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  1. dustinfl

    Price Reduction on S and X

    Yeah, sometimes the changes / features won't even show up. The previous car I drove had a huge interior design refresh that was only available in China.
  2. dustinfl

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Wow, I wonder if it would be the same for my P100D. I'm about to do tires, alignment, and the N2itive install, so this is definitely helpful to see. I'm not trying to go THAT low lol.
  3. dustinfl

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Awesome, those blacked out internals are what I've been looking for. I'll give 'em a buzz. Thank you!
  4. dustinfl

    Are camber correction kits worth it?

    On my car, it's setting the lowering speed to "Always", lol. It's weird because it seems like it could be talking about how fast the car will lower itself. But it's really to set the speed at which the car should be traveling in order to automatically lower the car. And of course, "always" and...
  5. dustinfl

    Replacement Tyres for Model S

    Was there a reason for the recommendation besides the price? I don't have experience with that specific tire, unfortunately. But that was definitely my price range when I was in High School lol A tire that I might have chosen when I was 18 years old (because it was all I could afford) would...
  6. dustinfl

    Rear Camber arms option - Hardrace

    Thank you for sharing this, it seems like something that could fly under the radar pretty easily if we're trying to get them installed too quickly.
  7. dustinfl

    aiming headlights?

  8. dustinfl

    aiming headlights?

    You can aim them with a hex wrench. All you have to do is unscrew / remove the frunk's trim toward the front, and you'll have access to the top / back of the light. There will be a hole giving you access to the adjuster that your hex wrench will go into.
  9. dustinfl

    Wheel locks on the 21”…

    Gotcha, I see where you're coming from. That seems like a problem that I wouldn't want to deal with either. When I was a teenager, my friends got around a lock once by snatching the wheel off with a truck. I might still have the video. Obviously that's not an ideal solution for anyone, but...
  10. dustinfl

    Wheel locks on the 21”…

    Why wouldn't I just do whatever the thief would do if it breaks? And what would cause it to break in the first place?
  11. dustinfl

    Wheel locks on the 21”…

    Great, that's what I want for the thief! All these headaches with regard to wheel locks aren't helping any argument against them tbh. Everyone makes it sound like they're a massive undertaking for the owner and any tire shop that works on the car, yet thieves somehow just noclip their way into...
  12. dustinfl

    Wheel locks on the 21”…

    I mean, not being able to get the wheel off sounds like a great theft deterrent
  13. dustinfl

    Nightmare Tesla experience- all from a flat tire

    Look similar to the locks I bought from Tesla. Here's a pic and the part number FWIW.
  14. dustinfl

    Two month old Model S refresh might be totaled, will insurance pay for a new one?

    It looks totaled to me. In my experience, I've only been paid the value of the car - no tax reimbursement.
  15. dustinfl

    Anyone interested in the Tesla Service Manual in PDF?

    Oh, I'm definitely interested.
  16. dustinfl

    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    The release notes mentioned said "controls > software", so I was looking for a software section under controls, lol. I ended up using the Toybox instead, but when I saw your pic I took a look and it's available where you're showing it as well. Thanks.
  17. dustinfl

    MCU2 upgrade install delayed for months, Parts backordered or what?

    My last appointment from the app let me select the SC, so I could pick based on distance or wait time.
  18. dustinfl

    Wiki Matrix LED Headlights Retrofit Journey

    Thanks for the update! It'll be interesting to see what the refresh² lights are doing behind the scenes.
  19. dustinfl

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    Definitely helpful to see that it sort of bends for the refresh models. For comparison, this is how it fits in my car.
  20. dustinfl

    Wiki Matrix LED Headlights Retrofit Journey

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Good luck.
  21. dustinfl

    Gambled and won??

    It'll be interesting to see the numbers with the new wheels
  22. dustinfl

    How's V11 on the "Legacy" Model S?

    I've gotten used to it. If you're wanting to use voice commands, I think you'll be fine.
  23. dustinfl

    FL Registration Question

    Yeah, they'll give you a paper registration. I'm from FL and I got one. If your expiration date is in May, you probably won't have to go to the DMV for anything once its all said and done.
  24. dustinfl

    My Tesla S P85d nightmare. I don't think I ever want another tesla ever again and want to get rid of this junk asap

    For future reference, a clean title doesn't mean no accidents. It just means the car has never been declared a total loss. As I'm sure you've realized though, an accident-free car isn't necessarily a damage-free car. Abuse or neglect by the owner, vandalism, small children, big smelly dogs...
  25. dustinfl

    Plaid Track Mode is Amazing!

    Good to know I'm not the only one! I love seeing this type of stuff.
  26. dustinfl

    Why no Holiday Update for pre 2021 Model S?

    The "hold" indicator only began to grab my attention while using the new dark mode during the day, lol. Obv that's because dark mode applies a black background to the cluster during the day. But it's like, whose idea was it to give it a grey background during the day in the first place...
  27. dustinfl

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    I'm grateful for this as well! Def an unfortunate time of year to deploy that particular change, but it's nice to not have to worry about that anymore.
  28. dustinfl

    Why no Holiday Update for pre 2021 Model S?

    This is pretty wild. On one hand - 12 out of 19 brand new features on my 2017 Tesla is awesome. But on a 2021, I mean... I don't even know what to say. I'm seeing people angrily posting how much they paid for their new Model S / X a year ago and there's like this new mentality forming in my...
  29. dustinfl

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    TikTok should be pretty sweet on the vertical screen.

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