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    blank "controls" screen the first time I toggle to it

    Same here for an August 2018 MX 100D running 2022.20.9. Anyone happen to have an update on this?
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    Help is on the way!

    Yes they found a local tow who was able to drag the MX onto his flatbed. That seems to be the only way to move a bricked Tesla! Lucky it was icy I suppose.
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    Help is on the way!

    Update: in fairness to Tesla (and with my thanks), the roadside assistance folks evidently kept searching for a local tow truck service, found one, and now they’re 90 minutes away. So, that’s a relief.
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    Help is on the way!

    Posting for sheer entertainment value. Received what appears to be the dreaded BMS_ series of report errors/warnings and the MX would not restart after pulling up to a supercharger, where it is now totally bricked. It is -6 degrees and snowing heavily. Skis, wife, three kids, dog and fully...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Thank you all for your informative posts on this thread. I just had a flat tire and have been told all four tires are undriveable. This is my second set of Continentals, with about 15,000 km on them (less than 10,000 miles). Tesla Vancouver (Canada) Service Center says the camber is intentional...
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    Firmware 2020.8.1 Incoming...

    “Open the glovebox“ didn’t work for me with the new update, here in Canada. Some other testing results: “Report an error” now reports “an error”, but anything I tried that was more specific didn’t work, such as “Report an error with the voice commands”; just random error messages such as...
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    backwards typing and no auto door

    As for the backwards typing, that happened to me after a software update. Resetting the car (hold down both steering wheel buttons for a few seconds) fixed it. Last few updates, strange MCU/car behavior
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    Last few updates, strange MCU/car behavior

    Update : a soft reset fixed this issue. Typing forwards again.
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    Last few updates, strange MCU/car behavior

    Can I add a fun new bug in 12.1.2? Yes, I typed in 1000 Broadway, New York. The navigation address entry types in backwards! Anyone else having this issue? I searched the threads but couldn't find anything, though I wasn't quite sure what to search for... I'm on 12.1.2 5c87371.
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    Sharing Map Destination to Tesla App Not Working

    Edit : My error message was slightly different than the OP's. The error I received was along the lines of "your vehicle does not support sharing location from the mobile app " or words to that effect.
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    Sharing Map Destination to Tesla App Not Working

    I encountered this error for the first time this morning, from Google Maps for every address I tried. For me the fix was to open the Tesla app (which was closed, not in memory even in the background). Then every address I tried worked just fine, even after I closed the Tesla app (ie swiped it...
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    Problems opening the charge port with the home cord button

    This happened to us after our key fob got soaked. If your key fob is not new perhaps consider replacing the battery?
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    MCU2 sleeps too much?

    There is some discussion on a related subject, and I have posted a couple of my own experiences, in this thread. But to add to your specific comment @mattack4000, the slow to wake problem is perhaps the one aspect, or certainly the most significant aspect, of the Tesla that comes as an...
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    About Falcon Door

    I agree with the other comments that the OP's concern is valid and that you have to be careful. Here's a ferry ramp causing our first paint chip... Lesson learned.
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    Why is my car so slow to wake up?

    I have a little update on this subject. As I reported above, the new key fob resolved the precise issue we had, namely the car not responding immediately after powering off. But twice since then I have experienced the car being very slow to wake. Both times, I had the car powered off for more...
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    Sirius XM - Favourites bug

    Found what must be a bug in the Favourites screen on Sirius XM today. Adding a new favourite by tapping on the star icon while listening to a Sirius XM channel overwrote the name of the previously saved favourite channel. It wasn't every time and I couldn't figure out the pattern. Screenshot...
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    Why is my car so slow to wake up?

    My wife had exactly the experience described by the OP yesterday. The cause was her key fob dying, as described below. It was her first time driving our new MX. She pulled into a ferry line up and turned the car off (Safety & Security -> Power Off). I had suggested doing so to turn off the...

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