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    Is Electrify America TRYING to Ruin EVs and Adoption!?

    rich rebuilds road tripped his R1t from boston to I believe tampa, and showed how spotty other networks are
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    Car was hit by someone on the freeway. How much to repair guesses…

    Pull, fill and blended fender, blended door and new headlight and rim was $5200
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    Tesla Collision Center refused to take other insurance than AAA and Tesla?

    Op doesnt mention having that same issue as you
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    Tesla Collision Center refused to take other insurance than AAA and Tesla?

    As above me, I would just use a tesla certified shop, they pay a bit to be certified. The one I just used here in VA was stellar
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    2022 Tesla owners really got the shaft!

    .. thats sorta on you for not getting gap, for such cheap insurance not sure why you'd skip
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    My Model 3 Couldn't deliver to me due to damage at delivery parking

    Shrug. Seems to be a mix on whether it would show or not. Wouldn't get it either way since you don't know for sure that the work would be done well/ not be noticeable.
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    My Model 3 Couldn't deliver to me due to damage at delivery parking

    I wouldnt buy a damaged car for the sole reason of the immediate diminished value even once repaired. Initial depreciation alone coupled with that when you try to sell would suck
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    Supercharge a brand new MYLR to 100% on a road trip?

    IMO, depends if youre charging at home. Before a trip I charge to 100% with my wall connector, then let the gps sort out the rest.
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    At-fault insurance company quoting less than Tesla collision center for car repair.

    Going through this right now with my insurance. Was hit, other car's insurer accepted fault. My insurance USAA did an estimate via photos and insisted I use one of their shops, but only one in my area is actually tesla certified and can order parts. I go tomorrow for an actual in person quote...
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    Rivian vs Model Y

    https://electrek.co/2022/08/17/tesla-preparing-supercharger-membership-non-tesla-ev-owners/ https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/7/23198696/tesla-supercharger-non-tesla-ev-us-white-house
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    Model 3 Performance spec Zero G +34 full wheel set

    below the profile name it says "SF Bay Area"
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    HRE FF11s Wheels / Conti DWS Tires (4) for Model 3

    So that means you wont trade for a set of ubers ;)
  13. E


    If you dont have peak vs off peak and all pricing is the same, its going to charge right away all the way, in your scenario you dont need to use optiwatt, teslas charging schedule would be fine.
  14. E


    Does your energy provider have peak/ off peak hours? If so you can program that data into optiwatt and it will charge when its cheapest. For me super off peak is 0-0500, and I have it set to a 0515 departure time.
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    Say hello to an FSD/AP alternative, Comma Openpilot; OSS vehicle autonomy

    While I enjoyed the product in my Prius prime, I say good riddance. I kept up with the newest devices, then mine died at 14 months with their amazing 12 month warranty and they wanted $500 to replace a $50 phone. They sold the comma 2 as 1.0 hardware but when I left the project several months...
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    Say hello to an FSD/AP alternative, Comma Openpilot; OSS vehicle autonomy

    I said the same, then I used it for years in my Prius prime, it's impressive for an open source addon, has pros over autopilot
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    Say hello to an FSD/AP alternative, Comma Openpilot; OSS vehicle autonomy

    In my experience with comma in my prius prime (prior to my m3p), openpilot doesn't require steering wheel nag, doesn't have the phantom breaking issues. Biggest downfall when I had it was it taking up space on the windshield creating a blind spot, commas trash warranty, and ever moving goal posts.
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    FSD 10.69 Requires Better Data Connectivity

    "In the past, Musk has suggested that the connectivity will be less than 4 megabits per second, which might be good for voice calls and text messages but it would not support video calls." Dont think thats enough pipe for such an ask.
  19. E

    PPF [satire]

    8 and 4.
  20. E

    My 5-month review of driving a Model 3 that I have decided is not for me

    Coming from a Prius Prime running open pilot to Tesla FSD has pros and cons. Open Pilot could drive in a lot of situations where FSD struggles, and doesn't require steering wheel touch, but is more carrot chasing than Tesla FSD IMO. I had a comma two, which at release was advertised as 1.0...
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    Steering assist turned off! [due to road construction]

    Tesla's Autopilot is classified as Level 2 under the SAE six levels (0 to 5) of vehicle automation. At this level, the car can act autonomously, but requires the driver to monitor the driving at all times and be prepared to take control at a moment's notice.
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    Say hello to an FSD/AP alternative, Comma Openpilot; OSS vehicle autonomy

    What 'potential hurricane that is developing" are you referring to. I left my comma hardware behind when I sold my prius prime so havent followed it much anymore.
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    FS: Gen2 Wall Connector (HPWC). New in opened box. Silver, long cord. $575 - Local pickup preferred

    If its still in the original box, tape it up, go to ups, slap a sticker on it and mail it
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    Model 3 Software Versions/Differences with Trims

    Are both cars the same year, I would be more lead to believe the HVAC difference is because the years, not firmware. I haven't read those two releases in depth to know if they include changes to the HVAC.
  25. E

    Doesn't show charging station anymore

    believe there is a toggle in the navigation settings to enable/ disable this
  26. E

    What games should we currently have?

    Is this like what you ordered/ installed? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B09YQ391FD/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A2GLROAZA4JOBH&psc=1
  27. E

    PPF and Tint Price

    That's a solid price, I paid 2400 for Xpel ppf on the front end, to include bumper, hood, mirrors, headlights/ foglights, and xpel XR+ all around (partial not full rear window). I would thoroughly inspect it after install for defects like notches where there is curves.
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    Vendor XPEL has its own Tesla Page

    Ive got a bubble that needs to be worked out, I may ask that they redo my hood since I have a few of these notches and one is coming up some.
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    Vendor XPEL has its own Tesla Page

    Its possible to not use a plotter is what I am saying.
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    Vendor XPEL has its own Tesla Page

    I have the same notches, Im guessing they used pre cut vice a full sheet
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    $325 Shipped: Mobile Connector with NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Guess I should've price gouged mine when I sold
  32. E

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    the back window is quite large and takes more materials, higher price makes more sense to me
  33. E

    Exterior detailing question

    Not sure where youre reading you cant ceramic coat over your PPF. My local xpel installer installs xpel ceramic over the xpel ppf if you pay for the addon
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    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    Why would you not be involving your insurance..
  35. E

    Long-range or Performance

    This^. I bought an M3P and only test drove a M3P, I didn't want to buy a LR and always wonder what a M3P would be like.
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    Brand New Tesla Mobile Connector and J1772 Charging Adapter

    Have a brand new Mobile Connector and J1772 Charging Adapter that I wont be needing. All brand new in packaging and not used. $200 shipped CONUS. Will get it boxed up and shipped Tuesday 31May.
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    Rpmtesla matte CF turn signal overlays - $50 shipped

    dont think I can message you but I am interested
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    Where to get Xpel paint protection film in Maryland?

    Auto Armour - 9691 Gerwig Ln D, Columbia, MD 21046 - 4432264303 Cliff is a little bit eccentric, but if he is still doing installs, and is close to you, that would be my recommendation. Did my 370Z several years back when I had it. Brought it in later on for him to clear bra a lip I had...

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