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  1. S

    Discount on Model S

    Just number comparison based on what I said in my message. If the number is greater than what I said, it has the lights/memory and maybe swivel (I don’t know the specific number for that). If it is less, it might not have everything. Won’t tell you anything else though, like fsd.
  2. S

    Discount on Model S

    Just a note, it is not 2022 vs 2023 to get those items, they had a few updates during the 2022 model year. Memory was updated in jan/feb, lights in march (easy to tell, look at the rear. if the "Tesla" bar ends at the lights, its the new one, if it extends into, the car has the old lights)...
  3. S

    What's a good price for a refresh Model S?

    Easiest way to tell if the car is the mid 2022 refresh is tail lights. Look for the "Tesla" symbol in the middle-back of the car. If the bodypart runs into the middle of the tail lights, that is pre mid 2022 refresh. If it ends AT the lights with a squared off end, that is the refresh and has...
  4. S

    FSD or not (that is the question, does it have it or not)

    Talking to someone about buying their Model S (2022), but they don't have a picture of the FSD option page from the car, and are not near it right now and sent me a screenshot from the app. In there it shows the car options as Full Self-Driving Capability Autopilot Yoke etc. On the software...
  5. S

    WTB: MSP - 2022

    Still looking, dealers seem content to hold onto vehicles at high prices, though they do seem to finally be dropping. One thing though, am very much looking for the new headlights. Seems a simple thing, but I drive a lot a night and really want the best lights.
  6. S

    Physical measurements of Variable Suspension show that you’re NOT getting the ride you call for.

    Unfortunately not. There are a bunch of very expensive options, but there are also some cheap ones on aliexpress like this : at 80 bucks. Not great, but probably enough to do a PWM recording over at least a short amount of time to a laptop. Or even better, an Arduino or any kind of signal...
  7. S

    MS LR Refresh - Touchscreen - Buzzing noise

    while late to the party, this part is the cover for the interior temperature sensor. Just learned it on watching one of the random munro videos. They didn't like how the material was not connected directly to the substrate... There is a fan in there to pull air across the sensor. This may be...
  8. S

    Physical measurements of Variable Suspension show that you’re NOT getting the ride you call for.

    Steve: I said what I said because it is not clear you have evidence from that video of the system that these conditions exist while driving, and why I suggest using an oscilloscope that has a logging feature. This is hard evidence, but right now it is just statements about what you saw. (Not...
  9. S

    Physical measurements of Variable Suspension show that you’re NOT getting the ride you call for.

    Could you also get a logging scope (or log the suspension values/duty cycle as reported) and post up comparisons of the vehicle in use? It is unclear if you have done static only or dynamic testing from the video. The first pushback from Tesla is going to be "we show the same for all cars...
  10. S

    2022 Model S Plaid FSD, Steering Wheel, Tint, Arachnids, Silver/Cream, Low Mileage

    Just for a point of reference, I love your car but I am comparing plaids in the mid 90 range and looking to buy. I know this isn't fair, but with standard value depreciation you are looking at 20-25% at 1yr and options are generally valued at 25c on the dollar for used. LMK.
  11. S

    WTB: MSP - 2022

    Preferred blue/red/black, white interior. Price must reflect the current market price reduction, sorry. I am ready to buy the right vehicle. FSD is interesting only, not a drive to buy.
  12. S

    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    I can't find it offhand, but there is a post about a misplaced or detached bit of insulation that could cause this. If you are looking at the passenger side of the car, look at the quarter panel in front of the door. Underneath that there is a triangular area accessed through the wheel well...
  13. S

    2013 p85 - Totaled - Need help with valuation

    60k, so yeah it sounds about right. Thanks all.
  14. S

    2013 p85 - Totaled - Need help with valuation

    The devaluation was due to AP (not being avail on the older ones) plus natural depreciation. I took a big hit, and I am not willing to risk 90k on another model S (which would be price plus tax here). Plus I have to play property tax on my car every year here, which would add another 10-15k to...
  15. S

    2013 p85 - Totaled - Need help with valuation

    Long story short, a family of deer decided to run into my 2013 p85. On any other car, this would be a simple fix, but unfortunately the parts are no longer available and to replace a quarter panel you have to also replace 4-5 other parts, which then look different from side to side and so on...
  16. S

    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    Thank you for the advice on pushing with the assigned value. Much appreciated.
  17. S

    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    KBB/Trade values. So somewhere around 30k is what they guess, but it is hard to say. I think that's a bit low, but might not have much of a choice.
  18. S

    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    I just realized I put down .25c per mile, that was .25c per mile for the maserati. The tesla was $1 per mile, with 50k miles driven and an estimated 50k depreciation. Krash: As stated, I know what the power feels like, so an S75d is not going to hack it. Plus I get to drive a lot in...
  19. S

    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    HAH, yeah I know. I love my p85, but it has been extremely expensive to own. .25c per mile cost in depreciation + electricity, and a few thousand in repairs (random things) plus a LOT of time at the service center getting early model bugs worked out and two drivetrain replacements. It cost me...
  20. S

    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    I'm still waiting on the autobody shop and my insurance company to figure out next steps, but it seems very likely they may say it is not worth the repair cost. While the damage was not structural, it was enough to cause a bunch of parts to need to be replaced. These parts are no longer...
  21. S

    Deer damage - D+V in sterling va?

    Anyone have any input on D+V as an autobody repair place in sterling va? An entire family of deer ran into the passenger side of my car and damaged just about every panel from front to back including scratching the frunk. Major dents in both front and rear quarter panels and the passenger...
  22. S

    Shudder under high torque - trakmotive? Might need to replace half-shafts.

    I'm aware of the issue with the cv joints. When I go full throttle there is a slight shudder from the rear, I have lowered the suspension at all times to limit this as much as possible. Looking into replacements, there are two choices, go with Tesla at 2100 or used. That being said, there is...
  23. S

    Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor

    One quick note, the online parts catalog shows the gen2 door handles. Not the gen 3 handles, which is one of the reasons I cannot tell. That plus tysons parts center didn't call me back.
  24. S

    Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor

    Does anyone know if Tesla stocks the sensor in the gen3 door handle or if there is another source? It rained hard, and my drivers door stopped opening. This door handle on my 2013 p85 was replaced a year ago with a gen 3 handle and I am out of warranty. So I cracked it open, pulled the...
  25. S

    Front hood won't stay shut in the heat - Tesla Service 4 attempts to resolve

    Has anyone had issues with the front trunk not working properly in the heat? I am able to open it, but it will not shut when the temp is above 90 or so and the car is in the direct sun. It will not close and be retained at the fully closed status, rather it will pop back up to the secondary...
  26. S

    Frustrated... DU, contactors etc...

    So I've now been stranded twice in the past couple months. Once it wasn't a big deal, the other time was out with co-workers in the middle of the night returning from dinner. If it wasn't right at about 0 degrees with 40mph gusts, it wouldn't have been so bad. Roadside service was good at...
  27. S

    Anyone else having "Loading Error" with Slacker

    David: I can concur with pretty much all of your scenarios. If they are asking for more details or who else has these problems, let me know and I’ll give you my cars details.
  28. S

    Whispbar Roof Racks & Bike WB200 for sale

    I'm not selling, but if the buyer of this or other whispbar setups is having humming noises, some black electrical tape around the gaps makes it completely silent. I love mine.
  29. S

    Tunein podcast Loading Error

    Same issue here. This morning it was WTF. Select it in a different way and I could get one episode to play, bbut couldn't see a list of podcasts for WTF. Rebooting didn't work. Everything else worked just fine. Frustrating.
  30. S

    New (sort of) maps!

    Got it here as well. I haven't checked yet, but i wonder if it improves the voice at all? It's toll road, not tall; it's county highway not company highway...
  31. S

    Whispbar hum - 65+mph

    Kept taping more parts. Hum is 100% treatable with black electrical tape. Some is from the backside of the front bar mounts, easy, just cover all of the odd shapes with tape. When it's all said and done I don't notice any real change in mileage. There might be some, but it's minimal. With...
  32. S

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    I'm in northern va normally and all of the routes I travel in are completely devoid of superchargers (which is a completely different complaint session), so no supercharging on a normal basis. I asked them to pull logs from my car and they said they were also working with the local team and...
  33. S

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Sorry, 4a and b then. I was a bit tired after driving in the rain yesterday. Thought it was a 5. I did report it and they are checking on the issue.
  34. S

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Two others charging. I tried 5a and 5b. Even with them charging I should never have seen 0kwh. It started out just fine at about 300, got about 40 miles and it crashed. I didn't show it, but after switching to the other connector it only went to 10kwh then dropped down to 0-1 and showed 10...
  35. S

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    I don't think that's right. :( I disconnected and reconnected and it is stuck at <10kwh.
  36. S

    Drive Unit Version

    The revision is different for P and non P cars. There is another post somewhere on the site detailing the changes and what people get. i think it is in driving dynamics area.
  37. S

    Active noise reduction

    Active noise cancellation works best when you have specific targets and target areas plus lots of sound damping. It does not work as a general thing you pump into the environment of the cabin. ICE is easy, damp the car then find entry points and put mics there and out of phase speakers from...
  38. S

    Firmware 8.0

    22 minutes until we learn Elon and his team are still working on something else and will be joining us "very soon." Then 30 minutes of cool hold music if you are on a call/in a room or random idle chatter on a live blog. :)
  39. S

    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    Well aware. I've asked and they said it is normal and within spec. All of the loaners I've driven had it as well, so even if I know it shouldn't be there I can't just go back in and say "let's take a ride in this one and you tell me if you can hear it." Kind of waiting for it to get worse...
  40. S

    Random... isn't?

    Apple had the "random" problem. People complained and complained that they weren't getting random choices from the iPod, became a Steve jobs level issue. Somewhere back in the GEN 2 days I think. They hired scientists to look at the randomness generators. It was worth it for other reasons...
  41. S

    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    I would really be able/need to use it on the 16th, so I vote for the 17th.
  42. S

    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    Model S p85. Developed a bearing noise. Changed out with the p assembly as well as a new inverter cover. Silent now, so much more so when driving that I was surprised. Balloon noise still there at 120+kwh power output, but no issue with snapping necks back in the seat. :)
  43. S

    A/C Getting Worse

    Mine is freezing even when it is about 100 outside. Go get it fixed, seriously. Or if you want, look at the condenser radiator and see if some leaves or dirt has clogged it up. If so, the efficiency will be dramatically reduced and could cause poor performance. Otherwise it is pretty much...
  44. S

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    This could also be an update to get the cars ready for 8.0. Since the classics haven't had anywhere near as many updates as the autopilots, it is probably time to get a true-up and as many cars on par as possible. Then the "big" upgrade could, in theory, be a bit more consistent and easy to...
  45. S

    Firmware 8.0

    Meeting with the design team doesn't mean anything negative or that they are still in design phase. I'd bet a hundred bucks it is just the teams name, and they are responsible from start of concept, to UI, to launch of product. So meeting with the team every day is just a way of saying they...
  46. S

    Firmware 8.0

    There are a number of different ways, all within the current spec. Could be airplay via an application and a virtual network on the USB (not so useful except for music), or a developer screen sharing application which does a direct re-display of the device. Useless for video of course, and...
  47. S

    Firmware 8.0

    Why would the hardware require an upgrade for mirroring? That is simply an application on the system in the car and USB communication to display the screen, any computer can do it. Carplay and android auto are different stories as they require encryption a number of things from both...
  48. S

    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    Tech: I already suggested a great location near leesburg (one loudoun) but post after post shot it down, and it needs requests from us to get it done. Even had the builder and management on board as it was and still is under construction with new parking garages going in. The bethesda location...
  49. S

    Navigation taking longer way...

    You should try the nav system in a maserati grantourismo or the older QP. Ours definitely needs improvement but.. man.. The systems in those cars is mind bogglingly bad. The new one is ok (new QP and ghibli), but only because much if it is just another mass-market solution that is maserati...
  50. S

    Does anyone know of a 50' 14-30r extension cable?

    I've bought plenty of bare wire, but all of it... well, really bare. More romex or regular thin stuff for random projects. Never looked for or noticed wear coated 10awg stranded before. Considering the number of times I've been in HD or Lowes you would think I would have seen it... Rob...

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