probably get that number lower if I wanted to but pretty happy with staying below 240, which is roughly where you need to be to get the EPA...
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    Did anyone receive another software update today?

    I just got 21.9 last night. My biggest gripes are the decreased time between hold the wheel prompts and lane changes that won't work. Twice yesterday I initiated a lane change but it wouldnt go and there were no cars anywhere near me.
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    Did anyone receive another software update today?

    Man wtf I'm still on 18.3. Should I be worried? I've missed a handful of updates?
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    Tesla window trim scratches

    Funny I see this thread now. My car was at the SC for two weeks and I had just got my chrome delete done a couple days before dropping it off. I got it back and didn't realize until today but several areas of my chrome delete are scuffed up. One is on the top trim of the driver side door...
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    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    Lol yes definitely subjective but my butt dyno is amongst the best in the world :p
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    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    Yeah but it has nothing to do with the kick being gone. Like I said, it felt very similar when I first switched. I actually thought the M3 kicked harder initially. The fact that so many people are reporting this has got to mean there's something to it.
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    Sure that would be great. i just got my car back yesterday and fortunately it was covered. Also the fact that the other guy on this thread had it happen straight off the lot implies it has nothing to do with the tint job.
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    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    Just got my car back today after two weeks in the shop. Came back with 18.3. I definitely feel less pop from 0. After I got the 75D loaner, i recall feeling like the kick was pretty similar but now I'd say there's a distinct difference.
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    What exactly are you trying to charge that couldn't be accomplished using a USB-A interface? Fast charging does not require USB-C on the source end. I have tons of QC chargers w/ female USB-A ports to justify this.
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    Question, why is chrome delete so expensive?

    Took my installer half the time just doing the mirrors which are apparently a bitch to do. I do think these $500+ estimates are pretty ridiculous, despite being a four hour job. Should cost $300-400.
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    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    The pedals. I think the premium package should've included better ones. Easy aftermarket fix, but still. Also, the steering wheel "nipples" are a bit difficult to use when scrolling left/right. Very minor complaint but I think the designed could be improved upon. Lack of mudguards also...
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    Am I getting hosed on my insurance(Allstate)?

    I had AAA with 250/500 bodily, 100 property, 100 uninsured, 250 comprehensive, 500 liability, no rental, 7 mile tow range. I was paying $1800/year for my 2014 Honda Accord, which increased about $300 over past few years. I was quoted $4800 a year for the M3 to swap cars (not add on) :eek...
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    Anyone seen damage like this to the jack points?

    I feel ya man. When I picked mine up, the DC told me they'd call me to schedule a time to fix a paint crack I found and a week later I never received a call, nor would I hold my breath that they would. Only reason I'm getting it addressed now is because my door went psycho and started opening by...
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    Screen Protector Included?

    Usually it's pretty noticeable whether there's a film on the screen (i.e. peel tab, minor bubbling on the edges), but I really can't tell with my car. If I had it on me I'd check again but it's in the SC for a couple weeks. I'm leaning toward the tempered glass protector on abstract ocean just...
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    Random ppl scoping out your car

    For the one week I had my M3 (at service center for a few weeks getting door repainted and door control module replaced), I got a whole bunch of looks. I'm in a 2018 Model S loaner now and I get nothing :P
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    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    I'd like the trip information moved to a different area of the screen. A bit annoying I have to swipe right twice on the bottom left to see it, which I do regularly. It could probably be squeezed into the upper left or right corner.
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    Anyone seen damage like this to the jack points?

    Any updates? I'm very curious about how Tesla responded to your issue.
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    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    Well it wasn't technically today but all happened earlier this week. 1. Got Formula One Pinnacle 15 all around. 2. Door control module went haywire couple days later and started opening the door on its own 10 minutes after locking the car. Also my door button on the driver side rolled down...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    For the one week I had my M3 (it's in the shop now), I never experienced sudden braking. I've used AP about 10 times (majority on 18.3) and the only issue I encountered (twice) was where I'm on the freeway going through an underpass and the M3 almost drifts off the lane. It hugs the right side...
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    Good to know. Hopefully the dealer doesn't make a deal out of it. Wish me luck! :)
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    So actually I was worried about this, but I've never had any issues tinting my other cars at this same place before. A little moisture near the window controls shouldn't be a big deal (i.e. rain). The fact that they've had a couple similar cases makes me wonder. Yeah but I don't know what else...
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    Screen Protector Included?

    Really? I thought the answers would be yes and no. Many people have reported having a film on their screens. I can't really tell on mine so if it's there, it's really not noticeable and I don't plan on taking it off.
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    Yeah sounds like the same thing. My service advisor mentioned a body control module that may have gone haywire and he said he heard of one other M3 which also came in with the same problem. Got a new MS 75D loaner so I hope they take their time! I'm actually getting a paint issue fixed too so...
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    Poll: Delivery Delays Due to QA/C Failures

    Haha I didn't think to ask. My buddy got a P85+ while his P75D was getting serviced, thinking I'll probably get something similar. Even if it's a BMW or Lexus, I don't mind; just hope I didn't forget how to drive an ICE car. :)
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    You're right. I just went back to my car and did the soft reset but same thing. On top of that, my door keeps opening itself after I lock the car and walk away! I went inside McD's this morning and when I walked out, my door was open. I thought I may not have shut it all the way but when I got...
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    Transferring Model 3 Reservation Step by Step

    1-877-798-3752 is what I called.
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    Oh wow, thank you for responding! Did a soft reset do anything? I don't want to roll down the rear window for the 3rd time today because of the tint. Also, how long did the replacement job take?
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    I'm also wishing I didn't update to the latest version. I just had the strangest thing happen where I pushed my driver's side door release button and it rolled down my rear right window. Not sure if it's update related but I had no complaints on the previous version.
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    Driver's side door button opened my rear window!

    So I just had the strangest experience. This is day 7 of ownership and overall I'm happy with the car, but I hope weird things like this do not become a recurring experience. I pulled up to work and had to show my ID at the gate, and I didn't want to roll down my window because just got my tint...
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    Poll: Delivery Delays Due to QA/C Failures

    I took delivery last Monday even though the first thing I spotted on the walk around was a paint imperfection which they tried to clean up but ultimately the clear and base coats were broken. They said I could either refuse delivery now, or take it with me and schedule a drop off in a few...
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    Transferring Model 3 Reservation Step by Step

    Exactly what I did. When I went through this last week, I just got access to a friend's tesla account, configured the car, put in all contact and registration info as myself, picked up the car a week and a half later, called tesla tech support and requested the vehicle to be transferred to my...
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    Weathertech mats now available for Model 3

    Lol. My bad, brain farted and thought I was seeing floor mats. Yeah I can't wait for them to come out! Yeah I'm gonna order the ones on tesla, they're back in stock. I'm picking up my M3 from the delivery center tomorrow so I want them asap ;)
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    Weathertech mats now available for Model 3

    Are these the legit ones that's out now? 2018 Tesla Model 3 | Cargo Mat and Trunk Liner for Cars SUVs and Minivans | WeatherTech
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    Anyone tested S/X CHAdeMO Adapter on Model 3

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this. If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging