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  1. Terry_B58

    Tesla Announcement - access road restrictions at Newport Pagnell and Charnock Richard

    I think if the barriers are down then you are OK
  2. Terry_B58

    UK customer service gone insane?

    This ^^^^ Are you sure it is not a scammer?
  3. Terry_B58

    Charging woes

    The MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is the single pole 'switch' for an individual circuit. The RCD residual current device) is normally double pole (2 switches stuck together) and usually red. The MCB is for overcurrent protection, ie drawing more current than normal (6A for lighting etc), the...
  4. Terry_B58

    What happens if you are late for delivery?

    I doubt they will cancel as the vehicle would have been registered to you. Once registered it then loses value. They would probably ask for another slot a day or so later, which may not be as convenient for you.
  5. Terry_B58

    1st super charge on model 3

    But, you can use ANY CCS charger, a Model S or X can't unless they get an upgrade. Not sure if the other CCS charges are different cost to you though.
  6. Terry_B58

    Is it worth it?

    Or, . . . You could be getting a model 3 due to the ecological benefits.
  7. Terry_B58

    2 Newbie Questions

    1. Model 3 can only supercharge using the CCS connector, the 'type 2' connector is only for AC charging at destination chargers etc. 2. Not sure, as the Model S uses the small left stalk. If it is turning off, it should give a message as a reason.
  8. Terry_B58

    Premium Connectivity (1 year included)

    Not sure, but there was talk of charging for the SIM card data for Spotify etc. Could be this.
  9. Terry_B58

    free unlimited supercharging back for new S/X

    Just a guess, unlimited for the time you own the car
  10. Terry_B58

    Ordered P3+ without home charging option!

    Unfortunately, short commutes are the least efficient for EV's. More energy will be used to heat the battery etc than will probably be used for the journey. You will be fine, if you only do 8 mile trips now, you will be doing 24 mile trips in the M3 :-) :-) :-) Congratulations on your...
  11. Terry_B58

    Ordered P3+ without home charging option!

    Any of the CCS chargers will be fine, but a point to note is that with your previous cars, if you left t for a few weeks with half a tank of fuel, when you got back to it, you would still have half a tank of fuel. With a Tesla that is not the case. I am not sure how the Model 3 is affected by...
  12. Terry_B58

    Luxury Tax

    VAT was once upon a time a Luxury Tax (Value Added), but now it covers many more items. Unfortunately, history shows that Taxes do not go away, they may change their name, but they tend to stay. I think all home chargers are now supposed to be 'Smart' so it is possible to itemise each charge.
  13. Terry_B58

    Luxury Tax

    There is also the Kia E-Niro, but by 2021 there will be other marques available and the 'Luxury Tax' limit may well have been raised.
  14. Terry_B58

    Luxury Tax

    Regardless of how people feel about the Luxury Tax - we all knew about it before we bought our cars. If we didn't then unfortunately you didn't research enough. It is not a retrospective tax so YOU had the choice to buy & expect to pay for tax or do not buy and complain about the tax until it...
  15. Terry_B58

    2019.20.1 - Just got this in the UK...

    Have you tried a reboot? This seems to 'reset' most glitches after an update.
  16. Terry_B58

    Autopilot won't work- Cameras require alignment message.

    You will most likely need to book an appointment with your local SC. You can book it with the App
  17. Terry_B58

    Just getting a software update...

    Or you were too close to the car in front. What setting do you have the 'distance' set too? I have started to use '4' as I find the 'overtake now' was a bit slow to respond.
  18. Terry_B58

    AP1 and traffic lights and roundabouts

    Not sure about the car seeing' traffic lights but If a pedestrian or cyclist get close to your car which has been stopped under TACC conditions the 'Hold' will activate as the car sees an 'unknown' obstacle and expects input (throttle touch) to proceed.
  19. Terry_B58

    Does anyone use tesla-screen.com?

    Probably showing 'Rated Miles' and using a generic layout, it appears not a lot of thought has gone into it, or it could just be there to harvest credentials.
  20. Terry_B58

    Mobile service, it’s amazing!

    Most definitely, Tesla's 'breakdown cover' is very limited.
  21. Terry_B58

    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    What charger is it? 16 Amps seems a little low
  22. Terry_B58

    Jack-pads - worth buying

    I have something similar :D
  23. Terry_B58

    Jack-pads - worth buying

    Just to throw another spanner at the tyre gunge usage. Does the gung actually work with the acoustic tyres? These tyres have a band of foam stuck to the inside of the tread aea of the tyre, does the repair gunge penetrate this foam to seal the hole?
  24. Terry_B58

    .Gov Petition for the Luxury Car Tax

    I fully agree but unfortunately Governments do not work that way :mad:. They Tax you and introduce new taxation on your carbon footprint, why only get you once when they can get you twice?
  25. Terry_B58

    .Gov Petition for the Luxury Car Tax

    Unfortunately the Luxury Tax is nothing to do with emissions. I remember when a certain 'Value Added Tax' was introduced in the UK. This tax was originally for items of additional value over and above anything that was need to live. That very same tax now applies to almost everything. The...
  26. Terry_B58

    Is Supercharging for road trips enough?

    I have had my MS75D for just over a year and am over 28.000 miles. I have 'cards and apps' for a few different chargers, but have only ever used one and that was the first week of ownership on a trip to the Lakes. I didn't need the charge but I thought I had better get some as I wasn't sure of...
  27. Terry_B58

    First long drive using autopilot

    This is the UK & Ireland section, we do not have Navigate on Autopilot :mad: Maybe one day . . . .
  28. Terry_B58

    Newbie navigation question

    28,000 miles in my first year of ownership, working at different places all over the UK. The onboard SatNav has been great, I follow it all the time as, as stated, I am travelling to different places so I do not know the areas. Once, the SatNav was attempting to take me a different way home...
  29. Terry_B58

    A little disheartened by the competition

    Agreed, my Kia Niro had lane keep assist and Adaptive cruise control. BUT The LKA, would follow the white lines, the steering wheel 'nag' was a lot more often than my MS, also, if I ignored the 'nag' the car would nag more and then disengage almost saying - it is up to you now !!! With the...
  30. Terry_B58

    MX owners manual update or not.

    Same for my MS It has been updated as it now includes the dashcam, but not Sentry Mode
  31. Terry_B58

    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    It has gone up to £320 now
  32. Terry_B58

    CCS Adaptor - First Look

    On further inspection it appears so. I am sure there needs to be some 'handshaking' protocol, which doesn't look like this unit could do the required. Hopefully, when they are 'for sale' then these could be a good purchase.
  33. Terry_B58

    CCS Adaptor - First Look

    Looks very neat. So glad I put off buying the Chademo. *edit* Looks like it needs to be the other way round to enable CCS to Type II :-(
  34. Terry_B58

    Just got 19.8.3 this morning...

    It is in 2019.5.14 - a tap on the accelerator overrides it, useful when in congested traffic as then you are allowed to undertake.
  35. Terry_B58

    Scratch on coated car ?

    Have a check with your insurors as some will not cover a wrapped car, even if it is wrapped the same colour. I seem to remember Direct Line being one of those that do not cover.
  36. Terry_B58

    Scratch on coated car ?

    AFAIK,there are no treatment that will stop any scratch, some actually state that they will but Snake Oil cures everything. Hopefully your coating will reduce the 'damage' but then again, a good coat of wax would have done the same.
  37. Terry_B58

    19.8.3 sentry mode, finally

    Unfortunately for her, her arse wasn't fat enough to hide the event
  38. Terry_B58

    Scratch on coated car ?

    If it will 'rub out' no worries, if not, give it an extra rub and recoat - unless of course the scratch has taken off the top coat.
  39. Terry_B58

    Just got 19.8.3 this morning...

    I have 2019.5.14 which has Dog Mode. Indeed the screen on my S does show the car temperature and a message along the lines of 'My owner will be back soon. The internal temperature is xx'C'
  40. Terry_B58

    AP1 vs AP2.0 in the UK

    You are correct, it is when Auto Pilot is fully engaged (blue steering wheel), not just TACC
  41. Terry_B58

    AP1 vs AP2.0 in the UK

    Never noticed the increase as I always cancel it when in a 30 zone, must give it a try one day.
  42. Terry_B58

    AP1 vs AP2.0 in the UK

    AP2 will only 'note' the speed from the Nav database. If TACC is active, the car will slow down to 'follow' the speed change BUT this time it takes means you are actually speeding as it takes quite a bit of distance to drop the speed. This is the critical area where mobile speed cameras get...
  43. Terry_B58

    Model 3 coming soon to the UK?

    Model 3 Priority? Not if it is the only one available and I am there first LOL
  44. Terry_B58

    AP1 vs AP2.0 in the UK

    AP2 has, among other things, the 4 x side cameras.
  45. Terry_B58

    Left outside?

    If you can see it, can you not lock it?
  46. Terry_B58

    Locking wheel nuts

    Most, if not all 'locking wheel nuts' can be removed with tools bought on eBay in very little time. However, the choice is entirely yours.
  47. Terry_B58

    Locking wheel nuts

    Nothing to recommend, but when was the last time you heard of a set of wheels being stolen from a car?
  48. Terry_B58

    Hi...and help!

    Have a look on this site, drop down boxes to filter what you want. Tesla UK new and used inventory car prices
  49. Terry_B58

    V9 and spotify

    Kia Niro EV, mch better :);):)

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