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  1. volkerbradley

    Charging Model X

    When I bought the connector several years ago it came with a recommendation to dial the charging limit down to 25 amperes. Just couldn't remember why.
  2. volkerbradley

    Charging Model X

    I have a 2016 Model X with 72 Amp charger. I recently stopped at a hotel that had a NEMA 14-50 plug available to charging. I have a Generation One Tesla Mobile Connector and a Generation One NEMA 14-50 adapter. What charge current should I have set on the charging screen in the car?
  3. volkerbradley

    Malfunction Tesla App in Android 10

    I called the service department in Peabody and told them about the improperly functioning Tesla app. They kindly checked my service record there, made some changes and thereafter the app started working perfectly.
  4. volkerbradley

    Malfunction Tesla App in Android 10

    I am trying to schedule an appointment for car repair. However, the only repair facility that is available on my app is a service center in North Carolina. I would like to choose the repair facility in Peabody, MA. Do you know the settings to make the Tesla App work properly?
  5. volkerbradley

    Is Tesla service deteriorating as they scale??

    I realize that these complaints are valid complaints. However I believe the picture that they paint about Tesla in general is not valid. Most Tesla owners experience excellent service at the Tesla service centers and with Mobile service. That certainly has been my experience.
  6. volkerbradley

    Tire replacement time.

    Same here. Have driven only in chill mode at medium height. Wheels aligned last year. My 275/45R-20 Continental Contisilent XL rear tires have only lasted 16,000 miles. Am looking for suggestions for long lasting tires.
  7. volkerbradley

    German Court Orders Tesla to Stop Clearing Land at New Factory Site

    Oh my god, no. Germany has access to so many highly skilled German engineers. Not saying German engineers are better, just mean to say that there more of them in Germany. Also Germany has a highly skilled, experienced workforce dealing with export issues.
  8. volkerbradley

    What other car manufacturer on the planet does this?

    I agree that Tesla bends over backwards to help when it can. I have had them drive 120 miles to my house, bring me a loaner, repair my car and later bring it back. One must consider however, that with so many cars on the road now, glitches will occur. Several months ago, I had a flat at...
  9. volkerbradley

    12V battery warning and software update

    One month ago a message appeared in my Model X that stated: 12V Battery Needs Service. Replace 12V battery soon. New England Tesla Mobile Service notified me that these 12V batteries are on back order. Tesla Service in Dedham, MA informed me that they do not have these batteries either. Does...
  10. volkerbradley

    Early failure of rear tires

    Can you tell me where you had bought the lowering links and where they were installed? I did take the car back to Tesla and they told me the alignment is fine. I have also heard that the camber on the back wheels cannot be adjusted on a Performance Model X. Only the toe in - toe out can be...
  11. volkerbradley

    Registration fees in New Hampshire

    Right. Dealers don't know much about maintaining EVs. If they do, they know that it costs much less to maintain EVs and therefore they will have much less income from Evs over the years. Also, there a number of adjustments that EV drivers make. Learning about all of the aspects of an EV takes...
  12. volkerbradley

    Early failure of rear tires

    Thank you very much for these very helpful links.
  13. volkerbradley

    Early failure of rear tires

    Hmm, I had the camber checked while the car was in low. Are you saying the camber in the back cannot be adjusted to allow my tires to last longer than 16,000 miles?
  14. volkerbradley

    Early failure of rear tires

    On 3-23-2018, at 29,837 miles, I purchased new rear tires from Tesla. The purchased tires were 275/45 R20 110V A/S Continental CrossContact LX Sport tires. The purchased tires were installed at a Tesla Repair facility and a 4 wheel alignment was performed at that time. Last week, at 46,326...
  15. volkerbradley

    When did AP gain your trust?

    Agree wholeheartedly that one has to be careful. I have driven about 30,000 miles with Autosteer. During that time I have had 2 near misses. Once when I driving in the passing lane and it was raining, the car suddenly veered left toward the barrier at the edge of the lane. On another occasion...
  16. volkerbradley

    V9 - need two USB drives for MP3 play & Cam

    Since you have the music in a lossless format, find a utility to convert your files to .flac files. The .flac files are also lossless, play beautifully in the Tesla and sound better than .mp3 files.
  17. volkerbradley


    Recently I received a invalid credential message when I tried to log in at TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S X 3 Data Logger although I could log in at Tesla SSO – Login without a problem. In this case, removing the # symbol in my password, allowed me to log in at both sites. Perhaps you can change...
  18. volkerbradley


    Because leaving teamviewer open on your computer is not a good idea. Multiple posts about this. It is safer to only start this application when you need it shut it down when done using it. So, I did a little more than leaving teamviewer running on my computer. I don't understand why you would...
  19. volkerbradley


    With just a little effort, you can open and control VisibleTesla on your phone by connecting to your computer. Here is Visible Tesla on my Android phone.
  20. volkerbradley


    I am using VisibleTesla 0.50.08 on my Linux computer without any issues. However, I am not sure if there security issues using Java 7.
  21. volkerbradley

    Q for USB users and audiophile folks

    This is awesome, thecloud! Thank's for letting me know about metaflac.and for helping me understand how to add images properly. Have looked at the metaflac documentation and will be easy to use.
  22. volkerbradley

    Q for USB users and audiophile folks

    Yes, but the routine is convoluted. I am sure there is an easier way but I have not found it. Tried using the CBDD database and also tried adding the image file directly to the album folder but no luck. Certainly would be grateful for an easier and reliable method. For now, use the Google Music...
  23. volkerbradley

    Car maintenance questions

    Do you own a Model X that has been driven 50,000 miles or more? If so, how frequently are you experiencing repair issues now? What do you think of the value of extended warranties from Tesla? What maintenance schedule are you following? Are you taking your car in for service inspections every...
  24. volkerbradley

    Rated miles added in 30 minutes of charging at a Supercharger?

    One can see the Supercharge times of Tesla batteries at Tesla Supercharging Time Calculator. Using that data, a S90D would add 147 rated miles when charging from 15% to 65% in 31 minutes. On my Model X P90D I generally add around 115 rated miles in 30 minutes of supercharging. Just wonder where...
  25. volkerbradley

    Rated miles added in 30 minutes of charging at a Supercharger?

    Converting your figures to rated miles, you added 147 rated miles during that time.
  26. volkerbradley

    Rated miles added in 30 minutes of charging at a Supercharger?

    We see a figure that you can add up to 170 miles in 30 minutes of charging at a Supercharger. Having charged several Tesla cars during the past 15 months, at no time did I ever see 170 miles added in 30 minutes. The figure was 110 miles added in 30 minutes under the best conditions. If you...
  27. volkerbradley

    Enabling calendar

    Corrected the problem by deleting the Tesla app on the phone, forgeting the phone on the Tesla, reinstalling the app on the phone and repairing the phone on the Tesla. Thank you very much for your help.
  28. volkerbradley

    Enabling calendar

    I have a 2016 Model X with software version v8.1 (2017.46 3387a54) and a Galaxy Note 5 phone. The car calendar app is set to always show the calendar upon entry. Calendar sync is enabled on the Tesla phone app. The phone is connected to the car system via Bluetooth and plays audio files as...
  29. volkerbradley

    Lessen the possibilty of car theft?

    Hmm, I have a Model X with Autosteer Hardware 2 and Software 17.26.76 I have looked through Controls and Settings. I cannot find "auto present door handles" Where do you see it? Thanks
  30. volkerbradley

    Lessen the possibilty of car theft?

    Recently I saw a video in which a presenter stated: "Set the car to only unlock when you physically press the key." Is there such a setting? I have: Walk-Away Door Lock -> ON Automatic Doors - OFF Unlock on Park -> OFF Close All With Key Fob -> ON In spite of these settings, when I walk up to...
  31. volkerbradley

    Tesla idle

    It is important to check you own car to determine range you lose when your car is not plugged in and is not being driven. I once lost nearly 15 miles of range in one day when my car was parked outside in -10F degree weather. On other days in the summer when the car is not connected to any apps...
  32. volkerbradley

    NEMA TT-30P to 14-50R

    Why not buy the adapter made for Tesla? NEMA 14-50R to TT-30P Adapter for EV Charging at Campgrounds I'd get the cable rather than the yellow adapter. The yellow adapter is easily dislodged by the weight of the mobile connector unit.
  33. volkerbradley

    436 Wh/Mi average over 4K miles. Is something wrong?

    The average you experienced is common in cold climates during the winter months. When driving in the spring, summer or fall, charge the battery a little before starting your trip. You will then notice that the average will be significantly lower.
  34. volkerbradley

    Replacement rear tire

    Tires for the Model X have been discussed many times and users have different recommendations. The 20" all season Continental tires from Tesla are very satisfactory in my view. Great traction in the snow, long wear, reasonably quiet. I would buy that tire again.
  35. volkerbradley

    phone (samsung) charger tesla x

    I am sure that there are many Model X owners with IPhones. That means that they have no use for the Android connector. Perhaps one of these users can send you theirs.
  36. volkerbradley

    TOPFIT Customized Dash Cam - My Review/Videos/Photos

    It seems that one important use for dashcams is to photograph folks who hit an adjacent car while pulling out of parking spot and driving away. I wound up with a $8,000.00 repair bill this way. Seems important to get a dashcam that works while the car is parked.
  37. volkerbradley

    Model X - Anyone in process or filed Lemon Law ?

    Tesla prefers not to get into a confrontational issue with you. I know for a fact, that if you are tired of having your car repaired repeatedly, then Tesla will find a satisfactory solution for you. Discuss it with the manager of the Tesla facility where you had the car repaired. Lot less...
  38. volkerbradley

    Considering Tesla X in New England

    There are certainly different responses to the Model X. However, most reviews from Model X owners are positive. I live in New Hampshire which is 2 hours from the Dedham repair facility. The newer Model X build quality is much better than it was last year. If you need to have your Model X...
  39. volkerbradley

    What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX

    Thank you. Volker
  40. volkerbradley

    What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX

    I had the same problem. The tire could not be repaired. It happened in a town 35 miles from home on a Friday evening. Nearest Tesla repair facility 120 miles away. I had to leave my car and get a ride home. Tesla came with a new tire on Monday. So, I still have my original question: If the...
  41. volkerbradley

    What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX

    I will be in northern Michigan. The nearest Tesla repair shop is 406 miles. If one one my tires develops a flat and cannot be repaired, what tire would you buy at the nearest tire shop?
  42. volkerbradley

    Full Self-Driving Hardware and front license plate

    So, we still only have conjecture. At some point, someone with contacts at Tesla will hopefully give us the definitive answer.
  43. volkerbradley

    Full Self-Driving Hardware and front license plate

    Yes, I am aware of this manual entry. This entry is the same in the manual that was published last July. For that reason I am wondering if these are these the sensors for AP1 or AP2?
  44. volkerbradley

    Full Self-Driving Hardware and front license plate

    Hmm, this is so confusing. There is no dimple in the center of the front of the X. Wished I knew exactly where the sensors are on the front of the AP2 Model X. Also, does anyone know if radar on the Tesla is obscured by a license plate?
  45. volkerbradley

    Full Self-Driving Hardware and front license plate

    Yes, that info is in the manual. However, I am not sure if there are more sensors and need to get a definite answer from someone who has been able to test this or who has spoken to a Tesla engineer.
  46. volkerbradley

    Range in winter conditions and mountain driving

    Just wanted confirm that the use of a heater, driving uphill and driving quickly will have significant effect on range. After charging to 224 miles at a supercharger recently, I drove home in temp of -17F degrees, had the heater and seat heater on, used the defroster at times and drove at 67...
  47. volkerbradley

    Telsa Front Floor Mats Installed

    Would you consider giving us an update after you have used these mats for several months? I am a little worried about buying these mats based on what I see at

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