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  1. J


    Can anyone tell me how to play movies on the dashcam viewer like this? And does it include audio as well? At 4:40
  2. J

    Early M3P purchases

    Yep these are the people that definitely deserve some money back or credits towards a new Tesla. The P100D is/was at end of life not an early adopter and people paid $135k+ then months later a new "Tesla Performance" that is lighter, quicker and cheaper comes out...that has to hurt especially if...
  3. J


    @conman thanks for sharing. For security purposes I'd suggest you delete that last image and hide your address and reupload. Any thieves reading this forum will know where you live and what car you have...
  4. J

    Wtf: X drivers and poor SC ettiquette.

    Well to be fair I will say that there seems to be an offset with the fisheye of the rear camera and the lines that leads almost every Tesla owner including myself to park crooked. No excuse for going over the lines but I think there is something to the camera and the ability to back in a spot...
  5. J

    Early Access Program

    I suspect that the Owner Early Access group won't get updates until Tesla has their Employee Early Access group sorted. They seem to be focusing heavily on FSD and want their employees to be the first line of non-developer testing and then go to Owners.
  6. J

    FS 21" NEW Silver Arachnids Full Set (Free Delivery NY,NJ,CT)

    Will send a PM but need to know about delivery to PA? Philly?
  7. J

    NJ / Philly / Delaware - PPF and Ceramic Coating

    Any chance you can share pricing for the 3? Or a range so I can know where his services and this product fit in the competitive landscape of CQuartz, Opticoat and other installers?
  8. J

    The Best Way to Secure Your Tesla

    Im surprised Tesla doesn't have their own guidance for security best practices beyond the alarm. Great Video btw.
  9. J

    Tesla tech is great, but other companies are starting to push

    I really like the 3D surround view especially for parking, definitely something Tesla should have in their cars. The value of being able to SEE your car or at least whats around your car is very important to me. I cannot tell you how paranoid I was when I first got my Model S to know whether...
  10. J

    What do people use "summon" for

    Based on what is can do NOW it's just what people said: Getting in and out of tight spaces or garages Parking your car if you have a detached garage in a straight line and have hands full Cleaning or checking the wheels and tires if by yourself Based on what its INTENDED to do (Summon+) you...
  11. J

    A possible solution to the autopilot nags

    People need guidance, since Tesla doesn't provide formal training on how to use their system. Thats the cause of all this drama, they imply the car can drive itself in its marketing, they call it Autopilot and let people drive off the lot without a full understanding. Add to that, the message...
  12. J

    A possible solution to the autopilot nags

    Here is the solution, works like a charm.
  13. J

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Just want to chime in here...as people have mentioned Autopilot SHOULD be a hands-off system. What is currently billed as Autopilot is actually CO-PILOT and is a hands-on system. Technically it could be hands-off BUT Tesla doesn't have a effective way of transferring control of driving to the...
  14. J

    Silver Araña (Arachnid) Wheels & Tires for Sale (FREE DELIVERY Mid-Atlantic)

    Still available? If so will PM with offer, will need delivery to Cherry Hill Service Center lmk.
  15. J

    P85 running 200 miles daily!

    Congrats....tips to maximize your range in addition to "going easy on the go pedal". Turn on Range Mode Keep windows rolled up Keep AC on lowest fan speed you're comfortable with if you need it Use Cruise as much as possible. Since its 2013 you don't have TACC so be sure to take over and...
  16. J

    2018.21 0fa48d9

    @BigD0g it's clear you're a beta tester (congrats to you), so I wont doubt your video, because its video and does not show what this image is showing: But when I look at this image...especially the last few frames where the car/truck fades off the screen there is a mask where the car goes...
  17. J

    2018.21 0fa48d9

    I "think" this video is fake/doctored. Just based off whats known for EAP vs FSD, if they were active for AP then it would only be for cars that paid for FSD as the cameras are supposed to be activated for FSD only. The fact that the IC shows a car passing while a truck is actually there and...
  18. J

    Cpo p85d vs new 75d

    Tough decision depending on what your priorities are... Get a new 75D if: You like the facelift You want AP2 You prefer a smaller and lighter Model S (yes the new 75D feels noticeable smaller than older non-facelift models) You want newer faster MCU You want the exact color and interior combo...
  19. J

    Ideas To Help Prevent Auto Pilot Accidents...It's Time To Get Real

    I think both of you are thinking rationally as if every driver will be...that for certain is not the case. Both Tesla's as an EV and as pioneer in brining level 2/3 autonomous driver assistance features to market, definitely has a learning curve for a LOT of drivers. For those coming from luxury...
  20. J

    Ideas To Help Prevent Auto Pilot Accidents...It's Time To Get Real

    I Agree with #3, Tesla should not let anyone who has purchased AP leave with their car without being trained on it. #2 I think is dicey because depending on where you live and travel secondary roads are the primary roads and are long stretches primed for AP to ease the monotony. Overall the #1...
  21. J

    Feature request for Tesla

    Agreed, Model 3 has this but not Model S/X
  22. J

    Vector Maps??

    This might be a silly question, but why is everyone saying that this map update is "Vector Maps"? I thought this was just the updated routing engine and display for turn-by-turn? I see no signs of a car other than the Model 3 using vector maps to render smooth maps on the main screen.
  23. J

    Jim Keller leaves the autopilot team

    I don't think it has to do with head hunters, because clearly Elon is committed to compensating his team accordingly, see multi-million dollar offer to George Hotz. I think its "Elon demand aka Elon Time" that is causing folks to jump ship. He seems to be putting tremendous pressure on the team...
  24. J

    Poll: Has AP2 18.10.4 surpassed AP1 in terms of performance?

    Good discussion so far, but since I don't own both cars I don't want to throw my 2 cents in just yet...I will lean on others who have both cars or made videos testing both cars and you guys posted a lot of the recent comparisons already, but here's one I didn't see where the guy talks about HE...
  25. J

    Summon proofing the garage

    He very well could be making his own terms up, but thats fine...this is another way to access summon for sure and more practical than from the fob IMO. Looking at the menu I can see how he used that term: Here is another video using the same name though:
  26. J

    Autopark - Not what I expected?

    not quite, parking manually I don't have to pull as far forward as what is required for autopark to work especially for perpendicular parking.
  27. J

    Summon proofing the garage

    I use sound proofing foam on the entire wall of my garage...just so it doesnt look odd to have just 1 or 2 pieces but its thick and soft so if it does graze it it wont damage the paint. Also here is a good video on using the "Autopark Summon" to do a good job of parking in the garage. I am not a...
  28. J

    Autopark - Not what I expected?

    For those having issues with getting their autopark to work here is a good video to show you how to do it properly. Doesn't negate the fact that you will be almost a full car length beyond the spot in order to park but I've followed this advice and almost always get it to work just need to...
  29. J

    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    I'm late to the party but, the Model 3 was born with the new maps, they released it with new maps and an incomplete UI that they are now trying to complete. That said, based on the blogs, the new maps are basically being retrofitted into the S/X since it needs to accomodate 2 screens instead of...
  30. J

    New FSD Video

    Looking at this video now after not seeing it for months its a bit clearer that its fake/staged. The main thing being, how does the car know where its going? There is no active navigation on the center screen...so the only way the car would know where to go is if there is someone in the back...
  31. J

    Heated Seats last exactly 20 mins. . .

    Which seats do you have? Based on your signature you have a 75D, so that means you have either Gen 3 (Next Gen) or Gen 4 (Tesla Premium) You very well may need to take a trip to the service center but before you do consider this: You yourself may be experiencing Thermal Equilibrium from the...
  32. J

    Video: Autopilot 1 vs 2 on 2018.6.1

    Thanks for the effort of comparing, but as others mentioned in order to best compare them needs to be same road same time of day. See how this guy did it with same time of day.
  33. J

    5G is coming this year...will TESLA offer an upgrade

    I suspect that Tesla will require 5G in order to realize the FSD future they envision. I think they should offer complementary upgrades for all cars that purchased FSD, and offer optional paid upgrade for others the same way the 4G upgrade was made available. Either way it wont be necessary at...
  34. J

    P90 (Not a typo) Feeler

    Whats the range gain going from 85-90 on RWD?
  35. J

    So, is that it for AP1? Beta forever?

    I think there is plenty of low hanging fruit for AP1, but the reality is that AP1 is using the enemies/competitions hardware so from Tesla's perspective its not in their best interest invest heavily in improving it, especially when not improving it provides a greater incentive for them to sell...
  36. J

    Tesla Referral Program

    True but on one hand this may also create a mass of people holding on to their "free supercharging" enabled vehicles and not very eager to upgrade. On the other hand the reason why this was tied to referrals was to increase the sale of S/X vehicles ahead of the refresh. Since you cannot use...
  37. J

    Tesla Referral Program

    I'd just like to see Youtube be back on the "not ok" list for the referral program and see how many referrals people actually get! I spent quite a bit of time on the ground talking to owners so much so that I might as well wear a Tesla employee t-shirt. Yet these youtubers are somehow gaming the...
  38. J

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    Sorry for the accident, I hope you and any passengers are ok....I've never had unintentional acceleration luckily. The good news is that you only have 1 post and you chose a great day to post this, as Tesla is in the news for an accident that NTHSA is investigating, followed by a Model 3...
  39. J

    Referral supercharging to end????

    I agree with the impact on value, for now. However, I believe that there are 2 types of "unlimited free supercharging": Unlmtd Free SC Vehicle - This was what anyone who bought back when they paid the $2k for Supercharging. That is applied to the life of THAT vehicle and is resold as such on...
  40. J

    Recent Model 3 sightings in DC area?

    @Richk - congrats on the M3. Do you still have the MS? If so which do you prefer to drive?
  41. J

    Tesla Referral Program

    I've wasted enough of my free time hanging out at showrooms like a salesman trying to pitch my code....the youtubers have totally destroyed the Referral program :mad: we spend all of our time talking to people and they just post a video and tell people to use their link! Now there are 10+ people...
  42. J

    Referral supercharging to end????

    Don't worry it is only temporary to help add value to it when they bring it back later on as a demand lever. Right now with the exception of the Model 3 most cars have free supercharging so the pay-per-use is somewhat non-existent. They are using this to get everyone familiar with paying to...
  43. J

    Loaner MS ... interesting observation.

    In theory it would be very efficient to build them that way, but the problem is the money they would lose on unrealized revenue for the person who only wants a 75D and not a 90D, 100D, or P100D the loses would be pretty large and make it hard to achieve profitaility
  44. J

    Firmware 8.0

    I agree but as jdjeff88 says we are that group ultimately. The dilemma that Tesla and almost every other company has when it comes to public "suggestions" is that if they encourage use of those suggestions they open themselves up to lawsuits for compensation for said suggestions. Meaning if...
  45. J

    Firmware 8.0

    I actually met 2 Beta/EAP owners in California, and after having some lengthy conversations with them (nothing revealing about what they are testing), its clear that they are not the main measure of Quality Control, so its silly when owners get buggy releases and then try to blame the beta/EAP...
  46. J

    Firmware 8.0

    YES! Just watched the video below of the media player in action and that was definitely something I did NOT see.
  47. J

    Who has the boasting right to #1 updated to v8.0?

    Didn't get the update yet but found a video of the media player interface. Looks pretty good and more fitting of the car. Cant wait to get the notification!!
  48. J

    P100D, 760HP and Performance Tests

    My point and the point of the OP I chimed in on was not about achieving the RM number but the RM number being higher than advertised the first few weeks/months of ownership. I assume thats why they have Ideal vs Rate Miles to begin with the differentiation between their advertised range and the...
  49. J

    P100D, 760HP and Performance Tests

    Yes correct but not as significant, I could live with the small features that I missed like heated steering wheel, etc. but 50miles more range and more power, rear cup holders and MX seats! I cant say that I know the rationale but I can say that the algorithm has a higher Rated Range than...