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    Sell Model 3 and wait for tax change?

    It would be unwise to base any decisions that depend on anything being passed by congress
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    For owners that bought prior to the official change, my guess is that Tesla will not be able to remove radar, a class action suit would be guaranteed.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I would think that would leave tesla vulnerable to a class action suit. The new owners have to agree to the lack of radar if they ordered before the change.
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Exactly. I understand the point that vision is more detailed than radar. But what I dont get is the lack of a failsafe for basic safety features like emergency braking, when a camera system is so easily disabled. I live in sunny vegas, and regularly see the Camera is Blinded message. I wonder...
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    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    I have a suspicion that this may be a problem for Tesla. The problem is a camera can be easily blinded, thereby redering a critical safety feature useless. Sure they can give us a warning that said critical safety features arent working, but that's the issue; are you supposed to immediately pull...
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    I just de-wrapped my interior [removed aftermarket wrap]

    I have the center console shell from Abstract Ocean in white, and it looks exactly the same as the white dash. The only small downside is the weight prevents the phone cover from raising by itself, you have to lift it.
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    Stopping mode and very tight space

    I also park in a tight garage, and here is what I do. Set the mode to Creep, it is WAY less stressful to control the car using the brake vs the accelerator. You still virtually have 1 pedal driving, the car slows down in exactly the same way except for the the final 1mph. Then you tap the brake...
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    I have high quality 35% ceramic tint on all windows and sunroof, and air70 on the windshield. With that I havent found a need to also use a sun shade.
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    Sell Model 3 for new Model 3?

    In LA, the heat pump will make almost no difference. You can buy wireless charger accessories. You can have a after-market power trunk and frunk fitted if you really want it. None of those seem like a good reason to switch...
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    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Another disadvantage is if you do get a flat and drive on the runflat, it is not recommended to repair it, so new tires...
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    Inaccurate Navigation

    Unfortunately they are correct. The Tesla maps are really Google maps, and there is nothing the service center would be able to do about it.
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    Relocating to UK...what to do with my Tesla?

    In what way do you think it is advantageous? I struggle to think of anything
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    Orbital Wheel Covers Kickstarter reboot

    It's pretty normal for these kickstarters to have long delays. I backed this one on indiegogo, my assumption is there is a risk the company fails and I lose my money, and an absolute certainty that thif they are successful it will take them much longer than they first thought. Just have...
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    Relocating to UK...what to do with my Tesla?

    Just sell it, tesla used values are pretty good. I am from the UK and also lived in Spain for a while so I am very used to driving on both sides of the road. You really want to have the steering on the correct side of the car, overtaking is literally dangerous on a undivided road due to the poor...
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    Waiting for Delivery.....Random Questions

    I believe they dropped homelink due to the growth of smart garage door openers, lots of people just dont need it so its better to be an option and make the car slightly cheaper. I also think that a 360 view is possible with the current cameras, and will be added in a future update.
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    Chrome Add Thread for 2021 M3

    I agree I dont like the new black trim, for me the best looking is either chrome or the same color as the rest of the car. Black just looks like cheap plastic...
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    Model 3 Glass Roof Wrap

    Interesting idea if you dont like having glass roof. I would not do this for the heat though, top quality ceramic tint on all of the glass takes care of that.
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance

    Once you get the accelleration bost, the LR is very fast, the 0-60 (1ft roll out) is 3.5secs. At higher speeds the cars performance gets even closer to the performance. Your main decision points are these, Cost - the extra on the initial price + you will need to get winter tires and wheels. If...
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    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    I have my car set to Creep, mainly as I have to park daily into a tight garage spot. It is so much easier to inch into tight spots when controlling the car with the brake pedal.
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    Seeking Opinions - New LR AWD vs. Demo M3P+

    One of the biggest differences is the wheels, mostly on ride comfort. If you value a more comfortable ride go for the LR, you can also get the acceleration boost bringing your 0-60 (with rollout) down to 3.5 secs. Trust me, the LR with AB is already fast as hell and capable of smoking most cars...
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    120v Extension Cord Charging

    See if you can find a nema 5-20 outlet - google it if you dont know what it looks like, it looks like a regular outlet but has an extra horizontal notch. This improves your charging speed enough for it to be perfectly acceptable unless you are driving a lot of miles. You can buy a nema 5-20...
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    Question for those in sunny/warmer climates! (glass roof)

    I tinted ceramic 35% on sides, rear and sun roof, and air70 on the windshield. I would highly recommend, doesnt get hot in the car even in the desert summer sun.
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    Help with prepping for first car please

    I got these all-weather floormats and they look amazing autailors custom fit all weather floor mats | Autailors I also love the blue footwell lights and brighter trunk lights. They are easy to install. Also the M3 performance aluminum pedals... Model 3
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    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Here is what I have done. First, think about how much you will normally be driving. On a normal day I drive about 50 miles, the most I will drive would be 100 miles (not including any long trips out of town) Then think about how long your car is normally in the garage and will be plugged in. I...
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    How to update model 3 software when there is no wifi in parking garage

    Suggestion for Tesla, put wifi at every supercharger....
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    Damaged by 10 days old Tesla Model 3

    I had a similar incident, though less damage. Tesla body shop estimated approx $2000 based on photo, and wanted to keep the car for 2 weeks. I had a local private tesla workshop take a look, and they fixed it up by touching up the paint damage on the bumper, and PDR the quarter panel. It isnt...
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    Why is insurance so high?!?

    Amica added under $200 to mine, the M3 was replacing a 2012 Jetta!
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    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    I did buy the acceleration boost as a compromise for not getting the M3 performance. I wanted the nicer ride of the 18" wheels, and the boost gets you pretty close to the M3P. I would not pay even $8k for FSD though, let alone $10k. IMHO it is far too much for what it can do, with no guarantee...
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    Red or White??!!! Pics Request

    For paint, I like the red, blue, and white, they all look really nice. I went for white mainly because I live in Vegas and it helps a bit with heat, and it was free. The white interior is really nice though, you can also buy a ceramic coating for it if you have any concerns about stains. I would...
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    WeatherTech or Tesla brand

    If you want all-weather floormats that are a bit different, check out autailers.com I have these in my model 3 and they look amazing. Autailors
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    Model 3 vs. model Y

    I went for the model 3. It is better car in terms of performance, handling, and looks (it is marginal though, the Y is also an awesome car). There is a decent amount of storage space in the 3. I also could not fit the model Y into the space I have in my garage, and I dont really need that much...
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    New Tes 3 Owner-- Questions about USB C ports and setting up Sentry

    Just lift the wireless charging pad (it is on a hinge), you will find the wireless charger is plugged into the usb-c on the left. plug your micro-sd adapter into the usb-a on the right
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    VW ID.3 beats Tesla model 3

    The ID3 looks like a pretty decent car, the main criticisms look like cheap interior finish. I dont think it is directly comparable to a model 3 though, the only reason people are is because there are still so few EVs around. The ID3 is a small european style hatchback, so compare it to a Golf...
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    Local tesla delivery center has a model 3 in inventory, should I buy?

    Anyone who ordered earlier in quarter 3 can attest, there were zero inventory cars until the last week or so. Anything now in inventory must have been made in the last couple of weeks.
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    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    I live in the heat of Vegas where 12v batteries fail without warning in any car. I intend to replace the 12v every 2 years, and wouldn't expect it to last more than about 3 years anyway.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    It's hard to describe how awesome this car is. The tech, the minimalist interior, and holy crap the speed and responsiveness. So.Much.Fun
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    West Coast Deliveries

    My vin was only visible after I received the 'your model 3 will start moving towards the las vegas delivery center soon' message. Delivery was 4 days after that
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I only called in to book an appointment on the day I picked up. There is the potential of having a paint issue that would mean you need Tesla to address it before you could get the PPF. The PPF takes the whole day to do, so they will want an appointment made and possibly a deposit, as you will...
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    West Coast Deliveries

    I think you must have unluckily ordered at the worst possible moment based on the way it works. You just missed the last quarter deliveries, but are on the west coast that gets fulfilled last. I also waited a long time (not as long as you, but almost). hang in there, it is just because the cars...
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Picked up mine from Las Vegas today. No issues with paint, fit or finish that I could see. Holding back on driving much until I get PPF on the front next week - too paranoid about getting hit by a rock before it protected.... Also couldnt resist buying the acceleration boost
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    West Coast Deliveries

    Vegas called me today to say I can pick up a day earlier. Cant make it in until Wednesday though, but they definitely had a delivery arrive.
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    West Coast Deliveries

    I received a text to schedule delivery for next week here in Las Vegas
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I received a 1-2 week text on Monday, and a schedule your delivery text this morning. Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday 16th here in Las Vegas.
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    M3 cost increase??

    I agree with the other poster, just cancel the wheel upgrade and buy some after delivery if you really dont like the 18"
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    West Coast Deliveries

    I am not sure that your order date matters that much, outside of the odd person who gets matched with a cancellation or something. If you placed your order within the window for delivery this quarter, it will be scheduled based on your delivery location, and specific configuration. My SA advised...
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    Did you guys shop around before deciding on the Model 3?

    My next car had to be an EV. I looked at the polestar2, but it doesn't seem viable in the US for now due to the pricing vs Europe (due to Trump's tariffs I suspect). In Europe it is the same price as the LR, here it is priced as the performance. Also the lack of service centers outside of a few...
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    12v battery must be replaced soon

    It is well known here in Vegas that cars stay in good condition due to lack of rust, the main thing that you will have issues with is 12v batteries. I would say 2-4 years is very normal for Vegas, I just had to replace my wife's VW OEM battery after 2 years 3 months. They often just die without...
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    Model 3 Configuration.... Help!!!

    Based on the OP's comments, I would now lean towards the M3P. Seems like you might always regret a different decision. Both cars will be awesome, both have small pros and cons compared to each other. For me, I chose the LR as I do make long trips with family, so the added range and comfort is...
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    Model 3 Configuration.... Help!!!

    Sure, this is what is covered in the video: Essentially it recommends the M3P if you intend to take it to the track, otherwise the LR could be your best bet. 1. Wheels and tires, if you need to drive in winter conditions you will need to buy winter tires, for the 20" wheels they are expensive...
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    Model 3 Configuration.... Help!!!

    Here is a very informative video on this subject. I would say you should go with the Long Range as there are some drawbacks and advantages to the performance model that you should consider. Those drawbacks are fine for some people, but it depends on your circumstances. Watch the video to learn...

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