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  1. eyedrop

    Why I stopped caring about luxury EV's

    I have owned and tinkered with many EV's over the years, and its my observation that boring, non-luxury, simple EV's such as the Bolt EV and the Kona EV are the only ones that are actually functionally reliable long term. They are about as high tech as you can get without things breaking...
  2. eyedrop

    Unplugged Performance becomes an official Tesla Service Center!

    If this Instagram post is anything like how it sounds, it seems Unplugged Performance will be the first officially licensed, independent, 3rd party Tesla Service Center. This is big news for the community and ought to serve a foundation for how Tesla service should evolve moving forward...
  3. eyedrop

    New Y vs. keep CPO Japanese 7-10yrs

    Hello all, was wondering which scenario is cheaper over the long term for a driver that does 30k miles a year. 1. buy/sell new Tesla every 2-3 years 2. purchase lightly used hybrid reliable boring Japanese car and keep it until 200k miles many years etc...? Because we all know that EVs...
  4. eyedrop

    "Restricted part" BOLT HF M8x50 PC109 MAT 1046838-00-A

    Anyone know why these simple replacement bolts for a steering rack would be a "restricted" part # for service only (no customer sales allowed)? Is there a technical reason for this or is Tesla just being difficult as a means to control the servicing of their vehicles?
  5. eyedrop

    Will my bicycle and family fit?

    Wife desires a 7 seater for all the kids and dogs. I also want to carry my bike inside the vehicle everywhere. We currently drive a Bolt EV which doesn’t have enough seats for everyone, especially if I split the rear seat and bring my MTB (which effectively turns it into a 3 seater.) You...
  6. eyedrop

    Future PHEV's

    I personally cant wait for 100mi range PHEV's with compact battery packages, DC fast charging, and a powerful EV mode. I love pure EV but PHEV is not immune to battery tech advancements... Imagine 5 years from now, paying a premium for your stinky "fast charging" in your Lexus at the once...
  7. eyedrop

    Traded P85D for Chevy Bolt

    Traded my P85D with 104k on the clock for a Bolt Premier. I did shed a tear, but it was the logical choice. Model S is still my favorite car. I love the overall engineering and design which lends to tons of space, style, performance. And all the usual things to love like AP, supercharging...
  8. eyedrop

    Sustained performance degraded?

    I own a 2014 P85D and do almost exclusively hard highway driving in rural areas and closed circuits/tracks. I've noticed my car power limits sooner than it used to. A basic "sports car" run from 80-120mph at 70F used to be a cake walk 2 years ago. Now it quickly shuts the fun down after...
  9. eyedrop

    2020 Build Quality

    It pains me to see the Model 3 get upgraded weather stripping (thicker and better sealing) while Model S remains the same old noisy drafty car from the dark ages. Latest Model 3 also has tighter panel gaps, more reliable components like door handles and window regulators, AC compressors, MCUs...
  10. eyedrop

    Frameless windows opinions???

    Was curious how many people enjoy having frameless windows/doors on their Model S, and how many could go without? I've always appreciated a quiet cabin, especially since I drive 30k miles a year at 80mph average. My next car will be an LS or S Class style EV with frames around the windows, and...
  11. eyedrop

    Battery overheating

    2014 P85D here, was pushing the car hard up the mountain today and have never seen the car detune itself so much. I kept into the throttle and it was pathetic how slow it felt at only 150kw max! I've seen itself detune to 250 for short periods but I mean, it was stuck at 150 for a good 5...
  12. eyedrop

    Modern internal combustion emission's

    I noticed newer gas and diesel cars seem to burn perceptively clean at normal loads. But anytime someone is feeling playful and gives full throttle in front of me, I get a strong whiff of sulfur or gunpowder type smell. And this is in brand new cars It's got me asking, exactly how much worse...
  13. eyedrop

    Keep or trade up?

    I bought a CPO 2014 P85D back in Feb 2018 for $72k OTD. Ive put 20k miles on it (I drive alot). Car has 65k miles right now, runs out at 90k. I've taken a massive depreciation hit in just a year. Now you see some full warranty CPO P85D in the high 40s??? (Scratches head...) I've been through...
  14. eyedrop

    Charge port pin erratic behavior?

    I own a late 2014 P85D and have always had strange behavior from the locking pin in the charge port. When stopping a charge session, I unlock the car doors, hold the button down on handle and the light will turn from blinking green to light blue as normal. But I cant always pull the plug out...
  15. eyedrop

    Cold battery, limited acceleration

    I own a 2014 P85D. Had it in for service and got a RWD Model S 60 as a loaner. I noticed the 60 battery never got cold or limited my regenerative braking or acceleration, even on a cold night without being plugged in. But my P85D battery seems to get cold way easier. Even plugged into 110v...
  16. eyedrop

    Seat comfort upgrades?

    I recently sat in a Mercedes Benz with massaging seats that were extremely supportive and comfortable. It really was an incredible experience. My ‘14 S has the gen 2 seats. I find the support to be decent and looks are great. Decent sporty type seats. But there just isn’t enough cushion for...
  17. eyedrop

    ICE Obsolescence

    What are your 1, 2, 5, 10+ year predictions on where ICE vehicle industry will end up? I’m personally very bullish on EV adoption, to the point where I find the 2030-2040 ICE bans in some countries to be unnecessary. With the way the tech and battery cost is moving, I wouldn’t be surprised...
  18. eyedrop

    Battery draw rate, effect on longevity?

    Many things can affect the longevity of a batteries capacity. Time, heat, charge cycles, SOC, etc... I keep hearing people say that frequent high power draw/rapid discharging will also have an effect. The question is, to what extent? Is it a major factor? Can someone explain to me the...
  19. eyedrop

    Fast charging batteries, technological barriers?

    I've always heard when designing a battery, compromises have to be made. You cant have light weight if you want large capacity, cant have fast charging if you want longevity, etc... But Im wondering if automakers and consumers are too focused on range. Its always the first question people ask...
  20. eyedrop

    Issues and quirks with Model S

    I love my Model S. I took delivery in February and the new car feeling still hasn't worn off. I look forward to driving it any chance I get. This list is not bashing the car in any way, but like anything there are some things that I subjectively find are not perfect or ideal. Maybe some of them...
  21. eyedrop

    Dent in hood, call insurance?

    I was driving down a busy highway doing 80 when a good sized rock came randomly bouncing off the road and landed on top of my hood causing a dent and scratches down to the metal. After reading all the stories about how expensive body work is for the car, Im not sure where to go with this. I...
  22. eyedrop

    Where are the sub $20k EV's??? 150kW Charging?

    200+ mi range EV's are basically the new standard. The question is, where are all the el cheapo econobox stripped down EV's? I mean, there is the $28k Leaf with 150mi range with a few high-tech features and decent build quality.. But It seems like sub $20k EV's would be possible if they were...
  23. eyedrop

    Charging screen questions

    1. Why does supercharging show mi/hr estimate, but charging from a standard outlet or HPWC does not show this info? 2. Why can’t I select a higher charge current on some circuits? For example, I charge at work using an outdoor 110v that uses a 20A breaker, but I can only select up to 12A...
  24. eyedrop

    Goodyear Eagle Touring + P85D

    Im switching from 21" wheels with Pilot Super Sport's to 19" with Tesla OEM Eagle Touring tires (for practical and aesthetic reasons) and am concerned that I might have issues with the Goodyears performance drop and lack of grip during launches. My driving is mostly commuting and road trips...
  25. eyedrop

    Best UHFS audio settings

    Ive spent some time in my 2014 Model S with the ultra high fidelity sound upgrade, and have been impressed and disappointed at the same time... I think the majority of people on this forum will really like the UHFS system for its hard hitting bass, no rattles, clearly heard mid range...
  26. eyedrop

    Dual motor funk space - pre vs. post facelift?

    After looking at some pictures, it seems like the newer D cars have less frunk space than the first gen D cars. Looking at the 2014 P85D for example, the frunk looks bigger than a new 75D. But Im not sure if my eyes are just playing tricks on me due to the redesign of the plastic surrounding the...
  27. eyedrop

    Quietest high performance summer tires?

    I'll be looking for some ultra high performance summer tires for my P85D on 19" base wheels in the near future. I see there are alot of great reviews out there, but road noise in this class of tires doesn't seem to be much of a talking point. I'm not really concerned (within reason) about tire...
  28. eyedrop

    All Glass Panoramic Roof

    Noob question here. I ordered a 12/2014 CPO P85D that comes with the "all glass panoramic roof", a $2500 added option when new. Im getting conflicting info on whether this roof actually opens or not. I think the confusion is caused by people on the forums using the wrong names. There is the...
  29. eyedrop

    Ultra High Fidelity Sound, opinions from true audiophiles?

    I'm a big time audio nut thats into 2 channel home audio. I have an acoustically treated dedicated listening room with some reference monitors, high end DAC, FLAC collection, equilateral triangle listening position, the entire works... Big time snob. I ordered a CPO Model S that happens to...
  30. eyedrop

    Tesla UMC Questions

    I own a KHONS adjustable portable EVSE for my Nissan Leaf. It allows me to change between 12A, 16A, 20A, and 32A, regardless of input voltage. I live in a small apartment, and sometimes use the range oven 240V outlet and a burly 6 gauge 8' 14-50 extension chord for charging since its right next...
  31. eyedrop

    Change model name in UI

    I was wondering if there is a way to hide my P85D logo from the dash screen and/or touchscreen, or possibly change it to say just "85" instead of P85D. Is this something the service center can do?

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