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    Pure BEV Dogma

    Can't speak for other Volt owners but my ICE generator has not started in 6 months of daily driving. Been driving strictly electric and I don't care what other people call it, it is still an electric vehicle with a back-up geenrator. Hopefully they rip the generator and fuel system out in a...
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    GM Chevy Volt

    The Volt vs Prius test was like comparing apples to oranges. They should gave used the Plug In version of the Prius as the Volt is a Plug In type.
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    Tesla service center meltdown?

    With that kind of service, or lack of, one would indeed hesitate to purchase a Tesla in Norway. Yet I see them all over. Last year I counted 8 Teslas in Bodø (in 1 day) and a similar number in Trondheim. How about the Tesla taxi cabs, do they have to park for months to get scheduled service? Who...
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    Beef; I'll miss you most of all....

    I quit eating meat 2 years ago. (And chicken, pork, etc) It was easy, don't miss a thing. Felt "lighter" right away, don't get as full and the digestive system runs easier. lost 12 lbs over the next few months, but slowly gained it back, mainly due to thirst for vegan beer and lots of days off...
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    Fort Lauderdale: Electric boat ride on the New River...?

    Strange how things works out. Just now sold the electric boat to a Tesla owner. I am sure he will be happy with it. Enjoyed meeting you KennyB and Brit 4864. Will get a Tesla next time, enjoyed your cars, and the Tesla Talk..:)
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    Space movies (possible spoilers)

    Saw the movie this afternoon. Not too impressed, it was long and a bit shallow. Should have stayed home and read a good book instead. (Same with "Gravity", not my cup of tea)
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    Got a 328xd Wagon last month, will be interesting to see how this pans out, BMW may also be in trouble. Love the car though, impressive tech with twin turbos and 8 speed tranny and 4 driving "modes". It Sure sounds like a diesel but that is ok, been around diesels all my life on boats and ships...
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    Brabus "tuned" Model S

    I kind of like the interior, but on my planet cars should be shiny.
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    2014 Model S 85, MC Red, Pano, Tech, SC, Dual Chargers, New Tires, 39K miles

    Looks good. I am in SE Florida as well. In the market for a new ride, Volt lease is up shortly.
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    Inventory Cars Now on CPO site

    Each mile $1.00 according to Tesla?
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    Inventory Cars Now on CPO site

    Exactly.. I thought I was going nuts and the world had turned upside down:)
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    Inventory Cars Now on CPO site

    Ok, but seems strange to me. got cash in pocket. Headed there today, but first looking at a V60 Polestar arriving the deale pr today from Sweden. Need a wagon..
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    Inventory Cars Now on CPO site

    Ok Bonaire, found it now, thx. I went to the Tesla page, this one seems to be something else? Found an inventory car in Florida for $82,xxx and it looks like a 60? Damn, I thought they quit making the 60 and that the 70 or 70D was the new 60. Sooo, why would anybody pay $82,xxx for a 60 with...
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    Inventory Cars Now on CPO site

    Just now looked @ the CPO site for inventory cars. No joy. Got a linky?
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    Access to bus lanes in Norway - still legal?

    Aye, too bad, Norwgian is so easy, even the little kids over there speak it. Go ahead, give it a go mate:tongue:
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    How fast will Tesla go in reverse?

    Aye the Daf. Bought by, or merged with Volvo around 1975? Genious concept with the belt driven automatic transmission but it always felt like it was reving too high, as in the "wrong gear".
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    The new Bond car does 0-60 in......'only' 3.2 seconds

    Aye, the Jaguar F with 4-wheel drive and 550 hp. My buddy got one 3 months ago, we went for a spin the other day. Impressive acceleration, but also a bunch of noice, vibration and drama. for $110k I would have gotten a Tesla Model S and told him so. He is rather right wing and thinks all...
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    2013 Tesla P85 Model S Performance

    Hat off to Tyler if you get $90k for your ride :rolleyes:
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    Verizon, bad phone, bad insurance.

    New phone is good. All is well. lesson to take away from this thread: Demand a new phone from the beginning. I got a new phone today, 3rd replacement. Fair enough, they send ya a refurb or used phone the first and the second time. But they forgot to fix it, or forgot to refurbish it. Seems like...
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    Verizon, bad phone, bad insurance.

    Got 3rd phone today. Insisted on a new phone. Got it, now uploading and restoring, seems to be good, but not there yet. Never knew I was that deponent on a stupid telephone. Guess I am...
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    Verizon, bad phone, bad insurance.

    Thx for moral support. I had to vent: Pretty fu... Innocent: Paid full price, been responsible, first time loss, etc. (58 year old male, good credit, I expected better from these fu...heads but they had to ask: did you drop or submerge your new phone after you got it? No Lady, UPS delivered it...
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    Verizon, bad phone, bad insurance.

    Signed up with Verizon for 2 iPhone 6s, two lines, fully insured, and less than six months ago. Last week my phone crashed. Spent a few hrs with Apple support. No cigar. Go to the Apple Store, but make appointment. Ooops, nothing available for 3 days: Repeat: You will not get any support for 3...
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    70D - It's here!

    Wrote a long comment, then hit the wrong button and poof, it went away. good looking car, I should order one too. Sitting on the fence. Congrats.
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    Elon Musk biography by Ashlee Vance

    You said it: I finished the book today. Agree with all you said. (Too lazy to write a similar blurb myself, you said it all, well said Sir) 1/2 hour after I read the book the rocked crashed and burned. Felt sorry for the Musk. He is not only business, but also passion. The book was okay and...
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    Meet Tessie

    Looks good. Any problems with fit, finish or paint?
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    basic 70d anyone?

    Because.....? (I am new this forum, not up to the zillion reads yet) Never use cruise control when I drive. Trying not to use autopilot when I fly. Why is a 2015 Tesla without an autopilot a recipe for regret?
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    Wart's new Model S!

    The big smile says it all....:biggrin:
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    basic 70d anyone?

    Been pondering the same. Decided to skip the fancy stereo, the new seats and the air shocks. Will need the red multi color, the tan seats and the nice interior: Them are my minimums..
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    My point exactly. Been saying the same over and over again but somebody always have to argue with common sense. Nuff said. - - - Updated - - - it won't be the last. Tesla is sticking it's neck out selling stuff that people don't understand. Perhaps an IQ test should be required for buying a...
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    A mighty $200.00 drop from the original price? Hat off to you Sir, hope you get it:)
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    Yes, that is what I was looking for: The New Lower Price:)) (Maybe I should work on my comm skills) Lets try again: What is the new price? :biggrin:
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Bingo. Just looking at the results: In this case somebody in Turkey thought Autopilot means the thing will stop behind a parked car. Guess he was wrong. If the system was called Fred, or Cruise Control, the results could have been a bit different. (Strictly speculation on my side)
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Maybe you don't, but somebody in Istantbul thinks it is :scared:
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    We have a comm problem, nobody thought this car was new.:)
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    Sorry for the rambling Mr. Douglas, your car is nice, I was targeting some of the eBay deals I looked at..
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    Uh, in a previous post you said new (and lower) price. Then the post was gone, replaced by a Father's Day Special? :)
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Autopilot as per Tesla is a typical US marketing term: A bit misleading and a bit optimistic. Like a "Health food store" : If you eat the food in the store you will be healthy. As for the poor Tesla owner in Istanbul who crashed his Model S rear ending a stationary car, because he expected the...
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    New price? any car, anything, whatever, will sell in a day if the price is right. Looks like quite a few Model S cars will come off lease shortly. In addition, happy Model S owners wants to upgrade to the 4-while drive S70D and S85D and P and + whatever. I have been monitoring eBay and have...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Since the accident car was a "grey market import", one can assume the owner's manual was not published in Turkish, or translated. If one also speculate that the owner was not fluent in English, one could conclude the driver never read the manual and was clueless about the subtle differences...
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    Hottest car 2015(norway)

    As in "sh!t hot" Fat "as in fat chicks" is fet, or feit in Norwegian. Not that all slang can be translated.... The readers of this tabloid voted the MS P85D the hottest car, not for being the fastest, but the most desirable, or most "Cool". (hopefully some of that magic spills over to the...
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    Teslas in Norway

    Aye, you mean smalahove? Small Sheeps head. A speciality on the West Coast of Norway. I will stick to the shrimp sandwich :biggrin: - - - Updated - - - Brilliant isn't it?
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    Teslas in Norway

    Nah, not way back: Born and raised in Trondheim. Got restless and started roaming the world as a teen. Lived in Alaska, Texas, Virgin Islands, Japan, Kuwait City and many other places. Now settled down in Fort Lauderdale trying do decide between an S 70D or an S 85D...Decisions, decisions...
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    Teslas in Norway

    Speaking of Teslas in Norway: A few weeks ago I vacationed in Northern Norway and spotted 5-6 Tesla Model S in one afternoon driving towards Bodø. The Model S should be even more popular in the old country now that 4-wheel drive is up and running. (I am about to order a 70D here in the colonies...
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    Teslas in Norway

    Agree on the winters, they can be brutal. Love the food, especially the open face shrimp sandwich, yum... (Born and raised in Norway, but finally discovered palm trees and sunshine, emmigrated to Florida)
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    He will be shortly...:biggrin:
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    Nice car but wrong coast. Interior colors?
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    My attempt at being a good role model...

    Ditto. Lack of judgement. Fair enough, but don't post it and brag about the high speed graph..:crying:
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    Vendor 2015 P85D Multi-color red...Get your popcorn ready because this one was a big project

    Soo, Tesla screwed it up and you fixed it? Fair enough, but I sure won't let a Tesla body shop touch anything except my wheel barrow if the above represents the best Tesla is able to do..? What was the final bill ?
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    TESLA S70D for $ 200 by 8 pm EST today.

    The requested page cannot be found. A little too late. Story of my life...

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