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  1. C

    2019.12.1 Update

    I did a number of soft reboots before posting with no effect. I did a hard reboot today and then a soft reboot and now I have the notes and my weird purple and green lines are gone. The browser still seems really bad. Has anyone noticed browser improvements in an AP1 or older car?
  2. C

    2019.12.1 Update

    I got 12.1.1 in my AP1 Model S yesterday and have noticed that I have a blank release notes page and whenever I press any control on the main screen, I see 4 horizontal lines that are purple and green. Has anyone else seen this? Does this sound like a bad firmware update?
  3. C

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Thanks for the input. Do you have a link that provides more input on how this works, where you get it, etc? I'm assuming that I then wouldn't be able to charge the phone at the same time or does the HDMI adapter contain a power line as well? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 if it matters.
  4. C

    Has anyone started using HOV on nav yet?

    IMO, Waze does the best with this. Another case for full Waze integration in our cars.
  5. C

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Unfortunately, the browser is not included in the list of apps that can be placed above the media player. I use this to show Tesla Waze as many others do and now it is either this OR the media app. The goofy two finger slide trick is helpful but it doesn't stick I sent a warranty claim on this...
  6. C

    Rear Hatch Latching Problem (Model S)

    This just happened a week ago to my 2015 MS for the second time in a year. It was stuck between open and close and the emergency release did nothing. As mentioned above, it took a week to get the parts in and then a day to do the work. Here is what they replaced: Part...
  7. C

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    I was considering this as well but I was also going to black out all of the chrome and I have the dark 21" wheels. Either way - great job!!!
  8. C

    Question about Service Expectations and Thoughts

    I had a situation like this with Tesla a few years ago. Different part but same problem with it not being ordered and then very long to get. I was dealing with the Mississauga SC. I spoke to the local service manager and that did not help. When I eventually ran out of patience, I contacted...
  9. C

    Can you carry 4 21" rims w/ tires inside Model S?

    The one tire that I put in the non-AWD frunk you may be able to fit in the rear if you take out the cargo floor cover and put that tire in the lower storage area. This is what I did with all of our luggage for the weekend. I did all of this with original size 19" tires so anything else may not...
  10. C

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Mine was a few years ago but the money just appeared in my account and I never received any government correspondence before or after that.
  11. C

    Mississauga Service Centre (non-public Supercharger)

    I was in for service yesterday and Mississauga Service proudly mentioned they now have a supercharger and volunteered to charge me up before leaving for home. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or how long they have had it so I thought I would mention it. I'm also not sure what their...
  12. C

    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    This is very interesting. Please do post the link when you can. What firmware version are you on?
  13. C

    Ottawa Model 3

    Not sure if this is helpful but many of us went through this same discussion on our Model S's a few years ago. It appears that at that time, Tesla changed the end of the 14-50 adapter for Ontario to specifically limit it to 32A instead of a previous Ontario version that allowed 40A on a 50A...
  14. C

    Auto Insurance for Model 3 in Canada

    I believe I mentioned this earlier in this thread, but here's a recap in case it can help. I've had two Model S's now over the past 5 years with RBC and my payments are around $95 / month after tax. I'm in Mississauga. I also have other vehicles and my primary home insured with them which is...
  15. C

    Ottawa Model 3

    FWIW, I had a similar issue in my MS a while back. It turned out to be a loose ground which was very easy and quick for Tesla to fix but still very scary all the warnings and problems that were caused by it. Good luck with your repair.
  16. C

    Writing off electricity instead of gas?

    There are only a couple of ways that you can write off vehicle expenses in Canada. Either you are self employed or your employer has completed a T2200 (conditions of employment form) that requires you to use your vehicle for business purposes. I'm self employed and use the mileage based system...
  17. C

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    I saw this yesterday as well. This is what was on my upper screen most of the time so I'll definitely miss it. Hopefully a replacement can be created or Google can be influenced to leave it as-is for free.
  18. C

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    I've been at both of these malls in the last 2 days and there is no sign of construction at either of them.
  19. C

    Model X insurance question

    I'm with RBC / Aviva and had one claim with my Model S and another with another vehicle in the family. Both claims were handled well and they even went above and beyond when the collision company used for my other vehicle was screwing us around (CarStar - Argentia Rd. Mississauga - stay away)...
  20. C

    Ontario Delivery Phone Call

    HELOC is a Home Equity Line of Credit. You can arrange it with any bank that offers mortgages and often it is easiest to arrange with your current mortgage company. You can often get approved for the difference between the appraised value of your home x .80 and the current principal you owe. You...
  21. C

    Insurance quotes for Model 3

    It may be because I have a 20 year old male listed as an occasional driver as well.
  22. C

    Insurance quotes for Model 3

    I use RBC (which is now Aviva) and pay $1100 / yr for my Model S in Mississauga. That said, I'm 52 and my driving record is clean.
  23. C

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    I went all around this area including the big mall across the street and nothing yet.
  24. C

    Anyone knows Tesla Canada do the transaction for private sell?

    I heard at our recent Tesla Owners' Club meeting that this is back on again but Tesla is working to improve the process to make it easier. You will have to check with Tesla directly to get the details.
  25. C

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    I took these pictures today (sorry for the poor quality but I was rushing to complete a bike ride before the rain came). As much as I would like to believe this is a Supercharger installation, it looks more like a new retail building site. The graded area is far too large and there are...
  26. C

    Model 3 on display in Oakville as of April 27

    Maybe they ran out of space in that Maple warehouse :)
  27. C

    Canada - Maps update?

    I received 2018.14 about a week ago and my browser performance is definitely worse than before. I normally only use the Tesla Waze site on it and now it won't even completely download the page half of the time. I've tried rebooting and still no improvement. Anyone else notice this update has...
  28. C

    Supercharger - Etobicoke ON

    I went by today around 2:30pm and there was a Model S with dealer plates charging. There was a crew working on / monitoring the utility cabinets as well. I spoke to the gentleman in the car who said they were performing final testing. Hopefully this means they will be ready soon.
  29. C

    Looking for a place to do a full chrome delete - GTA

    Here are the pictures I promised: As Previously mentioned, I used the pre-cut decals from RPM. Here is what I changed: - handles => black carbon - side turn light => gloss red - side chrome under the doors => black carbon - front T logo => gloss red - rear T logo => gloss red - rear...
  30. C

    Looking for a place to do a full chrome delete - GTA

    I investigated this a while back so hopefully this information helps you. BTW - I agree the car looks much better with the chrome blacked out. A GTA based company called Wrap Monster quoted me around $650 for this. I communicated with Dominic at [email protected] . I did not proceed with...
  31. C

    12V Battery shortage??

    My first Model S had the 12V warning come on on the way to trade it in for my current Model S at Lawrence. Maybe she was trying to tell me something?
  32. C

    Recommendation for heat/smoke detector

    Are you concerned about a fire? I've been using a 14-50 for over 4 years now at 40A with no issues. If there were to be an issue, either the UMC would cut power or your circuit would trip before it would get dangerous. This is, of course, assuming that your circuit was installed properly with...
  33. C

    Charge rate for non-standard power combinations

    I have a NEMA 14-50 (80% produces 40 A) with about 248 V and get 46 km / hr.
  34. C

    Electric vehicle charging stations fees, membership

    Make sure to check out Plugshare. There are lots of free options around for overnight charging. See https://www.plugshare.com/
  35. C

    Tesla Roadster 2nd Gen Canada

    I got an email from Tesla today allowing me to reserve one. Anyone else? I'm not going to but nice to see they are including Canada early in the process. I also can get a founders edition for a low $322,000 owed 10 days from now. :)
  36. C

    Canadian Insurance

    I mention my rates up thread with RBC Insurance (now part of Aviva). Basically I'm paying about $100 / month with a $300 deductible. Keep shopping - there are decent rates out there.
  37. C

    Where do you charge when in Meadowvale,ON?

    Me too - I'm in Streetsville.
  38. C

    Where do you charge when in Meadowvale,ON?

    Mississauga Rd near Financial Dr. could be another reasonable option.
  39. C

    Saskatchewan Rural conditions

    First, you would likely get more input from Canadians in the Canadian forum under TMC Community. I'm on my second Model S over about 4 years and have never had an issue that prevented the car from driving. With respect to battery range, the winter does have an impact on range. In multiple short...
  40. C

    Canadian Insurance

    Are you dealing with RBC or Aviva? I have a feeling their policies are quite different. I did nothing special but I have been with them for about 10 years and I'm on my second Tesla with them.
  41. C

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    For anyone that is interested, I purchased a CHAdeMO adapter from the Mississauga Service Centre this past Friday. They have a few in stock. They have adjusted the price recently to $602 CDN + tax.
  42. C

    Trade-in experience at Lawrence Service Centre

    I had a similar experience there in January this year trading in my 2013 Model S for a 2015 CPO. I received a trade in value and then a service centre saw my car to confirm the condition. I heard nothing from Derry including whether my new car was even ready. I finally heard late on the night...
  43. C

    Question to CPO owner, what are your monthly payment like?

    2015 85D fully loaded purchased Jan 2017. CPO cars do not qualify for incentives. List price about $100K + tax => $1500 / month all in with $1000 deposit down.
  44. C

    Damage repair progress -- doesn't get any better

    If they only have the newer part, could you ask them to also provide the newer trim part to match the holes and cutouts?
  45. C


    Remember to also check whether the car just has the AP1 hardware or whether the software has been enabled. If it only has the hardware, you will need to pay Tesla an additional cost to enable it. All of the CPO listings should have this stated clearly.
  46. C

    Bike carrier

    Georgetown VW is an authorized Torklift installer and they have experience on Teslas. Contact Joel Posthumus @ (905) 877-5285 ext 311. Back in February this year they provided me an all in quote (including the hitch,trailer wiring, installation, and tax) at about $1300 CDN.
  47. C

    CPO purchase update or the lack thereof

    When I got mine this past January, I needed to pester them just to find out who the DS would be. I later pestered numerous times for updates and the DS was surprised when the car was already on his lot and ready and he didn't know it (it originated in Montreal and I was picking it up in...
  48. C

    Canadian Insurance

    I'm using RBC (Aviva) and I'm paying about $110 / month with $300 deductible (it goes down $100 / yr with no claims).
  49. C

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    It depends on your starting state of charge. The lower the charge remaining, the faster supercharging charges. It will taper off significantly as the state of charge gets higher.
  50. C

    Red Brake Calipers - incredible work and price!

    I did this to my rims last year and asked Tesla what they did for the dark colour turbines. They provide black lug covers. From Tesla these are over $3 each (x 20 nuts) but I found a set of black and a perfect set of red on Ebay for about $5 for the whole set.

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