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  1. Y

    Question regarding string wiring (parallel vs series) of my panel system

    It doesn't look like they changed how your panels are wired, series vs parallel, since the voltage of the string is largely unchanged. Rather they just removed the jumpers so that the parallel string are wired into a single inverter input verses shared between two inverter inputs. I don't know...
  2. Y

    Loud Noise and no Data on the app

    Might be something like in this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/powerwall-died-dc-stage-fault.260160/
  3. Y

    Tesla to add the ability to Charge EV with excess solar

    @holeydonut beat me posting this so threads should probably be merged
  4. Y

    Tesla to add the ability to Charge EV with excess solar

    I saw this earlier today. Not unexpectedly Tesla is finally adding functionality to their app to charge your car on excess solar if this article is accurate. Sound like it has some more functionality than ChargeHQ. You can set a normal charging limit but allow the car to charge to a higher...
  5. Y

    Powerwalls in standby mode since app update

    Can you go to the api status page (/api/system_status)? The grid may not be compliant and you would see an error there.
  6. Y

    Should I upgrade to 6 Powerwalls?

    Certainly it won't work if you drive too much, but the average person drives something less than 30 miles per day. At 300W/mi and 85% charging efficiency that is 10-11 kWh per day which is certainly doable. It might not make financial sense though. Personally I am operating in self powered...
  7. Y

    Zep pucks leaking? Tesla Solar Mounting

    I'm only 1.5 years post install. I didn't see them installing any flashing and am a bit unsure exactly how that would work. No issues so far. With the neoprene-like gasket and injected sealant I wouldn't expect issues. I'm more worried about the drill holes when they missed a beam and the...
  8. Y

    CPUC NEM 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    The answer is it is going to depend on your specific system, energy use, and energy usage pattern. The question might even be is solar worth it at all in either case but again depends on specifics and your motivation to get solar. In my particular case Tesla installed the system in 2021 at...
  9. Y

    New solar and Powerwall install, low production?

    I think you meant 8.16 kW. I have the same sized system but only generated 41.9 kW yesterday. Mine is evenly split between E, W, and S with some shading. Having all the panels SSE like yours really helps.
  10. Y

    How to Test my powerwall install for functionality?

    As @cwied pointed out the disconnect is between the meter in the gateway, but yes it will cut your house from the grid and allow the Tesla system to take over. The previous switch you tried is after the gateway so cut your house completely off from the grid and from the Tesla system. I'm...
  11. Y

    How to Test my powerwall install for functionality?

    It's the big red Eaton blade disconnect switch to the left of your meter.
  12. Y

    VFD Pool Pump Trips GFCI Breaker Intermittently After Tesla Solar+PW Install

    Just wanted to follow up on this post as I am hopeful that I may have at least partially isolated the issue. First let me summarize where I left off... Soon after my solar and Powerwall install completed I started to have intermittent but frequent tripping of the breaker that supplies power to...
  13. Y

    Electric utility does not recognize energy coming from powerwalls

    So did you already have solar and then installed Powerwalls? If so Powerwalls will not change your net usage in kWh from the grid and in fact may increase it a little due to the roundtrip efficiency loss. I agree with @power.saver that with the limited data presented everything looks consistent.
  14. Y

    Tesla Solar and Powerwall Install Complete - SoCal Oct 2021

    I would but I think the decision is really based on one's personal value they put on Powerwalls. Looking at Powerwalls purely by themselves they are never going to financially pay for themselves in terms of money saved. Our electricity service is pretty reliable here and the only outage...
  15. Y

    Tesla Wants Site Visit For Software Update/Upgrade

    Thanks. I remember that thread but wasn't quite remembering what Tesla said when initially reaching out to them. I will certainly probe on what they want to do but I'm guessing the scheduling people won't really know the specifics. I guess I could try Powerwall support.
  16. Y

    Tesla Wants Site Visit For Software Update/Upgrade

    I got a VM today that Tesla wants to schedule a service visit to update/upgrade software. Anyone else have something like this happen? Everything had been working fine with two Tesla inverters, two Powerwall 2s, and the gateway. I'm on 22.26.2. Everything seems to be connected to the...
  17. Y

    Confusion on Partial Backup

    You need to make sure they install CTs in the MSP to monitor the non backed up loads. If they do the system will be able to see their power draw and can discharge the PWs to compensate when on grid. Given the number of loads the only potential issue I can see is whether their is space to add...
  18. Y

    got email describing VPP payout today

    As I posted up thread I was surprised to see that the energy discharged from the PWs during the event times matched closely with my compensation, 135.7 kWh discharged vs 137.5 kWh compensated for based on the $2/kWh rate. Maybe this is coincidental, maybe I have an issue with my computation, or...
  19. Y

    got email describing VPP payout today

    Thanks. I didn't see that was definitively answered in this thread, so I took a quick look at my data. I received $275 which implies 137.5 kWh at $2/kWh. From the Tesla data my PWs discharged 135.7 kWh during the events and I exported 91.5 kWh to the grid (I was using lots of AC). At least...
  20. Y

    got email describing VPP payout today

    As I understand it the compensation is based on the amount of energy your powerwall discharges during the event relative to the baseline discharge energy in the 10 equivalent days before the event. It does not matter if the discharge is going to the grid or your home during the event. The...
  21. Y

    What do I need to know? Tesla Solar + Powerwall Install

    Not necessarily... It depends on how the system is wired. Generally they would put the loads that are higher than a single powerwall can supply on a non-backed up circuit that would be completely disconnected if the grid goes down. Otherwise if that load kicks in without solar available it...
  22. Y

    Powerwall drained…Sun is shining but nothing ?

    The powerwalls are supposed to have a small reserve at the bottom end to be able to try to restart once there is sufficient solar to start charging them. However you need to turn off all the breakers to your home loads to allow them to do this. If they get too low to restart themselves there...
  23. Y

    Powerwalls Don't Turn On When Grid Goes Down

    I think the OP was trying to state that they only had lights on prior to losing power and no large loads that would overload the powerwall as the event occurred not that they only had lights on after the outage. At least that is how I read it.
  24. Y

    SCE TOU questions

    I think you will be pretty close to breaking even then. I would go with TOU-D-4-9PM.
  25. Y

    SCE TOU questions

    The benefit of TOU-D-4-9PM is that the differential between peak and off peak rates are lower so that your energy production during the day can more easily offset your peak usage. It also has a smaller daily charge. The benefit of TOU-D-PRIME is a low off peak rate that is offset by a higher...
  26. Y

    Tesla Solar and Powerwall Install Complete - SoCal Oct 2021

    It's been 1 year since PTO for my system and just received my SCE Settlement Bill. I ended up being a net producer by 240 kWh. SCE credited me for the net production at $0.07276/kWh which was a bit higher than I expected. I ended the year with a net energy credit of about $300 so certainly...
  27. Y

    Keeping PW+ at fixed charge percentage

    I've learned to stop worrying and love the bomb😉
  28. Y

    Tesla Virtual Power Plant in CA

    There is another thread here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/got-email-describing-vpp-payout-today.293520/ It seems everybody reporting the email are in PG&E territory. I'm with SCE and haven't gotten anything yet.
  29. Y

    14kW Tesla solar plan; DC/AC ratio of 0.8?

    I have a 0.73 ratio and haven't seen any adverse impacts. Inverter efficiency is usually pretty flat until you get down to less than 10% of rated power. At that point you aren't generating much power anyway so any impact because of inverter efficiency is small.
  30. Y

    Powerwall doesn't charge to 100%

    Glad you were at least able to isolate the issue. Certainly contact Tesla. They'll probably have you reboot the system as a first step. I don't know the steps for that but someone else might be able to provide that. Also look at the bottom of the system_status output as that is where you...
  31. Y

    Stuck in self consumption mode a week after granted PTO?

    I'm not disputing that you have an issue, but peak power production is not the best way to look at the issue. In self consumption mode the solar will produce at full power or the maximum power the PWs can accept until the PWs reach close to 100% and then will be throttled down. If this happens...
  32. Y

    Powerwall doesn't charge to 100%

    Point a web browser to the IP address of your gateway. Log in and then go to https://<gatewayIP>/api/system_status The output will show the nominal full pack energy and energy remaining for each powerwall. This should help verify your theory.
  33. Y

    Big discrepancy between Powerwall data with SCE usage data

    Looking at the data I would have to agree with @Redhill_qik that it seems to be an unmonitored load that is causing the discrepancy. I plotted the data below. Blue line is the "home" power draw as reported by Tesla. The orange line is the discrepancy between the SCE data and Tesla's grid...
  34. Y

    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    Not to pile on but if I were starting the process with Tesla today I would go in assuming that you are not going to make the NEM 2.0 cutoff and price that into your decision when deciding between contractors. For what it is worth between sign up with Tesla and my first install date was ~ 5...
  35. Y

    Tesla app monitoring

    See this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/anyone-have-issue-with-tesla-app-not-displaying-home-usage-grid-export-data.283483/#post-7132501 It will come down to 1) did your installer install the necessary hardware to monitor home/grid usage and if so 2) was it configured...
  36. Y

    Is there any way to get a notification from Tesla that the battery is fully charged?

    Unfortunately there isn't really any good turn key solutions then. If you are handy with python you could probably program something with pypowerwall. Otherwise I've heard people using hubitat to monitor and control the powerwalls and you might be able to enable actions based on the SOC but I...
  37. Y

    Is there any way to get a notification from Tesla that the battery is fully charged?

    Check out Charge HQ: https://chargehq.net/
  38. Y

    Solar Roof vs. Panels

    From what I have read here I believe the solar roof will also slightly under perform relative to panels for the same DC rating. That said for a small roof it may be difficult to fit the number of panels you want especially given the size of the panels Tesla uses and setback requirements. I'm...
  39. Y

    Tesla Solar inverter data

    I don't think the Tesla app will segregate different solar systems even if they are monitored on different CTs. If you want to monitor the systems individually you will have to go to a third party monitoring system. And yes I know of no way to pull data from the Tesla inverter. It's...
  40. Y

    What to do? Some solar panels shaded late in the afternoon

    One or more shaded panels will not affect the production of the other unshaded panels in the string. No remedy needed. Google "bypass diodes" for more info.
  41. Y

    Big discrepancy between Powerwall data with SCE usage data

    Sorry I'm not quite following your calculation. The easiest way is to multiply each 5 min data point in the Tesla data export by 5/60 to convert it from average kW to kWh. Then you can just some up whatever interval you want to get how many kWh you used in that period. The SCE data is already...
  42. Y

    Trying to convert downloaded data to kwh to match SCE data

    The number of kWh in each hour will be the average of the kW reported in the Tesla data over that hour, since the Tesla data is at a constant 5 minute period. You just need to make sure you are only averaging over 12 rows (60 minutes). In the data you have in column F you have summed 13 rows...
  43. Y

    Big discrepancy between Powerwall data with SCE usage data

    I think this is more of an issue with your particular setup than a vast conspiracy by SCE:). Personally when I have compared the data between the Tesla app's grid usage for my system and SCE's data it has agreed to better than 99% limited mostly by the significant figures I used to compare. Do...
  44. Y

    Surprised by significant effect of panel temp on Solar production

    While solar panels are certainly negatively impacted by heat, what you observed is likely due to cloud edge effect (i.e. light reflecting and refracting off the clouds to temporarily increase the solar radiation on your pnels above what you would see on a cloudless day. I have a DC to AC ratio...
  45. Y

    CPUC NEM 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    But the IOU can produce or purchase that extra kWh for <$0.05 from elsewhere instead they are crediting the solar customer $0.30. Even if solar was producing 24h/day buying back solar at the retail rate is a losing proposition except in times of extreme energy demand. That $0.30 they are...
  46. Y

    CPUC NEM 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    From your other thread you used 253 kWh from the grid. Yes, you sent back energy to more than offset the usage but you still pulled 253 kWhs from the grid and that is what the NBC charge is for. Maybe it is semantics but I would say that does not qualify as using absolutely no grid power.
  47. Y

    CPUC NEM 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    If you absolutely used no grid power at all then you would not be charged NBCs. You get credits at the retail rate - NBCs and any excess is zeroed out at the end of the year. If you are a net producer at the end of the year then you are reimbursed at closer to the wholesale cost of electricity...
  48. Y

    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    How much of a net generator are you now and how much do you expect to drive the Tesla and what model is it? If the new car changes you over to a net consumer and your net consumption is over 3-4 kWh/day then TOU-D-Prime is probably better. Else TOU-D-4-9pm is probably better with the lower...
  49. Y

    Very low production 7.6 system with powerwall +- is inverter configured right?

    I wouldn't think there would be throttling at ~50% SOC. String 1 isn't really producing anything when you took the screenshot. Was it heavily shaded at that time? String 2/3 seems to be producing lower current than I would expect for 10AM on an East facing array. Was this with full sun...
  50. Y

    Tesla string inverter has coolant leaking on the day-1

    I think I've seen a few posts over the last 1.5 years with people having coolant leaks. Judging by that I wouldn't say it's common but it does happen. IIRC they were all relatively new installs. I think there has been slightly more posts by people how have had low coolant levels causing...

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