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  1. araxara

    recs for floor mats

    These mats are also listed under the 2023 Model X 7 Seat: https://www.weathertech.com/tesla/2023/model-x/floorliner-digitalfit/model-x-seating-palladium/7-passenger/ So I would assume they fit
  2. araxara

    recs for floor mats

    I just traded in my 2019 Model X 7-Seat today for a 2023 Model X 7-Seat. I kept the 2019 Tesla all weather mats thinking I could reuse them, but they don’t fit – I took them back to Tesla so they could put them back on the trade-in. I had just gotten some KAGU ALL-WEATHER custom fit floor...
  3. araxara

    Best J1772 adaptor to use with a Tesla Wall Charger

    I have 3 Tesla Wall connectors (at 80A) to charge the various Tesla I have/had. I also own a Lucid Air Dream Edition and a BMW Plug in Hybrid which use J1772. I started with a Lectron connector for the BMW, because the BMW can only charge at 16A, so I didn’t need a higher amperage one. When I...
  4. araxara

    Spontaneous disassembly of the roof?

    There is (was) a sensor there that detects things like a ceiling to prevent the falcon doors from opening too high.
  5. araxara

    Nosecone alternative?

    When I had my 2012 Model S, I painted the nose cone the same as the body color (Metallic brown). I think that’s the best option and much easier and cheaper to do.
  6. araxara

    I removed a seat stain from my black seats with a magic eraser, now it’s slightly lighter than the rest. How do I fix this?

    Or only do that section of the seat. The seam lines will make it look like it belongs.
  7. araxara

    Experiences w/ Spectra Photosync on Pano Roof

    I don’t own or wear polarized glasses, so I don’t know. But if the sun hits the windshield at such an angle as to be parallel to the windshield, there is a little hazing.
  8. araxara

    Experiences w/ Spectra Photosync on Pano Roof

    Although I put PhotoSync all around on all my Teslas, I’ve never put it on top. I didn’t find a need and my latest Model Y seems cool without it (I live in AZ). I have put it on my Lucid Air top glass and have not had any cracking, but the glass formulation could be different than Tesla’s...
  9. araxara

    Will Tesla remove FSD from a used car they are selling in their inventory? [no]

    Whenever a Used Tesla Car crosses the path of the refurbishment/used-arm of Tesla, FSD is removed (or at least it will at some point). This means if you are purchasing directly from the 1st owner, you will be safe in that Tesla will not touch FSD. Used car sold by Tesla will come the way they...
  10. araxara

    Rear Windshield [tint], 2 piece or 1 piece?

    On the Lucid forum an Arizona owner got a fixit ticket for a 70% windshield tint. I think the allowed amount in AZ is 90%, although I have 70% Photosync, you can’t really tell. With PhotoSync the IR rejection is the same regardless of level of tint, so you could do whatever level you want in...
  11. araxara

    Apple Music icon seen on display? When viewing: Starbase Tour with Elon Musk

    You can also use the web version of Apple Music currently, but the sound only plays when parked.
  12. araxara

    First Road Trip Approaching: San Diego to Tucson/Bisbee

    The Tucson part of the trip should not be a problem. There are several Superchargers in Tucson. In particular, I would recommend you charge up when first arriving at the River Road one near the I10 and Orange Grove exit. On your way out of town towards Bisbee, you should charge at the Rita Road...
  13. araxara

    Supercharger - Tempe, AZ

    615 sq ft area does not seem very large - maybe for 6 stalls?
  14. araxara

    Cargo Cover?

    I bought mine from Amazon too. At the time it was about $120. I had trouble getting the plastic holder and latch area to stick. I had to add several layers of double sided clear sticky tape for them to hold, and they still are not secured 100%. Aside from that, it works great.
  15. araxara

    2022 Chrysler Airflow for 2025?

    I think they mean the 2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept.
  16. araxara

    Driver Profile and Safety Score

    No, the safety score is for the car, not per profile.
  17. araxara

    Window tint [where to get windows tinted in around Scottsdale AZ]

    I would recommend Cactus Window tint: https://cactustint.com I have tinted all my Teslas there and they are an installer for Photosync, which in my opinion is the best window tint available.
  18. araxara

    New Construction Solar Roof?

    We are also in the process of designing a new home in Tucson and have tried to get the answers to the same questions you have. However, we have already decided on a solar roof and this will be part of our ongoing design (with proper pitch and orientation). We don’t anticipate construction...
  19. araxara

    80A charging cable (not wall charger)

    You could also try to find a used Gen 2 charger. The current “gen 2” charger Tesla sells has a J1772 connector and can only put out 48A.
  20. araxara

    New HUD with Yoke: Anybody tried this?

    Link to product: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLOBq0E
  21. araxara

    Adding Parking Sensors 2014 Model S

    See the above linked thread (Parking sensor retrofit - $6000 ??) where there is more of a discussion. Basically the module is installed in the left part of the trunk, on the side above the wheel well. I've attached a (5 year old) parts list that Tesla put together that shows what is needed.
  22. araxara

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Yes, they fix a bug every few years and introduce a bug every 6 months.
  23. araxara

    22 Lucid Airs on the 101 northbound

    These were probably the customer delivered cars (delivered on 30-Oct-2021). I think the customers got together for a rally after the delivery.
  24. araxara

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Yes. Model 3/Y has the No album art issue too. It seems they dropped support or the one person responsible quit.
  25. araxara

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ - West River Road

    This will be a great location once opened. It’s right off the I-10 and there are plenty of amenities close by (but probably no 24-hour rest rooms), although the Costco is a bit of a walk from there. This is great access for people traveling through Tucson via I-10 and for Tucsonians leaving or...
  26. araxara

    Route planning through mountains

    I drive from Tucson, AZ to Pinetop, AZ. This 200 mile trip has about a 4000ft elevation rise. I usually do a bit better than the trip screen, but in any case it’s usually within 5%. The nice thing on the trip screen is that it also shows your current consumption along with its projection. This...
  27. araxara

    Route planning through mountains

    Yes, it takes elevation into account. You can see the projected range/consumption graphed in the trip screen. You’ll notice that there is more of a drop off in range graphed the steeper the road.
  28. araxara

    SiriusXM on Model Y

    The XM app requires an internet connection. The idea of XM is that's it's satellite based and usable in areas where there is no cell coverage.
  29. araxara

    Cracked windshield wait time

    I have my windshields tinted. The procedure is that Blue Chip sends the windshield to Cactus Auto Tint. Cactus installs the window tint. When the window tint is installed, I drive my car to Cactus and Blue Chip installs the new tinted windshield in my car. The replacement windshield and tinting...
  30. araxara

    Transparent blind spots. Break through feature.

    Volvo had the SCC2 concept car that featured a "see-though” laticed A-Pillar: https://www.media.volvocars.com/us/en-us/media/photos/798
  31. araxara

    2021.4.13 breaks SiriusXM again

    Sounds like a good idea. I'm tired of constantly using the voice control Bug Report "feature". I think it's a black hole, but it lets me quickly vent my frustration. I've made several bug reports on a stretch of road where it has stopped reading the speed limits, which makes that 10 mile stretch...
  32. araxara

    2021.4.13 breaks SiriusXM again

    I wonder if they "fixed" the USB cover art not working/displaying, while breaking the XM radio app in the process. Hopefully then took a step forward while stepping back. Also, there were many times when XM (when it was working) would not display the proper XM artwork for a show. I think it was...
  33. araxara

    Model Y Cargo *cover*

    Also, see this thread: Luggage shelf Model Y
  34. araxara

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    I see this post as I’m sitting at the Tesla Service center waiting for my 4 tires to be replaced on my Model X (Raven 2019, 20K mi). In my case the front tires were much worse than the rear. I run the car in the low setting all the time. I’ve had this problem on my 2016 model X too - resulting...
  35. araxara

    FSD HW2.5 to HW3.0 upgrade

    I think you can set up an appointment using the Service option in the Tesla app. Many months ago, before I had the upgrade done on my Model 3, there was an option there for scheduling an upgrade. I'm not sure it's still there currently for owners with HW 2.5, but you can always choose "Other"...
  36. araxara

    Does the Chademo adapter fit in the frunk?

    Yes, it fits in both places. Also, will fit in Model Y auxiliary storage. Actually it fits in Frunk/Trunk of all Teslas. Since the cable is a bit flexible it can be bent a bit if it is too long.
  37. araxara

    As a Tesla Solar owner, is there any way for me to check my panel status without SolarEdge?

    Not that it will give you more information, but my Tesla Solar system shows up in my Tesla account. I can only guess at the panel production based on the KW generated. But about a year and a half ago Tesla contacted me saying that some of the panels were not producing, which I noticed as a drop...
  38. araxara

    Non Tesla’s using Tesla’s Destination Chargers

    Yes, it's legit. But they already sell these online (see Lectron - Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 40A & 250V - For Tesla High Powered Connector, Destination Charger (Black)). Since the Tesla destination charger is just a J1772 charger with a Tesla connector, you really just need a conversion cable...
  39. araxara

    Regarding Self-Opening “DoorS”?

    By "Automatic", I think they mean powered. Only the driver's door self-presents. But all the doors open/close automatically via the key-fob or screen.
  40. araxara

    Automatic Headlights

    I have the 26mph problem on all my Teslas (Model X,3,Y). My neighborhood is pretty dark at night and the speed limit is 20mph. I speed up to 26mph briefly just to activate the high beams. I have to do this when leaving my house. Before entering the neighborhood, I disable the auto-high beams and...
  41. araxara

    That new Lucid commercial is sweet

    According to Lucid; The new industry benchmark was recorded at Windshear’s facility in Concord, North Carolina, which is considered one of the most advanced automotive wind tunnels in the world. Lucid Air Achieves Industry-Best 0.21 Coefficient of Drag
  42. araxara

    That new Lucid commercial is sweet

    Actually, drag coefficient is a bit different. For example a tear drop regardless of its size, has the same drag coefficient. You are probably thinking of Drag Area, which is the product of the drag coefficient and frontal area. In this case a foot less cross section will probably make the Lucid...
  43. araxara

    That new Lucid commercial is sweet

    Lucid Air 0.21cd. Model S 0.24cd
  44. araxara

    That new Lucid commercial is sweet

    You mean this? Heart and Mind Documentary We recently created a film for Car Design News showcasing some of the bigger thinking around design at Lucid. To demonstrate how we built a car (and brand) from the ground up, we interviewed key players covering every aspect of the Air experience...
  45. araxara

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    I'm more curious as to how the diagnostic laptop is connected to the Setec unit. Is it just a USB cable, WiFi or CAN bus?
  46. araxara

    MY: Need strong force to close the door?

    I have the opposite problem: The doors on my Model Y feel like they are spring loaded and "auto-close". If I don't leave the door open in one of the 2 detent positions, the door will quickly close with enough force that it closes completely. This was a big surprise, especially since my previous...
  47. araxara

    Electric closure driver door

    Most of the time, I just walk away away and let the door close itself. Pulling on the interior door handle is also not a problem for me - I have long arms, I guess. Occasionally, I will manually close the door but let it self close/soft close on it’s own.
  48. araxara

    How to Install the iOS Tesla App on new Apple Silicon Macs

    Right. But the full screen mode is obviously pixelated - just like on the iPad 2x mode. I agree that the navigation is actually easier than the iPhone. I use the Magic Mouse too.
  49. araxara

    How to Install the iOS Tesla App on new Apple Silicon Macs

    Actually, I need to take it back that the Tesla App does not run. After doing the XATTR command, it seems to run OK. The screen is still not resizable (since it's hardcoded for an iPhone)
  50. araxara

    How to Install the iOS Tesla App on new Apple Silicon Macs

    It would really be useful for things such as sending service requests where you can actually type your request and manage photos better. But currently, the Tesla app does not run properly on Apple Silicon Macs. After the login, you get this screen and can't do anything: If you do want to use...

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