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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Same. No IO functions under Devices, no IO tariff details - and also cannot log in on the web.
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I use IO and echo the issue around charge periods outside the core 6 hours and house batteries. If my car is offered ‘extra’ slots my current solution is to add those as extra grid charge slots on the inverter. It’s manual and annoying (I’ve occasionally forgotten to undo the config and end up...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I’ve had two issues with IO - and each occurring several times; (1) the car triggering an IO schedule when plugging in and charging at work, not home and (2) the car not hitting its charge target because it didn’t use all the slots that the IO app indicated were allocated.
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    Desination Charger Etiquette

    I’d say it’s worth asking the venue (e.g. hotel) whether the destination chargers are only for their customers or open for all. If they’re for customers only - fair enough. However some will not mind. I found destination chargers (UK holiday) at a hotel where we were not staying. I asked in the...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Agree. I hit the ‘disconnect’ button in error, instead of the ‘reconnect’ button. The solution was to repeat the on-boarding journey as if I were never on IO. However, by calling customer services first they made sure I stayed on the original tariff and not the current one.
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    Autopilot brake-checking HGVs in slow traffic

    The risk of phantom braking on motorways or A-roads in traffic scares me, frankly. I wish I could trust the car implicitly, but I cannot. I can only assume that the driver of the car behind me assumes I’m just driving like an idiot, when the car decides it randomly needs to drop the anchors...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    “Inside Octopus Energy”
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    They’ve explicitly said IO will include other devices aside from cars in their podcast (episode 12).
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    Data shenanigans in the UK this morning?

    Had the same issue today (MS on 2022.36.2) in west London
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Same. I also got the 8% email and also switched to IO in August.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I ordered a GivEnergy hybrid inverter and 9.5kWh battery earlier this summer (with panels, not Canadian). Kit was delivered this week for installation next week - but they swapped out GivEnergy for other brand. I haven’t decided how to resolve that yet - but be aware the feedback they gave so...
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    Climate control whilst in theatre mode

    Yup - mobile app is a good solution. You can also change temp by tapping in the black border at the top of the screen above Netflix, for example.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Yes. I moved from Go to IO this week.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Same. The display unit states 7.5p.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    The car started charging at work this morning without issue. The oddity was only in the scheduling notification from the Octopus app.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I’ve been with Octopus on Go for the last 2 years & switched to IO yesterday. I’m expecting to see charging slots reported back to me via the app when I plug in at home in the evening. But I wasn’t expect to see a schedule (with slots over night, tonight) created when I plugged in at work this...
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    1 month of ownership of my first Tesla and I have these questions

    Can’t help with 1, I don’t use it much. 2 - no, it doesn’t offer those. Presumably just engineering choices; they just haven’t prioritised that feature. Similar with 3 - they haven’t (won’t?) incorporate Car Play. Unless those are Spotify playlists then the best use of those that you’ll get is...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    No, I wasn’t thinking of that scenario - but that is an excellent question. I hadn’t thought of that case. The scenario I had in mind was where the charge period was entirely outside the 6-hour window, not overlapping and without consideration of the car charging to the end of the charge...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I’ve got a scenario question. Let’s say Octopus happen to schedule the car’s charge period outside the regular 6-hour cheap over night period. Is the power that’s cheaply rated, later, the charge that the car takes or everything that the house and car use in that later period?
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    Maybe that’s true for M3s but isn’t true overall. My 2017 MS 75 received 2022.20.7 yesterday (and was on 20.6 before that).
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    What's Next for Tesla's FSD | TMC Podcast #14

    Reference to both EAP and FSD makes me wonder the following: what’s the relationship between EAP and FSD once FSD has exited beta, in the future? Context: I drive a MS 75 (RWD) in UK with FSD/HW3 & MCU 2 upgrade. The car has EAP. I understand FSD gives additional driving ’use cases’ versus EAP -...
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    I’ve raised this as a bug report with Tesla. They were already aware and are investigating a fix, to be delivered in a future update.
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    Same. Disney pin entry is still broken.
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Same problem. Not just you.
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Yes, that’s my experience (MS 75); I cannot turn on overheat protection with the alarm active. Sentry was disabled.
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    2022.16.3 Disney app & pin entry

    We use a PIN on one of our Disney profiles and none on the kids profile. Since the 2022.16.3 update I’ve not been able to enter the PIN when switching to the adults account. The keystrokes just don’t enter a number into the pin form in the app. Switching to the kids account is fine. Content...
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    2 EV Household - what else you got?

    The other one’s a Zoe.
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    [UK] 2022.12.x

    My MS 75 received 2022.12.3.16 yesterday, too (from 12.3.2). I’m curious - is there any way of inferring what version a given car is likely to be offered as its next update on the basis of its prior versions (the update versions and dates I’ve noted), e.g. as compared with other cars receiving...
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    MCU2 upgrade lead time

    My upgrade was earlier this year and I was waiting somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks for stock, from memory.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Any recommendations on how to get started choosing an installer (in Hampshire), please?
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    Sentry Mode extended use

    I think you are worrying too much. If it’s plugged in let Sentry be active, don’t fret the power consumption and enjoy the feature. The car is there to be used.
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    MCU2 upgrade appointments

    I had the same experience. It took roughly 6 or 8 weeks and I think 3 cancelled/rescheduled appointments before my car received its upgrade. The car was at the Service Centre about 6 hours or so. Aside from the wait, I am very glad I bought the upgrade. Well worth it in my opinion
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    I saw my car (2017 MS 75) download circa 8GB of something (observed on router) on 8th Feb - so I was hoping it’d be an update. The car hasn’t reported an available update yet. Still sat on 2020.48.37.8. Ironic timing since it’s booked in for MCU2 upgrade next week! 🤣
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    Autopilot - do you use in frequent lane change conditions?

    Agree 100%. I even find myself pre-emptively disabling AP (I have EAP) when traffic behind is unreasonably close, knowing the car’s tendency to phantom brake. I‘m sure there have been occasions when the driver behind has thought “why’s that muppet in front slamming his brakes on!?”
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    How long can it sit at 100%

    Cars with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistries are designed to be charged to 100% and can safely be charged as such with no harm.
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    How long can it sit at 100%

    I wouldn’t worry about that. I wouldn’t - and don’t - leave the car at 100% for days at a time if unused, and wouldn’t recommend charging to 100% unless you’re doing a road trip. But you’re going to do no harm with the car at 100% for a few hours.
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    Tesla Home charger Vs third party chargers

    That’s essentially how I do it; set the scheduled charge start time and then tweak the charge target % so it’ll end around when I want it to. On a 4kW charger the MS takes around +10 miles range per hour of charging. So to make use of the cheap 4 hours I get with Octopus, nightly - I add c.40...
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    Infotainment upgrade - Mobile tech or SC?

    Thank you 👍
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    Infotainment upgrade - Mobile tech or SC?

    Hi. Does the Infotainment upgrade for MS (MCU2 + HW3/FSD comp) need to be carried out by a Service Centre or can a mobile tech do that? Thanks.

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