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  1. Lakeshow24

    She's Home

    did it come with the refresh/updates?
  2. Lakeshow24

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Does anyone know where i can get the Tsportline TST wheels without their logo? I like them but the logo on the lip is a bit much. Hopefully someone can help. Cheers!
  3. Lakeshow24

    Will Tesla Insurance follow suit with insurance fee partial refurns?

    I just got my refund by check for 3 months @20%.
  4. Lakeshow24

    H&R Lowering Springs

    Does anyone know if the springs sit the same for SR+ vs AWD vs P?
  5. Lakeshow24

    Review: Unplugged Performance Moderate Springs

    I am interested in the moderate springs but after reading reviews I am now unsure. On the upside it seems that Unplugged customer service is very responsive and their service is great. I may pull the trigger on a set of moderates. Going to keep reading reviews.
  6. Lakeshow24

    Will Tesla Insurance follow suit with insurance fee partial refurns?

    I’m still waiting for my credit as well...
  7. Lakeshow24

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I just bought an Samsung T5 SSD and I can’t seem to format it to Fat32. Can I just use it as exfat or ntfs?
  8. Lakeshow24

    Lowering Springs: TSportline vs Unplugged vs Eibach

    the decisions...hmmm leaning towards UP right now.
  9. Lakeshow24

    Calling all owners of a Black Model 3 ( Black Knights) Build Thread...

    I love my black car but I’m too old to join an internet gang.
  10. Lakeshow24

    Model 3 SR+ Mileage at Full Charge

    I’m going to go start another thread.
  11. Lakeshow24

    Model 3 SR+ Mileage at Full Charge

    Hi TMC, First off I drive a August 2019 build. I know there is battery degradation and I have never checked how many miles I get on a full charge so I decided to check on my app today and it seems I only get 222 miles to a full charge. Are other SR+ owners getting the same mileage?
  12. Lakeshow24

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    How do you soft reboot? Hold down the to steering wheel buttons?
  13. Lakeshow24

    Lowering the Model 3

    Now this is how you take a picture of lowering springs. Same perspective, good lighting, up close. I can appreciate this!
  14. Lakeshow24

    OPINION: Model 3 made in China better quality than USA built.

    I bet if someone else took a look at your car they would beg to differ. Mine was built August 2019 and I am noticing now that there are minor defects in the paint that I did not notice before. But I would have to say that the noise in the cabin isn't so bad as people claim it to be.
  15. Lakeshow24

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I wonder if the paint will still be Water based...
  16. Lakeshow24

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Nights Watch
  17. Lakeshow24

    Overpaid for FSD, No Early Access - Class Action Time?

    oh nooo another one of those "I feel ripped off" post. For me if it's not black and white on a contract then there is nothing you can do.
  18. Lakeshow24

    Rear row side window cleanly broke in half on 3 month old Model 3

    I hope everything was documented because this sounds highly suspect.
  19. Lakeshow24

    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    OMG another one of these "I feel ripped off threads."
  20. Lakeshow24

    Help Needed, How to file a complaint to Tesla

    i only have 1 question here. If the OP new of these "Serious" issues at delivery why did he accept it? He also seems to be aware of the quality issues when taking delivery. If you are not happy with the car I would just return it.
  21. Lakeshow24

    Trying to buy a Tesla Need some help !

    There is no "Good" months. What you see online is what you pay for a brand new car. If you want a DEMO or USED then it's a different story.
  22. Lakeshow24

    Trying to buy a Tesla Need some help !

    Yes they will
  23. Lakeshow24

    CA Rebate

    It's pretty clear that it says up to 90 days once approved. I don't understand the confusion.
  24. Lakeshow24

    We need an Autopilot Passcode Lock

    Uhh intersections do not have divider lines so that is why it tried to correct itself. Has nothing to do with glitches.
  25. Lakeshow24

    For anyone who thinks ceramic coating isn't worth it

    My ceramic coating does not bead like that!
  26. Lakeshow24

    Ceramic coating on OTHER things

    Never those about ceramic coating my shower door! I will need to try this and it will make good practice.
  27. Lakeshow24

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    Look at all these RUDE people. This is a Vendor post. If you don't like it don't buy it. Move on instead of bashing it and suggesting different items.
  28. Lakeshow24

    Sentry Mode USB flash drive failure costing me thousands

    I wonder if i'm the only person that does not use Sentry Mode or Dashcam....o_O
  29. Lakeshow24

    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    I stand corrected. I only have AP.
  30. Lakeshow24

    Game Controller - Cuphead

    Yes probably user error. It works perfect for me.
  31. Lakeshow24

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    LOL you purposely tied your dog to the car for this pic?
  32. Lakeshow24

    Game Controller - Cuphead

    Confirming the Logitech F310 works great.
  33. Lakeshow24

    Fender Camera Gap

  34. Lakeshow24

    Fender Camera Gap

    Hi guys, So I just did Chrome Delete and noticed the Fender camera is no longer flush with the fender. I am not sure if it’s the shop that did not put it back correctly or it was delivered like this and I never noticed. Can you guys check yours?
  35. Lakeshow24

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    debating if I should paint my calipers.
  36. Lakeshow24

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Chrome delete. Pic was taken with very little light. Pretty impressed with the new iphone.
  37. Lakeshow24


    he is banned. Sorry you guys that got scammed. Hopefully he gets what's coming to him.
  38. Lakeshow24

    Painted Aero covers. White and silver. See them here.

    That's a great IDEA with the front plates. I need to look into this. Sorry to get off topic.
  39. Lakeshow24

    Buy AutoPilot now...or Wait?

    I use it here and there and it is very reliable. I don't know why people are stating it is not. Buy AP if it's within your budget. I recommend it!
  40. Lakeshow24

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Yes but probably the Performance.
  41. Lakeshow24

    Post Something You Love About Your Tesla!

    Oh and how can I miss the FARTS!
  42. Lakeshow24

    Post Something You Love About Your Tesla!

    My list can go on and on but i'll keep it simple. Software updates. i have the SR+ so the V10 was a big jump for me. No dirty gas stations. Right now 91 octane is almost $5! And of course the instant Torque to overtake cars!
  43. Lakeshow24

    How are you hanging your UMC charging cable? Post it!

    This part where the Tesla lights up.
  44. Lakeshow24

    How are you hanging your UMC charging cable? Post it!

    The way the Tesla light part is hanging it giving me anxiety. You can buy one of the hooks like mine.
  45. Lakeshow24

    How are you hanging your UMC charging cable? Post it!

    if this real or photoshopped? Pretty cool.
  46. Lakeshow24

    if Supercharging was free...How much would you use it? Battery health concern

    It's a nice perk to have but I would rather just charge it at home overnight. But if I did have it I would probably use it once a week like on a weekend.
  47. Lakeshow24

    How are you hanging your UMC charging cable? Post it!

    Nothing fancy here. Just a couple of hooks from home depot.

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