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  1. McCaesar

    HW3 Upgrade

    Thanks! Giving a try now
  2. McCaesar

    HW3 Upgrade

    Did they call you to set up the appt or did you schedule it via the app? If you used the app, what option did you pick? We're in the same VIN range so I'd like to get mine done too.
  3. McCaesar

    Hit and Run on a parking lot on 3rd Line and Dundas in Oakville

    I had my Tesla repaired at 427 Auto Collision. They did a perfect job, and were very professional.
  4. McCaesar

    Just got V10 - Ontario

    When we get it, you can only use it if you’re 10m from the car. Smart!
  5. McCaesar

    Just got V10 - Ontario

    Just got V10 (2019.32.11). As expected, didn’t get Smart Summon, it looks like everything else is there including Spotify.
  6. McCaesar

    What color is your M3?

    Red is the fastest colour.
  7. McCaesar

    NoA not wanting to stay in HOV lane

    Maybe try tweeting to Elon, that seems to influence the backlog. :)
  8. McCaesar

    NoA not wanting to stay in HOV lane

    NOA doesn't recognize the HOV on the 403/QEW between Burlington and Oakville in either direction, but it works great on the 403 Mississauga. It's a problem with the mapping, I'm sure but don't know how to get it fixed by Tesla. Maybe logging a bug report from the car would work?
  9. McCaesar

    Is Enhanced Summon available in Canada?

    If I recall correctly, it was 3 - 4 months after the US got it.
  10. McCaesar

    Is Enhanced Summon available in Canada?

    Based on the timing of when regular Summon was released in Canada for Model 3, I wouldn't surprised if there was a long delay for Advanced Summon too.
  11. McCaesar

    Is the current NoA helpful or harmful?

    I use NoA everyday on my commute home (25km) and every weekend ( > 100 km). It's good but not perfect and not more dangerous than a human if you pay attention and cancel the dumber lane change attempts as needed. I've compared it to a driver with a learner's permit on their 4th lesson. It...
  12. McCaesar

    Model 3 software super-thread

    Wasn't Lane Departure Avoidance (& Emergency LDA) also available in 2019.12.1.2 ? Thanks for these updates!
  13. McCaesar

    Upcoming changes to Model 3

    I'm hoping for CCS charging support or adapter.
  14. McCaesar

    Your preferred Tesla forums

    I like TMC but there's too many forums and it's hard to get a consolidated discussion (same topic discussed in 20 threads over 2 or 3 forums when new update comes out). /r/teslamotors seems to get news faster, but there are so many trolls and much more nastiness there I never go to testa.com...
  15. McCaesar

    Good body shop for dent & scratches in GTA? (damage pics)

    Phantom NOA braking?
  16. McCaesar

    Good body shop for dent & scratches in GTA? (damage pics)

    I hate parking garages. I went to 472Auto yesterday for a quote on a similar scratch. Has anyone had any work done by them?
  17. McCaesar

    AWD LR EAP Owner confused about Full Self Driving Option

    Anywhere from 6 months to 15 months to never.
  18. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    It’s the temperature, I think. Same trip in summer would look a lot better.
  19. McCaesar

    Anyone else notice degraded Lane Change functionality with 2019.8.5?

    I've had similar on prior versions, and only on the right ride of the car. I cleaned the cameras from road salt and dirt and it worked better after that.
  20. McCaesar

    2019.8.3 and Interior Temperature

    I’m in the US bit the app still reports in Celsius.
  21. McCaesar

    2019.8.3 and Interior Temperature

    Update: Now that the sun has gone down, the interior temperature has returned to normal ambient temperature 6c.
  22. McCaesar

    2019.8.3 and Interior Temperature

    That screenshot shows your address.
  23. McCaesar

    2019.8.3 and Interior Temperature

    Thanks, @Zirak and @5_+JqckQttqck. Much appreciated, I’ll try and stop freaking out.
  24. McCaesar

    2019.8.3 and Interior Temperature

    i installed 2019.8.3 this morning. My car is in Ontario but I’m in LA until tomorrow. The app is indicating the interior temperature is 37c but the weather in Ontario is only 7c. This seems very odd that the car would be so warm. When I remotely turn on climate, the reported temp comes down...
  25. McCaesar

    Have any early adopter FSD owners seen an EAP (early access) invite yet?

    No, I think the EAP program runners were probably as surprised by Elon's announcement as we were and are trying to figure out how to add hundreds or thousands of cars to a small, closed program. I'm not getting my hopes up for it.
  26. McCaesar

    Model 3 SR+ and MR: No physical differences?

    ... or wait six hours until they drop the price again.
  27. McCaesar

    Back to the Future Easter Egg - 121 km?

  28. McCaesar

    Back to the Future Easter Egg - 121 km?

    Has anyone in Canada got the BTTF easter egg to work? Does it work with 121 km or 121 miles?
  29. McCaesar

    New Software Update (Dec 18, 2018)

    After calling service, they escalated to Advanced Vehicle Support who pushed out the update again over LTE (and 4 floors underground somehow). Now I can fart and fire all I want!
  30. McCaesar

    New Software Update (Dec 18, 2018)

  31. McCaesar

    New Software Update (Dec 18, 2018)

    Got the update notice, but the install failed twice. This morning, AutoPilot wasn't working at all (cruise or autosteer). Would the software update failure be related to the AutoPilot failure or vice versa?
  32. McCaesar

    Model 3 Roof Rack listed in the Canadian Tesla Shop

    Not easy to see if it would it be easy to put on and take off? I don’t want to drive around with a roofrack unless I have my bikes on it. Also, looks like it doesn’t come with bike attachments? Attachment compatibility: The aluminum cross bars on the roof rack feature T-slots to seamlessly...
  33. McCaesar

    Unstoppable high speed wipers

    Someone posted in one of the dozens of winter threads that it's a good idea to turn off auto wipers in the winter too. if the wipers are frozen to their hidey holes and try and turn on, the wiper motor might be ruined.
  34. McCaesar

    Summon is now available in Canada for the Model 3

    I spent all morning showing it off to friends. I'll probably never use it again unless I get a in a tight parking space. :)
  35. McCaesar

    Version 9 - no “Navigate on Autopilot” for Canadians.

    Has there been any official, or at least semi-official yet plausible reason why NoA isn't available for Canada yet, and what needs to happen for it to be released? I've seen discussions about Canada regulations and Canada map quality but that's seemingly just speculation. If it's regulation...
  36. McCaesar

    Puddle Lights

    It was very simple to install. Need a small flathead screwdriver or pudger (?) tool. The Abstract Ocean ones have a YouTube video tutorial. Just be careful of the problem I had above.
  37. McCaesar

    Puddle Lights

    I ordered the Abstract Ocean lights. I got the "T" for the front doors and the "3" for the back doors. I installed them with almost no problems. Be careful when disconnecting the wires. They're springy and one of them sprung back up into the door. It took me 15 minutes to create a hook to...
  38. McCaesar

    LR RWD owners - would you have ordered MR?

    I would have gone long range anyway.
  39. McCaesar

    V9 imminent?

    Just got mine too. Played Asteroids full screen.
  40. McCaesar

    New Model 3 floor mats

    I ordered the Tuxmat 3 days ago. Oh well. Maybe I’ll still order the Tesla mats for summer.
  41. McCaesar

    Wheelsco Winter Tire Group Buy for GTA

    I’ve never bought winter tires for any of my previous cars so I’m a newbie here. I’ve got 19” sport wheels. Should I be looking for 19” winter tires too, or go down a size? Also, Tesla.com is selling the 19” tire and rim for $4400 and the 18” for $2400. Why the huge difference between the...
  42. McCaesar

    4 times could not put into Drive had to reboot

    Had the same thing happen to me twice. I called service and they said they would check the logs and see if they could see anything unusual, but never got back to me. It hasn't happened again since that call and I don't think they did anything. I also changed the way I start the car. Now I...
  43. McCaesar

    Ontario extends electric car rebate deadline for Tesla buyers

    Ontario extends electric car rebate deadline for Tesla buyers | The Star “The court has rendered its decision. The ministry will abide by the court’s decision and I have directed the ministry to expand the wind-down process for the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program,”...
  44. McCaesar

    Tesla Charger Installation: Driveway Ideas??

    I used JML Electric. They were good with a competitive quote and on the certified list for Tesla I have my charger installed on the wall next to my driveway, but that post looks cool.
  45. McCaesar

    What are the production numbers now?

    That might have been saracasm
  46. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    That's amazing!
  47. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

  48. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    On highway, I set cruise to 110 and stick to the middle lane. AutoPilot keeps the revving to a minimum unless I need to get around the idiots doing 80 in the middle lane and fhe morons doing 135 in the left lane. :)
  49. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    I’m getting the advertised range for my regular commute. Did a road trip in July that was super warm and used a lot of AC which lost about 20km I estimate. Made getting to the Grimsby SC too close for comfort.
  50. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    We're very close. Maybe we're twins? Thanks!

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