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  1. fancealot

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I agree! With the 'nightmare' Superchargers it doesn't help that they are typically V2's - Scotch corner - urgh! and Woodall southbound are two I try to avoid if I can!! If i'm looking to charge i'll look for a larger amount of chargers which tend to be V3 (Ferrybridge for example is rarely...
  2. fancealot

    Polestar 2 updated

    Sorry I'm obvously in the 'need glasses' option here, I really don't like the polestar 2, theres just something weird about it, it's not quite a volvo but has loads of it's parts (although I do like volvos) these seem to be the ... bad parts - looking at you steering wheel! urgh! Then there's...
  3. fancealot

    Window washer fluid low

    I just refill with any forecourt/supermarket ready mixed washer fluid wherever I need to fill it up.
  4. fancealot

    Window washer fluid low

    Sounds daft but how?!? I fill my washer bottle every month in winter due to crap on the roads - needed to scoosh the windscreen at least 4 times on the way to work today (1 hour drive primarily motorway). Now you can't turn off the damn wipers on AP I need to clean the windscreen more as crud...
  5. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Noticed this last night, called this morning apparently my smart meter wasn't connecting, this afternoon it's back and my account charges have altered from this morning too.
  6. fancealot

    Unlooping electricity supply

    Northern powergrid were OK with me on getting supply 'unlooped' for free as a looped supply is not sufficient for a modern household, luckily we have grass between the houses up to our side-be side meter boxes so it went fairly well. My main issue was who's responsibility to check that the 100A...
  7. fancealot

    Car Alarm Nightmare (Again)

    TBH the few times i've locked the car with someone inside i've used camp or dog mode as it's designed for just locking the doors. IIRC locking on the car's screen will also just lock the doors, any time app is used to lock the car in 'normal mode' the alarm should go on. Camp/Dog mode next time...
  8. fancealot

    Model Y Questions

    A note on upgrading the AP most lease companies own the car and you are set as an approved driver and linked to your Tesla account (for paying for Supercharging and connected data etc) you most likely won't be able to upgrade your autopilot at all during your lease (you MAY be able to organise...
  9. fancealot

    Model 3 Boot not opening

    So repair happened on Tuesday, the mobile ranger checked the boot lock motor and was fine, they replaced the wiring loom - the ranger said it looked like some of the lights were't working too well on the rear too, now all swapped out and its back to normal operations!
  10. fancealot

    Disney + login - Black screen

    I had a black screen bug on IIRC youtube once, I did the monty python (rename car to patsy - or others) easter egg trick and it all came back, not had a problem since.
  11. fancealot

    Model 3 Boot not opening

    Either way hope it's an easy fix, just a pain having to move seats forward to drop the rear seats to get owt out lol
  12. fancealot

    Model 3 Boot not opening

    Have seen multiple threads about boot issues but mine is for an older 2020 (new frunk but pre-refresh) Model 3. Last night had to go into the boot several times (loading kit for scout camp) when went to try open the boot before going home it wouldn't open on the boot release latch - sometimes...
  13. fancealot

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    Slept in my 3 a fair few times recently as a scout leader with sleep apnoea it's difficult as a lot of scout campsites don't have electric hookups (some of the larger sites do or I ask for at least a 3 pin I can run a 50m extension from to my tent) when that's not an option I break out my 12V...
  14. fancealot

    Intelligent Octopus problems for a month. No help !

    How long are you leaving it, i'm having similar issues where the only time it'll see my M3 is by removing the car completely from the account and doing the test charge again, it's frustrating that this has recently started to happen.
  15. fancealot

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    quick question to you all, been on IO a while and it's been fine - got my morning routine of turning off smart charging and turning it back on on the home commute sorted but recently i've noticed maybe once per week where I'll have to completely remove the car and re-add it with the '7 minute...
  16. fancealot

    Car seat setting off seatbelt alarm

    I don't have kids but i do think the Tesla alarms are really sensitive, a 2L bottle of coke resting on the passenger seat has set it off in the past!
  17. fancealot

    2 Tesla's on one App - different accounts

    What i'd do is if the lease companies can add your emails as additional accounts that's great, otherwise i'd keep your phone linked to your own tesla and the Mrs' phone linked to hers, then buy a tesla ring or fall back to the cards for access to each others cars - it doesn't take too long to...
  18. fancealot

    Do new Tesla cars come with a Charging cable ? (not talking about the mobile connector)

    EVM did a video on tethered vs untethered, it's a preference really have a look!
  19. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Sometimes it can appear, just refresh the app when you get home tonight and it'll correct the charge cycle. You may need to turn off the smart charging function whilst at work as it may not charge whilst plugged in at work.
  20. fancealot

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    IIRC some early 2021 M3's were heatpumps coming from Freemont.
  21. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    No that's not what i'm saying, I was saying playing the system will eventually effect us all! Octopus WILL increase costs if they see that a lot of the consumer base are taking money away from them ( I DO NOT condone the energy companies and what they do I am stating we're lucky that a company...
  22. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    What i'm not keen on is people 'playing the system' do you really need the vehicle charged at 4am? If people find this as a hack to get cheaper charging slots earlier thus meaning they can do all the power hungry chores at home Octopus will shut down the extra slots and just give you the fixed...
  23. fancealot

    Model Y low speed pedestrian safety sound

    The main issue I've found primarily is the people who walk around headphones in constantly listening to thier own soundtrack and wander aimlessley across roads and through car parks as if they haven't a care in the world. Too many times in my M3 AND my wife's Mazda CX-30 have people wandered...
  24. fancealot

    “Theatre” disappeared?

    I had a theatre bug where I could see the apps but opening any of them it went to a black screen, somehow (don't know why) after following some advice on you tube I did the Monty Python easter egg and it worked (rename car to Patsy or Flying Circus), all my apps refreshed and opened properly.
  25. fancealot

    Car features as a service

    If it was just an 'unlock cost' fine, it's fair and simple, more cost effective for the company and means that the customer can unlock the added options down the line if needed which sometimes could help with buyers remorse - i've done it in the past leased a car with the middle option only 2...
  26. fancealot

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    I bought a Tesmat for using in camp mode, used it once, as i'm 'larger than the average bear' getting in and out of the 3 was a challenge - my mates did laugh when they got a shot of my a** crack as I was climbing in. Decided then I was going to wait to use it with my Y instead - rear access...
  27. fancealot

    Auto Express Driver Power survey

    I think this may relate to the freemont M3's which weren't that good but since M3's have ben coming from China I thought the fit and finish was a lot better now! Will probably be even better from Germany!!
  28. fancealot

    Octopus Go

    Aslo as Elon has stated a plugged in tesla is a happy tesla!
  29. fancealot

    Octopus Go

    +1 for charging every night, do the top up within the time period allocated in go, means you'll never go over. When I was on go I couldn't get a full charge in the 4 hours so switched to go faster 5 hours which was plenty. Now on intelligent which, yes has phantom drain but you can turn the app...
  30. fancealot

    Window washer fluid low

    Jeez, I refil mine every month or two, I do a lot of motorway commute and for some reason it's bug city on my drive, plus I like to have as clear a view as I can so I usually 'scoosh' the windscreen once or twice a trip.
  31. fancealot

    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    Scarily it is a deciding factor for a lot of 'regular consumers' rather than us forumites who tend to be a little more geeky in our research etc. I use carplay in my wife's Mazda and it's great (the mazda system is good but carplay is better IMO) but I don't feel a massive loss when in the...
  32. fancealot

    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    Looking at the WWDC keynote from yesterday, it looks like apple are moving closer to what the tesla interface is now, allowing information from the car's data and controls of a car to sync with carplay replacing the entire car infotainment and heads up cluster to something more apple like...
  33. fancealot

    Have I been ripped off by KwikFit?

    funnily enough i've had my front tyres replaced because of inner wear, going to schedule a tracking check at the SC soon!
  34. fancealot

    PCN in electric car bay

    It's a shame you had to pay up, and you're a good person for telling your daughter what she's done wrong in a constructive manner, just a shame others still get away with ICE'ing bays or parking whilst not charging, looks like a change may come albeit due to crooks like parking eye! I would...
  35. fancealot

    Model Y Air Blowers on face

    Sounds daft but the location of the vents could mean depending on your height the airflow to your face could be deflected by the steering wheel? I also like air on my face - I have a desk fan blowing on my face now, my mazda was great at blowing at the face my M3 not so much but it still cools...
  36. fancealot

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I do laugh when people complain and threaten to get a Porsche or Merc over this - seriously!?! Over some supercharging stalls which whilst open to others will probably not get used as the additional cost will steer some others away, also the charging cables are really short, having to download...
  37. fancealot

    car seat in the front?

    You press the brake pedal to prepare the car so it is ready to drive, obviously you don't use easy entry, whenever I get in, seatbelt then press the brake so my seat goes to the driving position (also closer to the screen for any adjustments), so for you to change airbag settings it needs to be...
  38. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    It does check in every hour BUT it knows not to trigger a charge until it's at the point where it is at a cheap rate it is a smart plan and knows when to start and stop a charge, just set it to what you want and for when and it'll calculate what's required all you need to do is toggle off the...
  39. fancealot

    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    No, the cable you have is an AC cable, it will only max out at 7/11kw on a tesla, Rapid chargers are DC and require the extra two pins AND they are connected directly to the charge points, any charge points which require a cable like the one you have got supplied are AC charging (max 7/11kw) only.
  40. fancealot

    Car returned to lease company, being charged for super charging

    Surely it's not your issue, the car was always the lease company's vehicle, you were the driver for the lease term, now they have taken it back and decided to supercharge it THEY must foot the bill for using the superchargers. Once the term of the agreement is over it's not your responsibility!
  41. fancealot

    When did you order your Tesla Charger?

    I would say get iit installed ASAP, My podpoint went through at the same time as my order for the tesla (due to it being part of my lease) but my main issue was I live in a slightly older semi-detached which had a looped electric supply, took a long time to get the DNO to sort that out for me...
  42. fancealot

    How Secure Are Teslas/Tesla Thefts

    Think it's going a bit tin hat over there, if a thief REALLY wants your car they will get it, I take my wife's Mazda keys upstairs with me on an evening (we are in a back bedroom of the house so far from the front door and it's usually behind the M3 on the drive so can't go anyhere. my keycard...
  43. fancealot

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Yes passed ferrybridge this morning on my commute and noted the 12 stalls were showing on the map screen.
  44. fancealot

    Tesla Apps

    Yes it uses device specific BT id for the setup of the seats etc, as a lease user I cannot set up additional profiles (unless i spend an age asking my lease company to do so, so Mrs F just uses my log in credentials.
  45. fancealot

    Post your day one Model Y and Model 3 UK pictures

    got to say the black on black is a good look, i'm a blue M3 owner right now - was gonna go for the blue for the Y when I order it in a year or so's time, but that black is making me reconsider
  46. fancealot

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    I doubt this rumor is going to happen, 1. the date, 2. If implemented it'll be a Friday, lease companies will get slammed on the weekend with calls about 'broken' teslas when they have hardly anyone in the office, 3. There would be some form of subscription packages leaking and someone would...
  47. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I don't think there's an issue when it's plugged in ad left, it's just a current glitch with the API between octopus and Tesla.
  48. fancealot

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    correct, thae car fails to sleep properly when IO is active
  49. fancealot

    Buying a second M3 - stick or twist on colour ?

    My M3 is blue, if i were to get another it would probably be midnight silver to work as an identifier of a new car (plus it was originally a toss up between the two colours). I'm considering a Y in about a year's time at the end of my lease, if I get a Y it'll be blue.

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