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  1. J

    Strange error message: "close console lid gently"

    What if, mechanically, that's simply not an option? I like the mechanism and it likely already had sensors because of how it operates. On other hand, might be something added to the handoff checklist. :) Ditto post #16
  2. J

    Wall charger dead on arrival? (No lights, no nothing)

    It comes with a pamphlet and the electrician should've done appropriate tests to verify the item working or not... but that's hard to do when the car isn't there. Could be a dead unit. Will want electrician to check the install with the car there.
  3. J

    Has anyone gotten their $3.5K back?

    Curious about this $3.5k number. For which car is that? People have gotten their $1000 reservation back...
  4. J

    What happens if your Tesla dies and the SC is closed?

    Are there any SCs or SCs in SC? Heh, I looked it up and it looks like they have SCs but not SCs. It is one of those states. So the OP should've asked what happens if the car breaks down and is stuck at an SC in SC which has no nearby SCs. That would've been a much more interesting question.
  5. J

    Anyone have a perfect delivery?

    Minor issue - they were still washing it when the paperwork was signed.
  6. J

    EV will be charged driving in 10 and 101 Express Lane, too

    Shaq, is that you? Shaq shares his absurd logic for how to pay less for gas
  7. J

    Model 3 @ Rocklin Tesla

    I guess the next time the club meets up we'll need to drive our 3s to the meeting. ;)
  8. J

    Refused Deliver 4/26 - should I get repair or new VIN?

    Front lights on the 3 just bulge out a bit. I wouldn't expect a new VIN to change that. The charge port door too, I would not expect a new VIN to change that. That's #s 5&6. If you refuse delivery I don't think they'll continue giving you a rental - you aren't an owner and they aren't...
  9. J

    Where are the high mileage Teslas?

    My mind boggles at people who drive 100,000 miles per year if it is not a taxi. At 50 mph, that's 2000 hours in the car. At highway speeds that's 1350 hours in the car. 27 hours a week at highway speeds. (assuming a couple weeks of vacation) 400000+ miles means somebody bought an early car...
  10. J

    2012 Model S Signature Cars

    I think only the double charger ones will allow you to set the charging current limit above 40A. Also I'm pretty sure ALL the signature ones are dual charger, so should be good to go for a 80A charger (100A circuit breaker).
  11. J

    Key Card in Wallet Phone Case

    I've carried the card in my case and haven't seen a problem BUT I've got a case with the cards on the screen side. I just didn't think the charger would work well with cards in the way.
  12. J

    ACKK!!! Midnight silver or regular silver???

    XPEL wrapped (not full, but nearly so) with the aero covers off and no caps or lug nut covers.
  13. J

    Having trouble deciding on rim colour

    I see you are in Vancouver, so you'll be going slowly everywhere anyway. (Just kidding, a little) The 21s look nice, I'd keep them. Longer treadwear 20" could be great if you just want different wheels. Compare that to the 19" imho if the treadwear of the 21" doesn't work for you. Either...
  14. J

    Yes, a Mountain Bike fits in a Model 3!

    Nobody mentioned the milk crate? I love the milk crate! Is that a multi-purpose rack so you can also haul a kayak or canoe?
  15. J

    XPEL Ultimate vs. Matte finish

    I like the Ultimate because it looks like the original car. The Matte looks custom, which is what some people prefer. Either way, grats on the new car!
  16. J

    Advice: How to get tech-averse wife to embrace Model 3

    Most of the 'tech' is really just rarely used interfaces. It has a drive control stalk, a blinker and a cruise control mechanism. The basics are all there just like any other car. But it drives really nice. Super nice. The rest of it can be learned slowly and later. How does the lane...
  17. J

    Torn passenger door seal

    Can't see how that's normal wear and tear. Odd for malicious damage, unless somebody was trying to break in.
  18. J

    Wireless QI Charging

    Either way, looks great.
  19. J

    Finally took delivery today. Couple issues

    Autopilot may be confused with full self driving - which is the later software update. The existing lane keeping adaptive cruise control is nice, but the OP does see the limitations.
  20. J

    VW will trample tesla

    Link to external site, but I'm reminded. The original, imho, delete my account item. Note that it is from 2006. Delete my ****ing account, Kos
  21. J

    My Model S went Haywire on me

    Essentially gotta replace all the wiring/computer and hopefully it'll come out ok. It'll be real trouble if the problems only started after the dashcam & radar detector installation.
  22. J

    Exclusive first Model 3 Dyno

    Model 3 acceleration seemed to drop off a lot after 60-70 mph, but that's still plenty fast for most things. With nice sticky tires, I suppose 4.4s 0-60 is possible but not with the MXM4s that came on our Model 3.
  23. J

    Just configured! How long now?

    4 weeks. I think that's pretty standard for Tesla.
  24. J

    It's a good thing TMC does not design cars

    I do rely on the rear camera for both cars so I find the default screen being Nav in the 3 to be more than just a little annoying. IF I COULD JUST DEFAULT THE SCREEN TO THE CAMERA, I'D BE MUCH HAPPIER WITH THE MODEL 3'S INTERFACE. Otherwise it isn't much of an adjustment either way, I've...
  25. J

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    The entry/exit mode settings in the S really help with the experience of climbing in/out of the car. The 3 is set up nicer by default however. I blamed the 3's seats on new style Tesla. The old Tesla seats (pre-2014?) were less wrap-around. Both cars are fine, I just think the S is more...
  26. J

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    ^^ This. The Model 3 is a sporty vehicle and I love the adaptive cruise with lane holding (AKA 'Autopilot'). But the S is a lovely cruising vehicle with better acceleration and fantastic handling. It is big but so comfy. I drove my wife's 3 for a couple weeks, now have my S back. Different...
  27. J

    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    I started out my playlist when I was shopping for a sub for my home system, so it tended to have very musically bass oriented tracks. One I particularly adore is the Gui Boratto Remix of Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. Lovely bits of sound throughout. Some other bass oriented ones: Woo...
  28. J

    Problems communicating with new Model 3 via iPhone

    Both 3 and S took some hard shutting during first couple months, but the S wore in so I expect the 3 will as well.
  29. J

    Premium Sound System missing sub?

    There is an 8" sub in the passenger side panel. The sound gets piped into the main cabin. It isn't bad, but isn't impressive. Crank up the bass and turn off the dolby surround.
  30. J

    For owners of the 3. How many miles do you currently have? (and how many problems?)

    FM radio 'tuning' is a really odd interface, but it does work. I recall letting it just sit there and populate all the FM channels then choosing from the list. I've got a 2012 Model S and the charge port door is significantly different for the 2018 Model 3. I didn't know about the press to...
  31. J

    Model 3 Already Has WiFi Support

    Heh, I hadn't thought of using the Service Center wifi login as my guest wifi at home. But it is true, the car does attach to the Tesla wifi. Hasn't been an issue so I'm not going to bother, but that is an interesting workaround if LTE service is non-existent at home.
  32. J

    First thoughts on my Model 3 vs. my Model S

    Keep in mind this example is after paint correction and protection has been applied. But I think the Midnight Silver my wife chose is gorgeous.
  33. J

    Dash noise when sitting in car

    That's just radio interference from your cell phone getting across the speaker wires.
  34. J

    High Frequency Receiver? Service needed twice within first 2 weeks

    If the whatever-it-is malfunctions and continually draws from the 12V battery then the battery dies. Over and over. So they need to fix the whatever-it-is.
  35. J

    Tesla moments

    I parked right in front of Gong Cha (Folsom) in the brand new Model 3 and everybody piled out. After taking our orders guy behind the counter says "Is that one of those self driving cars?!" and I'm "Sure, let me give ya the tour..." I've parked the Model S (Sig series - no self driving) in...
  36. J

    Random package from Tesla?

    That'd be my guess too.
  37. J

    Model 3 Ordered

    That's a very popular combination, and the one my wife picked. Enjoy!
  38. J

    The 3 is here!

    I notice the Homelink open/close was working as of yesterday. I'm not sure if new firmware or some other reason. The interface is slightly different from S so maybe I just missed it on the initial pairing a couple weeks ago.
  39. J

    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    Well, I've found that it doesn't want to play any .m4a songs (IE: Apple format) but will play FLAC and MP3. ... And I've got a system that sounds like it has a sub now. I don't know if it was me poking around to try to find a way to see the sub or my having to reboot the center screen to get...
  40. J

    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    It can't be very large. Maybe it is 8" like the S and I'm just expecting too much from the 3's sound system since it sounds so good otherwise. My home system has a very musical 12" sub and I've become accustomed to that sound. Or maybe mine just isn't working. How to test.... hmmm... maybe...
  41. J

    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    I don't think there is an existing sub. I suspect the low frequencies are mainly handled by the door speakers, which explains the low freq drop off imho. I could be wrong too. Could be that the existing sub is similar in placement to the Model S and mine just isn't working. :(
  42. J

    Model 3's Sound System--How good is it?

    The 3 imho is lacking a bit of bass, it just drops off around 50-60Hz. The default tuning is a bit bass heavy but I've got a playlist specifically for testing subwoofers and I put the 3 through its paces with that. It does sound very good however. So I agree with Reus putting in a 10" sub, it...
  43. J

    M3 wrap costs (XPEL and color change)

    Got standard pricing for Xpel + Opticoat in Sacramento area -- $3695. The Xpel is full front + doors + rear bumper and misc stuff (E.G door sills) by an extremely good detailer. Very nice work imho, hard to find a single seam. I don't think full XPEL is worth it, pricing I was quoted was...
  44. J

    Model 3 - Key Fob yes/no?

    That's the way I operate too. I've even declined to purchase some types of pants because there was no fob pocket. But I'm giving the phone/card a chance.
  45. J

    Naming your Model 3

    My wife has decided that Riley is going to be the 3's name. All I can think of is "life of Riley" and I hope it is easy & pleasant. :)
  46. J

    Let the douchebaggery begin!

    When I was dropping my 3 off at the detailer on Saturday, there was another 3 also being dropped off. None of the detailers I contacted even suggested that the 3 would get any special pricing for the publicity.
  47. J

    CNN Money review of the Model 3 - not very flattering

    I don't think "EV experience" is really the issue. It is "Tesla experience" - the interface choices are just different. I think gg is correct regarding the feedback - the buttons are annoyingly small and I do think the S was done better than the 3. On the other hand, after initial setup there...
  48. J

    CNN Money review of the Model 3 - not very flattering

    Yes. Part of the profile. However I don't think the 3 is set up to automatically choose the profile based on the keycard/fob like the S does. (I could be wrong. The 3 is getting wrapped and I haven't played with it for more than an hour.)
  49. J

    What do you think of the door handles?

    Ah, so that's similar to the Model S door handles - extend when unlocked, retract when locked. I like the body color though.
  50. J

    What do you think of the door handles?

    Neat! How does that work? More or less complicated than the 3?

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