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    2021 Models Building Soon?

    Yes but what does it actually mean differently to the car? My assumption is nothing at all.
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Why does it matter if it’s made one week to the next? Why are you hung up on ‘model year’ when Tesla just do incremental updates throughout the year. You could get a 2021 built car and then next week it’s out of date because they have changed the colour of a handle.
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    2021 Models Building Soon?

    Tesla don’t do model years. They are just built in one year or the other.
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    Rolec vs Ohme

    You can also get the relic and use an Ohme charger cable in it. If your with octopus you get the cable for £199 but can also take the cable out on travels and use the scheduling functionality even if it’s not connected to an octopus supply.
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    Gear selector stalk rattles

    I will ha e to record it. It’s very loud and annoying! I think the end button is now loose but not sure what to do about it. Don’t particularly want to stick some sellotape over it.
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    Gear selector stalk rattles

    No one has had rattle in their gear selector stalk? Seems to be the silver bit at the end and drives me nuts!
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    Degradation in Premium Audio Quality/Bass Power

    Over the years software updates have played all sorts of havoc with the quality of the sound system. It will probably get better again in a future version.
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    Gear selector stalk rattles

    Does anyone else suffer from a rattling gear selector stalk? And if so have you fixed it? mine rattled noticeable until very small pressure is applied in any direction. Fine when music is on but very annoying when not.
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    Replace key fob battery

    That’s done it. Thanks!
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    Replace key fob battery

    Great perfect and thanks everyone I will check shortly and confirm if this fixed it.
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    Replace key fob battery

    I have started getting a ‘replace key fob battery’ warning on the steering wheel screen for both keys. I have replaced the batteries for both keys but the message is still there. Do you ha e to reset the message somehow?
  12. A


    This release is so last week.
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    I have EAP. so my car already does almost all the things FSD can do in the UK.
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    Not sure but also not sure why it’s called FSD if it’s not level 4. In the UK it can’t take roundabouts or anything other than going along a road. Can’t take left/right turns or even semi sharp corners over about 40mph without the ‘take over’ warnings. It’s really nothing more than a fancy lane...
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    No 225 kw charging with v2020.24.6

    I have a 2017 75D. Still get 120kW at Superchargers but only until about 40% then it rapidly drops to about 72kW.
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    The latest automation EU rules are going to hobble FSD. No autopilot on roads not separated by a barrier, or over 57mpg etc. I was offered FSD for £2.8k and didn’t take them up on it.
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    No 225 kw charging with v2020.24.6

    Unfortunately your <6 month old cars are too old for the latest software updates improvements.
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    MCU1 side cameras in reverse?

    Thanks, I thought as much. Will wait until my MCU starts failing then may invest.
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    MCU1 side cameras in reverse?

    Can anyone who has an MCU1 car with the latest update conform whether MCU1 shows side cameras in reverse or is it another MCU2 only feature?
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    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    I had mine fixed in March and I can definitely notice a difference. That said sometimes it’s feels just as fast so I think the ride height might be it. Will check tomorrow.
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    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Quite, but the model 3 isn’t the only Tesla in the UK...
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    Anyone here experienced with buying used Porsches?

    Be careful if you ever look to buy a 996 or 997.1. Engines are known to either bore score or have failed bearings. Well worth getting a boroscope done before hand for most of those models.
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    UK Gigafactory Inbound?

    Luckily for him that doesn’t start until Monday
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I guess they already have the sites so planning is easier and they can turn the service centres into stealth cost centres to keep them going. I would rather new chargers went into service centres than they close them.
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    What brand/car did your Tesla replace?

    I got my Model S as a work horse and to keep my 911 carrera S cab as a weekend car. Never really drove the 911 after it arrived so sold it a while ago.
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    New Polar 150kW chargers, MK

    The 150’s are designed that way to replicate the hose of a traditional fuel pump. When parked next to you should be salute to reach all areas of the car depending on whether you parked forwards or Backwards etc. new EV user adoption via familiarity was key in its design.
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    Dechrome M3 Suggestions

    Looks very much like the R Symons Batt Pack chrome delete.
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    What to do with the pit on the left side of the trunk?

    I use mine for my UMC, Chademo and CCS adaptors.
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    Advice needed for 3 phase charging

    I always get 18kW on 3 phase. Calculations are great, but in the real world I always get 18kW. No PV or solar near any of the few locations I use, or ecotricity or any AC 3ph charger. Always 18kW.
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    Advice needed for 3 phase charging

    I have a facelift Model S and get 18kW on 3 phase.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Is this essential travel???
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    Is it me, or is the Model Y really ugly?

    Each to their own but IMHO they is absolutely no way the Y is better looking than an S.
  33. A

    0-60 performance on m3p?

    The biggest reason will be battery related. Either too low charge or too cold battery.
  34. A

    2020.12.5 Rolling

    Thanks for the update
  35. A

    2020.12.5 Rolling

    Not that it says no. Not been able to take it out at the moment but a bit sad it doesn’t have dash cam viewer as I thought some people in AP2.5 with MCU1 did have it.
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    2020.12.5 Rolling

    Just installed 12.5 in a Model S Aug 2017 MCU1 AP2.5 and no dash cam viewer.
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    Octopus are paying you to use electricity 5th April

    I have a few EV so will be topping them all up today. Obviously just to help out the grid, not because I am being paid to do so.
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    New M3P Owner - Washing Advice

    You have had a brand new Tesla a week and are only now thinking of washing it????
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    Software Version New Model Y

    You may get them fairly quickly after release, you may wait weeks or months. Each update is pushed to cars individually whenever Tesla decide to. There is no way to force an update to come down to your car.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Just got my pre Raven back for the service centre and had two half shafts and one mount replaced and it drives like a new car. Fixed under good will at 58k as I had logged the issue at around 20k. Thanks Tesla, really appreciated!
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I have a pre Raven S75D that has the shudder and is currently in to have the shafts and mounts replaced.
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    Is Tesla Service still running?

    More like the death banging. Turns out a lot more work is required than they first thought so I still have the X loaner at the moment.
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    Is Tesla Service still running?

    Took mine into Digbeth yesterday for half shafts and should get back today so I hope so.
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    2 chargers speed?

    We have a Model S and a Hyundai Kona. The wife charges once a week and i Charge twice a week. Unless you are both doing high mileage you should never actually need to charge at the same time.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    There is no requirement to have 24/7 toilets as far as I am aware. I have charged there many times and never found it that rutted.
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    Cant get theteslatheater.com to work in car

    Sorry was a UK<>US spelling joke...
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    Took a test drive of the Hyundai Kona Electric

    I have a Kona and a model S and can agree with the OP. The new Kona has an app though and the plastics aren’t that bad but the wheel spin is not great. Going to find a better tyre when they need replacing!
  48. A

    Cant get theteslatheater.com to work in car

    You’re spelling it wrong, theatre is spelt re not er
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Wokingham today. Looks dry again.

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