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  1. J

    Lost Phone *call* audio after latest update

    I have the same issue as the OP. Any resolution? I have an older phone (Cat S60 / Android 6).
  2. J

    Phone calls not working

    I have the same issue. I have a CAT S60 (android ~5 yrs old). I know - I need a new phone, but the phone call feature used to work. I don't use it often, so not sure when it stopped. Are you still having this issue?
  3. J

    Rear motor failure on road trip.

    OK thanks for the clarification.
  4. J

    Rear motor failure on road trip.

    New LR AWD owner here. Thought I would post my observations based on your parts list. It seems important to note that the rear MOTOR did not fail, but the drive unit - the electronics responsible for regulating the voltage / current applied to the rear motor. Without these electronics...