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  1. todd2fst4u

    Mod: adding Footwell ambient interior light to SR+ partial premium

    You can access wiring diagrams for free from Tesla here. https://service.tesla.com/service-subscription
  2. todd2fst4u

    What is this white piece sticking out from the speaker?

    You can see the tether more clearly here. It’s tied around the tweeter and the other end is tied to the door frame.
  3. todd2fst4u

    What is this white piece sticking out from the speaker?

    The speakers are tethered to the door to prevent them from hitting a passenger in the event of a collision.
  4. todd2fst4u

    Is this too much guys 😂 [using a car cover]

  5. todd2fst4u

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

    I tap the red wire from VCright so it turns on when the brake pedal is first pressed and off when you leave the drivers seat.
  6. todd2fst4u

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

    Works without modification
  7. todd2fst4u

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

    This is the Porsche blendmount, BV1-2021. https://blendmount.com/aluminum-radar-detector-mount-for-valentine-one-specialty-2021-series/
  8. todd2fst4u

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

  9. todd2fst4u

    Where can buy this door clips?

    Rexka 15pcs Door Trim Retainer Clip Compatible with Tesla Model 3 1135147-00-B https://a.co/d/eFt9pBP
  10. todd2fst4u

    Interior trim clip question

    US $4.99 | 10 Car Interior Dashboard Sill Cover Pillar Garnish Moulding Trim Clips for Tesla https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtKaYjM
  11. todd2fst4u

    External speaker fault with latest update?

  12. todd2fst4u

    Door handle - pushing in the long handle

    This is just a rubber bumper for the handle to rest against.
  13. todd2fst4u

    Aftermarker Sound Upgrade of 3 Front 4" speakers

    No. That is for the emergency speaker located under the glovebox. This is what you need. https://www.ampedgarage.com/collections/speaker-harnesses/products/amped-garage-model-3-ymidrange-speaker-harness
  14. todd2fst4u

    Replaced steering wheel, error, seller says I need to update?

    You can put the car in service mode and reinstall the current software on your car. Settings>Software Long press on car model (e.g Model 3) When prompted for password, type "service"
  15. todd2fst4u

    Can’t remove steering wheel 10mm hex bolt [resolved]

    The steering wheel bolt should be torqued to 59 ft-lbs. The wheels are 129 ft-lbs.
  16. todd2fst4u

    Anybody Been Using These Silicone Products for Window Seals?

    AGS SIL-Glyde Multi-Purpose All-Weather Lubricating Compound for All Surfaces - 8 oz Tube Amazon.com
  17. todd2fst4u

    Pops, clicks, creaks from windows and doors?

    nextzett 91480615 'Gummi Pflege Stift' Rubber Care Stick - 3.4 fl. oz https://a.co/d/aphmAin
  18. todd2fst4u

    Mystery Clip, so where did it come from?

    FRUNK-FENDER CLIP, ASY. 1472872-00-C These are installed in the front fenders and hold the perimeter of the frunk tub.
  19. todd2fst4u

    Model 3 RWD: Frunk Replacement for more Storage

    This is a photo of a SR+ with the frunk tub removed. The front motor cavity is not easily accessible.
  20. todd2fst4u

    Front spoilers

  21. todd2fst4u

    No Tweeter for Model 3 on the dashboard?

  22. todd2fst4u

    Model Y door tweeters & center speaker(s)

    The door tweeters pull straight up to remove. There are 2 clips that hold it in. They are strong so you will have to pull pretty hard. To access the center tweeter you need to first remove the a pillar covers. Then the black mesh cover can be removed by pulling up.
  23. todd2fst4u

    Replacement subwoofer for MYP

  24. todd2fst4u

    Interior trim clip question

    EDGE CLIP,6MMX15,SOLID,POM 1496105-00-B
  25. todd2fst4u

    Front frunk basin clip number

    FRUNK-FENDER CLIP, ASY 1472872-00-C
  26. todd2fst4u

    Part number for felt cover on the front-underside of the car?

    Yes that is the part number for the plastic version. The felt version is 1104312-00-B.
  27. todd2fst4u

    Audio Help - what size capacitor for front tweeter

  28. todd2fst4u

    Tesla partnumber chrome trim

  29. todd2fst4u

    Air intake vent shaft missing parts to secure it to the vehicle chassis

  30. todd2fst4u

    Random car locking noises when at home?

    There is no sound when locking or unlocking, there is nothing physically moving. I would guess you are hearing the high voltage contractors open and closing as the car charges the 12v battery.
  31. todd2fst4u

    Can someone help me out with emblem placement measurements (pics inside)

    Here is a photo I took before removing my rear emblem.
  32. todd2fst4u

    My original tire has a little leak (tiny nail in the tire).Can I plug the tire?

  33. todd2fst4u

    can't re-connect emergency speaker after filter change

    The other similar connector would be the footwell light.
  34. todd2fst4u

    Where does this part belong? 1128968-00-C

    This piece is installed inside of the trunk lid interior trim handles. It gives your fingers something to grab on to.
  35. todd2fst4u

    Sunshade Melting Fastrak Transponder Glue

    I had the same issue, I replaced the included velcro with this. Haven’t had an issue since. Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3560, 0.5 in x 4 FT Sticky Back Hook and Loop Fasteners, Made of 3M Dual Lock: 1/2” x 4 FT, Clear https://a.co/d/f3KYaIT
  36. todd2fst4u

    Passenger door open from outside

    The doors are locked when in drive. You can click the lock icon at the top of the screen to unlock.
  37. todd2fst4u

    Glowing Climate icon

    It’s just a software bug in the app. Quit the app then reopen and it goes away.
  38. todd2fst4u

    Does anyone regret installing Light Harmonic speakers?

    I don’t agree, I think the light harmonic speakers are much better than OEM. I would suggest to playing with the EQ. If you are using the same settings as you were with the OEM speakers, it likely won’t sound good.
  39. todd2fst4u

    Tire Rotation, vague instructions.

    This is a little dated, Tesla now recommends rotation at 6,250 miles.

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