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    Mode Sentinelle (Sentry) en temps réel: identification des voitures qui accroche votre véhicule

    tu peux pour ton assurance , police, tribuneaux, ce n'est pas une diffusion publique
  2. F

    stop signs , lines ...

    ok thx , i don 't have the preview , just i see the cones on the screen ( so ap3 ) thx for answering
  3. F

    Stop signs and traffic lights

    ok same in france , that might answer same question i posted in autopilot thread maybe M3 in EU got it but at least S/X didn't ( raven end of 2019 so hw3 presumed )
  4. F

    raven and ventilation / cold air

    hi A problem i didn't have in my old 90D (facelift) is there is some quite cold air comming from the speakers at the back seats also air comming from the middle at the back is nearly none and in the front it's quite cold ( vent on 1 to 5 ) if i only have front air enabled ( to stop air comming...
  5. F

    stop signs , lines ...

    hi i d like to know if the stop signs and all those news things appears only on M3 screen or also on the raven model S ? thx
  6. F

    P100D Energy usage?

    i have no difference between my raven and the 100D at the battery sticker the sticker has a vin and it's written 100D ( revision E for me ) i don't remember on my old 90D i had a vin on the battery sticker
  7. F

    150 - 200KW Charging?

    hi, got my new raven on 02-jan-2020 so on a 125kW supercharger i top at 125 , on a 145kW supercharger i top at 145 ... so compared to my old 90D witched was capped at 95kW , yes Raven longrange uses the max from a supercharger regards edit : for those checking , go to the sticker on the...
  8. F

    Import US

    il y a une boite a cote de paris qui importe , demande leur peut etre ? : www.americancarcity.fr
  9. F

    Is there some reason NOT to use range mode?

    if i remember well eco mode ( range mode ) is 70% power at front wheels and 30% at the back else 50/50
  10. F

    Side Collision Warning ?

    2016 s90d , got same situation the car moved itself , i think it was not some years ago, side collistion avoidance looks like what it should me for me
  11. F

    Cyclones vs Slipstreams

    hi, i ve seen Bjorn video on youtube where he says that cyclone give 1.5% at 110Km/h more autonomy compared to "normal wheels" so i don't know about sleepstreams , anyone tested ?
  12. F

    battery capacity of LR /100D

    ok thx so from my 90D to a raven lr , it would be a 82kW ( actual 77kW ) to 98kW bump : so 16kW ( 21kW ) = 64 / 84Km range upgrade maybe more with the new motor efficiency i could do my summer trip without charging ( nearly ) , i use 89/92kW for 460Km , 120kW in winter thx
  13. F

    battery capacity of LR /100D

    hi, i ve read several times that the 100D had 103kW battery , 98 usable and the LR had 92 usable maybe i ve missed something but i thought LR and 100D are same ( except it's a commercial rebadging ) i m planning to change my 90D next year , i estimate than the autonomy difference 90D/100D is...
  14. F

    Powerwalls in the UK

    great for UK , in france after 2,5 years i m still waiting ... installed pannels and since 8 month a wind turbine in winter /wind / nosun ... one day i produced 27Kw ( 5kw wind turbine compared with 2,6kw pannels ) planning 2 pw2 , but sooo difficult to charge , in summer i can produce 10 to...
  15. F

    Used Model S 90D Range Seems Way Off

    charge range : 20% / 70% for usual days , my 90D still has 374km at 90% after 110000km but i lost the first 5% in the first 50000km then only 1 to 2% so with 40000km you should be at 385/400km
  16. F

    spotify playlist bug

    hi, sorry for those who don't have spotify , hope one day u ll get it there ;) so the bug if i add a song to the playlist , now it doesn t go at the top but somewhere in the list if i remove some songs the add them ( to put them on top ) they are twice ( or more ) in the list ... my main list...
  17. F

    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    hi, old mcu1 should be able to handle with no problems youtube and netflix for me , according to tegra3 specs extract from Tegra - Wikipedia Tegra 3 is the first Tegra release to support ARM's SIMD extension, NEON. The GPU in Tegra 3 is an evolution of the Tegra 2 GPU, with 4 additional...
  18. F

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

  19. F

    New regulations in Europe - Update to 16.2 or keep 12.x?

    upgraded ( in france ) i don't see any diffference , ( ap1 )
  20. F

    Vehicle shipments to Europe

    S and X are build in US , deassembled and battery for security removed … then sent to east cost ( up to 1 week ) sent by boat to europe (1 to 2 weeks ), reassembled,tested in europe ( depending on queue 1 to 2 weeks ), sent to country ( some days ), checked and papers ( some days ) …. then...
  21. F

    Autopilot issues with hills (AP1)

    it s still a problem in some part of french roads but it's much much better than 2 years ago ( 2018.48.12.1 )
  22. F

    Can't access Spotify playlists

    i think it s a version problem to get rid of it ( maybe because of bad 4g ) just go to récents , select then click onthe playlist name ( titles i guess , in french it 's "titres" then u ll go to your playlist and access all of it
  23. F

    how pw2 is connected ho house ?

    ok , so everything will have to be connected to the gw, means that the electrician will have to modify exiting cables connections thx
  24. F

    Speed limit in France

    this sign is to end the previous limit and go back to default speed limit( so previous sign , or 80Km/h, recognised by the car as 90) but sometimes the car uses gps and not signs. so 90 instead of 80 :(
  25. F

    how pw2 is connected ho house ?

    hello i have reserved a pw2, probably have to take 2 but i have only 2.64kWc of solar pannels so i m planning to add a wind turbine, at least for winter :p my solar pannels are connecte to house , wind turbine will be also how the gateway is connected to electricity production ? directly or just...
  26. F

    Import US

    c est une belle connerie d importer , pas de suc , pas de gps ,pas carte sim FR ( donc pas internet ), pas de Spotify ,dab… bref pas grand chose en fait
  27. F

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    since some time in Europe i dont see anymore radars on the map, but the warning still appears ( but i dont drive looking at the screen so i miss them all the time )
  28. F

    Speed limit in France

    tried to bug report it but car didn t recognise the command ,i remember last year it was working :(
  29. F

    Suis-je fou de roadtrip à la France rurale ?

    hi, for domestic socket ask your SC to provide you an adapter for neutral/ground that can be reversed here french cars are delivered with it ( 2 cables to plug to umc, if one does not work use the other one that has inverted ground on it )
  30. F

    Trucks no longer being displayed on speedometer

    i think this pic is an old AP1 8.0 pic and not a 8.1
  31. F

    Can I overheat a type 2 cable

    i don t remember but more than 300€ and i had to ask a UK company to make it , in France i couldn't find anyone making longer than 12m
  32. F

    Can I overheat a type 2 cable

    don t bother buy a 32A else it will heat personnally i bought a 20m long T2/T2 32A but i won t use it above 16A,it 's quite long :p
  33. F

    Dashcam video: my Tesla smacks armored truck while on Autopilot

    i changed my front bumper earlier 400€ + work so i guess less than 2K $
  34. F

    2018 - avenir du group Tesla en berne ?

    impossible en fait l'argent gagné est réinvesti donc pas de gains
  35. F

    battery numbers

    hi all i m looking for an update of this old document, did anyone updated it ? ( for 100D,M3 ...) thx https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/attachments/battery-overview-png.228174/
  36. F


    tesla store not anymore available for europe :( :( :( :( ... we can just cry
  37. F

    Disable Drive for Car Show

    keep the key far away is not enought ?
  38. F

    Autopark - Not what I expected?

    ap1 , works perfectly for // parking , not tried the other one
  39. F

    Extension cord? Probably been asked before

    if 220v max should be 11A and, continuous i would not go above 9A Section de câbles et fils électriques, abaques et tableau de choix
  40. F

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    1 foot for 2 pedals 2 feet for 3 pedals thats how it should be done, but mayby u didn t learn well and never drove a non automatic car ?
  41. F

    P90D Battery Pack

    ok thx , mine is a facelift S90D , not P ( and so not ludicrous)
  42. F

    P90D Battery Pack

    hmm so what is this battery ?? 1056776-00-E a v0? :p
  43. F

    Early 75/75D pack degradation

    my 90D has 6% plus, but at least 3 different pack numbers exists for the 90D, i wish i could find the .jpg of allpack numbers that i found once here
  44. F

    AEB Won’t Prevent an Accident

    i know mine ( ap1 ) saw sometimes stationary cars, but in the manual it s written that it 's not 100%
  45. F

    Electricity costs more than Fuel (well, not really)

    strange... in France 0.156 € / Kwh ( rounded .16 ) petrol about 1.5 €/ Liter , usual car 8L/100 Km so if 1Kwh = 4Km in a EV easy to see that electric car costs much less ( 25*.16= 4€ electricity compared to petrol 12€ ) ...
  46. F

    [Web app] What does the option codes for your car mean?

    hi, i m missing some info too , COL2-PMBL RFBC TP03 WTTB even a lot on the link, i don't even see AP1 ( options=CH04,DRLH,FG02,MI01,PI01,COL2-PMBL,RFBC,TP03,WTTB ) but using visible tesla i have some more info...
  47. F

    AP 1

    murphy , if car doesn t see lines ... if u can guess where road is the car can't and will never ( APx.. ) but try with another car just in front of u looks like autopilot reacts much better( i tried multiple times this )
  48. F

    Tesla - where are my (HW2) auto rain sensing wipers?

    hi maybe i ll try , only the 2nd model is shipped to France but witch size should i get ?it goes from 16 to 26 inches i have a model S facelift 2016 thx,
  49. F

    Winter - excessive battery range reduction...

    you didn t say at witch speed you drove and where was the eventual wind coming from typically in France i see a summer trip of 453km taking 85kw/95kw that becomes 115/125kw in winter ( 2 to 6 degree C ) , speed on highway at 130km/h for 300km then 110km/h ( and 22C in cabin for heater all trip 5...
  50. F

    Does AutoPilot (AP) Do This On Your Model S

    those minor corrections are less than with a human , try yourself and compare ;)

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