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  1. Mjølner

    POLL: Will you buy?

    Ordered long time ago:D:D;)
  2. Mjølner

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    Because I want one, as easy as that.
  3. Mjølner

    Cybrtrk RN #

    Both om my account. First Friday morning RN11287... Tri/FSD Second Saturday RN11289.... Dual/FSD
  4. Mjølner

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Your missing " So ugly it's actually super cool" Ordered ✅
  5. Mjølner

    Who has ordered?

    Oh what the hell........ Couldn't resist..
  6. Mjølner

    POLL: Will you buy?

    Still sceptical, but keeps getting warmer for every video and pic I see
  7. Mjølner

    Do you know what this is?

    Ok. Thanks everyone
  8. Mjølner

    Do you know what this is?

    Scrolled about 46 of 80 pages before I gave up. Found a picture online with a detail I never have seen before. Can anyone tell me what this is??
  9. Mjølner

    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla Truck 'Not Like Anything Else'

    I may get hated, but kind off think's and hope it will be more like the Ford F650 Supertruck, then F150
  10. Mjølner

    Poll: Unusual pickup truck features

    Prepared cabling for front 50" highbeam LED bar, and 50" working light for the back. Me would like
  11. Mjølner

    Please, please, please Tesla - could you add intermittent wipers?

    It's a design flaw. The "camera sensor" is placed direct in the curve of the glass(red area). The wind drag(green) kind of "blows " the rain away from the sensor, but the windshield it self is full of water drops. It seem to work in heavy rain, as long as its daylight. After darkness, it's...
  12. Mjølner

    Waiting for new software....

    Waiting for new software....
  13. Mjølner

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Have the same issues, plus many more. I'm so fed up resetting the frozen screen up to 3 times a day. Really love driving the car, but theese bugs kind of ruins everything.... Please Tesla, I need a new working update quite fast.
  14. Mjølner

    Preheat Cabin, then let it cool naturally without AC

    The HPWC in V9 is totally useless.....
  15. Mjølner

    LAN Traffic Anomaly (Model S)

    Didn`t Elon say "next month"?? Kind of unusual for him to be "early"
  16. Mjølner

    Figured out Pixel 2 Bluetooth constantly disconnecting issue

    DId not help for me. Problem still there:(
  17. Mjølner

    Figured out Pixel 2 Bluetooth constantly disconnecting issue

    Same problem with Galaxy Note 9. Will try the "clean contacts" tip tomorrow.
  18. Mjølner

    Where did you put your EzPass?

  19. Mjølner

    Blog Tesla: Autopilot Was Activated During Fatal Model X Crash

    This system is, and will always be deadly dangerous. It has almost killed me many times with it's unpredictable behaviour. Yesterday again, I almost got rear ended because it out off nothing hits the brakes. We are all just stupid test-dummies, driving a beta system that never should have been...
  20. Mjølner

    Rain sensors work FLAWLESS!

    Totally agree.
  21. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    This is what I get now!!
  22. Mjølner

    Model X keeps unlocking and locking with key FOB nearby

    Have the same problem. Bought a RFID Block bag where I put the KeyFob in at home. Solved it for me.
  23. Mjølner

    Model X off-road videos

    Tesla Bjørn doing stupid stuff with his car again. Yeah, Model X Off-Road.
  24. Mjølner

    Does it need the 2nd row center conclose for Model X 6 seats?Do you have it now?

    No problem. I would need 2 new white clips.
  25. Mjølner

    Protection against relay signal theft

    Bought theese: 5x RFID Blocker Passport Sleeves 10x RFID Blocking ID Credit Card Protector Sleeve Shield Anti Theft Aluminum Safety Sleeve (Color: Silver)
  26. Mjølner

    Does it need the 2nd row center conclose for Model X 6 seats?Do you have it now?

    Soooo, just for you guys I went up in the attic at 1 in the night, brougt the console down in the kitchen to take some photos. Used a pry tool( is that right ??) Just a blue plastic tool to get under the edge, but with small finger you will get under it too. The one on the back side is a bit...
  27. Mjølner

    Does it need the 2nd row center conclose for Model X 6 seats?Do you have it now?

    Will do, but tomorrow. Midnight here in Norway now.
  28. Mjølner

    This is the ultimate winter car

    Living in Norway with enough snow in the winter. Since I got my first Tesla four years ago, I haven`t used a scraper at all.
  29. Mjølner

    Unexpected wake up

    First question: Was your key anywhere close to your car? My car is parked right outside my house, and I have to put my FOB in a RFID Block bag. Where do you keep your FOB at night? Stealing your RIFD code from your keyfob is easy. Could someone have tried to copy your keyfob signal?
  30. Mjølner

    Does it need the 2nd row center conclose for Model X 6 seats?Do you have it now?

    NO, there is no carpet under the bracket. You just pull off the plastic cover in front and back of the console and then you see 4 nuts to remove. Take them off, lift it out, and you`re done. There will be a hole about 10x10 inches and about 3 inch high after you remove it. I put some correct...
  31. Mjølner

    Does it need the 2nd row center conclose for Model X 6 seats?Do you have it now?

    I ordered my X with the center console. I first found it practical, my kids found it stupid. We kept it for about 2 weeks just to try it. We all agreed it had to go. I took it out,( quite easy to remove) and the car feels sooooooooooo much more open and bigger. The fact that the kids can move...
  32. Mjølner

    2017.50 2275226

    In Sweden and Norway this update fail`s. Many people report this due to problems with map and AP. Software is installed, just marked as failed and AP won`t work any more. Also say`s I have to wait for new software.
  33. Mjølner

    M3 AP cameras in snow

    Heat is generated when the camera records. Would assume it records all the time??
  34. Mjølner

    Tesla Trip To Hell & Back

    Hmmm. Sorry to hear about your trouble. I really thought someone from USA had went to Norway and back. Yes, Hell is a place in Norway. Hell (Norway) – Travel guide at Wikivoyage
  35. Mjølner

    2017.46 3387a54

    Just got: 2017.46.93628a24
  36. Mjølner

    If you could pick any color and finish...

  37. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    Me too!!
  38. Mjølner

    Warning on MX60D

    Same here in cold weather. At the moment we have -8`C (17.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  39. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    Specify ! ? !
  40. Mjølner

    Warning on MX60D

    Side note, but do you really get 245 miles in X75D ??
  41. Mjølner

    Model X Climate Temperature Issue?

    Sorry to hear this. I`ve had trouble with all my former tesla`s during winter time i Norway. The climate control system, in my eyes, sucks and are totally wrong designed. This has been a problem every winter in MS, and I hoped it would get better in X, but no! When driving, it freaks me out with...
  42. Mjølner

    Confirmation - you can add accessory or towing package after delivery

    And the biggest problem, you can`t even get the tow bar mounted somewhere else. This because Tesla won`t give you the papers you need for legal registration in EU)
  43. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    Sorry, but they MUST be delivered to count. Would happily give you my "ticket`s", but Tesla won`t let me...........
  44. Mjølner

    Remove 6-Seater Rear Center Console

    Sorry Mattack4000, I haven`t recieved my car yet and can`t say anything for sure. But I personally don`t belive it will be any problem to remove.
  45. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    I sent a mail with a couple of questions. After one week without answer, I sent it again. After 5 days I started to send the same mail every day, for one week. Finally got my answers, even though I didn't like the answer.
  46. Mjølner

    What car wax do you use?

    Told ya ;)
  47. Mjølner

    Tesla Referral Program

    Hi. If it were possible, you could have both my tickets. Live in Norway and do not have time and buck`s to travel. I`ve sent a mail to referral-team if I can "transfer" them, but no answer
  48. Mjølner

    Blog Tesla Semi Said to Have 200-300 Miles of Range

    And here is how it looks;) Tesla's Semi-truck has been spied ahead of official unveiling event

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