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  1. Kilotango74

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    Do you get a warning of they are low, or only of one tire is significantly lower than the rest?
  2. Kilotango74

    10/10/2021 Is anyone seeing Storm Watch activated?

    I have been on Storm Watch since this am. High wind advisory starting tomorrow at 11. 93571.
  3. Kilotango74

    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    Where do you log onto to see that info
  4. Kilotango74

    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    That is a great reference. Thanks. Makes me wonder why they sell larger systems if the max you can produce is 7.7.
  5. Kilotango74

    Weird noise from passenger rear wheel area solved

    Not only did it not drop offline immediately, it still fed me pressure data up until i aired up the tire. Over a month at least. The day i aired the tires it went offline in the TPMS system. I was actually impressed it was still feeding data to the system.
  6. Kilotango74

    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    Wait……ok i think i understand. The max the batteries can take is around 7.7, and since i cant push to the grid it clips it at that point. That makes sense.
  7. Kilotango74

    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    So it is a 12.25 system with one powerwall and one powwervall+. No I do not have PTO, but am on self consumption only with the new powerwall+ setup. Once the battereis are full the solar production drops to only what the house requires. All that i understand. What i dont understand is why i...
  8. Kilotango74

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Yep. No email yet. But i just passed inspection 8 days ago so…….
  9. Kilotango74

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    How did you know when Tesla submitted? I was assuming they have already done that but now I wonder
  10. Kilotango74

    Weird noise from passenger rear wheel area solved

    So had a strange noise at speeds below 5 mph only coming from the rear passenger wheel area. Thought it was a sone behind the brake shield. Then after a few months of having the sound got a warning from the TPMS. No pressure reading from rear passenger tire. Turns out when Costco repaired the...
  11. Kilotango74

    [ I dont like the] Model 3 (wood trim)

    Yeah its not fake wood. Almost worried about splinters, but I love it to much to care.
  12. Kilotango74

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Anyone have experience with SCE PTO times. I have a install with a powerwall+ so i can at least use the solar but no pushing to the grid. Love the system ao far.
  13. Kilotango74

    4,700 miles on my Model 3 and my tires are on the wear bar

    Im at almost 19k in my performance Model3 on original tires. Probably about 5k to go.
  14. Kilotango74

    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    So recently had system installed. 12.25 with a powerwall and a powerwall +. The system gets to exactly 7.7kwh every day at peak production but goes no further. I know the system is not expected to produce 12.25, but to go to 7.7 everyday and no further is weird. I also understand that in self...
  15. Kilotango74

    PPF recommendations in LA area

    Cant remember exact cost as it was almost 2 yrs ago now. I know it was over 5k, but i also had a ceramic coating applied as well. Go over to their website and contact them. They will send you an up to date price list for all their services.
  16. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth satin finish PPF easy to maintain ?

    Personally i have not used ONR, but i have ceramic coating and it seems to help alot
  17. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth satin finish PPF easy to maintain ?

    Xpel stealth ppf, shine supply bead maker ceramic coating and also shine supply punch-it and throttle alternated every other wash
  18. Kilotango74

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    So is the powerwall+ optional, the new standard,…….or what. I see no way to select when ordering. I have a recent order for a 12.25 system w/2 powerwalls. Will i be switched to the powerwall+?
  19. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth satin finish PPF easy to maintain ?

    Over a year now and i still love my Matte
  20. Kilotango74

    Want Chrome - - Undelete ! ?

    Yeah no kidding. Anyone with factor blacked out trim that wants chrome come get mine. I would gladly trade.
  21. Kilotango74

    Nomad Wireless Charger

    Have had my Nomad for a year now. No issues, use it every day.
  22. Kilotango74

    First repair. Need a new tire

    Picked up a nail. Went through and punctured sidewall
  23. Kilotango74

    Former muscle car owner - thoughts and opinions

    I have thought about this and its down to either a Backdraft racing Cobra replica, or a first gen Bronco. I had a ‘69 Half-cab Bronco and its the only vehicle that i ever regret selling. I would not get rid of the Tesla, just something to wrench on over the weekend and take to car shows every...
  24. Kilotango74

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 20 V3 stalls)

    Yeah dont think this is going to open before my referral miles expire on the 27th. But still excited
  25. Kilotango74

    Tesla: please enable "I am being pulled over" mode.

    Man i wish i could just read about cars on a car forum.
  26. Kilotango74

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 20 V3 stalls)

    How many chargers is this supposed to have?
  27. Kilotango74

    Walkaway lock at home ... I don’t want it

    As i always park in my garage this is a welcome feature, if you park outside I guess you just don't enable this option or (Gasp) you lock your doors yourself.
  28. Kilotango74

    Wrapped center console in Alcantara

    Looks like the inside of a car belonging to Austin Powers.....yeah baby.......also reminds me of people putting shag carpet in their bathroom.
  29. Kilotango74

    Any pics of "Tesla's Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps" on performance dark grey 20's?

    You mean like the first picture in the very first post?
  30. Kilotango74

    No Tesla Solar Glass for Minnesota ?

    You guys get sun up there? Its kinda mandatory for solar power you know.;)
  31. Kilotango74

    Installed side convex mirrors with LED blinkers

    To bad those don't tie into the side monitoring.
  32. Kilotango74

    Help with a Bad PPT Install

    Yeah thats a screaming deal alright. I be screaming at the top of my lungs.
  33. Kilotango74

    Help! Rear Tint Question

    Thats BS. My local shop defiantly can do the rear glass in one piece with crystalline. They must not have that size and don’t want your business enough to order it.
  34. Kilotango74

    Matte PPF/Window Tint/Chrome Delete in Utah

    Best look in my opinion! Except i dont have chrome delete......yet
  35. Kilotango74

    Best Pandemic Car....Period

    Man somebody’s irritable from quarantine.
  36. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    Yes its a bit more expensive because the shop has to wrap corners with stealth. Standard templates dont always cover everything and the edges would stand out. I made sure i had the money saved up for this before i ordered.
  37. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    I love how stealth makes the metallic in the paint pop. Before white became the free color MSM and stealth was the way i was going to go. Looks great
  38. Kilotango74

    Tesla App - Face ID (allow face recognition...)

    How is someone going to hack my face. And why would they go through the trouble. Its not like my phone controls nuclear launch codes.
  39. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    Much better
  40. Kilotango74

    Tinting in Socal

    Just had mine done at Autoskinz in Valencia. $806 for the four door windows and rear at 25% and the windshield at 70%. 3m IR Ceramic.
  41. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    Stock performance 20’ wheels.
  42. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    Thanks. Just picked up from tint job. Will post better pictures when i wash tomorrow. Right its like a insect mass murder crime scene
  43. Kilotango74

    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    Yes. My pearl white with stealth
  44. Kilotango74

    Continual Bluetooth disconnects!

    I have done that twice and it has popped up several times since. Very randomly and not very often though.
  45. Kilotango74

    How ???

    Picture was taken a split second before smashing through that wall because of “unintentional acceleration. Although the speed limit in your garage is 70 so at least your not speeding. Lol Plus your car doesn’t even see that stop sign thats right there. Obviously defective.
  46. Kilotango74

    Sunshade for Windshield

    Had one of these for my *cough* Prius. Plan to order one here shortly for the Model 3.
  47. Kilotango74

    Continual Bluetooth disconnects!

    Its not one particular phone or just related to 2020.12.5. Do a search this has been an issue since they “improved” bluetooth a few updates ago. I get this every so often and a reboot on the car always fixes it. Just irritating it keeps popping up. Bluetooth Phone Connectivity Barely Works...

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