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  1. dorsai

    2021 Model 3 LR for sale

    After a little more time with the Rivian, I decided to keep the Tesla. Not sure how to mark the thread as not available anymore. The Rivian is amazing, but the CCS charging network is just not quite there yet (feels like Tesla charging circa ~2016 but more buggy), so I'm going to hold off for a...
  2. dorsai

    2021 Model 3 LR for sale

    Would drop $1k if I put the aeros back on and keep the forged wheels.
  3. dorsai

    2021 Model 3 LR for sale

    Bumping for visibility
  4. dorsai

    2021 Model 3 LR for sale

    I'm possibly looking to sell my 3, it has 20,450 miles and FSD purchased with the car. Asking $54k. Torn between keeping this and a Rivian that is also a fantastic vehicle, just different. Vehicle was professionally wrapped in 3M gloss fire blue with PPF applied over the front half at around...
  5. dorsai

    Any configuration regrets?

    This is mine (not quite whole cabin, but more than just the dash) with a black vinyl wrap on the dash. I love the bright airy feeling of the white interior, and mine was from before they had any wraparound onto the door, so the white on the dash stood out a bit. Installing the vinyl was very...
  6. dorsai

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Yes, mine's wrapped in 3M Gloss Fire Blue - I think it would go well on top of MSM/Black if you went that route. Could live with MSM until you decide you want a new color, then pay a bit to change up the color and have something louder, and could always go back. Red will look great, too, so you...
  7. dorsai

    2021 model 3 LR heat blowing cold. Error

    I had the same struggle after receiving my early heat pump car (Dec 2020 delivery). It went in to the shop 5 times before they sorted it (well, hopefully, haven't had the issue in a few months) and I think they replaced: high & low side evap pressure/temp sensors, the evaporator, and the...
  8. dorsai

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Tesla's blue just doesn't look that good except in direct sunlight. My vote is for red, it's probably Tesla's best looking paint color (and rarest if you like being different), followed by MSM (as others have said, it wears well and looks good though it was better with the chrome trim) and then...
  9. dorsai

    FS: MPP Model 3 AWD Comfort Adjustable Coilovers - $1,300

    That's a great deal and I'd buy it if we can discuss shipping. I know you said not interested, but if you are, I'll gladly pay for UPS pack+ship.
  10. dorsai

    Lug nuts

    Ah, when you said bulge, I assumed you meant spherical seat, as that's what I've heard bulge refer to. E.g.: https://www.amazon.com/20pcs-Silver-Bulge-Lug-Nuts/dp/B0784HHXJ2
  11. dorsai

    Lug nuts

    OEM lugs are conical seat, larger diameter than the Circuit performance but same taper. I use the blue Circuit ones on my new wheels, but the OEM lugs worked with these wheels too, if a bit too close to the walls to keep from marring if you didn't have a thin wall socket with some plastic on the...
  12. dorsai

    Model 3 AC Smell Update...

    To add some anecdata, I had this issue crop up in my 21 and the smell was eliminated with only the filter change, and a sniff test definitely showed the smell was coming from the bottom of the lower filter where it would get wet from improper drainage, or just being too close to the drainage point.
  13. dorsai

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    It's a difficult color to capture, since it's so intensely blue, but here's another angle shot with my phone
  14. dorsai

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Wrap is 3M Gloss Fire Blue, wheels are 19x9.5 ET38 VS Forged VS14 with 265/35R19 tires. Wrapped the dash trim piece with Oracal 975HC and it came out ok for being my first try at wrapping (exterior was done by pros).
  15. dorsai

    That notorious driver side dash rattle..

    I had this in my 21, and the service center fixed it under warranty when I told them about it. I was in for a different issue and didn't ask what they did to fix it, sorry. Seemed like it was an easy fix, might just need to add a piece of foam under the vent trim strip.
  16. dorsai

    Vendor Affordable Monoblock Forged! VS Forged Wheels

    I got mine finally, 16 weeks. They're nice - 19x9.5 et38 VS14 with 265/35 rubber fits nicely.
  17. dorsai

    Vendor Affordable Monoblock Forged! VS Forged Wheels

    The lead time hasn't come down, they're quoting 12 weeks. Nice looks and the price is right so I have an order in, but the extra weeks sting.
  18. dorsai

    Model 3 or Y Bluetooth Tpms Sensors qty 4 will ship

    They raise the price on these? Last I checked they're $75/ea ($300) to buy new from Tesla...
  19. dorsai

    2021 model 3 Aero wheels??

    There are some 2021s that came with the 2020 aeros, because I have one (delivered in mid-late Dec)
  20. dorsai

    Retrofits and Upgrades that we have done! Any other retrofits you have done or like for us to do?

    I'm curious about the ventilated front seat retrofit, too. Can you provide any more details? I'd be interested in getting this even if it meant a road trip to the west coast in the future.
  21. dorsai

    Gen II Brand New Silver Wall Connector (Cincinnati)

    I'm in Cincinnati and interested if you haven't sold it yet.
  22. dorsai

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I'm pretty sure they meant cut 90% of mirror drag, since you see the following bit says 3.8% of total drag.
  23. dorsai

    Winter Mats - Model S

    Since I just signed up for this forum I can't initiate PM yet, but I think I can reply to them.
  24. dorsai

    Is there a way to send another forum member a private message?

    Throwing my hat in here - I understand the spam limitation and I'm sure it works well, but at least give some info. I spent a few minutes looking around at profiles/conversation pages in confusion before googling it (since there's no mention in any sticky I saw) and I still don't actually know...
  25. dorsai

    Winter Mats - Model S

    I'm interested in your floor mats and the parcel shelf you have in a different thread. Would you be able to ship to Cincinnati?

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