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  1. bearbnz

    Model 3 - Response of rear sensors to hitch-mounted bicycle rack?

    The display will show a yellow line at the rear of the car, similar to the line that is seen on the side of the car when you are near a guardrail. No alarms, pretty easy to ignore the yellow lines.
  2. bearbnz

    1100+ miles with 2 MTBs

    Like Alan said, put the bikes inside (seats folded, luggage and riding gear stashed around), and enjoy much improved efficiency and range. Use the bike rack locally for convenience and for shuttling when range is not important.
  3. bearbnz

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 12/14/20, delivery date scheduled for 12/29 in Rocklin, CA blue/black LR
  4. bearbnz

    Can Anyone Recommend a Shop for PPF Install in Reno, NV?

    Hello Mountain/Southwest Tesla pilots, Looking for a PPF install in Reno or surrounding areas (Carson City, Mindeville). They use a lot of cinders on the road in the wintertime, and even with Rally Armor flaps, the rocker is pretty chipped and battered. Sold that 3, getting another soon, and...
  5. bearbnz

    Oct 2019 electric utility power shutdowns in various parts of California

    As everyone (in CA) is aware, there was the possibility of PSPS the last couple of days. I live on the CA East Side, and our electricity provider is SCE rather than PG&E, but we have had PSPS events as well. I was planning to travel to the Sacramento area during the proposed PSPS event, and...
  6. bearbnz

    Towing with Model 3?

    MIkeInFL, Did you note your Wh/mi while towing that small enclosed trailer?
  7. bearbnz

    Towing with Model 3?

    This is also a very useful thread for your question: Lightweight trailers a Model 3 might be able to tow
  8. bearbnz

    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Sadly, there are troglodyte dinosaur-burners everywhere out there... And I was unaware that I was a leftist!
  9. bearbnz

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Thanks, sorry for being clueless. Lots of stuff on there...
  10. bearbnz

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Page 91 on the aftermarket wheels thread, lots of folks upgrading their wheels, and I am hoping to find someone who upgraded their 18" Aero wheels and wants to sell the 18 " OEM wheels. I want to have an extra set to mount with snow tires to avoid mount-remount twice a year. Anyone?
  11. bearbnz

    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    Thanks Kenz, That is exactly what I was looking for. Lot of good general information in there as well.
  12. bearbnz

    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    Parked my M3 SR+ at an EV event, and a firefighter stopped by, said he was a Vehicle Extraction Specialist or Technician, or some such thing, and wanted to know where the battery isolate/power cutoff switch was. I am pretty familiar with the vehicle, and have opened most of the easily...
  13. bearbnz

    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    Yes, bringing a blue M3 SR+, to cover the lower end of the Tesla spectrum.
  14. bearbnz

    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    CharleyBC, I am planning on attending in Mammoth as well, hope to make your acquaintance.
  15. bearbnz

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    Just turned 3,000 miles yesterday, and the 255 wh/mile seems to be on the upper end of average. SR+, 18" wheels, aero covers. I love the acceleration and the passing abilities, and I use them a lot, so this doesn't seem too bad. And there were a few hundred miles of towing a light but very...
  16. bearbnz

    looking for purchasable options to enhance aero wheels on blue M3

    Knightshade, Thanks for the link, and the comments. Agree. I also ordered the wheel kit and can live with a 2.9% range reduction. My range reduction is quite a bit more than that because I drive fast, and waste energy, and love going fast.
  17. bearbnz

    looking for purchasable options to enhance aero wheels on blue M3

    WilliamG, that is certainly a worthy opinion. And I can't disagree that the aero wheel covers are less than attractive. I do think the wraps make those aero covers on the white 3 look somewhat better. I wonder if there is real-world data confirming that the aero wheel covers do actually...
  18. bearbnz

    looking for purchasable options to enhance aero wheels on blue M3

    I watched the Youtube on the Aero Wheel Wraps (), and the white on a white car looks nice, supposedly other colors coming soon. Has anyone tried the white wraps on a blue or other color M3? If so, please post an image. I would like to do something to those aero wheel covers to improve the...
  19. bearbnz

    White front badge vs no badge

    Is de-badging as simple as peeling it off, or apply heat, or?
  20. bearbnz

    Better to charger higher or run battery lower?

    Back to the OP's question, is it detrimental to allow the battery to reach a low SOC? I live in a semi-remote area, and I misjudged on the drive home and arrived with 9 miles of estimated range (didn't check the percentage). Ok on occasion, or always bad?

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