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  1. labmixz

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    I really need to get around to buying the rear & side skirts, waiting on that quarterly bonus money 🤪
  2. labmixz

    Smoked headlights??

    I bought the xpel cutouts from RPMTesla, though in the picture it looks a bit cloudy because this was after a 800mi drive, it was a bit dirty at that time.
  3. labmixz

    Good polish compound for a light door scratch

    I had my car detailed awhile back and the detailer scratched the trunk somehow, didn't notice till he left. Anyhow, I got some of the Chemical Guys Scratch and Swirl Remover and it worked great.
  4. labmixz

    PSA: Avoid buying wheel & Tire Combos

    Sure, but incorrect balancing of the wheels can happen at any tire shop as well. Which was my point.
  5. labmixz

    PSA: Avoid buying wheel & Tire Combos

    Wheels get balanced per wheel, they don't balance them to the car. So, what you mentioned makes no sense. Furthermore if the vendor is stating it's the car and you went to a tire shop, had them balance the wheels and give you the specs of what weights they added/remove to each wheel to make them...
  6. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    If you mentioned the word "retrofit" in your initial message, then that's your issue. You need to clearly state you want these three parts, which are not VIN locked. That's it, any more information and they'll probably say no.
  7. labmixz

    Teslas - Family /w Teenagers

    1. Key card linked to a driver profile, is ideal. 2. Set a speed limiter as well, the speed limiter can only be taken off with a pass-code. In setting this think about where they should be going, i.e. if they're driving on the highway at all, set it to be within the highway speeds (etc). My...
  8. labmixz

    Tesla Insurance

    Last I looked into this, Tesla itself hasn't sad anything about it being available (that I'm aware of). Just they filed the paperwork with the state, which is how news sites got the information. Based on said documentation it would allow Tesla Insurance to "start as early as 10/20/2022"...
  9. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    It quiets the overall cabin a lot.
  10. labmixz

    MYP Front Splitter Pic Thread

    Finally got around to actually installing the Adro front lip and had the car detailed. (Pics turned out a little darker and shinier than I expected, but it's good enough for now.)
  11. labmixz

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    What size wheels are those? btw, I see that E46 sitting there in the background looking all beautiful ;) I do miss mine...
  12. labmixz

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    🤔 so tempting to get the sides, now that I got the front.
  13. labmixz

    Preventing Hansshow 9” Display & similar products from bouncing & making noise

    While, I don't own any of the Hansshow displays, I would think using some neoprene foam strips should do the trick. Though I would definitely measure how much of a thickness you need. There's a wide variety of thicknesses on Amazon (here's an example, https://a.co/6MkwYo0), I've used neoprene in...
  14. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    I might have left a plastic pry somewhere in one the panels, I haven't found it since... I know I lost a couple of those tiny white clips, of which I think I heard an awkward rattle last night. Any case, I ordered some of those white clips from Amazon (https://a.co/0CfeaQD), because I'm ocd...
  15. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    Finally got everything installed... only took 2 months and 2 days to get all the parts, for about an hour install -__- Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but an impact wrench for loosening the seat belt bolts made things extremely easy. Used some loctite 243 and torqued the bolts to 30lbs.
  16. labmixz

    MYP Front Splitter Pic Thread

    lol, yea, exactly why I'm putting ppf on it, ha...
  17. labmixz

    MYP Front Splitter Pic Thread

    gonna cheat as it's not actually on the car yet (you can see it kind of hanging forwards). waiting to get it PPF'd before I put it on the car (no way I'm not PPF'ing this). Ardo Front Lip, still debating on the side skirts atm.
  18. labmixz

    What is this thing that looks like a huge key?

    Considering most vehicles have came with a tow hook for the last 20+ years (outside of trucks or jeeps), Maybe you could help yourself and learn a little by taking the time actually read the manual. As you seem to be a bit behind the times or ignorant (which is kind of displayed by not wanting...
  19. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    After getting pushed back 4x, I finally got *some* of the parts. I got the left pillar and shelf, but the right pillar was still being shipped. Then the person at the service center marked it as completed and they closed the request. So, now I'm waiting on them to look at the new request and...
  20. labmixz

    Retrofit Texas MY parcel sherlf

    I think I've gotten a new ETA 3x now on getting the parts. Slightly annoying to say the least. Here I was all happy they didn't give me any crap about ordering the parts, but a month later still no parts 😞.
  21. labmixz

    Need help isolating rattle

    I've got a weird rattle on the passenger side. I'm about to put in a service appointment for it, but haven't yet. From what I've noticed it's between the passenger door armrest and the pillar. Putting some foam between that gap stops the rattle. So, awkward, but today I'm fairly certain I...
  22. labmixz

    Side mirror carbon fiber cap.

    I can take one, might be a bit dirty though ;) I'll try to in a few.
  23. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    still waiting on my parts as well, they didn't have them on the 12th, now are saying the 18th, so hopefully soon.
  24. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    I've got a MYP 2021 (Fremont), I'm picking up my parts on the 12th. I will be installing them (or attempting to?) that day, so I should have some details on that coming by end of the week. Granted, this is of course if they actually got the parts in, I haven't heard anything from them after I...
  25. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    I set the appointment for two weeks out, I figured that would give them enough time to get all the parts in. Would be nice if they got them in sooner in the SC gave me a call or message through the app.
  26. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    ha, I thought the same thing! I put in the notes that I didn't really need an appointment, after they gave me the estimate I thought they would cancel the appointment and just let me know when the parts are in, but so far they've kept the appointment.
  27. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    Yea, installing it myself. Parts get shipped to the service center.
  28. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    They just sent me over an estimate totaling $215 ($200 in parts and $15 in taxes), no questions or anything. 👍👍👍
  29. labmixz

    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    @DealMasterMike glad to see this worked out well! I've been following this and I just submitted my request to Tesla Service. Hopefully my service center won't be jerks, I don't see why they would. I did notate in my request that the requested parts are not VIN restricted, lol.
  30. labmixz

    Side mirror carbon fiber cap.

    RPMTesla's Carbon Fiber overlays are still real C/F... while I would also prefer a full replacement, I've had these on my car for almost a year and no complaints...
  31. labmixz

    Shanghai and Berlin have nicer interiors

    Everything is painted on my MYP '21... I'd definitely be talking with Tesla if yours isn't...
  32. labmixz

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    @tom @ eas would it be possible to get a top-down view of the side skirts? Also, definitely interested when non-full kits are inbound, should I go ahead and message you about that or wait?
  33. labmixz

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    Finally a front lip and rear that I love! I'd definitely be down for a front lip, rear, and maybe the side's. I would like to see some real-world pictures of the sides on the car. Don't need the spoiler.
  34. labmixz

    Charging pad & iPhone 13 mini; measurements on charging coil/MagSafe alignment? 3D print spacer for tray

    Any chance of sharing some of the STL's ? I wouldn't mind doing this project for my MYP.
  35. labmixz

    Homelink for Model Y - Is it worth it?

    For me, yes, I love never having to touch my garage door controls or having a fugly garage door remote on the visor. For others, who knows, all up to the person.
  36. labmixz

    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    First time I drove any Tesla was the day my Model Y Perf was delivered to my house. I rode in several, never drove one... 🤷‍♂️
  37. labmixz

    Should I black out my badges/emblems on my black MY?

    It took me a bit, but my front and rear emblems are real C/F overlays (glossy), which matches my side mirrors, spoiler and fender camera housings. It gives a nice subtle C/F accents to the car, I'm not a fan of fake C/F wraps. I say it took me a bit, because finding C/F overlays for the front /...
  38. labmixz

    I take back everything I've ever said about heated steering wheels

    You swipe up? I just hit the right button and tell the car to turn on the heated steering wheel 😆
  39. labmixz

    Model Y wireless phone charger doesn't work with iPhone 13 pro max

    Same, using a 13 Pro Max, zero problems. Though, if you have a thick case (like an otter case or something), I can see where you would have issues.
  40. labmixz

    All weather mats…. Tis the season (POLL)

    The OEM All-Weather are made by Weathertech, they state so on the back of the mats. I think it all depends on the user (you) needs. If you're in an area that rains a lot, I'd say OEM All-Weather. If you're in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow and all that comes with it, maybe a full...
  41. labmixz

    Carbon Fiber Heated Steering Wheel

    Yokes on the Y make zero sense, there's no display the current steering wheel is blocking (unlike the S/X). So, it's pure FOMO, so to each their own on that... Personally most of my interior is forged carbon fiber, as I wanted something a bit different for the interior. Finding a forged carbon...
  42. labmixz

    Carbon Fiber Heated Steering Wheel

    I ordered mine through EVOffer.com, while it's a bit more I wanted certain options (including heating). Granted, I haven't received it yet, I didn't expect to though. It was nice when they emailed me to confirm my month/year build date, apparently there are some differences after Aug 2021...
  43. labmixz

    Best Online Aftermarket Tesla Store?

    Ordered a lot from RPMTelsa, I was sent the wrong order once, which they promptly corrected. I ordered something which they reached out to me on and told me it wouldn't fit my year Model Y, so they changed my order to the one that would fit. So, they saved me the hassle of ordering the wrong...
  44. labmixz

    Side pillar camera fog

    well, this happened to me today :| Guess it's time to schedule a service request.
  45. labmixz

    Model Y Floor Mats

    The Tesla All Weather Mats are made WeatherTech. I've trialed several different mats, but I kept going back to the Tesla All Weather Mats. If you're in a place that has a lot of rain and/or snow, I'd suggest the tesla all weather matts or maybe something with a bit more coverage (tuxmats...
  46. labmixz

    Brand new Model Y P needs a battery replacement.

    Honestly, I'm just more impressed there's a stand alone Skechers store still existing...
  47. labmixz

    Who Does Not Experience Phantom Braking

    I have yet to encounter it (phantom braking), though I have encountered the car trying to randomly turn into other lanes a few times, I've noticed this less since the last update.
  48. labmixz

    Random Subsonic Boom or Bang

    Record it, then post the recording of it and let people help you more efficiently. Saying it "booms" can mean multiple different things to different people.
  49. labmixz

    Rear Diffuser Details & Pictures Thread

    https://cmsttuning.com/collections/model-y Would be one of those...
  50. labmixz

    MY Dash trim questions

    that's strangely not a horrible price...

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