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  1. GKwey

    flat tire experience

    My puncture was of the worst kind that Costco won’t consider it road hazard and won’t give me a free replacement tire per warranty. After this incident, I have a full size spare for long distance travel.
  2. GKwey

    Free Tesla Wall Connector from LADWP

    Please refer to the highlighted in the attached file. Tesla wall connector is clearly identified in item 3 as a qualified charger. Yes, I got the rebate and check image is also attached. Other pertinent information: This current rebate expires 6-30-18; so you have a little over 3 months to...
  3. GKwey

    Free Tesla Wall Connector from LADWP

    LADWP is offering $500 rebate if you install a Tesla wall connector at your residence. So If you have been using NEMA 14-50 outlet, it’s time to get this free upgrade to a connector. If you have installed a connector but never get the rebate for it previously, submit you rebate request now...
  4. GKwey

    Model S 0-60 tile drops over one second. This makes me angry because...

    It's software updates, you got it too.
  5. GKwey

    Grandfather Free Supercharging Please

    According to Tesla free supercharging ends for the cars ordered after 1-1-17. This poses a serious problem for me. See I have unlimited phone data plan with Verizon. I value this data plan more than phone itself; therefore I choose to pay full price without taking advantage of any subsidy when...
  6. GKwey

    How Tesla Charges Idle Fees?

    Each time when my car charged up to 80%, this text will sent to my phone: Supercharging is nearly complete at TIME. Idle fees will accrue once charging has ended. My question is, How does Tesla charges idle fees to me? In future when people insert cards to purchase supercharging, that would...
  7. GKwey

    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    Everyone of current and future owners call their legislators to pass a bill to fund the superchargers at our local parks; public or government parking facilities; government-owned vacant lots near highway intersections, in national parks.
  8. GKwey

    Totally my fault - Curb rash in autopilot

    Sorry, I respectively disagree. I use AP 95% of my driving time everywhere, non-divided highways and surface roads included. How often and where one use AP has something to do with one's comfort level using AP, no with AP itself.
  9. GKwey

    Would you buy MX instead for $5,000 more?

    Got my S85D 5 months now. Have logged 12,000+ miles on it and love every mile of it. Used autopilot 99% of the time--even just for one block of stree I'd use it; seeing it can do what it (autopilot) supposed to do really thrills me. Naturally I am thinking also about my next car and it must be...
  10. GKwey

    My friend's model X crashed using AP yesterday

    Any updates on this thread? Did Mr. Pang respond to Tesla's letter? Mr. Pang can we hear from you about the comments on this thread? Have you met Tesla? Have you fixed your X or bought another one?
  11. GKwey

    Do you like current models X & S front end on your model 3?

    I really think the new front end on S looks better, more elegant. The 3 proto type is bland without the the "T' emblem strip.
  12. GKwey

    Do you like current models X & S front end on your model 3?

    Isn't the current front end on S appealing? Voice your positive opinion so it shall become a reality.
  13. GKwey

    A Public Letter to Mr. Musk and Tesla For The Sake Of All Tesla Driver's Safety

    What Mr. Pang wants to achieve with his open letter? He clearly says he wants open discussion with Tesla or Elon Musk himself any time any where. Why not make it happen: can someone from Tesla invite Mr. Pang to TMC Connect 2016 to have a public forum there? Let's have a face to face open...
  14. GKwey

    Autopilot on Freeway slowed down to a crawl twice today!

    It would happen on I-90 from Mariina Del Ray onramp to almost the I-405 transition, because I think the autopilot still follow the 40 miles speed limit (for the local side street in parallel). It also would happen in downtown on I-110 where there are several overpasses above with the lower local...
  15. GKwey

    Not all Superchargers are created equal...

    This morning I charged up at Westfield. The first charger I used only gave me around 100 mi/hr. After 15 min seeing the rate not going up, suspecting bad connection I unplug and replug 3 times without any increase. So I switch to different charger. Thank god I did that as it give me over 300...
  16. GKwey

    New outlet to garage, how much$

    I had a 100 ft run from a panel on the back wall of the house to a NEMA 14-50 in garage at front of the house, $1,200 material and labor.
  17. GKwey

    Key Fob Not Working

    I got this link after google the problem: Important tip for owners regarding key FOB signal interference | Tesla Motors So the interference between key fob and car appears to be caused by cell towers (Mt. Wilson does have a lot) interference. Tesla should have put out warning staying away from...
  18. GKwey

    Key Fob Not Working

    This afternoon I took my car to Mt. Wilson for a pleasure ride. Leaving home with 80% charge (daily full charge), arriving at 50% charge. Both car and phone lost internet connection there. Heavy fog turned into light rain. Spent two hours in observatory. When I was ready to leave, the doors...
  19. GKwey

    How to save for Model 3?

    @Christopher Chan, eloder envisions Tesla stock shall raise to cover his stated goals in due time; unlike you not excited enough by model 3 to see what he sees.
  20. GKwey

    Why can't I build a 3?

    Because Elon figured majority of buyers will pay for auto pilot and free supercharging; these two options together would cost you $4,500. Add doc fees and pay for your favorite color, you have your $42,500 M3.
  21. GKwey

    Model 3 Supercharging Capability?

    M3 comes with supercharging standard. But to use superchargers free for the life of your M3, you have to pay, mostly likely $2K, for such an option. Elon only said M3 comes with supercharging standard, he was very careful not to say M3 comes with free supercharging for the life of the car. Quite...
  22. GKwey

    Leaked Model 3 specs 0-60 in under 4 sec and 300+ mile range

    I just have my S85D for 4 weeks and loving it every minutes and believe I have found the car of my life (or the car that complete my life). So please please no Model S killer tomorrow.
  23. GKwey

    Your M3 will pay for itself, if you

    @diamond.g, if either your home or office is close to a supercharger or there is one in between your daily commute route (if not now, hopefully in near future), you are in luck to be able to use free supercharging daily. Your ~120 daily commute miles actually would be close to ~150 rated miles...
  24. GKwey

    Your M3 will pay for itself, if you

    drive it 30,000 miles per year 100% on free supercharging for 8 years. Assuming $3 per gallon on premium gasoline and 20 miles per gallon mileage, the fuel cost saved in 8 years would be $36,000. And oh, how much you paid for your M3? $25,000 after rebate. So the chance you actually making...
  25. GKwey

    Superchargers for Model 3

    I have a funny theory, people. Tesla shall expand supercharging facilities in response to traffics; e.g. adding 2 superchargers not far away from the Hawthorne Supercharger and some have 6 stalls some has 12. Therefore, if you want more superchargers in your area, overwhelm the local...
  26. GKwey

    Charging etiquette for Tesla owners

    OMG, @Darryl. Are you serious? You are handicapped and you drive a P90DL MX? How your body handle the ludicrous mode?
  27. GKwey

    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    There is only one class using superchargers no matter where, within city centers or not: Tesla owners who paid for it for the life of the cars. Stop dropping the seed for newest kind of discrimination within the smallest set of people, Tesla owners, by creating these two classes: locals and...
  28. GKwey

    Model S/X Owners Have Priority Model 3 Orders Over Non-Owners

    If A putting in order before B, A get what he ordered before B. It should be this simple. This is the rule or common sense. Everything else is speculation and may subject to class action law suit if some smart lawyer want to make a few bucks.
  29. GKwey

    Superchargers for Model 3

    The base model 3 very likely won't come with free supercharging; but will be offered as an option for $2,000 when ordering or $2,500 after delivery. This kind of configuration makes a lot of sense. Since a lot of people don't want to pay for this option on model 3; e.g. if you have multiple...
  30. GKwey

    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    Because some self-righteous, misguided people are very sensitive to locals supercharging their Tesla for free, especially when they themselves don't live or work close enough to a supercharger to use it conveniently, you provocateur. I live in west L.A. 2 miles from Westfield Mall Supercharger...
  31. GKwey

    Auto lange change only works 30% of the time

    The predominantly reason for AP lane change to fail, like I discussed, is lack of clearance. Like Prefect said it's stupid the signal keeps blinking and nothing happens. It's even embarrassing that the car next to me actually slows down for me to move over but the AP just does not engage (and...
  32. GKwey

    Auto lange change only works 30% of the time

    It only works when there is enough space available per Autopilot program to effectivate lane change command, which is by my estimate at least 10-car length before and after my car; i.e. If there is no clearance of 20 car length next to me in the lane I want to switch into I have to do it...
  33. GKwey

    Come on...

    I know Donald Trump and you are no Donald Trump.
  34. GKwey

    Official invite to Model 3 reveal sent TODAY to 650 Owners

    I live 7 miles away from Hawthorne how come I didn't get the tickets? No wonder the top PR guy lost his job. The strategy distributing the tickets is not horned for best results. How many out of towners would pay air fares and lodging to attend? Even if some would, they don't have their Tesla to...
  35. GKwey

    Will You Love Your Model 3?

    On Reddit, Steve Wozniak said he absolutely loves his Tesla car. "I [kind of] look over at my wife, and I just smile," when he drives, he added. I have received my S85D for 15 days now and like every other Tesla owner I enjoy every minute of it. The question to you as the prospective Model 3...
  36. GKwey

    Professional Dual Dashcan Installation in Southern California?

    I went to Al & Ed's Autosound in West Hollywood this afternoon and has the Blacvue installed in a little bit less than 2 hours; cost me $150 labor plus $12 parts. I am satisfied with their work. Now I have both front and rear cameras powered up all the time (when car not driven, it activated by...
  37. GKwey

    Professional Dual Dashcan Installation in Southern California?

    Bought one from Amazon. Not a Prime member; did not want to try Prime for free shipping. So I chose free 2-day shipping to a local lockbox. However, received the email that it is at the lockbox ready for pickup in the same day. Al and Ed's may carry it or may not. But with Amazon's amazing...
  38. GKwey

    Professional Dual Dashcan Installation in Southern California?

    Any Al & Ed's is good or just the one in West Hollywood? After getting coffee intentionally dumped on the hood of my new S85D at the local McDonald that I go for breakfast every day, I stopped going there and got myself a Blackvue 2 channel and am looking for a good installer now after the...
  39. GKwey

    What kind of home charger to get?

    I just finished installing NEMA 14-50 outlet in garage today for MS, but for M3 this is the one you need too. From electric panel on the back of the house, through attic and across the garage ceiling to the receptor on the other side of wall is ~75' of wires in metal conduit, all for $1,200. If...
  40. GKwey

    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    Using local supercharger for free is one of the benefits owning a Tesla. If you can afford a Tesla you can afford the cost installing a NEMA 14-50 receptor or two in your garage for convenience. If that is not possible due to other limitations than cost, or before that is done; then using...
  41. GKwey

    How Many of the Model 3's Options Will be Hardware vs. Firmware Activated?

    I think you underestimate the utility of autopilot feature. For Tesler owners who are proficient in driving with autopilot assist, me included, we don't drive the car any more. We let our Tesla drive itself in almost all our driving time and only intervene when necessary, such as being first car...
  42. GKwey

    Will this day be coming

    That you can drive your Model 3 around the world without spending a penny on fuel? With Model 3 targeting mass market, superchargers sure will start popping up south of US border all the way to Argentina and north to Alaska. So road trip with Model 3 crisscross America continent free of fuel...
  43. GKwey

    ≡ Or 3, which one you like to be on the car

    Some use Model ≡ and some use Model 3 to identify the next Tesla mass market EV. For those don't know, ≡ is 3 in Chinese by the way. So which one you prefer to adorn the new model on the left side of the rear part? I think ≡ is better than 3. Imagine: 3 on left side and 45, 45D, 60 or 60D on...
  44. GKwey

    California teslas and HOV lane free?

    Does the sticker allow solo driver use car pool lane on ramp to get on freeway without waiting ar traffic light?
  45. GKwey

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Please help me out further since calling it warm silver still does not tell me what color group it belongs to: Is it grey or brown or green? I am color challenged, but I asked several friends who is not color challenged none can call out the color right away. So I settled with the color "grey."...
  46. GKwey

    Lowest Window Tint in California

    I expect to take delivery of my grey 85D in a couple weeks, entered production 2 days ago. From the picture of My Tesla page, it does not appear it comes with factory window tint. Is this correct? To make it road trip worthy, I plan to tint it all around and be legal in California, with 3M...
  47. GKwey

    Model 3 superchargeable?

    I think supercharging hardware should be there, but can be locked and unlocked by software like Auto Pilot. Thus: Supercharging Feature: $ 2,000 Enable Supercharging: $ 2,500 May be we can deduct $500 from above figures because Model 3 use smaller battery.
  48. GKwey

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    2011 BMW M3 $66,000 2016 S 85D $98,000 a big chunk $32,000 upgrade, I never dreamed I would ever spend $100k on a car until I see what MS can offer, I just can't resist the from a computer on wheel.
  49. GKwey

    Spare Tire

    Is it a good idea, or for peace of the mind, to carry a spare tire for long distance road trip? Any nightmarish flat tire incident you ever encountered that made you wish you should have carried one in your trunk?