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    Model X Refresh driver side doors sensing obstruction that isn't there....

    This might sound very silly and i cannot prove anything but I have found that when my 2016 Model X sits in the afternoon sun in the parking lot at the office, it gets direct sunlight on the driver side falcon door and the door gets really hot. I get in the car and the sensor on that door always...
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    Charge port pin slow retract & no charge LED lights

    Not sure. I see nothing on the paperwork and for sure they never mentioned it. Is there some kind of drain that I need to keep cleaned out?
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    Charge port pin slow retract & no charge LED lights

    I went ahead and scheduled a service appointment. I have to say that after washing the car the same day as making the appointment, the LED lights seemed to start working again although it was not consistent. They replaced the Charge Port (yes, it is about $1000 but I was under warranty) but...
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    Charge port pin slow retract & no charge LED lights

    I am starting to see this on my 2016 Model X. I get no LED lights (red, blue, green or white) and it takes sometimes 10-15 seconds before it will accept the insertion of the charger ( I guess you guys term that to be "retraction of the pin". And now it is delayed in disconnecting and allowing...
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    2016 X 75D - 170K miles - free SC

    What’s an X Care warranty and who sells it? I have a 2016 X I bought used from Tesla. My warranty runs out in April 2023. I am going to keep it forever (I really like it) and I did not think I had any warranty option. To the original poster, the free supercharging is nice but should not be...
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    Model X front end creaking

    My 2016 Model X has started squeaking badly in the last month. Really loud. I will make a service appointment and get it fixed. I have one more year and 10,000 miles of warranty and I believe this should be covered by warranty. It was a certified pre-owned.
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    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    Let me provide closure to my switches not working after having the Infotainment Upgrade a week ago. Mobile Tech came this morning and confirmed what I predicted. They did not re-connect the glove box switch or the four-way flasher switch when they removed the old computer and screen and put...
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    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    I just had the infotainment upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2 last week and included the FM radio turner. $2000. I have a 2016 MX P90D. I have a full warranty until April 2023, free premium connectivity for life and free supercharging for life. I decided to go ahead and do it instead of just doing...
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    Can someone explain this behavior of the refresh auto-garage door opener closing the door on the car?

    Ostrichsak clearly states the right solution. I found the risk of the door closing on my car was too great to trust that function. The easy tap of the screen is fine.
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    Keep it plugged in while I'm away?

    A happy Tesla is a plugged-in Tesla according to the company and experts.
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    My $9241 XMAS 2021 & New Year 2022 Repair Bills

    I guess I am still back at square one. You said you have a warranty on the car expiring in 2023. I deduce from your explanation that Tesla is telling you: 1) The coolant leak and all of the parts to repair that is due to an accident/ curb hit that you had a week before? I ask this because I...
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    Infotainment upgrade

    I am considering this on my 2016 Model X. Good to hear you did it and are happy about it. I assume it was $1500 plus $500 if you got the radio module? I am told doing this takes care of the memory chip issue as well as the yellow border screen that eventually happens (and starts leaking gel...
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    2016 Model X Signature - heated seats

    I have a 2016 P90D Model X build number 569 so it is just out of the Signature range. I have not yet had my MCU1 serviced or updated. I am running 2020.48.37.8 as well.
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    Reminiscing about my Feb. 2012 Model X Day One P83 Reservation

    I have a P90D that is VIN 569 so I am pretty close to yours. It was delivered in April 2016 to a very prominent Tech Executive in Silicon Valley. I know this because he left his home and work location in the Navigation system. He only put about 10,000 miles on it and turned it back to...
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    Supercharger - Twinsburg, OH

    I am all for more Superchargers in the Cleveland area but this seems odd. This site is so close to the Macedonia charger it really does not help the Tesla owners in northern Ohio or people traveling through. Cleveland needs a SC on the east side (Mentor, Chardon for instance) and Akron needs...
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    Tesla SC cost to mount and replace tires

    The Cleveland Ohio Service Center was very reasonable. I bought 22 inch Goodyear Eagles from Tire Rack for my Model X and they dismounted and trashed the old tires, mounted and balanced the new tires and installed them for something like $160 -$180 total. And I felt confident having them...
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    Tesla Qi charger

    I have a 2016 MX with an Apple I Phone charger option (I guess it was an option) that is in the compartment with the flip up lid behind the large front compartment with the sliding door. The phone basically stands up on the charger plug. I am also upgrading from an Apple I phone 6S to a 12...
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    Airco not functioning properly !!!

    I have a 2016 Model X that was one of the early production - number 569. I had some issues with the Air Conditioning performance a year ago in August (like you are) and they looked at it and told me the lines to the condensor were installed wrong so they supposedly swapped them and corrected...
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    Maximum Charge of 40kW from 3 different SC's

    I have just noticed this and I am worried as you are. My 2016 MX P90D has lifetime supercharging and it is important to me. I put my X in storage for the winter and just started driving it again a few weeks ago. I normally charge in the garage but stopped at the local charger twice coming into...
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    I just got the email on the power steering bolt recall. 2016 Model X. My friend has a Mercedes SUV and just received exactly the same recall. We concluded that Tesla designed in the same power steering unit that Mercedes uses. He also noted the gearshift stalk is the same in both cars...
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    Model X P90DL

    Let me try to be helpful. I bought about the same car last April from Tesla. A 2016 Model X P90DL with 10,000 miles. Midnight Silver with Black interior. It came with 4 year/ 50k mile warranty from the date of purchase and the remaining years on the battery warranty (5?) It had 22 inch...
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    Leave plugged in or not?

    I have a 2016 MX P90D (CPO with low miles delivered in May of 2019 to me) and have parked it for winter in the garage due to the rough winters and snow fall we have here in Erie. It has 22 inch wheels and performance tires and I just decided to not risk it and drive my Jeep this winter. Its...
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    Just placed an order for a Used p90DL

    I purchased an early 2016 P90DL MX in March. It had 10,000 miles on it and was like new. I paid about 50 percent of the original selling price of $139,000. It has the base AP1 AutoPilot and is not upgradeable. I have no remorse. That AutoPilot works perfectly for me and I absolutely love it...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Folks, I took my “sounds like two shop vacs running in the frunk” 2016 P90D Model X in to Tesla Service. Got it back after they worked on it all day and they said there was absolutely an issue and it was covered by a TSB and they fixed it. They did not seem to want to give more details. I...
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    Temperature rise after Supercharging

    I supercharged again today and the “loud shop vac” noise was there from the start for about 20 minutes. Then for whatever reason it went away but supercharging continued. By that time I was charging at a bit over 120 miles per hour. The ambient temperature was 75 to 78 degrees. I did take the...
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    Temperature rise after Supercharging

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I looked at my front end tonight when I got home and the horizontal louvers located under the nose of the car were open and air was easily moving thru them. More importantly, the noise was very low. Not the jet engine noise. I am really not sure those...
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    Temperature rise after Supercharging

    just finished a nice trip in my 2016 Model X P90D. I have owned it since April. One issue seems to happen consistently since warm summer weather has started and I don’t know if it is normal or abnormal. Please give me your opinion. When i stop to supercharge, my car always seems to be the...
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    Blog Report: Tesla Employees Pressured to Take Shortcuts to Meet Production Goals

    Everyone should be noticing the very timely negative news reports on Tesla right right when Tesla is about to report record production for the quarter. This stock is the most shorted stock on the market. Short sellers cannot allow good news to go unchallenged. I am still waiting for CNBC and...
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    Tow eye storage?

    I hate to sound stupid but do I have one of these somewhere in my car? I have a 2016 Model X and I have never seen this anywhere in the car or trunks.
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    Falcon wing window seals

    I have a 2016 Model X and the roof glass seals look horrible. They are all chewed up and nasty. I bought the car from Tesla around April of this year. It had 10,000 miles on it. When I inspected it at delivery I noticed these chewed up seals and objected to them. They quickly told me this...
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    22" Summer Tires

    Regarding the Goodyear Eagles, Tire Rack is showing two versions, one acoustic and one not. And a higher price for the acoustic. I believe the acoustic simply has a foam insert.
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    5, 6, or 7 seat model X resale values

    I have no real knowledge on the actual resale values but I do know two things: 1) I just bought a used Model X and the six seat option was on my "had to have" list and that did reduce my choices available. 2) The early 7 seat "non folding" version is not highly regarded or sought after.
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    22" Summer Tires

    I, of course, live in Erie PA and can attest to our significant snowfall. And the city never stops due to snow. So you need to prepare. I have just acquired a MX P90D with 22 inch Goodyear’s on it. I have purchased a set of 20 inch wheels and tires for winter. As stated above, there is really no...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    It was 93 degrees yesterday in Cleveland and we were supercharging at the Macedonia location with the climate system on to keep us cool. As one of the posters stated, it sounded like a couple of shop vacs were on under the front of my Model X. No other Tesla parked there had this noise. In fact...
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    I picked up a used 2016 P90D CPO last month and took delivery at the Wexford PA service center. It was a California car with only 11,000 miles. During my inspection I noticed these worn out deteriorated seals in the roof seams in a car that was otherwise in absolutely perfect condition. As...
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    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    You summed it up for me. All Model X are Gen 2 so if my wheels came of a Model X and I am putting them on an X I should be good to go. Thanks.
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    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    Can anyone shed some light on what years were Gen 1 and what years are Gen 2? I just bought some used OEM Tesla wheels and tires with TPMS included and simply thought that all Teslas would be the same. Now i am worried.
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    CPO Model X inventory

    I just picked up a 2016 P90D from Tesla CPO. I am very happy with it. It only had 11,000 miles on it and it was one of the first 500 to be released back in 2016. No issues. High quality. 4 year 50k mile warranty. Very much like new. Except 50% off the new price.
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    Model X Slipstream OEM wheels, tires, TPMS, 20 inch Continentals set of 4

    I am interested and would like to make an offer. I can pick up at your location. How can we communicate?

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