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    500 referral credit

    my service center can't figure out how to do this. would you mind sharing the mane and location of the person who put yours through so I can see if they can help me.
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    500 referral credit

    I used a first time credit so I got a 500 credit score to the store. the service center can see the credit but can't figure out how to use it for the Tesla store . can anyone tell me how you redeemed the 500 referral credit?
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    alert sounding to touch the steering wheel

    are there videos on YouTube that show how to do this? this sounds like it would be tiring for a 13 hour road trip.
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    alert sounding to touch the steering wheel

    Moderator note (bmah): Fixed bewildering autocorrect typo in thread title. I have had my x for 4 weeks and am half way through my first road trip from ca to ut. my wife drives with her hands at 10 and 2. the system does not recognize her hands about 20% of the time. I put my hands on the...
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    what should I look at on a roadtrip?

    I am going on my first road trip in a few hours. 500 miles with several superchargers. What screen should I look at to make sure I do not run out of charge? Do you guys have the car set to show you miles left or % left?
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    a better trip planner where to put the link

    I am going to CA from UT on my first road trip in a Tesla. I am looking at the Tesla planning tool and a better route planner, and they are both showing basically the same route, with one difference in the supercharger. I have spent some time looking at the superchargers. Not all superchargers...
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    a better trip planner where to put the link

    can I change the stops in a road trip on the Teslas navigation based upon what I planned for a better trip planner? In other words can I customize the stops I want to make in the Tesla navigation based on what I planned from my home based upon a better route planner?
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    a better trip planner where to put the link

    also can I run a better route planner and the Tesla's navigation at the same time? or can I only use one at a time?
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    a better trip planner where to put the link

    I finally got my internet to work. I clicked on the link in the calendar invite and it pulled up a better trip planner in the internet browser. I was expecting to be able to use a better trip planner to navigate. is there a way to actually navigate the car using the third party system?
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    Miraculous air conditioning

    have had my x for a few days. I assumed that I would be blasting the ac all summer because that's what I do with my ice car. we have had many sunny days in a row of around 100 degrees and I have only had the fan on about half way and I have been very comfortable. why is the model x the...
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    a better trip planner where to put the link

    someone on this forum sent me to a better trip planner. it is way better than Tesla's tool for planning ahead. they do not have any customer service so I thought I would ask this group. if I have the online tool give me a link, how I get the link into my Tesla navigation?
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    key fob far away from the tesla?

    I just got my x. it is randomly unlocking and the headlights turn off and on. the key fobs are only a few feet away on a hook. do we need to move the fob far away so it does not un lock the car?
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    schedule for charging

    I took delivery today of my X. can I set up a schedule to have the charging limit be 70% on weekdays and 90% on weekends? I charge st work.
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    turn down music on Christmas show

    Is there a way to turn down the music during the Christmas show?
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    open center console

    thanks for letting me know
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    open center console

    That seems like a waste of space. Most cars use that space as a storage area. That's a pretty big space to be unusedo
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    open center console

    How do I open the center console that is between the driver seat and the passenger seat?
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    full self driving update in April

    do I need to have the 3000 upgrade or will this work with the 5 k auto pilot I have?
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    Charging every week?

    tesla offers two free work chargers. your company might think it cool if and install them for you. that happened to me.
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    If I go faster will navigation tell me to stop at more superchargers?

    I really want something to tell the fastest travel time. how do I set up better route planner to tell me to this?
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    If I go faster will navigation tell me to stop at more superchargers?

    My X will be here soon. If I am on a road trip and I am going fast will the navigation system tell me stop more often and charge for longer? If I start going slower how long will it be before the navigation tells me to stop less often? Does the navigation let you compare the two options side by...
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    Protect Frunk or from the beach

    My Model X will arrive during June. The first week of July we are driving to CA to spend two weeks at the beach, with our new Tesla. I previously used rubber bins in the back of the Van. The van was so big, that it was easy to keep all of the sandy items in a tupperware and you could minimize...
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    timeline once I have the vin

    I just noticed there is a VIN under my profile in the Tesla account. How long will it take me to get the car now that I have my VIN.
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    Where to put sunglasses on Model X?

    My car will be here in a few weeks it will be a model x. On my previous cars I put a clip on the visor for my sunglasses. Where am I supposed to put this on the model X since it has no visors.
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    Floor mats for the trunk cubby compartment?

    these guys have the entire set or you can order them one at a time. EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model X (6 Seater)
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    Door opening without premium upgrades

    My Model X will be here in a few weeks. I do not have the premium upgrades package. Will my car still open the drivers door if I hit the key fob?
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    list of all updates

    is there a list of all the historical software updates somewhere?
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    New Tesla Workplace Charging program

    Does anyone know the answer to these questioner? Does everyone who has a workplace and a Tesla qualify or is this a lottery? How long does it take to let us know if we qualify once I submit the form? What does the approval process look like?

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