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  1. dmetcalf

    100,000+ Mile Club

    168000 on my 2012 S85 Signature. Tesloop will beat us all , but good to see other daily drivers getting up there. My only repair not covered was a replaced charge port and a new UMC cable... alleles was just tires - 2 every 15000 miles... still comes out to less than 7.5 cents per mile for...
  2. dmetcalf

    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    I was surprised by this too and read Jalopnik's intense criticism, but the current design also looks like it could be easily modified to make good on Tesla's hints that there will be a convertible Model 3 in future years so a trunk and drop top, maybe even a hardtop could work in this current...
  3. dmetcalf

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    While I respect that not everyone is going to like certain aspects of any particular vehicle, seeing it in person, at the Reveal, I thought it looked really good, kind of like a retro-future 1960s LeMans Ferarri front end. For those of you unfortunate enough to live in a state that requires...
  4. dmetcalf

    Who will join me at the Model 3 Reveal on Thurs. 3/31?

    It was tight security. So nice to meet you in person Bonnie.
  5. dmetcalf

    3 New EV Transcontinental Records

    Congrats guys! Awesome that you used Autopilot almost the entire way. Great testament to the new features.
  6. dmetcalf

    Grey Touch Up Paint for 21s

    I bought it and it works, especially if your curb rash is darker, it lightens it up. Don't expect it to fill deeper gashes. The color matches once fully dry... It looks twice as good as before, but not perfect on mine.
  7. dmetcalf

    500 Miles attempt ?

    Congratulations! I know a bit about the "camel effect" but a whole day is awesome. I look forward to hearing more as you report some of the details. I always thought that the right conditions would allow 500 to be done. Glad to see it done!
  8. dmetcalf

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Congrats Bjorn! It was picked up by Autoblog too so might be good for a cross post to News (at moderators discretion). There's a new Tesla Model S long-distance record: 452.8 miles
  9. dmetcalf

    (FAILURE) SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 launch - CRS-7

    Yes, sad to watch up close. The kids were a little freaked out seeing it so close and something obviously going wrong. Lots of local friends from NASA and SpaceX feeling pretty somber.
  10. dmetcalf

    Two Years with the Tesla Model S

    David Metcalf 9/20/2014 Next week will mark 2 years of owning my Tesla Model S. I also passed the 50,000 mile mark two weeks ago. I thought I would share a few impressions from the thrill of initial ownership, to being the first to complete Elon Musk's 400 Mile Challenge/Production Vehicle...
  11. dmetcalf

    How many miles/year have you driven your Model S?

    I'm hitting 25k/yr+for the 2 years I've had mine. In other threads I had seen many people with 40k+/yr and I'd love to see some higher categories in the survey if you'd be willing to modify it. Thanks for considering.
  12. dmetcalf

    Lobbyist conceals the real mission of NJCAR

    Since we don't stop for gasoline anymore, many of us may not realize that, the last time I was in NJ I was not allowed to pump my own gas and had to wait 3x as long to "protect me". They have a strong service station attendant union that protects jobs. This is an example of the mindset that...
  13. dmetcalf

    Rinspeed's living room Model S interior to show at Geneva-sneak peek- Engadget

    Rinspeed imagines the Tesla Model S as a self-driving 'living room on wheels' Check out Rinspeed's futurist design. Might seem funny, but with AC, WiFi and plenty of room, I find myself using my Model S as a living room and office more often than I ever thought.
  14. dmetcalf

    Shirts with FTE logo on it?

    Has anyone printed Tshirts or polo shirts with the nice new logo? If so, I'd be interested in one for demo events and meetings. Thanks.
  15. dmetcalf

    Trick to keep your HVAC system fan speed at 11 even in range mode

    Good tip. I stumbled on this over the Summer inFL, but did not know how to recreate it...
  16. dmetcalf

    George Blankenship Retires from Tesla Motors

    Thanks George and happy retirement. I appreciate the hands on approach and attention during the early successful launch of the Model S. What a high note to retire on. Enjoy!
  17. dmetcalf

    Model S Halloween Idea... I need input.

    Our Trunk n Treat setup. Had stuff in both the trunk and Frunk for two -sided service. Happy Halloween everyone.
  18. dmetcalf

    Tesla Pumpkin

    Happy Halloween. Trunk n Treat @ Grace United Methodist Church. 2 sided trunk/frunk access...
  19. dmetcalf

    Great Tesla/Model S on Huffington Post

    I'm going to start replying with "it's full every morning"
  20. dmetcalf

    Range Record Tesla Model S in Europe

    Congrats guys! Keep up the good work. I love the amount of documentation you did. I tried to document some of our findings here. Dave Metcalf and son Adam break the 400 miles challenge! Incredible... Let me know if you'd like to compare notes.
  21. dmetcalf

    What is Top Speed on Model S?

    Loaners are not limited to 85.
  22. dmetcalf

    Durability of 21" tires

    I got 16500 on my rear Contis before changing them (they were down to the cords though on the inside). I rotated the front Contis back and put two Hankooks on the front. 21000 and still going on the Contis that were on the front... What have others experienced?
  23. dmetcalf

    What is Top Speed on Model S?

    Unlike other marketing that overstates claims, Tesla's numbers might be engineering specs and others find real world numbers that are better/faster. On 0-60, I have seen some car magazine numbers up to 10 pct better than those listed above. Similarly, I have seen a Model S go over 130 and...
  24. dmetcalf

    Cross Country Rally to TMC Connect 2014

    I'd be in if FL to CA is a reality by then.
  25. dmetcalf

    How about a TESLA Motors Camper?

    I recently took my sons out for July camping in FL in the "Tentsla". Not possible with any other vehicle. Charged and cooled to 70 in the tent all night...
  26. dmetcalf

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I used the Port St Lucie Supercharger and thought I'd share some real world data with you all coming from the North. Driving from Merritt Island it is 94 miles down. All ranges are quoted in "ideal". I started at 305mi and had 176mi by the time I got there. Topped up to 277 within about 32...
  27. dmetcalf

    Supercharger - Turkey Lake, FL

    Turkey Lake For those not from Orlando, there are two places with the name Turkey Lake- one near Disney/Seaworld at I-4 and 528. This is probably not it though because the other location with that name is a Turnpike Service Plaza just West of Orlando and within range of Pt St Lucie from the...
  28. dmetcalf

    Superchargers at Port St Lucie

    I charged up at 128A, 480V, 194 miles per hour of recharge. 100 miles top-up in ~30 min. I love it!
  29. dmetcalf

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Tentsla-Got a couple questions on brand. This is Texsport Square Lodge Amazon.com: Texsport The Lodge Square Dome Tent: Sports Outdoors
  30. dmetcalf

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    This particular tent has both a large window through the tunnel and a front door, at the very back of the car/tent from the view you see here. I slept on an air mattress inside with the seat down. Had 6'8" of room. Might need a bag under the air mattress for the gap not to sag. It was great...
  31. dmetcalf

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    "Tentsla"tent camping in FL in the middle of July Amen! We love Westgate River Ranch here in FL, but 90+ degree 95% humidity, Mosquitos and heat make it unthinkable in Florida Summers, until... Tentsla. Setting the A/C to 11 and putting a couple heavy bags on the seat kept the air on all...
  32. dmetcalf

    The TESLIVE Experience

    Sara said thered be a live audio stream. Anyone know the URl?
  33. dmetcalf

    Battery Swapping Event - Live Updates

    This is my typical situation too. 400 mi round trips to Miami or Georgia make for a long day anyway. Time savings and a fresher battery would be great,especially if there are higher capacities than 85 in the future. I'd do this for the few (10x per year) that I need it. I suspect (hope) Miami...
  34. dmetcalf

    "Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?"

    What happens when you hit 88 MPH?
  35. dmetcalf

    Dave Metcalf and son Adam break the 400 miles challenge! Incredible...

    Congrats again John! Glad to have you in the 400 club. I think it is you, Bruno and my son and me so far... For a couple of you with questions about what happened to our post, I think Tesla had our article and picture up for a short while and then the Broder thing and stock surge happened and...
  36. dmetcalf

    FL owners meet-up in Tampa (SC opening celebration) 4/28

    Thanks for a great event. Nice to meet fellow Tesla owners and employees in person.
  37. dmetcalf

    Happy Easter All

    Hope those of you who celebrate Easter had a wonderful day in your Model Ss or Roadsters. I count it a blessing to be at the forefront of an innovative movement and enjoy learning from you and sharing our collective experiences. Thanks.
  38. dmetcalf

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Had a Sand Hill Crane smash into the window recently. Good bit of damage and was sorry for the bird. I wonder if sound, wind resistance/updraft help them avoid more frequently though... Might be interesting to hear if others have this issue, more so than in an ICE vehicle.
  39. dmetcalf

    Electric Vehicle Taxes, Fees, and Penalties

    Uugh, if we must do something, what about actual use taxes like the endless tolls in Orlando. Even if you are not from the area, if you use the road, you help pay for the road. Then it doesnt matter what energy we use for personal conveyance and people who have a particular car, but may...
  40. dmetcalf

    Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)

    Here's a wider view...
  41. dmetcalf

    New Top Menu Image February 12th

    Now that we know what-Elon's birthday party-132 days away, do we think this is the where, based on the clues? Anything on SpaceX sites? Is the booked birthday for him? Surfing pic still a mystery?
  42. dmetcalf

    Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)

    Confession- I killed a beautiful Sand Hill Crane today... Actually he flew into the windshield. Not sure exactly what will happen with the car, but Mark said a few others with recent damage here in FL have been fixed to new/showroom quality in just a few days @ Gene Perez for the aluminum body...
  43. dmetcalf

    Model S REST API

    Thanks Tim. This is cool. Let me know by PM if you need some testers. I am letting some of my programming students have limited access to test Web apps so far and may let them go deeper if promising apps emerge.
  44. dmetcalf

    Phone App: Android Beta Version introduced!

    I love the new beta app. Works great on a Motorola Atrix so far. Minimal delay and easy interface.
  45. dmetcalf

    RECURRING EVENT: Cars & Coffee at duPont Registry in St. Petersburg

    I'd be up for it some other month. Traveling that wknd in Feb. Scope out any good charging around? I'd probably need 2 hrs of J1772 or NEMA 14-50 to get back to the other side of the state reasonably fast.
  46. dmetcalf

    Who has a white MSP with dark rims in Orlando?

    I know it's a long shot, but I saw you drive by Research Blvd at UCF from my window today. Ping or PM me back if you'd like to connect.
  47. dmetcalf

    Seat post wear?

    I understand the issue, but just as a quick counterpoint for those of you who are really concerned about this- I have zero wear sitting first and lifting each leg in. I am 6'2" and have to put my size 13/14s in 1 at a time (not a Tesla design flaw, just can't open any car door wide enough in a...
  48. dmetcalf

    Tesla in Tampa

    Those guys are great. Lots of help, advice and great service. Keep us posted on the grand opening.
  49. dmetcalf

    Stuck in sleep mode

    I am in addition to the 4, but had our car off the charger for a week at family's house and the 12V said need service . They are coming out this week. The cause is supposedly just a weak early batch of batteries, not any phantom draw or charging error/issue. It is curious that mine started Thurs...
  50. dmetcalf

    Best way to drive efficiently off-highway?

    Good points. I used this technique, along with waiting to engage cruise control until I was at speed to avoid heavy acceleration during my 400+ mile attempt. Not many hills, but I kept the numbers pretty even using the glide method downhill.

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