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  1. Petra

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 20 V3 stalls)

    Done. On topic: Dropped by the site yesterday, looks like some of the conduit is in place now. So, that's something.
  2. Petra

    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    Yeah, but that's not really part of the discussion here because the 20" wheels are the same width as the 18" wheels, the included tires are the same width, and the lower aspect of the PS4S on the 20" wheels makes the overall diameter about the same as the MXM4 tires on the 18" wheels.
  3. Petra

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Yes. Nobody has beat my P3D- Dragy time yet and it was done on 18" aero wheels and all season MXM4 tires:
  4. Petra

    How much is "Premium Connectivity" subscription?

    Yeah, Tesla has kicked the can on this one 3 or 4 times already... As I recall, all of the older Model S and X were included in last year's data plan amnesty announcement.
  5. Petra

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    My P3D- stickered at $75k (before taxes, destination, etc.). The exact same configuration today (based on this thread) would be $57k. Granted, I got the full $7500 federal tax credit, the $2500 California rebate (which I'm no longer eligible for... blast that rebate limit ;) ), unlimited free...
  6. Petra

    Does this set the stage for Tesla to sell a refreshed Model S at a higher price?

    The press works using interchangeable dies, which is why it can make more than one part...
  7. Petra

    Bubbles along edge of windshield

    I can't recall when it started, but it has been noticeable for probably a couple years now. Based on the responses above, it looks like Tesla will honor it as a warranty repair. The Model 3 is fantastic. :D
  8. Petra

    Bubbles along edge of windshield

    I should probably take my Model S in for that...
  9. Petra

    Tesla ext. service agreement NIGHTMARE. Hey say driver electronic seat function is a wear & tear

    Make sure you report back with an update after getting this resolved, as there are quite a few of us who have yet to decide whether the ESA is worth buying.
  10. Petra

    Update from Tesla service on screen yellowing

    You have got to be kidding me. After all this time, this is what they're going with? I mean, yes, there is the note about some sort of alternate solution being in the works... but, seriously?!? Next, is Tesla going to start considering the old screen delamination issue (bubbles, leaking goo...
  11. Petra

    Had a SR+ for 7 days, returned it!

    Just be aware that, while dropping the pack in a Model S or X is a pretty simple task for a service center and carries virtually no downsides when done correctly, removing the battery from a Model 3 requires removal of much of the car's interior to expose bolts that run through the floor pan and...
  12. Petra

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    And this is why I've given up on attempting to test the efficiency impact of the aero covers... there are some good sections of road out here to test on, but the wind variability makes good data across consecutive runs elusive. I've thought about running two cars simultaneously, which does...
  13. Petra

    Will Tesla ever allow battery upgrades?

    If Tesla found themselves in a situation where cell production greatly exceeded the demand from new car production, then I could see Tesla considering pack upgrades. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to divert cells away from more profitable new car production.
  14. Petra

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    That's what happens when the rate change effectively cuts most of your solar generation credit in half... it's part of why I'm researching expanding my 6 year old 5kW solar array with an additional 5kW (plus, it'll mean I'll have enough generation to feed the two Powerwalls that Tesla should...
  15. Petra

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    Known issue and, for the most part, it's not that it doesn't work, it just takes a while to switch from black to the camera feed. The issue popped up a few versions back and will hopefully be resolved in a future update.
  16. Petra

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    Cropped a bit, but there don't appear to be any buttons to show other rate schedules.
  17. Petra

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    Odd... the Rate Plan Comparison tool still doesn't show TOU-D-PRIME for me.
  18. Petra


    Doing? Uh, enjoying our cars? I mean, the standard brakes do fade pretty quickly, but there are options to improve that while sticking with the aero wheels (my preference). Since I'm not intending to track this car for the time being, it's not a priority right now. If I wanted to participate in...
  19. Petra

    When do I maintain my Model 3?

    Looks like it's less work than changing the bioweapon mode filter in the Model S:
  20. Petra

    When do I maintain my Model 3?

    Yes it does...
  21. Petra

    When do I maintain my Model 3?

    Given that the brake fluid absorbs water, brakes are used infrequently which prevents them from heating up, and there have been instances of Model S with brake pistons corroded to the point of needing caliper replacement... brake fluid changes are probably a reasonable idea, no? I used to...
  22. Petra

    anyone VBOX a P3D on 19.8.3 yet? man it feels faster

    Alright, finally some numbers with the 2019.8.3 update with the same vehicle configuration as last time and a ~68°F ambient temp: 0-60 with 1' rollout: 3.11 seconds 0-60 without rollout: 3.28 seconds 60-80: 2.00 seconds (The best I've gotten so far on v2019.8.3 was 1.99 seconds, but that was on...
  23. Petra

    anyone VBOX a P3D on 19.8.3 yet? man it feels faster

    Both produce reasonably good numbers, but they're each for completely different use cases. Racelogic's products are geared toward actual data logging and performance tracking purposes. Dragy, on the other hand, is more of a fun social app/device than it is a diagnostic tool, it doesn't give...
  24. Petra

    anyone VBOX a P3D on 19.8.3 yet? man it feels faster

    If that's the case, then they should publish it to the leaderboard. Right now, my car (times above) is still shown as the quickest P3D in this month's Dragy results & second quickest all-time ( @FlyNavy01 still holds the top spot).
  25. Petra

    About to take the M3 SR+ Plunge! Final Questions & Neat Findings! Halp!

    My experience with the SCE rebate is that you should just contact them. When I applied for the rebate for my Model S (long before the rebate amount was increased), the S 70D wasn't listed so I picked a different Model S configuration, submitted the application, then e-mailed the program letting...
  26. Petra

    anyone VBOX a P3D on 19.8.3 yet? man it feels faster

    Again, this is pre-update, at about 90% state of charge, battery warmed up, ~72°F ambient temp, 18" Aero wheels with stock MXM4 tires: 0-60 with 1' rollout: 3.21 seconds 0-60 without rollout: 3.39 seconds 60-80: 2.03 seconds I posted the 0-60 screenshots on Twitter: Alex Venz on Twitter
  27. Petra

    anyone VBOX a P3D on 19.8.3 yet? man it feels faster

    I did some test runs with my Dragy GPS unit about a week ago to establish a baseline prior to the software update and now I'm just waiting for the software update.
  28. Petra

    Have you received your Model Y event invitation?

    Invite only, invited attendees must pre-register after receiving invite & IDs are checked.
  29. Petra

    Received email from Tesla that my Dual Motor badge is available

    I haven't been contacted yet, but looking at it... hard pass.
  30. Petra

    Replacing 14-50 with HPWC, outlet on the wrong side of the stud

    Could you mount the wall connector to the stud via the two center holes on the bracket, attach a box to where the outlet used to be, and run some flex conduit or something from the box to the bottom entry on the wall connector?
  31. Petra

    Model 3 Software Update 2018.48.x

    I wouldn't say everything works, given the frequency with which the car fails to properly load USB media, shuts off when I close the door after getting in, auto high beams are a little schizophrenic, it failed to load the in-car manual when I was showing the interface to one of the guys from...
  32. Petra

    Model 3 Software Update 2018.48.x

    I'm still waiting for additional software updates... been stuck on 2018.42.2.1 for a while now.
  33. Petra

    Phantom Braking while using Autopilot

    False positives have been an issue ever since the introduction of the first version of the Autopilot suite. Like with the old Hardware 1 Autopilot, the current Autopilot system will continue to improve over time via software updates and false positives will occur much less often. If you're...
  34. Petra

    Model 3 Performance VIN Discrepancy

    Performance without the upgrades package here. Window sticker shows "Model 3 Long Range AWD" at the top and the breakdown (configuration) shows: Model 3: $35,000 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive: $29,000 [rest of configuration] I did mention the AWD and Performance cars not having a VIN...
  35. Petra

    Potential Falcon Wing Class Action

    I've driven a Model X with the falcon wing doors open before. The warnings are adequate.
  36. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    I never received an e-mail, just a phone call telling me to schedule delivery.
  37. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Ah, got it--sorry. It's especially strange because I'm picking up from the Fremont delivery center. You may want to consider looking into Lightstream (a division of Sun Trust Bank). They offer unsecured auto loans to well qualified applicants (so, there's no lien on the car, they don't need...
  38. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Huh? What part of my posts is confusing? I had a delivery date set before I had a VIN. I asked my ISA about the car's VIN when I was scheduling pickup and she told me that the VIN hadn't been released yet and it would show up after contracts processed stuff (she guessed Monday or Tuesday). The...
  39. Petra

    20" Performance (P3D+) Wheels & Tires for SALE

    Kinda hard to price this without knowing what Tesla would charge for the suspension links that are part of the 20" wheel package on their site, no?
  40. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Yeah, I posted up-thread (didn't mention specific configuration since it's in my sig):
  41. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Delivery scheduled for 9/6/18 (3/31/16 reservation, 6/26/18 order, owner). Oddly enough, no VIN yet according to my ISA.
  42. Petra

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    Well, considering that it was only just confirmed today that track mode is exclusive to the performance upgrades package (a very significant piece of information that can strongly influence a purchasing decision), don't expect to hear much about glass coatings... Tesla isn't great about giving...
  43. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    No e-mail, but it seems like a game of phone tag has begun for scheduling delivery... I'll probably know more tomorrow.
  44. Petra

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    In Teslaland, the electromagnetic spectrum loops back around...
  45. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Given that the change seems to be impacting everyone who previously had the "late September" estimate and the change occurred once Tesla's site came back online after an unusually long outage, it's possible that what we're seeing is the result of a server rollback/backup. Who knows, though...
  46. Petra

    Tesla.com website down - new announcement coming?

    Oh well, looks like Tesla finally went bankwupt! Sad, really. I guess we can all pack our bags, turn in our membership cards, and go home now... /s tesla.com is giving me a connection timeout error right now and Fred already has an article up about the app not working.
  47. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    From poking around in various threads/forums, it appears that the change is being applied to (nearly?) all outstanding performance orders. Obvious push for Q3 profitability is obvious.
  48. Petra

    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    With all of the action in the black interior P3D+ thread and the white interior AWD thread, this thread is feeling a little lonely...

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