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    Elon Musk Signed Wall Charger

    Just the simple fact Gen 2 has a 24' cable over the Gen 3 18' cable is a huge plus. The Gen 2 also offers 80 amps over the 48 amps on the Gen 3. I know the newer cars only need the 48 amps but I am actually curious if the Cyber Truck wont need / want higher amps. I have a Gen 2 Signature...
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    power blaster /neurio?

    I ended up getting my Blaster through a huge run around last year about 1 week after they stopped offering the solution. From what I have read and found out, is that Tels is not using a different model inverter and setup but not sure if anything has changed on the blaster front. And from your...
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    For Sale: Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series and Gateway 2

    I just sent you a PM. In a nutshell I like the system even though the ROI is not ideal.
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    For Sale: Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series and Gateway 2

    I had one installed and if you want to preserve your warranty you need to have a certified Tesla installer handle the installation which you will need to get city permits also. The costs all depends on what needs to be done. If you need an additional sub panel there is more cost associated to...
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    Powerwall 2 with gateway - Phoenix, AZ

    Would you sell just the powerwall by itself?
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    Tesla Powerwall Founder Series

    Is this still avail ?
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    Red Powerwall and Gateway For Sale - SoCal

    Never mind. At the proposed $6500 and my pricing from Tesla as a purchase with my solar system which I am in the middle of doing and currently at the permit stage, the cost difference is only $1473.00 after I get my fed credit and I would still have to pay someone or Tesla (if they even offer...
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    Red Powerwall and Gateway For Sale - SoCal

    I am interested. Checking the installation cost from Tesla right now. Where are you located at ?
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    PSA for folks getting a new solar install - ask for a map of your panel/optimizer layout

    Ahh. Bummer. So its either one or the other while the connection is either Tesla-Z or Ethernet and it sounds like either a physically connect / disconnect would have to be done or some sort of automated device put in place to cycle the connection from what I am reading from earlier..... I...
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    PSA for folks getting a new solar install - ask for a map of your panel/optimizer layout

    this is some great information. I am still in the Permit stages for my Telsa solar installation. I am confused about one item after reading all of this info. If I make the requests for the map and layout info and access to solar edge app access, why do I still need to physically attach an...
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    Looking for Gen 2 mobile charger so cal

    Sent you a message.
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    Tesla "T" carbon fiber badge project

    Did you ever finish this project ? I was looking for a matte finish CF T for front and back for my 3.
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    Vendor Introducing: byteRyde - Insurance for Teslas with Autopilot

    Why are you asking for our Tesla account credentials in order to give out a quote ? I just sent an email making that request but curious why a Tesla account was being requested as an option for the quote ?
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    FSD Computer Upgrade and Experience

    Did anyone contact you back to confirm your appointment and the fact they will perform the install ?
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    Tire Rotation Strategy

    So with the video and blow out details, If you really wanted to save on your total costs, you could run the car with no rotation and replace the front tires when closer to the minimal thread depth and replace the back ones more often for best traction and safety. instead of rotating them to...
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    Tire Rotation Strategy

    After reading my own post I seem to not have explained my thoughts as well as I should have. My point was at the 25% mark with rotation you are driving a car that has 4 tires with lower thread which means less traction tires compared to no rotation that at all time you would have at least 2...
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    Tire Rotation Strategy

    I understand and I would agree but again reading and thinking it through..... You are either driving on all 4 tires that at the last 25% mark are getting closer to their wear mark (one set a little more than the other set) OR you will always have 2 newer tires on the car (either front or back)...
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    Tire Rotation Strategy

    I am from the camp of rotation, not because of what everyone is saying, but from the old age practice... After reading all of this, I am curious. I am in the same exact boat as you with my current wear but with 19's. But I am thinking, if I had all 4 tires of the same exact brand and size...
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    Tire Rotation Strategy

    To satisfy both camps. I think it might make sense to rotate the right side tires but don’t rotate the left side ones. So both sides of the discussion would be covered.
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    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    I am also on 12.1.2 still in CA. I checked on Teslafi and not a lot have received it in CA and what is still remaining on Teslafi 940ish approx 500 are all from California and when I checked earlier this morning there were over 1200 remaining and there were still approx 500 from California. So...
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    Sorry for the delay on getting this out. Tools I used to remove the tape: All purchased from Homedepot...
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    Thank you.
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    What firmware were you coming form and any new release notes of changes ?
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    Model S/3/X Matte Carbon Fiber Turn Signal Covers

    where did these come from ? Who makes them ?
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    Sure. I will post the info on the material used tomorrow.
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    So do you still have the oem Installed?
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    A Model 3 OEM Spoiler

    I have a 1 week old OEM Factory Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler (latest model) that was pulled off of a friends wife's car because she didn't like the look. Its backing tape is so fresh that it barely has been damaged. BUT it still needs to be priorly cleaned and removed and new tape to be...
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    SPOILER ALERT: My P3D came with its spoiler

    I bought a OEM pull a week ago and I removed it's old tape 100% and properly cleaned it up. Then purchased high grade 3M tape 1/2" and 1/4" and placed the 1/2" on the bottom ledge and the 1/4" on the top against the lip that the old tape line was ending prior to the flat top surface. Then...
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    Model 3 range is really about 220 miles

    I would agree if you are on a trip. :-) Since I am charging at the house at the end of the day it becomes a none issue other than the extra electricity being used. The electric plan I am on, it's costs are low enough at night that I can still justify my spirited driving.
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    Model 3 range is really about 220 miles

    I am currently at 358wh/mi. I think my biggest issue is the SPEED I drive. I am not a slow driver and I have seen that being my biggest issue. The second is where I live is very hilly and for the last approx 15 min of my drive home tends to be doing a gradual uphill climb on the freeway and...
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    Model 3 range is really about 220 miles

    I have come to a conclusion that the only time I am going to baby my drive is if I am needing to stretch my avail range on long trips. Since I plug in every night I am not as worried on my avail range on my RWD Long range during my everyday drive. I am averaging approx 200-210 miles at 90% and...
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    Tesla car cover

    outside or inside cover ?
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    Vendor For Sale: Model 3 Wheel Spacers for OEM Wheels - Gives Flush Fitment Look *NEW*

    And what material are you using ? 7075T6 or 6061T6 or something else ?
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    Best Ceramic Coating ?

    I personally used the Mothers CMX. I am very happy with the results and it was very easy to put on and wipe off compared to the other Pro ceramic coating products I have read about...
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    They should be available for sale within the next 1-2 weeks.
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    It was already installed and the edge seemed fine. This was the prototype model . I will have more info next week on Matte version.
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    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    These are images of the first prototype gloss OEM style CF spoiler from RPMTesla. Car is dirty and so is the spoiler (sorry). Next week I will have another image of the Matte finish OEM style CF spoiler. That will be installed on my Midnight Silver Model 3. I can say these look exactly like...
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    WTB: Model 3 OEM Spoiler

    You selling or wanting one? If selling how much?
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    yet another curb rash question, 19" sport wheels (sorry)

    What about noise ? Did you notice any difference between the stock 19 tires that Telsa had to these ? You said these have better comfort ? In what way ? Thanks for your input.
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    Driving From LA to Vegas....

    lol. Until you get pulled over! :-O
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    Driving From LA to Vegas....

    I did this trip from OC to Vegas about a month ago. I had a full days work so I was unable to charge to full 310. I left the house at 290 miles. I tend to drive pretty fast so my efficiency for the trip was not great but it was not bad and to the point of needing to stop all the time. I left...
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    New Referral Program (March 2019)

    I think this is a stupid move on the monthly / quarterly giveaways. Including Youtube Channel referrals makes no sense and does not give any kind of incentive to people like us that give friends and family test drives and talk about the cars all the time but yet our 2-3 referrals hold no match...
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    Ummmmmm the referral program is back!?

    Not probably. It only benefits the Youtube channel's when you are talking qty of drawings / month... I never understood this. There should have been a cap a long time ago for Youtube channels. I have given more test drives and talked more about the brand than any other car I have ever owned...
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    Ummmmmm the referral program is back!?

    Not sure I understand. so they are giving away a y every month and a roadster every quarter ? The main people that benefit is basically the big player YouTube Channels....
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    Red Calipers in SoCal - Orange County

    Everyones taste is different. I personally think covers look very cheap...
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    Red Calipers in SoCal - Orange County

    I don't know pricing on Calipers but the curb rash was $80. I tipped him and gave him $90. I was originally quoted $100 but the damage was pretty minimal and so he discounted the pricing without me asking for it. I know his range was anywhere from $80 to 120 depending on the damage. He was...
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    Red Calipers in SoCal - Orange County

    This is who I used for my curb rash and his work was amazing! He also does Calipers but I didn't do mine yet. You will have to go to his office and best to go early AM. Very reasonable in price for the Curb rash repair. https://www.yelp.com/biz/onsite-wheels-garden-grove Side note...

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