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  1. Dutchie

    Great article about EPA rating

    Discusses differences in Porsche Taycan and Model S and how EPA derives the maximum range The Adjustment Factor Tesla Uses to Get Its Big EPA Range Numbers
  2. Dutchie

    New Mercedes MBUX in S-Class

    Was watching this. Quite amazing. Thought Tesla was advanced but this goes to a whole other level like: - user profiles in the cloud with up to 800 parameters; - HUD with augmented reality; - 3D instrument cluster; - haptic feedback on OLED screen; etc.
  3. Dutchie

    Download stopped and disappeared

    I was downloading a new software update today (2020.24.6.10). At 93% it stopped downloading. When I looked again an hour or so later the whole downloading message had disappeared. When checking in the car it said that my software is up to date (2020.24.6.4). Very strange...
  4. Dutchie

    MCU 2 $3,310 in Canada

    Infotainment Upgrade
  5. Dutchie

    Another great service experience

    After clocking almost 100K km on my MX we had our first issue outside the warranty. Suddenly the passenger door would not open. "OK, here we go" I thought, this is going to hurt $$$$$ So I made an appointment with the app and mobile service only could come in next week Wednesday. Since it is a...
  6. Dutchie

    Great comparison BMW 330i vs M3. Performance

    Great video from the German quality magazine Auto Motor & Sport For the people whose German is a bit rusty, the Tesla wins in every category by a long shot (it almost embarrasses the BMW) except for: - braking with warm brakes - drifting (though the presenter says that for 99% of people that is...
  7. Dutchie

    Perhaps it is all too late..

    New report shed doom scenario in thirty years time. I am getting worried. We live here in Vancouver and the snow in the mountains is almost gone. We came her 15 years ago and the mountains looked only like this at the end of July.. New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization...
  8. Dutchie

    Sentry mode favorite

    With the new software update you can disable sentry mode for favourite places. But what are "favourite places" and how can you let the system know that a particular place is a favourite place for which sentry mode does not need to be active? I can't find that anywhere.
  9. Dutchie

    Robotaxi and tax

    As soon as the Robotaxi is working as expected and you are making $30K-$40K what are the tax implications? My theory is that - since you are not working yourself - it could not be considered as employment income. You are sitting at home while the car is generating money. So it would probably be...
  10. Dutchie

    It's the end of an era..

    I came across this comparison between the M3 and BMW M3. I don't know if they tested the latest version of the BMW but this car used to be the pinnacle of motoring. The BMW is now beaten in every way by the Tesla. I think this is a turning point in automotive history. Not just the fact that the...
  11. Dutchie

    Just pulled trigger on FSD, hope I did right thing

    I just pulled the trigger on FSD. Because Tesla made some mistakes they would honour the flash sale price of $2800 (Canadian). This was very nice of them. I first wanted to pass but the video with MIT, the upcoming investor's demonstration and the announced price increases made us pull the...
  12. Dutchie

    Breakthrough Lidar system

    A Bill Gates funded start-up found a new solid state Lidar technology. Sounds very promising Lumotive spreads word on its lidar system for autonomous vehicles
  13. Dutchie

    Heartfelt condolences to people in NZ

    I know it doesn't have anything to do with Tesla, but I had tears in my eyes of the things that happend in this beautiful and peaceful country and the great city of Christchurch. I lived there once and love the people there. Nobody deserves this but of all places... New Zealand. The nicest most...
  14. Dutchie

    Is this the end?

    What happened this week made me very uncomfortable. Tesla had to pay back more than $900 million which coincided with the announcement of the standard Model 3. Tesla always maintained that they were production constrained. Demand remained high even when standard range M3 was not available yet...
  15. Dutchie

    Price FSD Canada

    Does anyone remember what the original price was for FSD on a Model X after delivery? I recall it was something like CAD3,300 before delivery but I might be mistaken, but after delivery I cannot remember. I see the price is now CAD 6,600. If you order a new car now, however, you can see that...
  16. Dutchie

    Tesla's algorithms still out off whack

    Last Monday we went on a rare road trip from the Vancouver Area to Vernon. It was cold and windy and we had to go over a pass (Coquihala Highway). Usually you can travel 400 km with the Tesla. The planner said we had to use the supercharger in Merrit which is about 250 km away. We left with100%...
  17. Dutchie

    This made me laugh at yesterday's conference call

    Really Elon? Isn't this the case with all luxury goods? I mean I also have a huge desire for a Lamborghini but...
  18. Dutchie

    M3 in Yukon at -39°C

    interesting article about first Model 3 registered in Yukon Territory Electric vehicles power through Yukon winter
  19. Dutchie

    Media Player V9

    Did anybody else have the issue that media just stops without any reason? Seems to be a bug. Further, am I the only one who doesn't like the new setup? It just to be so easy to find the "recents", but now it flips from one station to the other when I press on it. Also a bug? I prefer much ,ire...
  20. Dutchie

    Phantom drain while driving

    There is this thing that is bothering me and it just doesn't add up. I have an 100D. I charged it to 79% last night. Which is 79kWh. As you can see I drove during the day and used 26.7 kWh. And the remaining battery is 41% which means 41 kWh (I have a 100D) I should have remaining -- the 79...
  21. Dutchie

    XPel saved a lot of headache and money

    We have out Model X for slightly over a year now. Luckily we had it wrapped. Last week we had am unfortunate accident. Ww parked our car in a parking garage. The children opened the FWD and the doors blocked. Going outside we saw that the FWD hit a pipe attached to the ceiling which the sensors...
  22. Dutchie

    What is happening in Germany?

    Tesla only sold 200 cars in the first five months of this year, compared to more than 972 in the same time last year. -37%! Any reasonable explanation? Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt - Fahrzeugzulassungen - Pressemitteilung Nr. 13/2018 - Fahrzeugzulassungen im Mai 2018
  23. Dutchie

    Hooked on autopilot

    CONFESSION Ever since the new update I have been hooked on autopilot. When I see the steering wheel icon pop-up I engage it - even if I know I only have to drive 500 meters before an intersection or something like that, and I know I have to turn it off. In school zones I engage it, with people...
  24. Dutchie

    Charge time. Am I missing something?

    There is something I don't understand. Perhaps someone can help me out? Today I have used almost 48 kWh. I charge at 6 kW and the car says it needs 10.5 hours to charge to 90%. I always charge to 90% so when I started my day today it was also on 90%. If I used 48 kWh and I charge at 6 kW why...
  25. Dutchie

    ABS and Regenetive Braking

    Just had a scary situation. We are having our first major snowfall in the Lower Mainland at the moment and I was driving my wife to work. Going to her work we need to go down a little hill. A lifted my foot and regenetive braking kicks in. However, having it on "standard" it kicks in hard and...
  26. Dutchie

    Cost transition to Solar compared to LPPFusion

    There is already a different thread about LPPFusion. See LPP questions/discussion However, I thought of starting another one as this article gives a good comparison to the ever decreasing price of solar LPPFusion Update | Over 80% of minimum goal reached, answers on solar comparison
  27. Dutchie

    Loblaw orders 25 trucks

    Great start. One of Canada's largest retailer Loblaw orders 25 of Tesla's new electric trucks - Article - BNN
  28. Dutchie

    This is really bad..we are so spoiled

    OK, we took delivery of our MX about six weeks ago. Just this evening we brought our car to the datailler to have it wrapped with XPell. Great guy and he gave us a free courtesy car for the days he needs the Tesla. Oh my goodness, what were we laughing the whole way home. Don't get me wrong. It...
  29. Dutchie

    No high amperage upgrade?

    Saw on the website there is no mention anymore for high amperage charge upgrade in both S and X. First they made it standard in the 100D. Does it mean that high amperage is now standard in 75D as well? Can't find anything on the website..
  30. Dutchie

    High amperage charger not available for 75 kWh and 90 kWh

    I saw it is only available and standard now on the 100 kWh battery. Guess they try to make a better distinction..
  31. Dutchie

    Starting to lose faith

    i am trying my utmost saving for a Model X but I am starting to loose faith in Elon's enterprise. The cars are supposed to get cheaper as the batteries are becoming cheaper they say. The Model X 90D base - which was just a few months ago priced at $126,100 - is now gone up to $135.100! If I...
  32. Dutchie

    James Cooke's Model S Failed

    James Cooke does a daily Vlog on YouTube. He owns a Model S and talks quite favourably in his video's about it. Today, he posted a video from New Year''s Day in which his Models S bricked. His Model S is out of warranty. Quite anxious how this will pan out.
  33. Dutchie

    Is Pano Roof all glass too?

    It does look like it is...
  34. Dutchie

    MX 60 gone and P90D added again

    changes all over the place.
  35. Dutchie

    Bosch invents new electric car battery to double mileage

    Elon said: "Send us a sample.." Well, I don't know if Bosch is going to but at least there are pictures and there is a claim from a very reputable company. - smaller batteries; - no electrolyte: - no cooling necessary. There have been many other claims but this sounds very promising.. Bosch...
  36. Dutchie

    Incredible story for a great boss

    Gravity Payments made headlines last year to adopt a minimum wage of $70K for all employees. As a special thanks all employees pitched in to buy the boss (Dan) a Model S
  37. Dutchie

    Electric Van beats Tesla and Ferrari in Dragrace

    This is quite something, Atieva a startup from someone who used to work for Tesla Watch an electric van smoke a Tesla and a Ferrari in a drag race www.atieva.com
  38. Dutchie

    Bad sales experience

    After my test drive last Wednesday, we drove past the flag ship store in Vancouver today. Decided to walk in because we had some additional questions. Am I the only one who find the sales experience underwhelming? - the person today who is a "product specialist" would have been 21 or maybe 22...
  39. Dutchie

    "This year could be the first ice free arctic in 100,000 years"

    This is so scary. Our Climate is heating up as we speak and at the moment all we can do is watch... The Arctic could become ice-free for first time in more than 100,000 years
  40. Dutchie

    Great unorthodox biohazard filter test

    stumbled on this video. It is unorthodox but it does show the capabilities of the new filter...
  41. Dutchie

    By 2030 Electric Vehicles with a 200 mile range will be lower cost than the cheapest car sold in the

    Very optimistic and hope it is true. Future looks bright indeed! By 2030 Electric Vehicles with a 200 mile range will be lower cost than the cheapest car sold in the US in 2015 Next Big Future: By 2030 Electric Vehicles with a 200 mile range will be lower cost than the cheapest car sold in...
  42. Dutchie

    Austria wants to ban ICE's from 2020 already

    This is very ambitious Umweltbundesamt: Ab 2020 keine Diesel- und Benzinautos mehr Translated Google Translate
  43. Dutchie

    Question to the people who sat in one

    I have test driven a Model S, however, due to a back injury it was hard for me to get in and out of the car. Therefore I was waiting for the Model X. This turned out to be a little too expensive for me. The Model 3 seems to be a bit higher than the Model S. Can anyone who has sat in one confirm...
  44. Dutchie

    Vancouver Auto Show

    Just came back from the Vancouver Auto Show. What struck me that the most crowded stand of the entire show was that of Tesla. Unfortunately, no Model X. They told me that one will be in the showroom within two weeks. There were quite a lot of exhibitions regarding EV's. There was also a...
  45. Dutchie

    Lot of new inventory in Vancouver

    I was surprised how many new cars are for sale in Vancouver. How do they get there? People ordering and not taking delivery? Never seen this many before Pre-Owned Model S | Tesla Motors Canada
  46. Dutchie

    EPA to VW: make electric cars in the US

    This is great news EPA To Volkswagen: Make Electric Cars In The U.S. - - - Updated - - - here is the original translated article Google Translate
  47. Dutchie

    Article: Elon "stole" client's car

    Very strange story, but Tesla really dropped the ball on this one. Very bad! Elon Musk allegedly stole a customers Tesla Model S | BGR
  48. Dutchie

    Space X and Tesla software update mixed up..

    Does Elon know already?
  49. Dutchie

    Falcon Wing Doors on Model S?

    How soon do you think it will be before this will be offered as an option alongside the extended front window like the MX?
  50. Dutchie

    Steve Jobs - the lost interview

    Today I saw a fascinating interview on Netflix with Steve Jobs from 1995, the time when Apple was on the brink. Throughout the interview I saw many parallels with Elon and Tesla. I saw that the movie is also on YouTube in its entirety. If you have a hour to spare, a must see...

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