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  1. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL , I55 and Pulaski

    Looks like the 2 ChargePoint units next to the supercharger finally got activated. 2 Units, each with 2 cables. From the screen, it seems to be free, 7kW.
  2. renambot

    Illinois Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    Remember to vote: Supercharger Voting | Tesla
  3. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL , I55 and Pulaski

    Yes it seems busy all the time now, from morning to night. Last time was 9 Ubers out of 11 and 2 more waiting. Maybe they are in and out of Midway airport. The place definitively needs some trash bins. I hope Target or Tesla step up. I got a survey from Tesla about this place recently and...
  4. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL , I55 and Pulaski

    It’s live! Charging now. It’s in the phone app, not yet in my car.
  5. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    Yes that location is always busy. From the app, today was half full at 9AM and full At 10AM. You can see occupancy graph in the car now. Another Oak Brook location is planned for Q2’23. (3050 Butterfield Rd Oak Brook)
  6. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL , I55 and Pulaski

    Following the supercharger leak and @MarcoRPTesla permit, I found the new Supercharger, near the I55, Pulaski Exit. At Target and across the street from Pete's. It's all built up and ready, 12 stalls. But no power yet. Also 2 ChargePoint units on the other side of the transformer. Location along...
  7. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    Looks like another charger is coming to Oak Brook next year. Tesla just updated their map. Good, since this charger seems very busy, unsurprisingly.
  8. renambot

    Illinois rebate program

    Found on the IL gov site: Electric Vehicle Rebate Program - Climate and Equitable Jobs Act Program Information - as of July 27, 2022 (data updated weekly) Low Income Applications Received 27 Low Income Rebates Awarded 8 Non-Low Income Applications Received 256 Non-Low Income Rebates...
  9. renambot

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    They add labor in the estimate (just in case, I guess), but final price is just $1,500 plus tax. My estimate was 1,795 and at the end I payed 1,605.
  10. renambot

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    For my 2014 Model S, it retained everything (bluetooth, garage door, profile with seat position, ...). The only thing that was cleared was the trips (they still existed but were zeroed). Sad since I had a trip set when I purchased the car second-hand. But no big deal.
  11. renambot

    Supercharger - Burr Ridge, IL

    515 Village Center Drive, Burr Ridge, IL LAT LONG : (41.7522511, -87.9138804) (there are also 2 free Volta stations there).
  12. renambot

    Supercharger - Burr Ridge, IL

    Did it just pop up? It’s in the phone app and not in the car. Charging there now.
  13. renambot

    Supercharger - Elgin, IL

    A friend was shopping there today, and the area by the garden center has been fenced off...
  14. renambot

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    I was surprised but my Homelink worked after the upgrade. No reprogramming for me.
  15. renambot

    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    I had it done recently on my 2014 S, and it’s great. I had to choose between jut doing LTE or full MCU upgrade. Something I didn’t expect was that both screens are higher resolution than the original ones, much sharper (like going retina for mac user). Something expected was the backup camera...
  16. renambot

    Picked up my DIRTY CPO

    Got my car upgraded to MCU2 this Friday and they said they don't wash cars anymore for environmental reasons (probably too busy indeed). But I got great service and a loaner for the day (Chicago area).
  17. renambot

    MCU2 upgrade appointments

    Mine was done within 2 weeks after request (1 week delayed waiting for part). Dropped the car 9AM, done by 5PM, Chicago area.
  18. renambot

    Illinois will have a $4,000 tax rebate starting July 1st for all electric cars? Should I cancel my order?

    See also Illinois Green Energy Bill - $4,000 Rebate - Good/Bad News
  19. renambot

    Supercharger - Evanston, IL

    What’s the cost of parking there ? Any free time for charging ? thanks.
  20. renambot

    Illinois Green Energy Bill - $4,000 Rebate - Good/Bad News

    Hard to read, but it seems to say: Counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will, Beginning July 1, 2022, a $4,000 rebate (less after 2026) Apply for the rebate within 90 days The Agency shall prioritize the review of qualified applications from low-income purchasers and award...
  21. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    It's in car navigation, so people found it during the crazy Friday shopping at the mall. As mentioned before, it's a very hostile area to pedestrians.
  22. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    it’s now on the Tesla web map. I might try this weekend. https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/OakBrookILsupercharger
  23. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    I’m glad it’s finally coming, but it’s weird they couldn‘t find a place in the giant mall parking across the street.
  24. renambot

    Average wall charger install call (Midwest)

    It seems high, but not crazy high (for Chicago suburb for instance). Every installation is different, how complex is it to reach the panel, is it going outside and back in garage… That’s why in my case I said ‘Put a 14-50 outlet here’ meaning no installation of charger, no mention of Tesla or...
  25. renambot

    Supercharger - Dwight IL

    In V3, one cabinet drives 4 pedestals (chargers) so it would probably be an 8-charger location (most common these days as mentioned).
  26. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - N Elston Ave

    I drove around the Target parking the other day but I didn’t see anything yet. There‘s construction inside the parking structure but no obvious Tesla signs.
  27. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - N Elston Ave

    At Target, interesting. I thought it would be at the Mariano’s down the street when I saw the dot on Tesla’s map. Target has a much bigger lot there, so it should be more convenient.
  28. renambot

    Supercharger - Gilman, IL

    Half way between Chicago and Urbana, it should be useful.
  29. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Worked fine on Tuesday. Not sure what’s going on.
  30. renambot

    Tax credit for installing wall charger?

    About Form 8911, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit | Internal Revenue Service
  31. renambot

    Tesla releases Model Y Support Videos

    nice, like the S
  32. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Yes, official on Tesla's website: 16 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW i.e. Bolingbrook #2, 8 chargers, 250kW @emupilot, @tes-s, @MarcoRP @Chuq
  33. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Yes, charged there tonight. The thinner cables are easier to handle in the cold.
  34. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Picture from last night. It looks almost finished...
  35. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Still the same status last night. Similar in Rolling Meadows, concrete work done but no electrical setup.
  36. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - O’Hare International Airport

    The new parking structure F has a fair amount of L2 chargers and "priority ev" preferred parking spots, and it's covered (except the top level). Convenient for short trips, and same parking fees (I think $17 a day).
  37. renambot

    EV plates (Illinois)

    I just went to the site last week and ordered my renewal.
  38. renambot

    Illinois Tollway doesn’t recognize EL plate

    There are around 5M cars in IL and around 15,000 EL plates. This is not about money, and I’m all about paying my share of the infrastructure. The state got ~ $100M from the Diesel settlement. What did they do to improve EV and green transportation in general?
  39. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Same status last night. I hope the next phase of construction starts soon before the winter. It was fairly busy again last night (Sunday evening).
  40. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL (South Canal Street)

    Still need to validate as far as I know. I usually go to 'Noddles and Company' if I need to charge there, but there are number of other stores and restaurants. FIY, the stores across the street are part of another parking structure (Whole foods, Starbucks, ...)
  41. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    A little bit of progress last night...
  42. renambot

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Yes, I was there a few weeks ago. It's not that bad, just behind the hotel. It didn't feel unsafe.
  43. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Charging there today, and the parking spots next to the supercharger are fenced up. Maybe the expansion is starting?
  44. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    10 stalls, 150kW (I only got ~95kW since my state of charge was ~30%). And 30min general parking (but the lot is pretty big).
  45. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    Open and it shows up in car navigation. Charging there right now. @BlueShift @Chuq
  46. renambot

    Chicago New EV Charger - Target Division / Larrabee

    It's on the Electrify America map as 'Coming soon'. Locate a charger | Electrify America
  47. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    It wasn't open yet Saturday night. Same tape around it.

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