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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    wondering if they will be energized on Friday. i will be there early to supercharge for the first time ever (Don't tell Elon)
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    Vendor Black T Sportline Grille on a Black Model S

    sorry but i look like my highschool lunch lady hair nets.
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    Yet another (crazy) front plate solution

    Very nice! however I would hate to lose my customized plate and toll road brick all together if one of the cups failed.
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    2 X Passenger Model S Light Assemblies - No Longer Available

    how easy it is to replace this unit?
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    P85 black/black under $64k

    $60 is great for buyer. if i were selling probably asking $70.
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    70,000 Miles Traveled - What an Adventure!

    i need your job!
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    Model S & Nissan Leaf

    YES I had electricians installed two 14-50 plugs just in case we buy Leaf or Fit or another Tesla
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    New Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Looks great! is this real carbon fiber or it is just for look?
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    Hyperloop Construction Starts 2016 With the First Full-Scale Track

    love to Tesla, Elon and spacX; hoping the hyperloop would have a better safety record than falcon rocket. edited: rocket(s)
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    WTB: ONE driver side weathertech floormat

    I called but weathertech will not sell only 1 floor mat. they only sell 1 set. Will anyone willing to split the bill with me if i buy 1 set. I keep the driver side and you keep the passenger side.
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    Wedding Day Tesla?

    this would be great PR for tesla!
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    Proven way to clean the INSIDE of your windshield

    FYI the glove box is Tesla is smaller than an average sedan.
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    Is anyone interested in Tesla NOT because of any environmental reasons?

    Tesla MS is the coolest car on the planet. Not sure what is the environmental impact when it manufactured but sure love to skip the $20 gasoline bill weekly.
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    Wedding Day Tesla?

    if you were close to Houston i would help.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    COME ON! I like it! Tesla of course, the fish is extremely repulsive
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    Tesla Red Clipper Brakes

    i like it alot! good job Majestic
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    Complete Set Tesla Wheels 19" - SOLD

    are you serious. these are gone already
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    Unofficial Tesla UI (user interface) Concept - Model S - redesign

    im in my 20s but have bad vision. i would like the text and icons to be BIGGER! or have the option to toggle some big to extra large like the iphone
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    feedly.com bowser compatibly?

    A personal space to organize your blogs and publications and connect to the news, knowledge and ideas that matter to you.
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    Road Trip!!! Coming to Houston.

    the heights is not EV friendly. use Plug share is your best bet. Popular free HPWCs are in Galleria's Tesla parking area and Valet parking in City center
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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    ask Callie to sing at the grand opening, she's a professional musician!
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    The devolution of automotive design

    if you watch Breaking Bad, Pontiac Aztek is extremely durable!
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    How Daimler Smart could have made billions...

    Someone please educate me about the SMART car. It is small, look un-safe and have 30+ MPG. I would stick with normal ICE with lots of crush zone.
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    Change falling out of my pocket

    pants' pocket fault: i have nokia and pagers falling out while in the Tesla. designer pants' pockets no deep enough.
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    I will never buy 21" tires again

    sorry for the thread jack but i am selling my 21" (link in sig) and looking for 19" set
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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    climbing in unsafe; someone has a drone? will Tesla do a grand opening event?
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    WTB OEM Aero wheels 19" in good / new shape .

    hello is it me you are looking for? Buy DJ's 3rd 14 15 Tesla Model s 19x8 Aero Reconditioned Factory Rim 1008796 00 B 8670 | eBay 4th Tesla 1008796 00 B Aluminum 1008796 00 B Wheel Rim 19 x 8 | eBay
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    What can be purchased at service center

    i have bought apparel at SC. I have never seen any car products. I emailed about the touch up paint,
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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    we never had to raise suspension at the west chase sc. just angle it in, car will clear the "hill"
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    WTB: 19" Tesla Twin spokes wheels with tires and sensors

    let me know prefer Southern Texas deals. I have the 21" wheels for sale, link in my sig.
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    will you ship to TEXAS?
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    Well, my Model S is totalled now :(

    my mom said green spiders bring luck to you. black spider = totaled
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    Someone has Bitcoin?

    What is bitcoins? I have some dogecoins
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    Looking for community input on Model S Options

    judging from what OP said i don't think he/she is a speed demon. I mean to say this but you already said it: "I strongly advise that you experience all the features yourself before settling." Please get alcantara headliner, you are in a luxury car.
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    Driving Habits

    i use cruise control as much as i can, great technology, why not max it out especially in rush hours
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    Stagger or no Stagger?

    what wheels you have right now? i would advise against the stagger due to the fact that you can not rotate the tires.
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    Tesla crash over cliff...

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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    I too predict an increase of number of Tesla on the road. Great minds think alike!
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    2011 nissan leaf sl

    I like! too bad my 200,000 miles plus Prius(s) are still operational. Looking around just in case.
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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    I10 would make more sense. I45 @ Airtex is trek northward for west bound drivers.
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    Houston, TX

    you are correct Mike! I have visual confirmation of the service center, not sure about super chargers. check it out . i took some pics Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center
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    Supercharger and Service center: Houston, Texas @ Airtex Industrial Center

    Will the search for Houston's first super charger station ends here @ Airtex Industrial Center (Pics shown 6 stalls) 14810 NORTH FWY HOUSTON TX 77073 Plan Review DetailsHarris County10555 Northwest Freeway DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURESuite 146 Architecture and Engineering...
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    Houston, TX

    is there another Tesla store or service center being built in Houston? i45 North @ rankin or air tex? - - - Updated - - - Would they put a super charger and/or service center @ 14810 NORTH FWY HOUSTON TX 77073 Plan Review Details Harris County10555 Northwest FreewayDEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC...
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    Ride and Shine La Centerra Katy Sat 20th 8 am

    i did not get off work until 5am :( who showed up post some pics!

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