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  1. eHaw

    Rotate the tires with one jack?

    If you put snows on in winter you can choose the lazy man's method - I rotate when I switch seasonally. It means that my tires go a little longer than I might like but so far I have had no problems with uneven wear. 2018 LR AWD.
  2. eHaw

    Regen Braking in cold weather.

    My 2018 M3 AWD seems to have become more conservative with regen. I drove out to work in 20 degree weather, 90% highway incl some mountain driving, and when I arrived regen was still limited. So hard to compare any two drives even on the same route when temperature, speed, snow, and Wyoming...
  3. eHaw

    Cross Country Tesla Shipping

    Have a friend drive it. I bet you could charge them. : )
  4. eHaw

    Damn, dead in garage...

    I'm in the same boat. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity to apply a little machine learning to give us a health meter for our batteries.
  5. eHaw

    12 volt battery, replace now or wait for warning?

    I got a replacement battery as well. Sitting in my garage. But as I purchased it, the tech at my service center assured me that ALL the vehicle owners he has seen got the warning before the battery went tits up. So for now, I wait.
  6. eHaw

    Supercharging Disabled while on trip [Resolved]

    This happened to me three months back. Called my credit card company to see if they rejected a charge and they said it was not a problem on their end. I followed links from Tesla (in email, I think) and just had to click something that said they had permission to charge my standard card again...
  7. eHaw

    My first long road trip question

    Just drove WY to MN and back. On the way out I used A Better Route Planner and was very comfortable with the additional stop is suggested as compared to my Model 3's route plan. Lots of 80mph+ driving and it was quite comfortable. On the way home I decided to let my car plan my route. One...
  8. eHaw

    Super charges on cross country trip?

    Everything degrades over time - you, me, your batteries, and internal combustion engines as well. There are thousands of Tesla owners road-tripping all the time and the Supercharger network works really well. Don't fall prey to the hyper-optimizers in this forum.
  9. eHaw

    Mind change?

    As an owner of a long range all-wheel-drive model three, I can tell you it’s an incredible drive. I am a tech geek, however, and I’m very jealous of those who have track mode. Not sure how often I would get to use it, but it looks like an off a lot of fun.
  10. eHaw

    FS: Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45 R18 Tires-Seattle Area Only

    Those are awesome tires. Yet I’m wondering if there isn’t better thread for this post. Perhaps a thread for buying and selling tires. After all they would fit on many different cars. Not just a model three. Perhaps there should be threads for various regions. I’m going to guess nobody’s...
  11. eHaw

    What's normal AWD Front Motor Sound?

    Electric motors do make noise. And new users of electric vehicles notice that noise because overall the car is quite quiet. My great grandmother had an electric buggy and I’m sure when she took a ride in her first ICE vehicle she thought the noise was annoying. The question is whether or not...
  12. eHaw

    Viable way to send product feedback/suggestions to Tesla's development team?

    There is a company called uservoice that allows users to post ideas and vote on them. Good ideas to bubble to the top which would take the pressure off Tesla engineers to read them all. See an example for Microsoft's "to do" app - Feature Suggestions: Top (15380 ideas) – Microsoft To Do...
  13. eHaw

    Will "re-route to save x min" work without premium connectivity

    With the loss of premium connectivity, I hear one will lose traffic congestion indications on maps. I'm wondering if "re-route" will also disappear from navigation. Seems like the dataset used to re-route might be connected to the map data. Anyone with experience?
  14. eHaw

    Battery Degradation

    Ya agree. But you know what else wastes time on every thread? Someone pointing out that the topic has been covered elsewhere.
  15. eHaw

    Service: What can be done?

    SOOOOO many? I have had no issues after a year of ownership. I know two other owners well and neither of them have ever needed service.
  16. eHaw

    Concerned about rear collision when car slows on its own

    We do have control of how closely our Teslas follow the vehicles in front of us. If we are following more conservatively (6 car lengths instead of 3?) our Teslas will not have to respond as aggressively when traffic slows. So we have a bit of control.
  17. eHaw


    This is kinda true. Slight acceleration is a bad idea. You need some pretty aggressive acceleration to get a good drift going. Looking forward to 4 more inches of snow tonight.
  18. eHaw

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    They were great and wore really well.
  19. eHaw

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    Last winter my M3 LR AWD was incredible in the snow. In summer I run the stock 19"s which have a summer composite and really should not be run in winter. I switch to 235/45R-18 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 XLs which I picked up at TireRack. I change them myself and my M3 identifies the new tires...
  20. eHaw

    Myth: AWD able to drive if one motor fails?

    neither This is really interesting. Such a different mental model than an ICE car disengaging a transmission so that wheels can roll free. As a former ICE hypermiler, I have wondered if Tesla's neutral mode would properly handle a coast down a long mountain road at highway speed. Ulmo...
  21. eHaw

    Text Message Solutions?

    Siri will allow you to reply, "review" after you have dictated to her, and "send". Pretty sweet.
  22. eHaw

    people sleeping while driving.. this is why we can't have nice things

    People fall asleep all the time. Just don't stay on the road long enough for anyone to take a video.
  23. eHaw

    Miles at 100% charge (P3D Long Range) -- 282 miles available.

    Honestly, I would prefer to have the car calculate estimated mileage available based on my driving behavior instead of providing a theoretical distance based on average driving behavior. Then there could be a battery health meter elsewhere which provides an accurate measure of health.
  24. eHaw

    My son’s charger is cooler than mine.

    I want my tesla charger cable to do this...
  25. eHaw

    SMS Text Notification

    For iPhone users... My teenager trained me to use my iPhone's hands free features to send iMessages to people in my address book. "Hey Siri" Wait for the acknowledgment sound which is often a bit delayed over the car speakers. "Tell Elon Musk" Siri responds "What do you want to tell Elon...
  26. eHaw

    P3D vs RWD / P3D vs AWD (handling, suspension, and balance)

    Has anyone gathered cornering information into an easily digestible table? Lateral acceleration, measured in the number of g's the car and hold in a corner is objective information we can really use. I'd like to know how my 3 compares to other models and ICE cars.
  27. eHaw

    How to add google maps route to your car (Tesla Model 3)?

    It would be fantastic if the google maps implementation in the car could link with one's google account to pull sophisticated routes down to the car. Alternatively, I would not mind sitting with an enhanced Tesla App to plan a complex trip so long as the app could then communicate it to the...
  28. eHaw

    Seems like "Tesla App" should be a top level discussion

    Seems to me comments on the Tesla App belong up with the separate vehicle discussions. Don't we all share the same App with just a few differences like sunroof controls?
  29. eHaw

    How to update nav maps

    Elon, How cool would it be if we could just snap a picture of the speed limit signs (which today usually have GPS, no?) and upload them someplace for a quick update.
  30. eHaw

    Mysterious Bluetooth connections

    Good get. Thanks! Interesting that the iPhone does not let us inspect those, and therefore we can not ask the phone to "forget" them. (Not that I want to do that knowing what they are.)
  31. eHaw

    Mysterious Bluetooth connections

    These odd Bluetooth connections appeared on my iPhone after I paired with my M3. Anyone else see anything like this?
  32. eHaw

    Google maps location history and privacy

    I would imagine they have to follow GDPR in Europe, nice to have it here too. And thank you for reading the privacy policy!
  33. eHaw

    Google maps location history and privacy

    There has been a lot of buzz in the IT community regarding Google Maps location history being kept by Google despite privacy settings requesting that it not be saved. It's not clear that Tesla owners even have access to privacy settings for our vehicles. So I'm wondering if anyone has...
  34. eHaw

    Will the Performance Model 3 w/ 20 inch wheels be able to accept the 18" for winter tires?

    Wonder if there are software considerations as well. I've owned SUVs that warn against mounting tires of different sizes because the stability control and braking algorithms might be confused. Not to mention the speedometer of course. Any information from Tesla on this point?

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