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    MY Eating Tires

    Stay in 'Chill' mode. Drive gently. Slow down. I currently have about 36,500 miles on my OEM tires and they'll need to be replaced before 40,000.
  2. R

    Tire rotation on a Y Performance ? How is that possible with different sizes?

    How does the car know the tread depth?
  3. R

    Will this 12V lead acid battery work for OEM replacement?

    Are Model Y owners still recommending replacing the lead acid battery every 2 years just to avoid problems? Waiting for the battery to fail under warranty means that I'll be stranded somewhere.
  4. R

    The recent price drop

    It never makes sense to include automobile equity in any calculation of personal wealth (unless the car is a collectible). If you have anything more than a tiny percentage of your financial net worth tied up in a car, then you made a mistake in purchasing it. As everyone knows, they are...
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    Trip Cards are back - Yea

    What is a trip card?
  6. R

    Battery health test

    I will be running this test in the next couple of days. I have 34,500 miles on my May, 2021 Long Range Model Y. The indicated full charge range is also 294 miles (+/-1) very similar to Pianewman's Model Y. I expect my test will also show about an 89% battery health. Based on the anecdotal...
  7. R

    Battery health test

    Is battery health = 90% equivalent to battery degradation = 10%?
  8. R

    Battery degradation??

    I think Tesla should look at your Y to get a better understanding why this is happening. They can't say that 13.3% capacity loss in 7 months and 8,000 miles is normal. Understanding why it is happening is essential to preventing it from happening to other Teslas. There must be some uncommon...
  9. R

    Battery degradation??

    I have similar concerns, and my indicated degradation is significantly worse than the 5% / 1% mentioned in the note above. I got my Y in May of 2021 - when new the nominal and indicated range at 100% was about 330, which matched the specs. Now, my indicated max range at 100% is about 293, a...
  10. R

    What did you name your car?

    Greybeard, after it's owner.
  11. R

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    I expect to buy one of the last 2022 Chevy Bolts made. It is supposed to be assembled the week of July 18th and I'll be paying MSRP -$500 for it (around $27,000 before TTL). It will primarily be my wife's around town car - she doesn't like driving our 2021 Model Y. The folks over on...
  12. R

    2022.20 Enables Green Light Chime Without EAP/FSD!

    This may save my marriage. I get really annoyed by my wife when she says, 0.25 seconds after the light turns green, "you have a green light". When I had FSD, she stopped doing it, but with my FSDless Y, she started back up again.
  13. R

    Two months after my Model Y - My thoughts

    I’m paying $550/6 months through Progressive for my MY LR, and I’ve had 2 claims in the past 4 years (deer strike and backed into a utility pole). The deer strike was on a Model 3, and the utility pole hit was on a 2017 CR-V. Those incidents happened when I was living in western New York, but...
  14. R

    Coasting saves more energy than regen most of the time, but very little

    This reminds me of the efficiency calculation that pilots make when flying into a headwind. Suppose the pilot is flying into a 100 mph headwind with an airspeed of 100 mph. Basically the plane would remain motionless above the ground, getting 0 mpg. The rough rule of thumb I learned was to...
  15. R

    Cheated on Tesla for 10 minutes

    So yesterday I ordered a Chevy Bolt, a 2022 LT1. The salesman took my $1000 deposit and the price after all incentives and before taxes is about $27,000 not including any potential federal credit that may or may not happen. Given the car market today where it is difficult to get anything below...
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    There is an phone app - EVHotels - that helps you search your route for hotels with level 2 chargers. I've found it useful.
  17. R

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    It is indeed possible to get the EPA range in real world driving conditions. It does require effort, though. Below is a screenshot of my 'Trips' page. Over 25,000 miles I have averaged 242 Whr/m, and that includes the recent high speed (speed limit + 5 to 7 mph) round trip to San Diego (with...
  18. R

    New model y range issues

    I've taken 3 cross country round trips from NY to San Diego. The best screen to monitor by far during long trips if there is any doubt about reaching the next SuperCharger is the Trip/Consumption page that shows the projected battery capacity when arriving at the next Supercharger. If that...
  19. R

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Can anyone think of a reason that Tesla might have for not selling the CCS in the United States? I just don't see a downside to Tesla. It's not like they need to devote engineering resources to designing one. Are they worried about a loss of Supercharging sales?
  20. R

    1 click away from ordering model Y

    I'd wait for the price to come down from the current stratospheric levels. With the Berlin factory coming on line and increased competition from VW and others, the price should come down in the next 12 months. That being said, if you absolutely need to purchase a new car now, the definitely go...
  21. R

    Tesla uses 1/6 the energy compared to gasoline

    I think the best comparison of emissions between ICE and BEV comes from the Union of Concerned Scientists. They look how clean the grid is in different parts of the country and compare the resulting emissions between ICE and BEV in those areas. Where the grid is dirty, an ICE might only need...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    This is about the lowest Wh/mi I've seen. Amazing!
  23. R

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    "I am at 96 Wh/mi (155 Wh/km) with 1,552 miles (2139 km). MIC Model 3 SR+ R19 wheels and LFP battery." If you do the calculations correctly, you're getting 252Wh/mile, not 96 Whr/mi. 335000 Whr/1329mi = 252Wh/mi. 2139km = 1329 miles
  24. R

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I have a 2021 Model Y LR. We moved from Western NY to the Asheville, NC area. Previously had Geico - was charging us $167/month for coverage with fairly high limits. Changed to Progressive here in NC - $560 for 6 months (about $93/month) with same coverage. Differences: Pay for all 6 months...
  25. R

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    I would love to see a screenshot of your Trip page. Can you post one?
  26. R

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    Just as a comparison point, my 2021 Model Y LR compares very well to the Model 3. 231 Whr/M over 17,000+ miles. Easy to stay in the 200-210 range when just driving around town. I averaged 237 Wh/m over 53,000 miles with my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD but that included two round trips from New York to...
  27. R

    My first accident

    We've all been there. I backed out of my garage into the turn-around like I've done 1000s of times. I do it almost automatically, at least I did until the babysitters car was parked there one day and I backed right into it. We're only human.
  28. R

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    I think 219 Wh/mi over 32k miles is amazing. I averaged 237 Whr/mi over 53,000 miles in my 2018 LR RWD Model 3, but that did include 2 roundtrips from Rochester, NY to SanDiego which probably drove my average up considerably.
  29. R

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    I don't draft behind trucks, but I do remember from my bicycle commuting days that after a large truck passed me, the breeze it generated lasted longer than 2 seconds, so even following 2 seconds behind a truck should result in some improvement of Whr/m.
  30. R

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    It also helps if you can avoid being in a rush to get somewhere all the time. Good for stress and blood pressure too.
  31. R

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    This is a thread for those of us (a minority) who value efficiency and economy over performance and thrills. Nothing against performance seekers and thrill buyers - they contribute to the mission of fossil fuel usage reduction bigly. When I owned a 2005 Prius, there was a class of drivers...
  32. R

    Preconditioning for fast charging, worth it?

    After picking up my Model Y at Mt. Kisco in May of 2021, I stayed the night at my sister's house in Manchester, Ct before driving back to Rochester, NY. Overnight I charged the car to 100%. As soon as I entered my destination at the start of the trip back, the car immediately started...
  33. R

    April 2021 MYLR Original Battery Size

    On the Trip/Consumption page with consumption selected and the consumption calculation set at 30 miles, I multiplied the projected range x the average wHr/mile, then divided by the percentage of charge. For example, right now on that page, the projected range is 277 miles, the average Whr/mile...
  34. R

    April 2021 MYLR Original Battery Size

    My long range Model Y was built in April, 2021. I believe that when new it had either a 75 kWh or 78 kWh battery (too early for the 82kWh battery). Is there any way of finding out which it was built with? The current battery capacity after 10 months and 16,500 miles is about 71.3 kWh which...
  35. R


    When I need it. Cabin fan is often enough, but when it's cold I use heat and when it's hot I use AC.
  36. R


    Just want to add my 2 cents worth here. It's not hard to match or beat the EPA estimate on Tesla's. If you flog your Tesla in the name of fun (spirited driving?) then all bets are off - you'll get poor efficiency and wear it out faster. Hybridfran is in flat, warm Florida where EVs thrive and...
  37. R

    8% degradation after 9k miles, wtf?

    Recurrentauto says my May 2021 MYLR has a range of 299 miles. Here is the comparison between my Y and others. I'm way worse. I have close to 16,000 miles on my Y - original range was supposed to be 326 miles. 299 miles = 8.7% degradation. At this point I'm not worried - if the degradation...
  38. R

    Maximizing battery life/ minimizing degradation

    "I put 12k miles a year and have awesome lifetime wh/m" What is your lifetime wh/m?
  39. R

    Who can Beat my Average Whr/mile? (Over life of Car)

    Pretty much limit myself to 5 mph over speed limit; 33% interstate highways. Driving a 2012 LEAF required learning smooth driving just to get anywhere.
  40. R

    Who can Beat my Average Whr/mile? (Over life of Car)

    I have an average of 234 Whr/mile over the life of my Model Y (15,305 miles). Can anyone beat this or am I the best? Pictures or it didn't happen!
  41. R

    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    3 or 4 weeks ago there were articles in Electric, Insideevs, etc that said that Model Y production was expected to start in Austin within a week or so. Since then I've heard/read nothing, and nothing seems to be coming out of Austin except a few preproduction Ys. Does anyone know what's...
  42. R

    Anyone Familiar with ReCurrentAuto.com Battery Evaluation?

    Recurrent evaluates my Model Y battery each month. My Y is about 9.5 months old and has 14,700 miles on it. The last evaluation report (see attachment) say my range is 300 miles and that it is significantly below other Model Ys of the same age/mileage. The 300 miles agrees with the 100%...
  43. R

    FSD Subscription vs Pay For Use

    I'd like to subscribe to FSD, but I'd like to know my 'safety score' before I do. Why doesn't Tesla generate a safety score for everyone and display it on the Safety or Autopilot screen? I think quite a few people would get FSD if they thought they'd be eligible for FSD Beta. Seems like an...
  44. R

    Average KW/Mi

    I've had my Model Y since May, 2021 and drive about 55% interstate. I'm averaging about 235 Whr/mile with about 12,500 miles on the car. I drive fairly sedately. Curiously, however, I have a higher than average battery degradation according to Recurrent and my 100% range is about 300 miles...
  45. R

    Premature 'preconditioning battery for fast supercharging...?'

    Look at the picture attached. 57F outside temperature, 100% battery charge, traveling from Manchester, CT to Rochester, NY. Supercharger preconditioning came on immediately even though my next charging station was more than 220 miles away. My lifetime Model Y Whr/mile is 237 over 12,000...
  46. R

    UI & AP improvement wishes/suggestions

    1: Even though I don't have FSD, I'd like to know my 'safety' score. 2: As other have stated, have lane keeping assist disabled when using the turn signal to manually change lanes. 3: Voice command to switch between 'Chill' and 'Standard' acceleration. 4: Modify "Battery Preconditioning for...
  47. R

    Road trip in Winter - constant preconditioning

    On my long trips I let my Y tell me where the next SuperCharger session will be, then I navigate to the vicinity of the SuperCharger, only changing the destination to the charger when I'm about 10 miles out. In no cases did this prevent the Y from charging at the rated wattage of the charger...
  48. R

    Miles Lost Not Equal to Miles Driven?

    "What does the Range display indicate for 100% state of charge? (Using the Tesla phone app move charge limit slider control all of the way to the right while charging and the estimated range at 100% state of charge will be displayed.) What is your usual charging routine? Do you charge to 70 or...
  49. R

    Miles Lost Not Equal to Miles Driven?

    Here's the thing, though. I've driven on 50 mile trips where I've had an average Wh/mile of say 217Wh/mile (as noted on 'since last charge' display that shows distance as well as Whr/mile since last charge). This is well below the rated Whr/mile, yet the range indicated still drops more than...
  50. R

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    "Zepps stainless steel cleaner on a rag takes this right off" I use WD-40 with a paper towel. I have to redo it every 3 months or so, though.

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