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  1. RedVinesRanch

    Official Battery day thread 2020

    You can stream it live here: 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders and Battery Day | Tesla
  2. RedVinesRanch

    Share your positive Tesla Service experience

    Only positive experiences for me also. Wife's MX 12v needed to be replaced. I wanted to do it myself instead of waiting for service, so went to the Dallas center. They handed me the battery (well, touch free he put it down and I picked it up.) Reminds me I still need to drop off the core...
  3. RedVinesRanch

    Problem Adding Car To Account

    I didn't receive the email from Tesla, so I will try chat on Monday. Funny, if you go through the 'contact us' for ownership transfer it doesn't give the option for chat. If you select billing or something like it, then you get a chat option!
  4. RedVinesRanch

    Problem Adding Car To Account

    I called customer service and they sent an email for me to reply with the needed info. Said sometimes the website does not complete on the submit.
  5. RedVinesRanch

    Problem Adding Car To Account

    I've been trying to add a used Model X we purchased 2 weeks ago to my existing Tesla account, but when I click submit all I've gotten has been "Unable to process request. Please try again later." Tried different browsers, PCs, phones, etc.... and always 'please try again later.' The previous...
  6. RedVinesRanch

    Phone calls not working

    It might be related to the ongoing discussion with some Bluetooth issues. Most are saying it should be resolved with the next software update. It's not exactly the issues I'm seeing, but similar. Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth
  7. RedVinesRanch

    Phone calls not working

    Having similar issue with Pixel 3. On the same update as you. Turns out the other party can usually hear me and I can't hear them. Also been stuck a few times where it won't hang up. Have to turn bluetooth off/on to get radio back. Calling using "recent contacts" list from phone functions...
  8. RedVinesRanch

    Vandalized or Someone Tripping?

    I'll like to get some opinions on what could cause the damage to my M3. I'm not sure if someone did it on purpose since I was parked and charging - which was at the far end of the parking lot with no other cars around me for the entire weekend. It was damaged at a resort over the weekend...
  9. RedVinesRanch

    14-50 back in stock!

    Thanks for the heads up! Been waiting for the re-stock and hadn't received an email yet. I ordered mine. :)