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  1. cinergi

    Which voice commands do you use most?

    Use numbers to specify the level (1/2/3)
  2. cinergi

    Which voice commands do you use most?

    Turned my seat heater on with it. I'm pretty much going to try a voice command for anything that's on the touch screen - especially for stuff that I might do while driving so I can avoid the distraction of looking at the screen.
  3. cinergi

    14-50 Winter Charging

    The Model S would limit to 16 amps if the connection between the wand and the car wasn't secure. You may have either a bad UMC or charging port. Are you in a location where you can try another Tesla charger (not supercharger .. but like a destination charger)? That should help determine...
  4. cinergi

    Is the D version model S more efficient than the non D on highway?

    My WHPM on the 2016 90D is 275 on the highway vs. the 310 my 2012 P85 was getting But that's not particularly a fair comparison ... would need to compare with a recent S90. For me the AWD is a big bonus even on dry pavement especially when accelerating from zero while taking a turn (e.g...
  5. cinergi

    Hack-charging on a generator

    I needed to rebuild the carburetor on my EU6500is so what better way to test a full load than charge my car? Plus I wanted to see if I could charge directly off of it by bonding neutral and ground. Success!
  6. cinergi

    Following distance

    Yes - especially noticeable above 60 MPH but even with a setting of 1 it's staying back way farther than it used to.
  7. cinergi

    Traction in Snow

    Did you try enabling slip start mode?
  8. cinergi

    Folks living in cold/Northern States, what Model S do you own?

    If you drive with snow/slush on the road, your range will be awful (plan on 50% rated). If it's just cold, you can plan on 80% (all other factors being equal - e.g. 65 MPH). If it's SUPER cold (< 0F) then 75% ... Frequent stops (get out of car, run an errand, come back in) when it's cold is...
  9. cinergi

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Heights here, too. Arlington represents!
  10. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    283 actually. At least, according to what I wrote in my blog when I first got the car... I don't keep detailed track of my numbers.
  11. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    Holding steady at 254 at 90 and 282 at 100. When new it was 256/283. 10k miles. 13 months.
  12. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    I'm consistently now hitting 255 at 90%. BTW there are threads covering what rated range as displayed by the car is. It is not purely based on energy in the pack; it does include driver behavior as well as environmental factors. There's not only plenty of evidence to support this but I have...
  13. cinergi

    Video: Here's why you have to keep your eyes on the road when using Autopilot

    IIRC the second one was right at the :49 - :50 transition. The first one I think was at :47. It's tricky because it's not prefixed by the audio dropout but they absolutely match the tail-end of the one at 14:19:26 after the dropout clears. The fact that there's this much debate about the audio...
  14. cinergi

    Video: Here's why you have to keep your eyes on the road when using Autopilot

    Wow. OK, so the sound at 14:19:26 ... yeah, no that's not the tail-end of AP disengaging. That same sound happens at least twice more between 14:20:46 and :51 ... it's something else. Give it up.
  15. cinergi

    Video: Here's why you have to keep your eyes on the road when using Autopilot

    I, for one, give the OP the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because I've had numerous occasions where AP has done the exact same thing to me. It tried to drive me into a jersey barrier across a very well-defined yellow painted line on the left! Fake or not, it illustrates a *real problem* and...
  16. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    Correction, 283 at 100% (did this yesterday)
  17. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    I don't, although I have range charged a number of times since taking ownership of the vehicle. I normally keep it at 90%
  18. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    P90DL by definition gets less range than a 90D
  19. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    Still holding at 254 90% and 281 100% ... 7500 miles, 9 months.
  20. cinergi

    "Mark Forums Read" missing in Model S Forum

    The links at the top are different for the Model S forum ... and missing the "Mark Forums Read" link ... which I use all the time (to make that and its subforums read). That broke within the last week or so ...
  21. cinergi

    Advice on Charging While on the Cape

    Extension cord is fine. Just make sure it's a quality 14 gauge cord. I used to use a 50 + 25 ft set to charge overnight during my week-long stays. Was more than enough. I now use a 100-foot 12 gauge cord. Just check the connection points (the ends of the cord) 15, 60, and 120 minutes in if...
  22. cinergi

    Ultra High Fidelity Sound System, Reus, or something else?

    Not side by side, no. But the mid range is worse, there's not nearly as much bass (of course), and it's not nearly as loud.
  23. cinergi

    Ultra High Fidelity Sound System, Reus, or something else?

    I'll say this -- I miss the UHFS from my 2012 vs my 2015 (I opted for base in 2015). I don't think it's worth $2500 so I'm debating Reus but I definitely notice a big difference between the two.
  24. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    holding steady at 254 when warm and 252 when cold. only 3700 miles on the car tho. 6 months.
  25. cinergi

    Show new posts for watched forums?

    ugh and that shows if there's new posts in SUB forums (that I don't watch), too. Not good.
  26. cinergi

    Show new posts for watched forums?

    yeah that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I have enough watched forums that having to go into each of them is kludgy and time consuming. Before, I just had one list of all posts that crossed all forums I was interested in.
  27. cinergi

    Show new posts for watched forums?

    Is there a way to do a "new posts" but for watched forums only? Don't point me at alerts/emails (too noisy) -- I want to hit a link and have it show all the new posts in the forums I care about like I used to be able to do. Thanks!
  28. cinergi

    Firmware 7.1

    I have the bug on my recent-model as well. I charge at 80 so didn't notice but sure enough if I set it between 41 and 72 I'd see the bug. There's also quite a bit more clicking coming from the chargers ... (it's faint and you'd have to know what's normal ahead of time to notice it)
  29. cinergi

    Pole transformer sizing (or, can you really feed 7 houses with 25 kva?)

    When I was having voltage drops while charging at 80, I discovered our 50 kVA was servicing 26 homes! After a battle, I finally found a guy at the powerco who agreed that was ridiculous. They split that up into 13 per 50 kVA xformer -- same ratio as you. The xformer is on the pole right...
  30. cinergi

    Any Mass. residents live in condos and have home charging?

    I'll PM the address to you. You're right, I don't live there now. I didn't have to agree to any special provisions. I was even allowed to pick the electrician. My experience has been that you have to find the right people to talk to in order to get past the nervous/uninformed folks that...
  31. cinergi

    Any Mass. residents live in condos and have home charging?

    I also negotiated a 14-50 in a condo with a board -- albeit it was a new 6-unit condo so the board was the seller at the time and then the board was formed by the owners. That was South Boston. There, I paid for all the work but had to tie it into the common electric so I opted to pay a flat...
  32. cinergi

    March Model 3 Unveil just drawings? No actual car? Disappointed.

    I honestly didn't expect to even see a prototype at the end of March. Some specs and renderings is what I've always expected.
  33. cinergi

    First worries about the Model 3 - interior size

    They've also said Model 3 will be about 20% smaller than Model S.
  34. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    I should have written it down. I believe it was 258. That dropped to 255 pretty quickly. It's back in the 50's today -- and guess what: charge finished at 254.
  35. cinergi

    90D Range slowly declining

    I'd settled down to 252 at 90% until recent "warm" (for the season here in Massachusetts) weather and it creeped up to 253 and then 254. With the cold snap over the past few days, it dropped back down to 252. 3,000 miles Range mode is off.
  36. cinergi

    Any Mass. residents live in condos and have home charging?

    When I moved into Woodland Station, I negotiated an install of a 14-50 (dedicated to my parking spot). Their dime. But I had to extend my lease from 12-18 months. I left after 18 months :-) It took a fair amount of time and back-n-forth but ultimately me being versed with the electrical...
  37. cinergi

    -25 celcius has eaten 66% of my range

    snow on road = major range loss Pic shows low tire pressures = range loss
  38. cinergi

    HPWC outdoor install?

    Mine was outside in the snow and rain for 6 months -- no issues.
  39. cinergi

    Maps Update

    Dupe thread - Nav map update Jan 2016
  40. cinergi

    Navigations locks up (even after reset) and what the fix is.

    Nav Serious Slowdown??? Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S - Page 21
  41. cinergi

    map updates!

    It's a "pop up" window in the center of the 17" screen that says congrats / press OK. You can't miss it.
  42. cinergi

    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    I wonder if using the "reset to factory settings" button (or whatever it's called) would clear these. Probably easier to reconfigure the car the way you like it than delete that many entries.
  43. cinergi

    map updates!

    I was not on Wifi. I parked at work (no wifi) around 7am and when I got back to the car around 3pm, I had the notice.
  44. cinergi

    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    7.1 introduced this slowdown if you have lots of entries in the visited list. Can also cause other stuff to be slow like the reverse camera taking a while to pop up.
  45. cinergi

    map updates!

    Nav map update Jan 2016 Got a notice this afternoon that my maps had been updated. Anyone else?
  46. cinergi

    Winter Storm Nick Jonas - What if your Model S was on one of the closed roads?

    There's no way you'd be running the heat full blast. You need to do so to warm up a cold-soaked car, sure. But not while idling stopped on the highway. You're lucky to draw 25% of that while maintaining temperature in a stopped car. It's important to note the stopped part, too. The car is...
  47. cinergi

    Winter Storm Nick Jonas - What if your Model S was on one of the closed roads?

    I sat in stopped traffic (accident ahead on highway closed it down) for > 30 minutes with heat on (set to 70F) in 28F ambient temps. I lost 1 rated mile.
  48. cinergi

    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    I like how you cleared off the snow around the Tesla T :smile: - - - Updated - - - My 2012 Model S and my 2010 Roadster (both plugged in)
  49. cinergi

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Yes it used to be 1 or 3 MPH increments IIRC. Does classic S do literally +5 MPH or does it go to the next divisible-by-5? (e.g. 36 -> 40, 38 -> 40, 40 -> 45, etc)
  50. cinergi

    New Englanders -- check in!

    I didn't realize you're in Worcester (I grew up there)! Cool to see you here -- welcome!

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