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  1. rdskill

    Selecting youTube while parked, activates Easy Entry

    I found a fix that works great. Unchecked the Easy Entry checkbox in my profile. I don't miss it. And my belly thanks me.
  2. rdskill

    Selecting youTube while parked, activates Easy Entry

    Title says it all. I have Easy Entry set to move my seat forward and the back up, so it get painful real fast if I still have my seat belt on and I start youTube. I have to unclip my seatbelt real fast and then reset to my profile. I can't figure out why this would activate Easy Entry. Does...
  3. rdskill

    Dashcam Issue

    It worked great for a year.... then mine stopped working early on this year. Finally made an appointment but had to wait 3 weeks. Mobile service came out.... told me a bunch of wrong information. Still didn't work. Called in for another appointment. This time it was 4 weeks to the next...
  4. rdskill

    Back into the Tesla fold.

    Back into the Tesla fold.
  5. rdskill

    Call support 24/7?

    The lack of communication from the service department is the norm. Forget talking to them. They are overwhelmed and its just going to get worse as they pump out cars with limited service centers and lots of warranty work required. Instead, contact the guy you turned the car over to. Mine...
  6. rdskill

    Autonomous Car Progress

    Biggest failing I see with cameras is they are useless when you need driver assist the most. Blinding heavy rain, fog, blinding sun in your eyes. I can see the message to "take control that AP is unavailable" just fine however. Having look down to manually find the right wiper setting on a...
  7. rdskill

    FSD saved us from being crushed by a semi

    I'd give AP a 7.5 out of 10. I think the future version will know to floor it while moving a tad to the left and when clear flipped off the truck driver for you. We need HW 5.0! If the truck driver had made just a slightly more aggressive lane change you'd have been pancaked. Btw, what HW...
  8. rdskill

    Tesla 3 got "broken" into

    It could be that you keep your key/wallet close to the front door. Thieves know this is a common practice and relay key fob signal by a repeater. Click the link below so you can see it happening. Watch A Tesla Apparently Get Stolen In Seconds With Some Wires And Cheap Electronics The...
  9. rdskill

    Tesla got the worst score in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

    I've had my car in twice for paint blisters in the same area. The paint started to blister up from under the paint. Even though the 2 areas were within 6 inches of each other they appeared a few months apart. They think someone touched the panel with their bare hands. Also just had the front...
  10. rdskill

    Musk said all cars would get HW 3.0, according to InsideEVs Article

    What about a car turning left in front of you? Does your car do like mine does and not react at first and then brakes even though the car turning left has cleared all lanes? I am hoping the HW3.0 doesn't have this problem. I also wish you could do a HW3.0 upgrade only.
  11. rdskill

    "Bangs" and "Clunks" when charging?

    The tesla haters like to say we have the most "thucking", but we do, by far, the most listening. If we did very little listening, we wouldn't have the most thunking. So, in a way, by doing all of this listening, we make ourselves look bad,
  12. rdskill

    “Clunk” sound on stop

    I hear it sometimes when then car auto halts and sometimes when I brake the car. Very noticeable when I tried to creep forward so I am not the jerk 1/2 a car length from the person in front of me.
  13. rdskill

    Undercarriage mat hanging down

    they don't build the M3 using the fiber material since summer 2019.
  14. rdskill

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit off of Amazon - yay or nay?

    Just the info I was looking for. I don't see anything on Amazon with caps matching the color of the rim.
  15. rdskill

    Undercarriage mat hanging down

    It's a fiber material that is pretty tough and rough to the touch. Seems water is a kryptonite. I live in South Florida and it held up for 1 year. This time the water ripped it down the middle and 1 corner (right side by passenger door) ripped off and the bolt was still in place with the torn...
  16. rdskill

    Undercarriage mat hanging down

    So I took the car into the Tesla SC in Dania Beach. They replaced the crappy fiber piece with a plastic piece. Told me the hub caps are $25 each and they would order them. I have a mobile repair at my work on June 30th to get my dashcam working (2nd attempt by tesla to figure out the...
  17. rdskill

    Undercarriage mat hanging down

    Big squall on the way home Friday in Pompano Beach. Before it got real bad I got off the I-95 and drove the last 3 1/2 miles on surface streets. Then it got bad. Drove home at a max speed of 35-40. Wipers were overwhelmed. Next day I see that I lost BOTH front aero wheel covers and the...
  18. rdskill

    Significant range drop

    23k miles
  19. rdskill

    Significant range drop

    2019 SR+. I am seeing only 202 miles at 90% = 224 miles range :( 250 my ass.
  20. rdskill

    Does car let you know if a light is out?

    I am thinking the car doesn't display a warning
  21. rdskill

    Does car let you know if a light is out?

    I tried to find this feature in the owner's manual without luck. Can anyone direct me to it?
  22. rdskill

    Dashcam stopped working, red dot is on

    The Owner's Manual agrees with you...
  23. rdskill

    Dashcam stopped working, red dot is on

    Update 1: Tech told me I have to use USB 2.0 only drives. So I stuck one in after he left (16GB), formatted it and turned on the dashcam. Checked it after a couple moments. Nothing. Reformatted again. This time it showed some dashcam footage. Turned on Sentry mode ( I was at work) and...
  24. rdskill

    Bike lane OCR

    I've noticed i can be 4 feet from a bicycle rider next to me and it doesn't show up on the display :(
  25. rdskill

    New price adjustment to upgrade Sr to SR+

    I've learned the hard way that it really doesn't matter what they say. You need to get it in writing. Because Tesla Corporate doesn't care what you where told. They don't even care if the dealer makes the change. Just make sure you have him show it to you in writing, its added to your...
  26. rdskill

    Dashcam stopped working, red dot is on

    I jumped repeatedly through all the hoops. tired of wasting my time. service is coming out tomorrow and we'll see what they can come up with. There have been some hardware issues.
  27. rdskill

    Tesla Model 3 braking very late on auto pilot

    yeah.... brakes way too late and then it brakes hard. Must have narrowed the braking zone in front of the car so it ignores the stopped cars in the next lane as well. TACC (Traffic Aware Cruise Control) has to ignore non-moving objects in order to work at all (for all manufactures), which...
  28. rdskill

    New price adjustment to upgrade Sr to SR+

    Good luck. They should make the price change across the board. It's the same car, same parts as the ones made before it. but Tesla corporate isn't interested in integrity or outstanding customer service.
  29. rdskill

    If there was a 100 mile range upgrade what would you be willing to pay?

    Maybe $5k to get my SR+ up to 300 (never seen 250 miles) and i do 70-80 max usually. For $25 fill-up my Prius will go 480 miles easily. But currently I only needed the extra range out west with 206 miles between some superchargers (and no Chademo in sight). So I hope more chargers get...
  30. rdskill

    Number One shortcoming of the supercharger network

    We've learned to stop at rest stops or regular gas stations rather than rely on chucky cheese by the surpercharger. Unless you like peeing at a chucky cheese of course :) Damn strip clubs charge you to use the bathroom. Made a 6,100 mile trip last summer and a lot of the time it is a pain to...
  31. rdskill

    12v Switched?

    SR+ 2020.16.2.1. Radar Detector plug into 12v Aux in center console. Stays on when I walk away. But in the morning as I open the door, I hear the radar Detector startup chime. So it does turn off at some point.
  32. rdskill

    Tesla Cam still not working with 2020.16.2.1

    When I try to use the new built-in viewer, a blank list and a message saying nothing to display is shown. But when I look at the folder on my computer, all the files are there.
  33. rdskill

    Left turn or U-turn

    I was curious where you saw this tidbit.
  34. rdskill

    Window venting

    I just wish the car would close the vented windows if it started to rain.
  35. rdskill

    Teslas to show side cameras when backing up. Yes!

    The big advantage of side camera is when pulling up to a drive-in window and you want to get as close as possible so you can reach across. Or really curvy drive-ins with curbs ... shudder.. I have to park between 2 SUVs. Backing in and pulling out means I can't see any cross track until...
  36. rdskill

    X-Ray of Model 3 Key Card for Hole Punching

    Those are all old school. Why be old fashioned? You're a Tesla owner and EV trend setter! Implants.... That's what's happening now! tesla key implants - Bing video You're welcome :cool:
  37. rdskill

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    Thanks for replying Rocky. Actually this was more about optimizing battery range and life. The 90% is to trigger the Battery Management System (BMS) to start to balance the battery. It seems it can take a few weeks of this to recover lost range. There is just too big a difference in the...
  38. rdskill

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    Great Video. Thanks for the link. Very informative. Too bad not a single word of Tesla's recommendation is in the owners manual. wtf eh? So 80-90 is fine. I wish they would reveal the voltages, but guessing 90 is still well below the highest voltage that would signal a drop to float...
  39. rdskill

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    It wasn't the warning I was searching for, but rather the max recommended charging level on a daily basis. I use TeslaFi and will charge to 90+ when prompted by the app. Otherwise I slow charge it to 50-70 at work (16A) during the week. The fact a warning is given at 91 vs 90, indicates...
  40. rdskill

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    I haven't seen this anywhere either. I just scoured the Owner's Manual (v2020.4 is now downloadable from Tesla) and it seems to me Tesla went out of their way to make no recommendations at all as to how much you should charge your battery. I even searched for 90 with no hits related to...
  41. rdskill

    Driving Tampa to Spokane in 2020 MX

    I did a 6,100 mile drive from Coral Springs, FL to Pocatello, ID via way of Denver and Salt Lake City. On the way back I went an even more adventurous route so I could drive thru all the gorgeous scenery (sorely lacking in South Florida) in Utah and New Mexico. Part 1) Pocatello, ID to...
  42. rdskill

    What to do with the Leaf

    My wife drives only 12 miles a day. Here next car will be a used leaf.
  43. rdskill

    What did you name your Tesla?

    More like when you come around someone and pull in front while still accelerating... Zapppppp... you are gone. Also as kids (3 boys, poor mom) growing up in a dry desert we would zap each other with zap each other with static electricity that would really make a loud popping sounds as you...
  44. rdskill

    What did you name your Tesla?

    ZAPPP! Matching plate that is black with white letters.
  45. rdskill

    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    I think it was 18 months ago. :(
  46. rdskill

    Elon tweets "no waypoints", "car will autonavigate to your destination."

    I did a 6,100 mile trip last summer. Some of it thru the southwest with long stretches with few or no superchargers. Had lots of fun using aBetterRoutePlanner with waypoints galore since i didn't plan to go the way the car defaults too and it let me make sure i could go the way i wanted...
  47. rdskill

    What is the most reliable android phone with Tesla Model 3?

    After standing in the rain a couple times I finally fixed the problem forever!! ...... by getting the key for $150. So much cheaper than buying a new phone. I removed the phone as a key so I could leave my phone in the car if I wanted (or forgot it was charging and the car remained unlocked)...
  48. rdskill

    AP FSD Unexpected lane departure - 2020.12.11.1

    in both cases there was a solid white line cutting across to the other lane.
  49. rdskill

    Driving from Nashville to San Diego

    Did a 6,100 mile trip in an SR+. Just plug in your destination and go. Its that simple. :)
  50. rdskill

    Push for Autopilot 3.0 hardware now or wait for 4.0?

    Now I have to wait for HW 4 for FS-OR-D (offroad). Pull the trigger on it when it comes standard in the Cybertruck. FSD will be common by then so I am guessing AP to FSORD will be around $3K.

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