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  1. Mbrockus

    Supercharger - Burlington, WA #2 - (Potential Permit Application)

    I wish they would have more than 1 pull in spot and it was at the last spot so whatever is attached to your hitch wouldn't be blocking any of the parking lot.
  2. Mbrockus

    Home charging [issue]

    I am not aware of any third party adapters for the mobile chargers. I'd stick with the Tesla one.
  3. Mbrockus

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    It was nice to see the Plaid pull away from all that obnoxious noise.
  4. Mbrockus

    Supercharger - Big Timber, MT

    Stopped by here and it was a nice place to charge.
  5. Mbrockus

    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    So much room for activities!
  6. Mbrockus

    Just picked up Model X today, has defects

    #4 sounds a drift out of lane warning.
  7. Mbrockus

    PPF for Model X in New York?

    PPF is going to rip right through that budget. What kind of mods are you looking for? Performance, appearance, interior , sound system???
  8. Mbrockus

    Want to leave key FOB in car

    I used those for my X and S and they do the trick.
  9. Mbrockus

    Software Update 2019.40.1.1

    I also really like the more swift lane changes since the update. Blinker on and were moving. I didn't hate the previous auto wipers like others have so I've not really paid much attention to their performance. Also I have noticed that the lane choosing of NoA is better than before. Love these...
  10. Mbrockus

    Can I tow?

    Since the OP lists a 2016 X on their profile I have to assume it came with the hitch but not the software. From the Tesla website it states Note: Customers with vehicles equipped with a trailer hitch & without Tow Mode enabled can upgrade to the full tow package by contacting their Service...
  11. Mbrockus

    Should I Copy My Wife.....

    You just cant go wrong with two Tesla's in your driveway. I like our current combination of 3 MR and X LR. I also would have no issue if we had two X's in our driveway.
  12. Mbrockus

    Tesla changed my configuration

    On your Tesla account there should be a document called "Order Agreement" that's what Tesla should be building for you. It will show the prices for all options you selected at the time of your order. If the final documents don't match that document, tell your Advisor you're not taking delivery...
  13. Mbrockus

    New delivery of Raven

    I had the same issue that you have in your 2nd and 4th pictures. The lower falcon wing door threshold paint defects are not "cracks" it is a separation of a filler compound and NOT a structural issue. The filler is super hard and I guess when the X flexes during transport or normal driving...
  14. Mbrockus

    Software Update 2019.40.1.1

    Here’s my update screen
  15. Mbrockus

    My charging dilemma, vacation for two months

    I travel for work and I'm gone for about 90 day stretches and i just leave my cars plugged in. Even if you plug it into a 110V outlet, you'll come home to ready to go Tesla's.
  16. Mbrockus

    Anyone Else Suddenly Excited for the new Ford F150 EV?

    Dont forget, Elon was already saying, this truck is not for everybody, and it wouldn't look like any other truck out there. It doesn't and if you like it great, if not, well hopefully the Ford or Rivian or etc.. will make your mouth water and get you into an EV pickup. Thats the goal, get you...
  17. Mbrockus

    A death trap? Thoughts on extraction in an accident?

    would I be protected from a thermonuclear detonation?
  18. Mbrockus

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    It was touted as a truck that not everyone would like and that box has been checked. Specs and price are better than expected. Its going to look great in my driveway!
  19. Mbrockus

    Ok, this new video has me coming around!

    I think you are spot on. Video display for rear view and the navigation UI is pretty nice and much different than we currently have. Maybe will be something rolled out in 2021? . Another nice tweak is the 17inch display. Be interesting to see what they can do for trailer hook up assist. Its...
  20. Mbrockus

    Voice Command icon not appearing on monitor

    I think that is a Model 3 feature that has a microphone icon on the main screen. On a slightly off topic comment... I used the phone app to honk the horn while I'm traveling for work, I get a voice command from wife to CUT IT OUT (**#&*($($((!
  21. Mbrockus

    Winter Shock : 800kWh?

    You're driving gently?? What the heck.. I think your energy rate is a penalty for driving so overly conservative. Tear it up! You'll be having too much fun to worry about range... blah blah blah. Were you by chance navigating to a supercharger?
  22. Mbrockus

    Tesla Wash - Does it Matter?

    As you're read, there are all kinds of opions on this subject but from what I've heard, touchless is probably the best way to go but that won't solve your bug issue. I use these while Im spraying the area with a light stream of water to prevent scratching and wash away the nasty bug remains.
  23. Mbrockus

    Need someone to check something since update yesterday

    I noticed that yesterday and had the same thought. Did I put it in park? Its annoying and it needs to go away.
  24. Mbrockus

    Wtf: X drivers and poor SC ettiquette.

    All of you have missed the most obvious reason why that car was parked so poorly in the OP. The offending driver is from WA state where its a state law to park over the line and be a dick. All this hogwash about camera offset and laziness or passive aggressive comments are just a huge waste of...
  25. Mbrockus

    My First bad experience with Tesla and service center

    Definitely tree it up to the next level. What do you have to lose?
  26. Mbrockus

    it's posible to some one hack or copy tesla model X fob

    Definitely recommend PIN to drive to protect your vehicle.
  27. Mbrockus

    Buying used or new Model X - Please help me decide

    I was in the same boat, New or Used. Ended up going with new LR, Raven, 5 seater. Range, full warranty, updated mcu, suspension, etc were all factors in my decision. I also couldn't find a used X that had my desired features that wasn't almost the same price as a new X.
  28. Mbrockus

    The right loan for the amount borrowed

    Yes they do. \Best Rate Guarantee
  29. Mbrockus

    The right loan for the amount borrowed

    For my recent X purchase I initially was approved via Tesla financing but then noticed that my old credit union Delta Community was offering a much better rate. I applied with the credit union, got approved and then found out that Tesla Financing will rate match. Submitted my approval letter...
  30. Mbrockus

    Dashcam USB too slow after V10 update

    Mine is a Samsung 840 840 Pro Series 128GB - 512GB | Owner Information & Support | Samsung US
  31. Mbrockus

    Model X front bumper removal?

    I stumbled upon this video on Youtube that gives a basic overview.
  32. Mbrockus


    For a pricing comparison. At a Lexus dealership in Bellevue, WA They have a 2017 MS 100D, 36k miles, Black on Black, EAP and 22in wheels that looks good in pictures for 70K. CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2017 TESLA MODEL S: 5YJSA1E22HF216323
  33. Mbrockus

    Lease from MUSA Auto Finance

    They have a very nice website but I've not heard of them before.
  34. Mbrockus

    Dashcam USB too slow after V10 update

    What is the temperature range of your storage solution? My ssd is "rated" from 0c to 70c. Generally heat is the most destructive and if my car does get anywhere close to 70C internal I hope Cabin Overheat has kicked in and kept it from that extreme.
  35. Mbrockus

    Dashcam USB too slow after V10 update

    I also went the SSD route and I've not had any problems. I spilt the memory into two partitions and so far all has gone well.
  36. Mbrockus

    Front door seals

    The strip is held on using adhesive. First step is to clean the mating surface on the door of ALL dirt, oils.. etc...then expose the adhesive on the seal strip and attach to the door. Key point is for the door surface to be clean clean clean. My model 3 doesn't have these seals but you can...
  37. Mbrockus


    Thats a high retail price IMHO.
  38. Mbrockus

    Lasted 6 Days

    I too hope the OP gets their car back soon. I got my Model X just about 3 weeks ago and zero issues.
  39. Mbrockus

    Voice Command icon not appearing on monitor

    I'm on the same software version and using the voice command button it worked just fine.
  40. Mbrockus

    Front door seals

    Not sure if they have a better glue but it appears they didn't apply much at the factory. Should be an easy fix.
  41. Mbrockus

    Initiative 976

    Either way we lose. If it passes all the consumers of the tax money will fall to the ground in agony like a soccer player that was lightly brushed. You'll see ads how you've killed Seattle (its already dead) and the guilt and shaming will continue. I'm sure that would lead policy makers to link...
  42. Mbrockus

    New Loaner Policy

    My current loaner is in Valet mode... where is the cursing emoji??:mad:
  43. Mbrockus

    Used Model X buying help

    The OP asked for advise and we are all providing them advise. You're right not everyone knows to ask but if I have a chance to educate then by golly I will.
  44. Mbrockus

    Updated an hour ago or yesterday...

    My wife has the same issue. We also use iPhones. Any Android folks having same summon connect problems?
  45. Mbrockus

    Used Model X buying help

    Lemon Law cars must have a note on the title. Use a service like CarFax to check the VIN.
  46. Mbrockus

    Used Model X buying help

    YES! Its an incredibly smooth ride
  47. Mbrockus

    Used Model X buying help

    I was looking for used as well using TRED and CarGuru's to search for a used X. You may be able to find a deal but make sure it is not a LEMON LAW buyback even with promises it was fixed to manufacturer specifications. Hopefully the seller has posted pics of the screens so you can verify what...
  48. Mbrockus

    Boiled Brake Fluid - Seeking Advice

    Its not the ambient temperature that is causing the issue. When the OP was on the track and doing heavy braking it generated a lot of heat in the brake system that was most likely absorbed by the calipers and transferred to the fluid. This would be the cause for the fluid to lose its effectiveness.
  49. Mbrockus

    Model X Icebreaker crushes finger of five year old.

    I took delivery of my X today and asked the tech to show me how the ice breaker worked. I wonder if Tesla could make that out of a solid piece instead of one with a hole?

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