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  1. Jellus

    [UK] 2023.2.x

    What's that?
  2. Jellus

    [UK] 2023.2.x

    Apparenlty driver profiles also lost.
  3. Jellus

    [UK] 2023.2.x

    Just installed 223.2.12 and all my settings were lost (phone access) and now my car thinks it's parked at Tesla HQ in California, and it's apparently 1:40am.
  4. Jellus

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Scratch that. My Go renewal price has jumped to match. So I guess Intelligent is the way to go, then.
  5. Jellus

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    My Go expires next month. Being quoted 35p/kWh peak to renew Go, vs 40p/kWh peak for Intelligent. I don't think the extra off-peak hours will make up for the higher peak cost of Intelligent. I very rarely need more than 4 hours of car charging, so I'm going to stick with Go.
  6. Jellus

    [UK] 2021.24

    I was hoping "Remain connected to WiFi in Drive" meant in your driveway. Mine keeps forgetting the Wifi password every few days.
  7. Jellus

    Just been invoiced 18 months after a warranty repair.

    I received a payment reminder for an invoice dated November 2019 (which I never received!) and they want to charge me £87 for fixing a squeaky steering column. See attached screenshot. Cheeky buggers! This repair was carried out just a few months after I received the vehicle, and only now 18...
  8. Jellus

    London to Orkney, and most of the NC500, in a Tesla Model 3

    I'm glad you went to Orkney. Having grown up there, I heartily recommend it! Nice photos of Birsay and Stenness. :)
  9. Jellus

    Scotland road trip

    If you're going to Fort William, be sure to head west a bit along the A830 (Glenfinnan, Arisaig, Morar, Mallaig). It is stunning.
  10. Jellus

    Andersen A2

    I had a mixed experience with my A2. Had it for about a year now. When it arrived, there were scratches and paint bubbles on the front plate, which the installer logged and I contacted support about. I also could never get the phone app to recognise my charger. It worked fine as a dumb charger...
  11. Jellus

    Spotify weirdness since the 44.10.1 update

    Could it be that the songs your daughter likes all just sound the same?
  12. Jellus

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    If you (as an artist) want a gap between two of the songs on your album, you can put it there. It's your album, you can make it sound however you want. What you don't want is dumb crappy audio players sticking extra gaps between your songs when there was supposed to be no gap. Imagine a live...
  13. Jellus

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Playing songs without an (unintended) gap between them. The way it sounds when you play an LP, cassette, or CD. So if you're playing an album, the songs will flow smoothly from one to the next exactly as the artist intended.
  14. Jellus

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Gapless playback working beautifully.
  15. Jellus

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    Volvo V70. Still got it, although these days we only use it for occasional long trips or taking the dog places. Things I miss about the Volvo: 500+ mile range. Enormous boot. Roof rack. Not caring about the interior getting filthy with mud, sand, and dog hair. Happily bouncing along country...
  16. Jellus

    Tesla Glasgow

    Personally I was hoping for Hillington/Braehead, alongside all the other luxury dealerships there (Infiniti recently pulled out leaving one empty). But this'll do, I suppose!
  17. Jellus

    Is anyone completely happy with their M3?

    99% happy. Gripes: The new £10/month connectivity fee. Spotify doesn't support gapless playback. Got a couple of nasty stone ships in the front, which I tried to fix up myself and I made an arse of it. OK, this one's not Tesla's fault.
  18. Jellus

    M3 insurance renewal price hike

    Meerkat quoted £609 with Admiral, so I phoned Churchill to threaten to leave, and they magically applied a loyalty discount to bring my renewal quote down from £720 to £570. That makes it a nice easy decision! In fairness to Churchill, they did also give me a £40 rebate a month or two back to...
  19. Jellus

    M3 insurance renewal price hike

    Had my M3 since August last year. Insurance with Churchill was £680. Just got the renewal notice, and it's jumped to £720. No claims or anything else which I'd expect to have an adverse effect. Eek! Time to start looking around.
  20. Jellus

    London to Scotland Road Trip

    It's Lomond, not Lommond, BTW. :D
  21. Jellus

    West of Scotland / Outer Hebrides road trip in a Tesla

    Just back from a week in St Andrews and we used the CPS chargers in one of the (deserted) university car parks, just a couple of minutes' walk from the town centre. There's also a Tesla supercharger just 20 minutes away in Dundee.
  22. Jellus

    So What Do We Think Of The Polestar 2?

    Oh dear. From the side it looks like a Saab. Bleurgh.
  23. Jellus

    New Owner - Is Spotify Free???

    No, it costs £50k but you get a nice car with it.
  24. Jellus

    Chargeplace Scotland - App or RFID card?

    It is on the route if you're starting from Orkney! Me too. :)
  25. Jellus

    How big is the screen wash bottle on a model 3?

    Maybe it's the LR variant that has higher screen wash capacity.
  26. Jellus

    How big is the screen wash bottle on a model 3?

    I poured most of a 5L bottle into mine. The remainder splashed all over the inner surface , thankfully avoiding the open frunk. What an awkward position for the opening, miles away from the nearest edge...
  27. Jellus

    Energy Savings Trust loan for Model 3

    No, you have to supply proof of purchase once you've received the car. Otherwise they will seek to recover the loan from you.
  28. Jellus

    Superchargers being increased in Scotland

    What's open in Aviemore at 7am? When I drive up the A9 I normally leave very early in the morning, and in my ICE car I would stop at Ralia which has 24 hour toilets and the cafe opens at 8 for a nice cup of tea. Sadly Ralia has no charger though!
  29. Jellus

    Cheapest charging on the go in UK

    All the ChargePlaceScotland chargers in... ermm... Scotland are free. (Subject to registration, and an optional £20 RFID card.)
  30. Jellus

    One pedal driving

    I find myself using the brakes quite a lot at the moment. Freezing cold weather means the regen takes ages to become useful.
  31. Jellus

    Attempted burglary -- targeted because of Model 3?

    As long as you don't mind hackers scaring your kids, etc. Ring’s new security ‘control center’ isn’t nearly enough – TechCrunch
  32. Jellus

    Attempted burglary -- targeted because of Model 3?

    That's quite an invitation.
  33. Jellus

    Invoices for supercharging in Tesla Account Error

    VAT invoices are only legally required if both parties are VAT registered. Curious to know if people on this thread experiencing the problem are actually VAT registered?
  34. Jellus

    Anderson A2 Charger

    I have an Andersen A2. It looks nice. It works fine as a dumb charger. I have never managed to get the app to connect to it to play with the "smart" features, not that I particularly need them. The front panel of mine was damaged when it arrived (some scratches and bubbles on the paint), and...
  35. Jellus

    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    Yep, it's an Andersen A2, charging at 32A.
  36. Jellus

    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    Octopus Go is working very nicely for me.
  37. Jellus

    Are smart charge points worth having?

    I got the Andersen A2 smart charger purely for aesthetic reasons, and at the moment it's operating in Dumb mode because I couldn't be bothered setting it up and linking it to the phone app. Maybe I'll get round to it one day, but at the moment I'm happy enough with it just being a dumb charger.
  38. Jellus

    2019.40.2.1 now available in UK

    Sometimes the auto wipers work fine. But other times I've been driving through torrential rain at night and the wipers haven't so much as twitched without manual intervention.
  39. Jellus

    Check your v5 on model 3

    My P- is described as MODEL 3 PERFORMANCE AWD 4 DOOR SALOON which is correct.
  40. Jellus

    Who said Tesla’s don’t have engines?

    I booked a regular service centre appointment, and they got in touch a couple of days later to tell me they'd send the mobile engineer round to my house instead. I'm in Renfrewshire; I was booked into the Edinburgh SC.
  41. Jellus

    Who said Tesla’s don’t have engines?

    I had a mobile service appointment today to sort a squeaky steering column. Kept me informed, arrived on time, very pleasant and helpful, asked if there was anything else he could help with. Very positive experience.
  42. Jellus

    EV Parking Etiquette

    Charging points are there to be used, so use them. That's literally what they're for. Every 30 minutes you spend charging is 30 minutes less you'll have to spend next time. It all evens out in the end.
  43. Jellus

    Superchargers - Scotland

    Glasgow would be a much more sensible location than Edinburgh for the Irish market too, it's much nearer the ferries.
  44. Jellus

    Less regen since 2019.36.2.1

    Mystery solved, then. :)
  45. Jellus

    Autosteer on motorway = great. Autosteer on A road = dangerous?

    It's already better at understanding and communicating with humans than I am. :D
  46. Jellus

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Send me a referral please.
  47. Jellus

    Road Trip From North West England to Scotland

    BTW the most beautiful stretch of road in the country is the Road to the Isles: the A830 from Fort William to Mallaig.
  48. Jellus

    Road Trip From North West England to Scotland

    This might be of interest: The Tesla Model 3 and the Scottish Highland Adventure
  49. Jellus

    Airport Parking and charging

    I did this recently with Skyport at Glasgow Airport. They have four charging bays (Rolec), I just drove into one of them and plugged in, and left it for a week. The airport shuttle bus takes 5 minutes. The whole process worked well; I would do it again. I had pre-booked an electric car charging...
  50. Jellus

    Getting to Tesla Newbridge (Edinburgh) by public transport?

    May not help the OP, but for the benefit of future readers coming from the West, I got the Citylink bus from Glasgow and got off at this stop. Then it was a 10 minute walk over the footbridge and past McDonalds.

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