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    Tax credit 2023 [The tax credit discussion thread]

    2nd week of December. Delivery will take at least a week and you could delay another.
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    Sold my MYSR and ordered a MYP

    I sold my $39k MYSR for $54k to CarMax when I bought a $54k red MYLR, very clean
  3. P

    Phantom Braking - Fixed.

    every time
  4. P

    Location Function changed

    It also seems to be caching previous locations and doesn't always update.
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    Screen flickers or adjusting brightness back and forth

    Same thing. Never had the problem with my 21 MYSR - I also thought it seemed related to the brightness. I had my SC look into it (with video and an exact timestamp) and they said they couldn't see anything in the logs that would explain it. It has been getting more frequent though.
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    Spotify - entering vehicle

    I'm in the exact same position. My AMD MYLR has seemingly always had this issue, but the old MYSR never had it once.
  7. P

    Regen breaking no longer effective

    omfg and this is why I should read the damn manual. I always wondered what those meant, and it makes perfect sense now.
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    Suspension Upgrades for 2022 model Y

    My 2002 Impreza handles bumps in the road way better than my Model Y, even though it's much closer to the ground. I still prefer the Y.
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    What did you name your car?

    My first Model Y (white, standard range) was named Silence Dogood. So my replacement Model Y (red, long range) was named Silence 2Good.
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    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    Mine definitely doesn't make this sound. The only time I hear anything similar is when preheating the battery for charging. Hope that helps. '22 MYLR
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I've yet to see the new matrix headlights and tailights on a MYLR, only MYP
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    Yeah in hindsight, I'm kinda glad Tesla forced my hand a little at the beginning of the year (by threatening to cancel my order if I didn't take delivery). I managed to get MCU3 just a couple of weeks after it dropped, and I pretty much maxxed out the used car price for my MYSR. The more I...
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    I sold it for 56k and upgraded to a MYLR for 54k.
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    Only the '21 SR. That is the only RWD Model Y.
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    Christ on a cracker. Inflation is a B****. I bought my Model Y SR less than a year ago for 39k.
  16. P

    Inventory question

    They will, but it'll cost you. Also you have no option really to reject it.
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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    I believe it's under Service -> Additional Information. It should list various things about the vehicle (cell IMEI, processor chip, CCS compatibility, and so on).
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    That definitely looks like an Austin delivery truck!
  19. P

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Don't forget the cargo cover!
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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    I recently upgraded from an Intel MYSR to an AMD MYLR. The AMD is noticeably faster, but not mind blowingly so. Apps that take 10 to 15 seconds to load on Intel take about 5 to 7 seconds on AMD. Camera lag that was present on Intel is not present on AMD. The UI is snappier. QOL improvements for...
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    What battery is on my model Y

    Exactly. And there were no Model Y's with radar in November, either. Radar was phased out back in May, and AFAIK all production models after May were vision-only.
  22. P

    I might have to get the update after all :(

    I was the same, but after the recent small maintenance update, practically all of my annoyances have been resolved. Try it out!
  23. P

    Never thought I’d say this…

    AKA the merge from hell
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    4680 Model Ys?

    It's much easier for a wealthy person to be a first adopter than it is for someone who will be in the market for a $25,000 car. What is a fun or luxury purchase for a wealthy individual is a fraught years-long commitment for someone who is not. Thus, it only makes sense for companies who are...
  25. P

    Inventory question

    They matched my inventory purchase to my original order price as well, saving me three grand on a standard range. I had assumed at the time that was only because they had told me to take delivery or they were canceling my order, so they were being a little bit more flexible than I think they...
  26. P

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Yeah I didn't notice a difference between Atom and Ryzen when driving around, except that there was less wiggling on-screen. The graphics processing is obviously way better.
  27. P

    4680 on Model Y?

    But they both have wheels, and can drive, and are even steerable via an in-cabin wheel. Indistinguishable. Checkmate.
  28. P

    4680 Model Ys?

    I've been saying this for a while now but I'll say it again - I think the most likely guess is that we won't see a lot of changes for consumers out of 4680, but we will see a lot of changes for manufacturing and for shareholders. I think given the sales numbers, Tesla is most likely going to...
  29. P

    4680 Model Ys?

    Living in Seattle is the reason I took delivery this month - I was never gonna get 4680 anyways, not until Fremont was retooled. And who knows when that will be!
  30. P

    Lots of refinement between 2020 and 2022 Model Y

    I just sold my $40k MYSR for $55k and upgraded to a red '22 MYLR for $56k (July order). Definitely feel like I came out ahead!
  31. P

    Washington State Waiting Room

    I don't know what that is, but if it means "they don't sit in the car with you", then no, they're not doing it.
  32. P

    Washington State Waiting Room

    The best color obviously ;) Red!
  33. P

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Slow, but easy. They were slammed. I came early and that was wise, just to give them time to prep. Also, I wanted to do my initial inspection before taking delivery with some sunlight left. The guy helping me clearly is not used to selling model Ys to people who already own one - he kept trying...
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Looking at your signature, you upgrading your MYSR to MYLR?
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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    I just picked mine up yesterday. Asked them if it had the new 12V and they weren't sure. Mind providing pics so I can compare?
  36. P

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Picked up MYLR yesterday!! Absolutely beautiful. Ryzen is way snappier than Atom and even on 10.2 the FSD graphics are MUCH smoother. MYLR definitely feels heavier than MYSR when driving. No dual pane rear glass - but I did notice a few minor improvements from when I picked up the SR in June...
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    If I'm not mistaken, Lucid Motors is also based in the Bay Area - Newark, CA.
  38. P

    Tesla insurance?

    Got any tips? I've been digging around for days, filling out forms and phone calls until my eyes bleed, bundling everything but my grandma, and I'm not getting anything lower than $220/mo or 1600~ for 6 month. This is for 100/300/100, 2 vehicles but the other one is almost never used and will...
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    2021 Model Y Rear-Ended, literally does not turn on and adjuster says damage is 9k- need help with DV claim

    Having been though this exact accident in my brand new MYSR, I can tell you that the repairs for my vehicle were just shy of $29k total.
  40. P

    Washington State insurance for Model Y

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your monthly/6 month?
  41. P

    Washington State Waiting Room

    Who did you end up going with?
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    Model Y now unaffordable for most of us

    Same. I'm selling my base model MYSR and upgrading to a MYLR. Only way I could ever afford a MYLR. Got an offer for $55k for the MYSR and ordered the MYLR back in July when it was $52,9k, so after red multicoat, documentation & destination, it's about $1k more (before tax). Was waiting for BBB...
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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Lmfao excuse me apparently I had a micro stroke or something. You are totally right - it's 359.
  44. P

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    I have a red/black from that same batch! Picking up Sat. Looks gorgeous.
  45. P

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    My 569XXX VIN confirmed to have Ryzen :)
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    Washington State Waiting Room

    Best rate I found in WA was Costco Connect through AmFam

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