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  1. D

    CCS retrofit service center availability for 2018 Model S?

    I just had my 2017 Model X (previously upgraded to HW3) upgraded to CCS. The Tesla mobile technician drove an hour to my house and installed the hardware and adjusted the configuration. The price was $485 with the adapter included. He said it was the first time he’s installed it. I’m going to...
  2. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    All of the Florence superchargers are down right now from the storms last night.
  3. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    My car shows this Supercharger as unavailable but the charging works. Getting 80kW
  4. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    That’s great news- thanks
  5. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    Just stopped by- still no power.
  6. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    It looks complete, but not functional yet.☹️
  7. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    looks like slow progress...
  8. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    Beautiful day, but no change.
  9. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    Yes - very easy from Turway Rd Exit on I-71/75.
  10. D

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    Frey electric is working in the cold today. Looks like 12 chargers? Great location.
  11. D

    Model 3 AC only works on "LO" temperature setting

    Our model 3 had same problem. Service center replaced a part and fixed it.
  12. D

    Trimming down the Card Key?

    That's really cool. Might get some acetone.
  13. D

    Trimming down the Card Key?

    The card has an antenna loop around the perimeter. Found image someone had created itit.Doubt 'll still work correctly if it's cut. Maybe could solder a smaller loop back together?
  14. D

    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    200 deaths/year Redirect Notice
  15. D

    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    US doesn't require trailer side guards like Europe. Hundreds have died as a result.
  16. D

    Why would someone choose a Polestar 2 over a Model 3?

    Will Polestar be the first Chinese owned and China manufactured auto brand in US? They probably won't market it as such. Tesla's Chinese factory will be running in a few years GM was ahead of it's time manufacturing in China for US market.
  17. D

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Those look nice!
  18. D


    Surprised too. usb-c came on our new Jeep Wrangler JL.
  19. D

    Why is Rivian so inefficient?

    If Rivian can produce the truck with a 250 mile range real range (like a 100D), I'd be glad to buy one for a similar price. Love the utility of the design. I don't see the similarity of the model X and the outback.
  20. D

    Iron remover for paint

    I used it after clay bar on white MS. Amazing how much iron was still embedded. Worked great. Need to wax or ceramic after use.
  21. D

    Tesla as a 1st car?

    Got my son m3 for 1st car - perfect. He loves it. Safest car out there.
  22. D

    Couple questions..

    Also, an electric pickup would need a much bigger battery to be useful. Probably twice as big.Battery is very expensive. Pickups are by their nature not as aerodynamic as sedans/SUVs, and towing absolutely KILLS the range.
  23. D

    Cold. Cold. Cold. Strange / Interesting screen reading.

    The design of that superbottle is amazing. Comparing that compact packaging to the mess under the hood of the Mercedes EQC is telling.
  24. D

    Cold. Cold. Cold. Strange / Interesting screen reading.

    Not sure what was going on with your display. The motor can't spin without driving the car -the transmission has one gear that is always engaged.
  25. D

    How good (or bad) is the old Mobileye AP

    We have both AP 1 & 2. I prefer AP 1 , but they're very close. Our X with AP2 will kick me off for not enough wheel pressure even at times when I have both hands on the wheel. Very annoying. Theoretically AP 2 will get a lot better, but not sure that I'd spend extra money for this unknown...
  26. D

    After 4 years of ownership do you plan to keep your tesla ?

    when I bought my Tesla 3 years ago I thought I might wind up with a another car about now, but there's nothing else that is coming out I want. I think I'll just probably wind up keeping a Tesla for six to eight years. The other car manufactures are slow coming up with anything exciting.
  27. D

    Audi E-Tron GT Versus Tesla Model S: By The Numbers

    Porsche's largest selling vehicle in the US is the Macan, which has a base price of $47,800. Very similar price-wise to the current Model 3. Porsche's become largely an SUV/sedan company with halo sports cars in the US. Quite a change from when I was younger -only 2-door sports cars then...
  28. D

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    Duke has about 6 trucks and men working this morning.
  29. D

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    Contractors were working today.
  30. D

    Tinting for M X. Any good source for windshield tinting?

    I had my S windshield tinted locally in Cincinnati, but no one would do our X (too big). I went to Columbus. Company below did a great job. They get supercars in from all over the country. If you can't find someone closer to Chicago, give them a call. ESOTERIC - Fine Auto Finishing 9801...
  31. D

    Tesla Model 3 Performance vs BMW M3 - The Mic Drop

    I had this same situation at my in-laws' place. Ii could make it there and back, but driving around much wouldn't work well. So I spent a couple hundred and put a 14-50 in their garage. Problem solved. Those places are still out there, but are getting fewer and fewer with time.
  32. D

    A.M. Radio

    Agree. Wish Tesla would continue am radio. I'm not sure what the reason is for getting rid of it --- sounds fine in our MS, but they've killed it in the X & M3.
  33. D

    Knee Airbags

    Just curious - how do you check for knee airbags?
  34. D

    MotorTrend article: Tesla Model 3 vs I-pace vs Alfa Romeo Guilia Q...

    I'm no expert, but I think it takes control away from the driver. When you let off of the brake, you don't want it to continue to brake. Might be wrong, but I doubt there are race cars set up to automatically start braking when the foot comes off the gas. I also think the regen braking is more...
  35. D

    MotorTrend article: Tesla Model 3 vs I-pace vs Alfa Romeo Guilia Q...

    Good article. Why didn't they turn off regen ? That'd have to screw up track time a bit.
  36. D

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Dolores, Mulva and Sully
  37. D

    Handbrake, Drifting in future?

    That's awesome. Love if Tesla had that ability!
  38. D

    Was your delivery date accurate?

    Our model 3 was delayed 5 days. They said the semi truck broke down.
  39. D

    Handbrake, Drifting in future?

    The P3D+ drifting I've seen are very mild. I was talking about serious drifting. Like this
  40. D

    Handbrake, Drifting in future?

    Watching Ken Block videos, I would think an electric rear drive car could be perfect for Drifting if the software was optimized for it. Assume a handbrake or similar control would have to be added. The software could control the max wheel rpm. Will Tesla ever persue such a track mode?
  41. D

    Spare tire?

    Wow that is a great looking spare kit. That'd be nice to travel with.
  42. D

    110V Charging basics

    I don't think you'll have any issues with the battery with what you described. Another way to think about charging small amounts on 110V : when you're driving the car, the battery is constantly charging in small amounts on regen over and over again with no problems.
  43. D

    Model S Outdoor car cover

    Daily car cover use is a complete pain outdoors. I tried using a cover previously. Wouldn't recommend it. The car and the cover need to be clean. If not, you can damage your paint. If it's windy, it becomes a 2 person job. Securing it isn't always easy -some have ties,some...
  44. D

    Windshield Tint Installer Cincinnati Region?

    I went with Esoteric and got it done yesterday. Looks great. They aren't cheap but saw them doing some fantastic work on a variety of dream cars. Thanks for the recommendation.
  45. D

    Help identify this sound!

    I would try higher octane gas and see if the knocking stops.:D
  46. D

    Tesla worker filmed sleeping while on autopilot

    At least we know it wasn't caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty exhaust.
  47. D

    Tesla worker filmed sleeping while on autopilot

    Could be sleeping. Could also have lost consciousness due to medical condition - hypoglycemia, seizure, syncope, etc. Normally, this causes people to wreck their car. Also see this with heroin overdose, alcohol intoxication, etc - which obviously kills tens of thousands a year. Hope the...
  48. D

    175 lb trunk weight limit??

    The limit isn't for the entire trunk -the manual reads: " Caution: To avoid damage, never load more than 175 lbs (80 kg) on the rear load floor (above the lower trunk compartment) or more than 130 lbs (60 kg) in the lower trunk compartment. Doing so can cause damage." So you can put 130lb in...
  49. D

    250kW Superchargers vs 350/400kW fast chargers

    I might be making a mistake, but if the Mission E had a 200 kWh pack, & claims it can charge 80 percent in 15 minutes, that's 160 kWh delivered in 15 minutes! Or a rate of 640 kW/h. At 800V, it'd also be running at 800 amps. Did I screw that math up somewhere? I hope they can do it.

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