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    Alignment in NW Indiana/Southwest Chicago burbs?

    Wow. My old 2.5 year old thread….. haha. I ended up taking my tesla model 3 to Firestone on Ogden in Westmont or Downers grove 2-3 times. Just ask if they have the “Hawkeye” system.
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    Did I get scammed? [on tint and PPF install]

    I can sympathize. Up until this year, I drove 1.5 hrs away from my house to get my ppf and tint done by the same place (they did 4 of my cars in 10 years) …. I found a more local place (15 min away) to put ppf back on a single door. The local place criticized the ppf that I had always went to...
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    tesla trade-in values decreasing :( Nov/Dec 2022

    When I did the used trade sites about a month ago, Tesla was still better by $1-2k And that’s not taking into consideration the tax savings (if allowable in your state) from reducing the taxable amount of the purchase price (in the full amount of the trade in value, another $2-3k)
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    tesla trade-in values decreasing :( Nov/Dec 2022

    Did you take pictures of the exterior and interior of the app? If so, then you’ll get a specific value. Good luck! I thought my trade in value was bad, but now the new car prices have dropped…..
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    Need Help/Advice - First 38 Days With MYLR - Terrible Experience

    The person disapppointed in a model 3 range drop in the cold may have an older model without the heat pump, which makes a huge difference. During the recent freeze around Christmas, I made a round trip without needing to recharge with 40 miles left. About 1 year ago, I made the exact trip in...
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    Snow Shatters Back Window

    Was there ice in that mix? Odd that snow could do that……
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    Need Help/Advice - First 38 Days With MYLR - Terrible Experience

    wow. for me, mobile service is usually within 1-2 wks. there are no service centers within 1 hr of me, but if i'm willing to drive 1.5-2 hours (with traffic) there are 3+ there is supposed to be a ramp up of service capacity (mobile and service centers), and they need it, for the increase in...
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    Need Help/Advice - First 38 Days With MYLR - Terrible Experience

    oof, sorry to hear about your string of bad luck. i'm curious as to why the insurance company said you "needed" to go to a tesla service center to have it repaired. there are now multiple "tesla authorized body shops" (but maybe there are none near you?) tesla parts shortages have been an...
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    Acceleration boost thoughts

    .....except the screenshots that you posted, tesla's website refers to them as tesla AWD but i get what you're saying..... the press called it tesla standard range because it was less range than the LR, but on the public-facing tesla website, it is referred to the AWD the last time tesla...
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    Acceleration boost thoughts

    Does your MYP (or the one you drove) have the newer comfort suspension? I think the 2023 MYP with comfort suspension, drove very similar to the 2018 model 3 dual motor that I traded in - specifically regarding road imperfections being transmitted to the cabin and the lack of body roll when...
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    Spoiler not available on Tesla’s site?

    Not to mention the improved oem suspension, too!
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    Free 10,000 supercharging miles have been granted in the app

    Thanks! I never thought to look in the loot box!
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    Acceleration boost thoughts

    i have too many roundabouts where i live to trust fsd..... but they also make spirited driving a bit more fun, esp with the MYP suspension (without the body roll)
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    Spoiler not available on Tesla’s site?

    as the OP, just an update - i ended up getting the MYP, and thank god i did...... i like to stay oem, too..... and getting an acceleration boost ($2k) and the spoiler ($800) is over 2/3 of the cost to upgrade to MYP.
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    Acceleration boost thoughts

    in the entire time that acceleration boost has been available (even with the model 3's), i don't recall hearing that the amount of improvement changes. that being said, to me, acceleration boost is only part of the equation. the suspension also plays a role, too. I like the stability...
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    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    Thanks for that info! I’ve been going to Costco and I know they have the crossclimate. I don’t know if any of those would work on the uberturbine, but I’ll keep the others in mind if/when I switch to 19’s.
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    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    Another thing that makes the crossclimate2 unique is their “3 peak snowflake rating” https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=125 I would say that the crossclimates are all season, but more geared towards the winter/snow.
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    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    looks amazing. the brown interior is such a rich-looking interior. if you don't mind me asking..... was there a sizable dealer markup/"market adjustment" for it? while i know it's totally their right, but it's a turn off to me. but that's the price to pay for this crazy auto marketplace these...
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    Help with Model Y Performance 22 Used decision (Steal deal). First time Tesla buyer

    going back to ryzen vs intel. I had a 2018 Model 3 with intel and just got a 2023 Model Y Performance with Ryzen...... the real world difference to me is the hulu/netflix and other theater apps starting up MUCH faster. those theater apps are good for keeping (impatient) toddlers entertained...
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    Curb Rash on brand new Model Y Rims... How should I repair them or do I need to replace them? Worth to claim insurance?

    Dang, sorry about the curb rash! Esp with the Gemini wheels. Those are supposed to be much more curb rash resistant than the 21” uberturbines. I wouldn’t do insurance claim. Get an estimate first …. Your rates may go up with a claim like that. With the loss of the ultrasonic sensors, I’m...
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    Horrible and sad model Y delivery experience

    you can still go to a service center/showroom and see what they have in stock. I saw a perfect model Y LR a few weeks ago. i ran my fingers over the seams to make sure they were flush. i totally would've gotten it if it had gemini wheels, but it had induction wheels that i didn't want to pay...
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    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    What wheels do you use? Stock Gemini?
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    Supercharge a brand new MYLR to 100% on a road trip?

    The last 10% or so takes a lot longer. Not worth it. If you’re driving in the cold with a lot of people/luggage, count on driving around 2.5-3 hrs between charges to be conservative. Also, if the superchargers you encounter are crowded, that can also reduce charging speed overall. Unless you...
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    Did you consider switching your order to MYP for guaranteed matrix? Esp with all the extra savings …..
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    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    Cross climate 2. Costco has a sale on Michelin starting on 12/28 (next Wednesday)
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    Tesla Trade-In Question (Title holder not available in-person)

    What ended up happening? Another option is have your dad formally sell the car to you, then you’d legally own the car and the title transfers to you, and then you’d go to Tesla and transfer to them. Probably takes a lot longer, but it’s an option and it’s all on the “up and up”
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    Apple Music quality > Spotify

    I also listen primarily to audiobooks in the car, especially if I’m alone or if I want the kids in the backseat to fall asleep. I haven’t heard any rumors or anything about audible being added to Tesla, but that would be awesome! Another reason to pay for the premium connectivity
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    Tesla Trade-In Question (Title holder not available in-person)

    where is the title? i think the tesla app specifically states that the title holder has to be in person. the title holder is the legal owner of the car. otherwise, that could easily be construed as fraud, trying to selling a car you do not own when i traded in my car, i had to sign over the...
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    Are the Tesla sales people allowed to just completely lie to you?

    Do you mind taking a screenshot of the part where it talks about the 3750 people getting 2 rebates? It says from 12/21-12/31, buyers get 7500 and 10k supercharging.
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    At-fault insurance company quoting less than Tesla collision center for car repair.

    When I hit a deer with my model 3, there were only 5-6 Tesla collision centers in the entire US. Being in the Chicagoland area, I was lucky enough to be close to one. I would rather have my car worked on by “specialists” who work only on teslas all day/every day. There’s also the belief back...
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    MYLR take delivery in Dec 2022 or wait it out for HD radar in 2023? Don’t ’NEED’ the car but won’t qualify for Federal EV credits either.

    If you purchased before the last price jump, get it now. The prices only go up…… some people who are bitter about not getting the December credit when they took delivery in November also ordered a while back, meaning they locked in the lower price. (Exception being the performance models, probably)
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    understandable that they don't share printouts of their internal tools...... My SA walked the lot with me to look for model Y with matrix (easier/faster than looking up each individual VIN)
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    What do you mean, “post proof”? Only SA who can view details based on a specific vin can know for sure without visual inspection….
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    With the right software, it can greatly customize how the light is cast/spread. From what I read, bmw is great at this. For us, it spreads the light out in a wider spread and it is supposed to angle the light so it does not blind oncoming traffic.
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    Except for the media control unit and fsd, I don’t think they’ve ever done retrofit. I wanted the motorized trunk that they offered as a retrofit in China for my model 3 but that never came to fruition.
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    Tesla and MyQ

    I haven’t gotten the holiday 2022 update yet….. but using the app to close it is annoying because (as a safety feature) it beeps for a few seconds before closing since there’s no guarantee that there’s line of sight when you close via the app. Also, when using my phone close to the driveway...
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    MYP impressions coming from 2018 M3 LR

    I took delivery of a MYP the other day and coming from one of the first 2018 Model 3 LR dual motor (with premium interior), it's quite an upgrade. pros - it heats up much better in the cabin (not just from the heated steering wheel, but that's also a plus). Normally I have my temp set at 70 in...
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    Tesla and MyQ

    1 big advantage is that you can tell if your garage door is open or closed from anywhere. (Ie - you are at the store and don’t remember if you closed the garage door) Of course, if you have the myQ app, you can open the app and know the same thing. The app is free. So I guess you can ditch...
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    You can see you can see a single circular bulb on the lateral edge of the headlights.
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    Lost the 2nd keycard before trading in to Tesla

    as an update - i didn't need to buy another card or give them one of my MYP keycards. they were ok with just one keycard. I spend about 30 minutes searching my house last night trying to find it. blah.
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    Lost the 2nd keycard before trading in to Tesla

    I’ll be trading in my 2018 M3 dual motor to Tesla for a 2023 MYP and when I filled out the questionnaire about the condition, I said there were 2 keys Of course, when I looked, I can’t find the 2nd key. Will Tesla adjust my trade in value? Or should I go to the service department beforehand...
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    I know you’ve been asking across a lot of threads about the USS in the last few days, but no one has gotten them on a new production vehicle in over a month. (Based on my lurking of the forums.) If they are important to you, consider a demo 2022 model. It may be your only hope. For me, the...
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    Just got this little display installed, what do you think?

    looks nice! does it show "autopilot" nags (to torque/grip the steering wheel)? what does that look like? a picture of red steering wheel? the edges of the screen flash red? thanks!
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    i've read that the induction are not as bad with curb rash as the uberturbine. I currently have deposits on the MYP and MYLR. The MYP delivery is thursday, and I previously rejected a VIN on this "order" when i tried to get a MYLR with matrix but failed. So this MYP is take it or leave...
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    New Car totaled

    I’m sorry for your situation! I agree with the above - resolve it with the insurance company and get the MYP asap. You might get lucky and get the discount for the Tesla December discount, esp if you don’t qualify for the tax credit. As long as they say it’s totaled, then it’s a matter of...
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    Always carry the key card

    or wear your key on your finger https://www.amazon.com/COLMO-Accessory-Replacement-Customization-Worldwide/dp/B085XY87X6?th=1 i can't imagine not having my wallet and getting pulled over. i probably would panic and really test out the MYP's capabilities...... haha
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    Honestly, because of my tendency for curb rash and the potholes in the area, I’d be happier with the Gemini but I was going to switch out the wheels of the Uber turbine most likely to wheels that have been well tested by other Tesla drivers, so brake fitting shouldn’t be an issue. (Right? Please...
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    I was just at a showroom/center last week. Out of 14-15 LR, only 1 had matrix. But it also had 20” induction wheels. So $2k more, and I already know I would get the acceleration boost for $2k, so if I got that one, I would already be paying the same price as a performance but with less features...
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    non-oem tire/rim sizes at national chains (costco, belle tire, etc)

    Thanks! If I get a tire/wheel package from tsportline…..maybe they won’t care as much because they’re just mounting the wheel and not installing a tire?

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